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Trijicon ACOG Review Facts

First and foremost, a question may come to mind “What does ACOG stand for?” The answer being Advanced Combat Optical Gun-sights. That alone should be a good indication of what sort of quality product you are looking at, but it is always good to clarify what someone means when they say “Advanced”. When you come across a product this pricey, you want to know without a doubt that you are getting your money’s worth in quality, longevity, and function. The Trijicon ACOG is not going to disappoint you, no matter which version you select for your needs. Just be sure to do your homework, as the technical aspects and specifications may vary from version to version. Always check for authenticity of product – there are ways that this can be verified – and always remember that you must respect the function of a weapon and its accessories at all times. Do not be flippant; firearms are for the responsible, not the frivolous or fainthearted. At all times show the proper decorum and level of concern for the fact that you hold a weapon in your hands. In the right hands, any weapon utilizing any of the Trijicon ACOG line is a force to be reckoned with. Use it well, and it will serve you well.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Combat proven


Illuminated reticle

Rugged construction


Fixed magnification

Not all models available in all forms


Basic Features

Every Trijicon ACOG is constructed of a rugged aluminum alloy housing – specifically Forged 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum alloy. Each one is combat proven, has fixed magnification, and is waterproof to 328 feet (or 100 meters). It is filled with dry nitrogen in order to avoid fogging and is five times more waterproof than military standard specifications and requirements. The reticles, which can compensate for bullet drop and range, are all illuminated with tritium fiber optics and adjust automatically for levels of light conditions where you are using it. This means that the right side of the cross-hairs may appear blurry, but this is due to the slanted prism design of the item; the left side of the cross-hairs are actually closer to your eye, so your eye can focus on them. The right side, being further away, may appear to be varying stages of blurriness for various levels of sight strength. Do not be alarmed, but if you really think something might be wrong with your purchase there are usually ways of reaching out to your retailer or the Trijicon help channels for troubleshooting and assistance.

Advanced Features

There are certain features that are not available for all eleven models of Trijicon ACOG, but they are still incredibly impressive and well worth mentioning. Certain models of this gun sight offer a “both eyes open” design, which was designed and developed by the founder of the Trijicon company, Glyn Bindon. The “Bindon Aiming Concept” (or BAC) is where the concept of keeping both eyes open is utilized. Several of the Trijicon sights are intended for use with this BAC method, and the technique is fairly simple, but might take some practice to master. In a nutshell you use the reticle’s illuminated portion in conjunction with the rear eyepiece as a collimator style sight. It is not a technique that everyone is comfortable with – anyone who has ever seen the Disney movie Pocahontas will remember that a young soldier’s instinct before training might be to close one eye – but it is proven to work if done correctly. In addition to this design feature, the ACOGs are


Like many of the features and specs of the Trijicon ACOG, the clarity offered may vary based on which option you choose. These sights are all high quality, with multi-coated lenses for zero distortion and filled with dry nitrogen to avoid fogging. The magnification will vary from 1.5x to as high as 6x, depending upon your magnification model selection. Being a fixed magnification style sight is for the benefit of having fewer moving parts, but the downside is being non-adjustable in the field where you might want to go from 1.5x to, say, 3x or 4x. That is impossible when using the Trijicon ACOG, as you can only use the magnification setting of the model you purchased. If you like adjustability, this might not be your choice. If you find yourself always using the same magnification setting on your current sight, then this line just might be perfect for you. In addition to a fixed magnification, the Trijicon ACOG line also comes with an illuminated reticle – the tritium and fiber-optic setup will re-adjust for the brightness or low light of the area you are hunting in. It should be noted that, if you purchase an LED version of the sight, you will have 6 brightness controls of your own with an “off” between each setting, all under the power of just one AA battery. Other points to consider are the field of view variations from model to model. For example, the 1.5x16s model offers a field of view of 39 feet at 100 yards (or 12.9 meters at 100 meters). Whereas the 1.5x24 model offers a field of view of 25.6 feet at 100 yards (or 8.6 meters at 100 meters). It is likely these variances will not matter much in the long run for you, but it is important nonetheless to realize that it is more than just magnification that sets one model apart from another.

Primary Use

The primary use of any scope or sight is the same: to help you as the shooter better select and focus on your target, whatever it may be. What you choose to do with that product is up to you. You might be a hunter who does not consider this feature overkill for seeking out dinner or trophies among the shifting season in nature, or you might be a police officer who wants every allowable advantage for important, high risk situations. You could also be a soldier for whom the quality of a product such as this may mean the difference between life and death at any given hour of any given day. With the construction and testing specifications involved for the ACOG line, it is obvious that a more tactical use lifestyle is the intention. The acronym “ACOG” even has the word “combat” in it – this is an add-on for a firearm that is intended for serious uses.


The rugged construction of the Trijicon ACOGs has been expressed over and over, but a little elaboration is always helpful so that you know you are getting a good value. The waterproof construction of the body renders it safe to up to 328 feet, or 100 meters, in depth. For those of you in the military, that number will be impressive. For those of you not in the military, the explanation is this: being waterproof up to 100 meters is five times more than the requirements for military grade equipment to pass in the United States. Anyone gun enthusiast who lives in the United States – and possibly those who are anti-gun that live in the states, as well – will be well aware of the mental measurement of anything and everything related to firearms and gear: military grade. It is not a standard unit of measure, but a mental standard of quality and level of impression. It can be compared to almost any field: fur versus faux in the clothing and accessories field, plastic versus metal in the tools and construction field, and so on – there is a standard that is considered lesser but common, and then there is the authentic, the genuine, the more impressive and higher quality. The Trijicon ACOGs are this in spades. Not only is an ACOG more waterproof than even the military requires to pass, but it is also combat proven, which means it has been tested and proven to withstand everything from .22LR to .50BMG. It also passes military drop tests with flying color, which is very important for this manner of product, as a loose or cracked lens renders it for all intents and purposes useless. Whichever model you opt to obtain, this product is in all ways amongst highest quality in the field.


Mounting any of the Trijicon ACOGs to your weapon will entail varying degrees of complexity based on the type of gun and model of ACOG in question. There are plenty of mountings for the ACOG line, but it also needs to be noted that only some of the models come in a Low option. This will add another level of complexity to your shopping. Be sure that the version of ACOG you purchase matches the mounting setup you are selecting, and then be certain that the mounting and version of ACOG both match up to the gun you have in mind to mount it on. Always double and triple check the compatibility of your products before purchasing, and then make yourself aware of refund and exchange policies that your retailer of choice has in place. An amazing new purchase like the ACOG is going to turn bittersweet if you accidentally acquire a non-compatible mount.


As was previously mentioned, the body of the ACOG series is always made up of Forged 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum alloy, with multi-coated glass lenses and tritium fiber optic reticles. The Low versions, when available, tend to be a light bit shorter and lighter (not including the mounts) than their standard version counterparts. The size of objective lens is another specification that will differ with your model selection, ranging from 16 millimeters to 30 millimeters. Also, the eye relief, exit pupil, and adjustment capacity will all be different. The general overall shape, however, remains the same, and as long as your retailer is reputable, the markings thereon will all be one in the same as well. The differences return when discussing the dimensional measurements of the ACOGs. The Low version of models will always be slightly less than that of their standard counterparts, meaning that all eleven models will still yield more than eleven weight and size specifications, so read carefully when researching which you prefer. The 3x24 model, for example, comes in standard and Low. The standard dimensions read as 5.0 x 1.8 x 2.1 inches (or 127 x 46 x53 millimeters) in length, width, and height respectively, without their mount. The Low variant dimensions are 5.0 x 1.8 x 1.7 inches (or 127 x 46 x 43 millimeters). It is not a vast difference – some would say even negligible – but you can never be too careful with your firearm specifications. Every new addition to a firearm requires a new adjustment period, and while four tenths of an inch might not seem like much on paper, it can be the difference between a mild, barely there noticeable difference or a pointedly noticeable change to adjust to.


The differences from model to model have been articulated either generally or in great detail at every turn thus far. It is therefore likely unsurprising to learn that the weight will vary based on the model in question. Additionally, the weight will differ if you select the Low version of a specified model. One such example is the 1.5x16s: the standard weight, without the mount, is 5.1 ounces (or 145 grams). The weight for the Low option is 4.8 ounces (or 136 grams). Three tenths of an ounce does not seem like a terribly large difference, but the fact that there is a difference is always relevant if for no other reason than to ensure you know exactly which model you are talking about at all times.


Depending upon which version of the Trijicon ACOG you select, your price is going to be different – this is not a sight family that is so similar that the whole thing ranges within fifty dollars of one another. The 1.5x16s version can retail around $1220 (though you may find them for less at other retailers), but the larger models can climb in price very rapidly, putting your price tag somewhere closer to $3800 an onward. Unfortunately, with a price tag this high, there are going to be imitators and impersonators trying to sell you knock-offs. There are three things to look for in order to be certain your intended purchase is authentic. The first is the serial number, which will be engraved on top of the scope, on both eye pieces, and on the main housing. The second is the statement on the left hand side of the body, indicating the presence of tritium in your product. The third is the product name, “Trijicon ACOG” which will be molded as part of the main housing during the forging process – run your finger across it, because an authentic Trijicon ACOG will have this feature raised and tangible, not simply embossed or stamped on. These are all ways to be certain that the money you are spending is for the real deal.

Key Features

-tritium/fiber optic reticles
-both eyes open (BAC) design
-standard and low versions

Bottom Line

The variations and specifications of each model make the Trijicon ACOGs a versatile line that suits quite a few different sets of needs within their target audience. They are rugged, durable, functional, and built to a very high standard. You cannot break them with a drop, and you cannot drown them without scuba gear. Of course, their price tag reflects this high quality craftsmanship and intent to longevity, making them too steep for some potential customers’ blood. These scope sights have a lot going on in the way of features designed to set them apart from the rest, and in many ways, they are a cut above. The list of reasons to be impressed with this product in all its forms is long, and that should not be under-expressed. With so many options to choose from you are certain to find a version that suits you – but affordability may be a factor. Consider your needs carefully before diving in and committing to this level of purchase; $1200-$4000 is a hefty price to pay. A product in any field can be amazingly impressive, have all the bells and whistles, and be well worth the money, but if you cannot afford it, it is still not helpful to you. The Trijicon Advanced Combat Optical Gunsights are all well worth their price tags; just be sure that your bills are paid first, before buying. Or, if you happen to be one of America’s finest (namely anyone who dons a uniform to protect this country with their lives) perhaps it is something that should be requested as an upgrade to tactical gear, if it measures up on the same level as your current standards. What better way to say ‘thank you’ than to upgrade to the best gear possible? No one would deserve it more. To those who are privately considering something from the Trijicon ACOG family, it will serve you just as well as it would serve a uniformed person. To those who are in service of the United States, thank you for your service.