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Leupold Mark AR Review Facts

A scope is a beneficial piece of technology because it allows hunters the ability to see the animal it observing at a closer range without having to move closer to the animal. Animals have instincts to run by nature and small noises can spook them. This is why a scope can be a valuable asset to hunters. Scopes attach to the top of a gun in order to offer a closer look at the target. The scope offers a small image when looked through that helps the person using it to get a better idea of where the bullet will hit. This image is called a reticle and some scopes offer more than one for more precision and customization when using the scope. The actual term for a scope is a telescopic sight but it is more commonly called a scope for short. The scope uses refracting light in order to help magnify and identify the image being looked at. They are used typically with firearms, most commonly with rifles. They focus on different areas in order to work correctly. The primary area is magnification which allows the hunter to view the target more closely. Other areas include lens diameter which deals with the light required in order to see the image in better detail. There is also the field of view which deals with the linear value of what is being looked at in regards to how far away it is. Finally, there is eye relief which the distance from the rear eyepiece lens to the exit pupil. This is the distance the hunter positions their eye on the eyepiece in order to see the image without discomfort.

This article focuses on one particular scope, this scope being the Leupold Mark AR. We looked at consumer reviews in order to get an accurate representation of what those who bought this product thought of it. We looked at the features of it as well and how well those features worked in order to determine if the product is worth the cost assigned to it as well. Finally, we looked at the materials used in order to construct this scope in order to determine its durability and overall quality. This is our comprehensive review of the Leupold Mark AR. We hope that this article serves you in your next scope purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The Leupold Mark AR wroked very well in low light conditions 
  • The scope also offers a crisp and clear image 
  • The scope is regularly reviewed as being quite easy to use 
  • The Leupold Mark AR is also easy to install 
  • Some found that the magnification could be improved 
  • There were also some complaints that it didn't come with sun flip covers


The basic features of a scope are the features that are typically included in most quality products similar on the market. This includes aspects like coated lenses and some sort of fog protection. The Leupold Mark AR offers a multi-coated lens in order to provide a brighter and clearer image. A coated lens is important in all optical tools including binoculars, scopes, and telescopes. The reason for this is because the brightness of the image being looked at depends on the amount of light that can be acquired through the lenses. Coated lenses allow anti-reflective quality in order to not only gather more light but also offer less reflection. This allows the image to be clearer and crisper. The Leupold Mark AR also offers waterproofing and fog-proofing with the use of gas. This is locked in the cylinder in order to keep the inside of the cylinder from accumulating moisture and fogging up the image being looked at. This is a common addition with scopes and binoculars. The Leupold Mark AR also offers lockable fast-focus eyepieces for the comfort of the hunter.


The advanced features of a scope are the features that are added to the product that aren't necessarily a necessity but increases the scopes ease of use and convenience. These types of features are less common with comparable products on the market. These are add-on's like illuminated areas and shock-proofing features. The Leupold Mark AR offers a one-button activation. It also features 6 intensity levels which allow those using this product to customize their view. The motion sensor automatically deactivates after 5 minutes in order to preserve the battery. Some reviewers found that 5 minutes was too long, saying that it does drain the battery as a result and they wished that there were options in regards to time. The batter included with this scope is a CR-2032 coin-cell battery which is a long-lasting battery that can be recharged which is convenient. The main tube is 1" in diameter and the elevation detail is bullet-drop compensation which is calibrated to 55-grain .223/5.56 ballistics which is liked by reviewers.


The Leupold Mark AR offers Leupold's Multi-Coat 4 lens system which is specific and patented by Leupold. This system offers high levels of clarity from edge to edge of the visual field. With some scopes, there is clarity through the center of the visual field but can be a little blurry around the outter ring. This is common with lower quality scopes, binoculars, and telescopes. With the Leupold Mark AR, the clarity around the ring is also clear which is positive. As mentioned above, coated lenses are also very important in regards to clarity and brightness of the image being looked at due to the anti-reflective properties of coated lenses. The Leupold Mark AR also offers better contrast to comparable products which gives the image being looked at more color and brightness of color. The brightness of the multi-coated lenses also helps add some more detail to the image being looked at. This allows the hunter the ability to see what exactly they are shooting at for clearer, more humane kills. The scope also offers Argon and Krypton waterproofing which keeps moisture and condensation out of the scope for a clearer view. The blend of the two gasses (Argon and Krypton) is ideal to keep fog and condensation out. Overall, those that used this product found that it offered a very clear view even in darker environments which is really positive.


The primary use of a scope is to enhance the image being looked at. They are attached to the top of a gun and can be used in order to view the target better. The detail should be brighter and sharper. This is achieved with the use of coated lenses and gases within the chamber of the scope which is common with scopes. This keeps the image clear and crisp. The scope, as well, should have an image when looking through it to even better identify where the bullet will hit on the target. The scope also magnifies the image with better, clearer and a more contrasted image. Typically scopes also light up in order to view better in darker environments. This will assist with night hunting and for longer days out in the woods. The primary objective of a scope is to aim better at the target with higher light, resolution, and detail so that the target can be successfully hit, where the hunter wants to hit the target. It also helps to humanely kill animals due to being able to target one specific area of the animal as opposed to general hits. Sometimes they are hit in areas where they can still run away. This is bad because this can mean that the animal suffers. Scopes help with this.


The Leupold Mark AR offers a mix of Argon and Krypton gas for the purpose of clarity but the mix also helps with shock proofing the product. When a scope is banged around due to accidental dropping or hitting against objects the inside of the scope can shift. This will completely distort the image and render the scope useless. This can be prevented with rubber coating on the outside of the scope which provides impact reduction, as well as the use of gases within the scope to help with shock absorption. The Leupold Mark AR uses Argon and Krypton gases in order to offer thermal shock protection. A common gas that is used for this protection is nitrogen, however, Leupold finds that the mix of the two gases actually works better. The product comes with dust covers which helps protect the lenses from any abrasion that can happen when out in rougher environments, however, does not include sun shades which some reviewers found a little frustrating. Comparable products on the market do include shades and so this was a point of contention with some reviewers, that the Leupold Mark AR does not. This scope is also covered by a lifetime warranty so if the scope does have issues at least the buyer has some piece of mind.


It is important to check whether your gun has mounting abilities and to ensure that the Leupold Mark AR can mount on the gun being used. If the gun being used doesn't have mounting abilities, fear not, a gunsmith can modify the top of the gun so that the scope fits on top. Most of the time it is important to determine what zoom is required before considering what scope is required for the gun being used. This scope mounts easily to the top of the gun in order to provide 1.5 X zoom. Those who used this product found it extremely easy to install which is positive.


The body of the Leupold Mark AR offers 3-9 power and a 50 mm diameter. The tube diameter is 1 inch and the reticle is duplex (image seen through the scope). The eye relief is 4.3 to 3.6 which helps those using the product it adjust. If it is not properly adjusted it can be quite uncomfortable so offering eye relief is really important. The length of the scope is 12.6 inches in length and 12.9 ounces in weight. The finish of the body is a black matte finish. The magnification can be adjusted between 3-9 times and the length of the tube from power ring to bell is 2.7 inches. The length of the rear tube of the Leupold Mark AR is 5.36 inches and the length of the front tube is 5.8 inches. The body is made of high-quality materials which offer impact reduction in order to keep the product in better working condition even if used in rougher environments. The gas mixture within the tube helps provide fog reduction and shock absorption which is positive. The adjustment knobs are conveniently located as well which was a common praise by reviewers which is positive.


The weight of the scope is 12.9 ounces which are quite light in weight. Those who used this product did not notice much of a weight difference between when the scope was on and off the gun which is positive.


The Leupold Mark AR is regularly reviewed as being quite impressive considering its cost. The Leupold Mark AR is quite inexpensive in comparison to competitive products on the market. It offers the basic features that are required in order to properly use a product like this and Leupold seems to have quite well with those features including clarity and durability. The gases used help keep the images clear and the image itself is clear all the way through the field of vision (not just at its center). The advanced features are also handy including the ability to see even in areas of quite low light. Overall, this product seems to be worth the cost.


Elevation dial offers bullet-drop compensation
Illumination at the push of a button
Multi-coated lenses in order to offer anti-reflection
Argon/Krypton gas inside in order to offer fog-proofing and waterproofing
Motion sensor technology which shuts down the illumination after 5 minutes to preserve battery life
Fast-focus eyepiece for better eye relief
Six intensity levels for better customization
Includes a lifetime warranty


The bottom line is that this product is a pretty good one. There were few complaints in regards to the functionality of this product. It is priced on the inexpensive side and seems to be quite reliable which is important. The basic features and advanced features are both impressive and seem to work well. The biggest complaint that reviewers have is that there is no sun shield protective covers included, not even flip up ones, however, they do come with dust covers which help avoid abrasion caused by dust. The gas mix within the scope helps keep fog and moisture out of it in order to offer a clearer view. The multi-coated lenses also offer better contrast, brightness, and clarity which is important. This scope is also great for use at night. Overall, this product is highly rated and is made of quality materials. It is definitely worth consideration.