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Under Armour Bandit 3 Review Facts

Road running offers runners the ability to run outdoors while getting one of the best forms of cardiovascular activity. Running outdoors not only helps runners push themselves harder than they would on a conventional treadmill, but it also allows them to do it in an environment with higher levels of oxygen. Running outdoors is also beneficial because it offers different views than that offered in a gym. It allows the runner to meditate, refocus and center themselves all while increasing their adrenaline. Increased adrenaline is beneficial in that it helps ward off depression, increases happiness levels and helps regulate glucose levels. Outside of the wear and tear aspect of running, there are very little disadvantages to running outside. There are some hazards that need to be kept in mind of, like running at night and the importance of reflective gear. There are also assistance-accessories available for those running outdoors like specialized coats and socks that help protect the runner. These items are helpful for those looking for additional support when out on the roads and can help those running with not only safety but also performance. The most important piece of equipment meant for performance is a quality running shoe. A quality running shoe can take a runner's performance to a whole new level if fitted correctly.

This article focuses specifically on the Under Armour Bandit 3. This running shoe is quite popular with reviewers due to some positive and negative features to the shoe. We looked at the materials used and the shoes construction in order to offer an in-depth review of this product. This is our comprehensive review of the Under Armour Bandit 3. We hope that this article serves you in your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • This shoe is regularly reviewed as being quite comfortable¬†
  • This shoe is quite lightweight and breathable¬†
  • This shoe offers a fairly stylish design
  • This shoe offers a decent level of cushioning and impact reduction
  • This shoe is quite narrow in design and causes some crunching in the toe area¬†
  • This shoe seems to lack some support throughout the bottom of the foot


This product offers a light and breathable upper. The upper is also quite stretchy which hugs the top of the foot tightly. The upper is knit which gives the shoe a more modern and yet "old-school" look. The knit offers a mesh-like feel in order to offer ventilation throughout the shoe. Knit offers little holes all the way through which does break down the structural integrity of the shoe and often times decreases the breathability of the upper but also allows cool air to enter the shoe while also pushing hot air out of the shoe. This offers superior ventilation to the shoe in order to keep feet cool and dry when in motion. This also delays moisture buildup caused by sweat which adds both comfort and safety to a run. Those who purchased this shoe did find the shoe to be quite lightweight and breathable. Many reviewers also confirmed that their feet stayed cool and dry during their run which is positive. The upper holds tight to the foot without seams which also offers better control when in motion. Overall, those who wore this product were happy with its breathability and ventilation.


As mentioned above, the upper of this product offers a seamless design which stops the stitching that usually connects the fabric of the upper together from pressing against the foot causing some pain and potential hot spots. This also allows the upper to hug tighter to the foot and offers better stability. The heel cup of this product is also locked in which keeps the heel in the shoe rather than moving around too much. Movement not only can cause blisters but it can also cause discomfort and injury. The heel cup is locked in in order to provide an anatomical fit throughout the fit according to Under Armour's website. Those who wore this product confirmed that the heel support of this product is superior, stating that they felt in control with this product. This product is quite narrow in design which gives the shoe a more aesthetically pleasing look, however, many reviewers had issues with how narrow the toe box is of this product stating that the narrowness of it made the shoe uncomfortable. This can be amended by sizing up, for the most part, however, this may not help those with wider set feet, unfortunately. Overall, though, the majority of reviewers did find the shoe to be quite comfortable despite the narrow design which is positive.


The outsole of this product is made of a high-abrasion rubber material which helps those looking for an outdoor runner due to urban streets being a little more detrimental to the shoe than a gym would be. The rubber also offers added padding to common 'stress-points' of the runner which is supposed to extend the life of the shoe in areas where they may see more wear and tear due to use. The rubber is especially reinforced around the heel area of this product in order to enhance the products durability. Those who purchased this product did find it to offer high levels of durability. This is especially positive around the upper of the product due to the weak nature typically associated with knit material. There didn't seem to be too many issues with the shoes overall durability which also offers a cost justification for the product. This is discussed in more detail below. Overall, this product seems to be well made, well constructed and quite reliable which is positive.


The heel of this product offers a locked-in design. This design is also seamless which keeps the shoe from imprinting or causing hot spots on the heel. The locked-in design is supposed to keep the heel in the shoe more securely and offer better control when in motion. As mentioned earlier, the locked-in design is anatomically fit to the heel and ball of the foot. This allows a better heel-to-toe transition and works hand in hand with the flexibility offered throughout the outsole of this product. The underfoot of the heel offers a molded Micro G design (discussed more in the midsole section). This offers better cushioning as well as impact reduction. Impact reduction is very important in the heel of a shoe because this will stop the rippling effect of impact from moving up the foot, causing wear and tear on the bones and joints of the body. This type of damage can lead to invasive surgeries down the road. This is why running in a pair of high-quality running shoes is important. Overall, those who wore this product appreciated the support and flexibility offered by the heel which is positive.


The midsole of this product is a Molded Micro G design which contours to the bottom of the foot in order to offer a better, closer and more stable hold to the bottom of the foot. The Molded Micro G is supposed to offer both impact reduction and cushioning in order to support all aspects of the lower half of the foot. The midsole also offers a two-piece Charged Cushioning design which is specific to Under Armour. This design and material are supposed to offer a firmer fit to the heel and a softer fit to the forefoot of the foot. It is also supposed to offer better support and comfort in order to enhance performance according to the manufacturers website. The issue that many reviewers found, though, is that the midsole does seem to lack some arch support throughout the midsole of this product. This is an issue specially for those with existing heel issues. Despite the arch support issues, though, most reviewers did find that this product offered a fairly secure fit and offered a decent level of lightweight cushioning throughout the heel and ball of the foot which is positive.


The outsole of this product, as mentioned above, is made of a high-abrasion rubber material that offers flex grooves for extra flexibility and a high level of traction throughout the bottom of the shoe. The high-abrasion rubber is also supposed to offer superior durability as well which helps protect the bottom of the shoe from objects usually found on urban streets that might wear down the material (like sharp rocks). The high-abrasion rubber also protects the bottom of the runner's foot which adds with the shoes overall comfort. Those who wore this product appreciated the durability and flexibility of the shoes outsole, however, did find that the outsole did not perform as well when on wet surfaces. There seemed to be some issues with slippage when running on wetter city streets (like after a rain). This should be considered if buying this product while living in areas of higher moisture levels. This should also be considered if this product is being used for work and the potential for wet tile or stone is common. Overall, though, those who wore this product did appreciate the shoes durability and flexibility which is positive.


This product is quite inexpensive in price which is positive. This product is definitely on the lower end of the spectrum. The price justification usually comes from the versatility of the shoe and the durability of the shoe. This product is quite attractive in design as well which would allow them to be worn out and about rather than just at the gym. They are also easily transitional between gym and road buddy which is good. This product is also quite durable as well which would mean that they would look better longer. The issue with shoes that are less durable is that they start to show wear faster and therefore need to be replaced faster. They are also quite breathable which would mean they would also smell better for longer, extending their overall longevity. Overall, those who bought this product were happy with the price. This product has very few complaints and the majority of the complains were pretty specific to unique situations. The price is right, they are ideal for those on a budget and those for growing feet. On top of that the are versatile and durable, these shoes are definitely a smart purchase.


This product is quite attractive in design. They have a modern, "old-school" design which sort of sounds like an oxymoron, however, as they say style is cyclical. This product brings back that old-school woven design which hugs tight to the foot and looks quite sleek. One issue with the narrow design is that there are quite a few complaints about this product being far too narrow and therefore uncomfortable. Unfortunately narrow usually comes with this issue. This would be particularly an issue for those with wider feet sadly. They are also offered in numerous colors in order to suit individual styles. They are also quite durable which would mean that they would stay newer looking longer and won't need to be replaced as quickly. Overall this is an attractive, modern looking shoe that fits tight to the foot. This is very positive because this would also make the shoe much more versatile too.


The bottom line is this product is a pretty good one. The complaints about this product are that the shoe is quite narrow and the toe box seems to be a little tight. This can be amended by sizing up and this may mean that buying this product online might be less ideal (and may require trying on). The other issue is that there seems to be less arch support than some runners prefer. This, of course, is an issue for those with existing arch issues or for those with higher arches. Another comment made by reviewers is that the outsole has some grip issues on wet surfaces, which again would be an issue for those walking or running in areas of higher moisture or humidity. Otherwise, this products upper is both breathable and stylish. The midsole (outside of the arch issues) seems to be quite supportive and offers a decent level of stability and cushioning. The outsole is quite durable and offers better heel-to-toe transition due to the outsoles flexibility. The shoe is both durable and versatile in design which makes the already quite low price tag all the more appealing. Overall, we are sold on this shoe and you should be too! It has proven to be a fairly reliable product!