KEEN Targhee 3 Low Height Waterproof Hiking Shoe

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Editor’s Conclusion
This hiking shoe is a result of ongoing development and design; Keen has learned from previous models which were popular and successful and allowed the shoe to evolve and become a niche performer for the community of hikers who enjoy a day out in the wilds, or for those backpackers who want footwear which performs midway between a shoe and boot.

The Keen Targhee 3 is not designed to be used high up in weather-ravaged, snowy or rain stormy mountains where hikers go to test themselves in extreme hiking conditions. This is more about a design that works for hikers who venture out into the wilds on day hikes.

It works in moderate wet weather, muddy, gritty conditions but within a margin of expected performance. This is a product for casual hikers, those that venture out periodically and hike as a hobby and it performs really well.

This is a design that gives the support and high-performance traction of a hiking boot while allowing the designed-in comfort usually gained from a hiking shoe.
KEEN Targhee 3 Low Height Waterproof Hiking Shoe Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons



Reasonable stability

Nice traction




Not for severe weather hiking

Use in moderate weather conditions

Key Features


Featuring build quality while retaining the comfort performance achieved in earlier versions, this shoe is on an ever increasing evolutionary updating path and for hikers who trade in last year's boots for newer versions.

You won't be ascending or descending precarious of the track routes in foul weather in these or doing week-long sleep-out hikes while carrying heavy loads. this is not the purpose of the KEEN Targhee 3. These hiking shoes are for the majority who do hiking as a recreational hobby.


These can be taken out of the box, put on, and go hiking; the break-in time is seriously minimal. The KEEN Targhee 3 have a comfy footbed that can be removed and cleaned easily. Start with standard hiking trails and these comfortable shoes will carry you through your trip.

The toe box and shoe are a wide fit but not as wide as the previous Targhee 2, so if you do have narrow feet, the comfort factor will be challenged if you extend your hiking time.


These are 2 pounds and 8 ounces, so it is realistic to classify these as lightweight in comparison to other models. No feelings of clunky and heavy which can be noticeable with heavy-duty footwear. This means less fatigue for the feet. You may not get the same level of stability you would get from the Merrell Moab 2 Mid WP but this is not an issue when out on a day long hike.

Keep in mind this shoe is specific for hiking shorter distances in less challenging environments and not for prolonged hikes in tougher conditions. if you're looking for a boot that can take in serious challenges and longer hiking times, try the impressive Lowa Renegade at 2 lbs. 7 oz. or the heavier Salomon Quest-4D 3-GTX for more serious hiking trails.


You get the surface grip through the designed in-house rubber for reliable traction; multi-directional lugs ensure a consistent bite on surfaces and slippage is minimal, even on muddy routes. The soles do not get clogged with heavy clinging mud. You will notice that in terms of stability, these shoes are not for rocky terrains on overly steep hiking surfaces. They will perform but you need to focus. These are fine for standard trail surfaces and not intended for seriously challenging trails.


Stability works on moderate and standard trails for those out for a day-long hike. You won't be carrying heavy backpacking gear and scrambling up or down waterlogged tough of the beaten track trails. On established trails in the right weather conditions, these are outstanding and very comfortable.

Breathability and Waterproofing

These are not Gore-Tex shoes, they can deal with dampness and wetness so long as you stay within the purpose of design and functionality; no snow, no serious wet weather, and no wading through streams.

This is a weather-friendly hiking shoe and with this context in mind, you get a good performance. Consider using these in moderate weather and you will be happy with the performance. Breathability is ok for day hikes, comfort is good and support is appropriate.


The protective toe-cap extends fully down to the base area of the toes; the ankle area features extras padding for supportive protection. The ankle feature is positioned to ensure maximum protection and feedback from users suggests this works really well.

The outsoles and midsoles are durable and sturdy so you can expect good use for a number of seasonal hikes. The uppers are leather and give good protection from rocks and sharp branches. A combination of durable leather and rubber for the uppers offers a combination of protection and durability.


These are wide shoes, the toe box offers space without detracting from performance and the KEEN Targhee 3 are fine for day-long hiking. The heel and middle sections are comfortable and supportive enough and these shoes are good for hikers with medium to wider feet and those who prefer some space for the feet.

In Comparison to Other Hiking Shoes

When comparing these to other hiking shoes and boots, we stay focused on the design purpose; this option is for moderate weather conditions and trails that are accessible in reasonable weather.

The comfort factor is evident and effective when the shoes are used in context with the purpose of design. Hikers will not be wearing these to set off up a mountain trail in serious weather conditions.

Stability is evident for day hiking and comfort is certainly designed-in along with nice features for protection; these shoes compare favorably with other brands with similar design purposes. Traction is good on trails in season-friendly hiking conditions and as with other brands, the lugs are designed to grip while not picking up clinging mud.

A comfortable shoe that sits within a budget price range while providing value and performance.


An affordable season-friendly hiking shoe that will give value, comfort, good protection, a fair degree of stability, durability and an impressive traction capability.

For steady day-long hiking in comfortable weather, the KEEN Targhee 3 easily qualify as good value and dependable performance.