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Saucony Freedom ISO Review Facts

The Saucony Freedom ISO is the first of Saucony's new product line to use ISO-Fit technology. It is the first time a shoe features the EVERUN Continuous Cushioning midsole. The EVERUN cushioning and Freedom ISO give runners more bounce and energy return in their step. They also add cushioning and responsiveness during workouts. The ISO-Fit technology delivers a comfortable, flexible, and secure glove-like fit that accommodates a variety of foot sizes and widths. The shoes have a sleek eye-catching and colorful design. This shoe is versatile and offers reliability and durability for neutral runners. It holds up from the first to the last run.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Colorful and eye-catching design
  • Durable outsole
  • Excellent energy return from full-length EVERUN sole
  • ISO-Fitdesing
  • Supportive and responsive ride
  • Expensive
  • Midsole paint tends to flake
  • Sizes run small


Clear, crystal rubber Tri-Flex is the material used for the outsole. It is lighter and designed for more flexibility and durability than traditional carbon rubber. Like another Saucony model, the Tri-Flex serves multiple purposes. It provides better traction and is flexible while remaining durable.

The transparent outsole may cause runners to be skeptical of its durability. The outsole thickness is consistent from the foot head to its heel. It provides the runner with a feel of consistency through every stride. The durable surface offers a layer of protection for the midsole which increases its life and justifies the price.


The Freedom ISO is the first Saucony shoe to contain the EVERUN Continuous Cushioning technology for the entire midsole. Saucony implemented the technology in shoes before the Freedom ISO, but not to the same extent. The whole midsole is constructed with TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). There are very few manufacturers that use full-length TPU in the midsole.

The lightweight design of the material is long-lasting and offers more resistance to footwear damage such as oil or other chemicals, abrasions, or splitting. The full-length EVERUN used throughout the midsole is similar to technology used by other brands but offers more firmness. There is a particular response or bounce that translates to a smoother, faster ride.


The upper of the Saucony Freedom ISO is made of perforated, thin mesh that is a combination of a tongue sewn directly to the shoe's midsole and a stretchy bootie. The tongue has a rigid surface that provides grip for the laces. The upper is not as structured as other ISO models but still offers excellent support.

The shoe's forefoot is wider than other Saucony models. The added width and stretchy material are meant to accommodate different foot volumes. One of the complaints of the shoe is not having optional widths. The upper's minimal design offers flexibility and a light fit without pressure points that give the foot and even hold. The ISO-Fit system is a lean package that provides the familiar Saucony snug fit.


The men's model of the Saucony Freedom ISO weighs nine ounces. The women's model weighs 8.1 ounces. It is among the lighter running shoes available. Multiple lightweight components make up the shoe. It has an EVERUN cushioning system, ISO-Fit technology, and a thin layer of mesh. Many areas of the shoe are engineered and designed to provide lightweight characteristics.

Most of the weight of the shoe is in the midsole. TPU is used for the EVERUN material. It is slightly more dense material than most running shoes. The nine-ounce weight leaves many runners unsatisfied with the weight of the shoe.


The upper construction of the Saucony Freedom ISO offers great breathability. It is due to the mesh layer used on the shoe's upper. Great breathability comes with great exposure to the elements. Reviewers and runners have claimed wet and cold conditions left their feet too exposed. The shoe is prone to letting water in the breathable, yet thin layer of mesh. In dry and calm conditions, the shoes allow the feet to breathe, comfortably while working out.


Much of the comfort of the Saucony Freedom ISO comes from a consistent level of midsole EVERUN cushioning. The four-mm heel to toe drop provides the feet with an even and stable cushioned surface. The midsole is firm and gives runners a bounce after each strike.

The laces of the shoe pull firmly against the shoe wall while the tongue comfortably and naturally disappears in the final fit. There is unified construction throughout the shoe. It secures the feet with a sock-like fit. There are no uncomfortable pressure points.


The design of the Saucony Freedom ISO is colorful and sleek. The shoes possess aesthetic features that include various vivid colorways and a bright multi-colored outsole. A spiffy design move made by Saucony is an upper with a combination of logo, reflective material, and color. It appears that Saucony wanted to make an eye-catching shoe without looking ridiculous.

One option is a bright toner cyan shoe that has a dual-highlighter outsole. There are also color sets of toned-up orange and yellow and toned down charcoal. The Saucony S located on the sides and the back 'Saucony' label are crisp accents that reflect.


Saucony Freedom ISO has a reputation for durability. The crystal-rubber outsole provides most of the shoe's durability. It can withstand normal wear-and-tear and offers the midsole a layer of protection from damage. The crystal rubber takes abrasion which makes it feel more durable than the blown rubber used in some running shoes. Around the toes, there is a reinforced edge that is an improvement over similar shoes that failed around the toe and should have been made of stronger material.

The midsole remains intact longer than earlier EVA midsoles of other models. The EVERUN maintains its bouncy, energy return and cushioning properties long into the life of the shoe. When paired with the Tri-Flex rubber, the EVERUN midsole ensures runners have a shoe that holds up longer than others. The shoe is somewhat heavier than a past Saucony model but is also more responsive, durable, and trustworthy.


There are areas of the Saucony Freedom ISO that protect the shoes very well. Other areas leave the feet exposed under certain conditions. The flexible and soft qualities of the crystal-rubber outsole protect the foot and midsole from repeated impact.

A toe bumper on the forefoot of the outsole provides additional protection. The bottom shoe construction offers excellent protection. The mesh of the upper leaves the foot vulnerable to adverse weather conditions because of the increased breathability. Reviews complain shoes worn during snow or rain are easily penetrated with moisture.


The new midsole technology used in the Saucony Freedom ISO enhances responsiveness. Nearly the entire midsole is made of EVERUN cushioning material. Using it is a first for Saucony. Runners feel a responsive bounce each time a foot strikes the surface. The material is specifically designed to return to the original shape faster than shoes that lack EVERUN cushioning.

Reviewers describe the unique ride quality as snappy instead of mushy. There is a balance of feel, support, increased responsiveness, and cushion. The shoe has the same responsiveness after 500 miles as when it had five miles of wear. The TPU foam midsole gives runners 83 percent energy return and three times more durability.


The bottom of the Saucony Freedom ISO has an additional layer of crystal-rubber on the outsole and a cushioned insole that do an excellent job of providing support. Sufficient support is also provided by the outside walls, the tongue, and the upper with the ISO-Fit technology.

There is a lack of support in the heel and rearfoot of the Freedom ISO. A low heel cup decreases support for the ankles. A plastic piece near the heel barely provides enough support. Some reviewers felt the thin mesh material of the upper does not offer the support they would like.


The Saucony Freedom ISO is meant to withstand slow and long distance running. The Tri-Flex crystal-rubber of the outsole provides the structure under the foot. Uniform and narrow depth from the toe to the heel give a runner a consistent landing zone. The increased outsole durability resists wear-and-tear on rough surfaces.

Reviewers lauded how close to the ground the Freedom ISO feels. The shoe is best suited for slow runs. It has received compliments from a few testers on its performance when speed training. When conditions are wet, the rubber outsole tends to be slippery which means there is less traction. The shoes are also not suitable for hills. The weight is a little heavier than some running shoes. Runners don't want to carry around the few extra ounces.


A pair of Saucony Freedom ISO usually ranges in price from $140 to $160, depending on the source. Amazon advertises the shoes for prices ranging from $52 to $201. Compared to the competition, the Freedom ISO is among the more expensive available. The shoes put a slight ding in the wallet but pay for themselves in multi-purpose use and durability.


On icy or wet roads, the outsole of the Saucony Freedom ISO does not offer runners the best grip. Testers explained that on wet roads or in the snow, the shoe does not grip the road well. Reviewers preferred the carbon rubber that was used in previous Saucony shoes. When compared to harsh conditions, the shoe does well on dry roads and tracks, treadmills, and groomed trails. A chevron-style pattern of the outsole enhances surface area on the bottom of the shoe.


The thin mesh layer of the upper accommodates runners of different foot widths and lengths with a flexible fit. The chevron pattern on the outsole also increases the flexibility of the shoe. The ISO-Fit material in the upper is a perforated, thin layer of mesh which is highly and naturally flexible. It has an impact on the ride of the run.


The Saucony Freedom ISO provides full ground contact increases stability via the outsole. The outsole may be the only portion of the shoes that contributes to stability. The lower than normal heel cup and the unstructured and flexible upper make for a ride that is less stable. Reviewers felt the unstable forefoot, and rear sections were only minor concerns.

The shoe is more temperature stable than some products. The TPU foam makers the midsole more durable. It maintains responsiveness and firmness at lower temperatures. The decision made by Saucony makes the ride feel responsive and stable.


The heel of the Saucony Freedom ISO is 19mm in height. The forefoot is 15mm. The difference between the heights gives a four-mm heel to toe drop. Industry averages range from nine to 12mm. Runners may require some time to adjust the lower ratio. Soreness or other injuries can occur when first using the shoes.

Smaller heel-offset lengths are found in high-performance shoes. The four-mm drop places the Freedom ISO in the ballpark. However, the shoe is likely better-suited for regular workouts instead of racing. The plush ride of the four-mm drop puts it in competition with the Saucony Zealots at a higher price.

Key Features

4mm drop
Breathable mesh rubber
Outsole has chevron grooves
EVERUN Continuous Cushioning midsole technology
ISO-Fit upper structure
Tri-Flex Crystal-Rubber outsole

Bottom Line

The Saucony Freedom ISO was meant to make an industry statement. Brand new concepts are incorporated into the midsole which pairs with an upper mesh design and distinct outsole. The shoe is introduced as an energetic and unique ride. The implemented ISO-Fit system and EVERUN midsole give the shoes a comfortable, secure, and sock-like fit.

The modern design, various colorways, and structure make for attractive shoes that can be worn for social activities and workouts. The shoes defy standard classification. They are so versatile, reviewers and critics found it difficult to place them in a specific category. The full-length EVERUN should make the ride soft and plush, but it is firm. Cushioning is suitable for easy and long runs, but the Freedom ISO can be used for faster workouts. Fans of Saucony products and people who have never tried the brand and are willing to pay the price will be happy with the shoe.