Adidas CrazyTrain Elite

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Adidas CrazyTrain Elite Review Facts

The CrazyTrain Elite has a tightly woven textile upper with sturdy, synthetic overlays, structural integrity, and a thick midsole. It has incredible rebound technology that keeps the feet energized with every stride. There is a sturdy outsole. The Adidas is meant to provide more biomechanical efficiency than other training shoes available. It incorporates a version of much-lauded patented Boost technology. Including technology is a significant selling point.

Consumers want to know what the shoes bring to their workout and whether it is worth the investment. The shoes surprised reviewers during testing. They concluded the shoes were great training shoes with exceptional comfort. The Boost technology decreases the stability of the shoes. The benefits outweigh the negatives. The Boost technology in combination with a proper midsole rim and cage refutes the belief that a full-length midsole is an unstable platform. Adidas denies the fallacy that training shoes have to be uncomfortable. The reviewers recommended the CrazyTrain Elite for trainees that have a running bias.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Allows for toe splay
  • Durable and well-constructed
  • Equipped to withstand abrasion
  • Great sense of lockdown
  • Stable with excellent support
  • A bit pricier than the average training shoe
  • Not the greatest breathability


The Adidas CrazyTrain Elite outsole is constructed similarly to the CrazyPower Trainer for women. Those who like that design will be pleased with these shoes. The difference in the two designs is an elevated textural pattern in the outsole of the CrazyTrain Elite.

Like the CrazyPower Trainer, this shoe features an outsole that extends past the upper medial regions. It widens the outsole surface area. The outsole is made of a material that is similar in texture and structure to Traxion rubber.

An omnidirectional tread pattern is affixed to the training shoe outsole. The pattern allows the wearer to be comfortable training, running, or walking on any surface. The outsole also has a lip extending on the shoe side to the rope guard. A wider surface area makes the shoe more stable. The wide parts of the outsole give the wearer confidence to perform when training. Adidas did an excellent job with the design of the CrazyTrain Elite.


Adidas’s patented Boost technology is used in the construction of the CrazyTrain Elite midsole. Many bead-like capsules are steam-welded in making the midsole. As a result, it has an aesthetic styrofoam quality.

Each bead has a cushioning property which contributes to the overall comprehensive quality and feel of the midsole. The Adidas Boost technology used means it has a full-length midsole that is more common in running shoes.

Training shoesTraining shoesTraining shoes are typically associated with comfort rather than stability. Due to the characteristics of the Boost technology, the stability of the CrazyTrain Elite is not compromised. There are stylistic elements incorporated in the design of the midsole.

A bounce midsole has been proven to return one percent of the input energy that gives each step a responsive spring. Bounce technology is flexible and strong. Adidas uses a midsole casing that provides overall structure while a stabilizing bar offers lateral movement support.


Close-knit woven fabric is used in the upper of the shoe. It provides a flexible and comfortable fit for the wearer. The fabric offers durability while looking clean and sleek. TPU material is used in some upper areas for added durability.

The shoes are easily slipped off and on with the aid of a rear pull tab. The upper is the primary source of stability. The synthetic material blends the commonly found knitted-feeling upper with more structured material.

This combination offers the best of each. It feels structured while the shoe moves well with the foot. The bootie construction, having an elastic collar at the ankle, and attached tongue give the shoe a secure, snug fit. A locked down feel is achieved. It provides freedom and security to make the required motions during workouts. The user can conquer the pavement or the gym.


The CrazyTrain Elite is a bit on the heavy side. The male size 9½ weighs approximately 13 ounces. The average woman size weighs about 10.7 ounces. Trainers have said the responsiveness of the CrazyTrain makes the added heft nearly negligible.

The weight is an easily made sacrifice that goes unnoticed because of the effective responsiveness of the shoe. It is heavier than other shoes used for training. Training shoes are typically heavier than running shoes. Training shoes are supposed to provide more security during heavy lifts and should retain some of the weight in the design.


The tightly woven upper style allows some airflow needed to prevent overheating. Breathability poles in comparison to the ventilation granted by other shoes. It is a viable option when a shoe that consistently provides airflow is needed, but it is not the shoe to buy if air circulation is a high priority. Breathability is not the CrazyTrain’s forte. There are more breathable shoes available.


Trainers who tend to land on their heel are in luck. The cushioning of this shoe is ideal for the maneuver. The insole has a lot of give and compresses well under the weight of a foot. The midsole does not have the same compressive quality. There is a noticeable rigidity in the midsole.

Trainers noted the Boost technology affords the shoe a compressive quality. There is a lot of volume in the forefoot that allows the toes to splay comfortably. Those with foot problems such as bunions or Morton’s neuroma appreciate the room.

Trainers recommend purchasing a half size down to experience the level of comfort fully. For some, the foot chamber feels too spacious. Buying a half-size down helps alleviate the pain of Morton’s toes. Some trainers found greater satisfaction by purchasing a full size smaller.

Comfort is the top quality of the CrazyTrain Elite shoes. The comfy insole allows comfortable high-impact absorption often needed during a workout. There is a nice contrast between the insole compression and sturdiness of the midsole.

The combination of rigidity and compression creates a comfortable shoe. It was designed to accommodate those with bunions or Morton’s toes. The ability to perform while training and remain comfortable is impressive.


The shoes have a subdued quality that is atypical of training shoes. There is no multitudinous bright, or eye-catching color palette. Those who want to impress fellow trainers will be disappointed. Trainers who wish to maintain a low profile and avoid the attention gaudier footwear brings, appreciate the calmer visual characteristics.

The white outsole looks like styrofoam. White is the only available color for the outsole. The paints or chemicals used to create a different color will change the responsive property if they infuse with the outsole. Both the men and women versions have a width regarded as standard. The shoe is designed differently than many available training shoes. The look is a very simple and clean style.

The style is ‘Adidas’ consistent. It looks as though it can survive all training sessions yet is sleek enough to be worn for fashion. The shoe looks more athletic than an Ultra Boost. Qualities that make the shoe a great training shoe do not compromise on style. Overall, the style of the shoe is quite simple.


The upper has a rubber-like textural quality. The material is not relegated to the upper alone. Other areas of the shoes that are subject to prevent regions of the shoes from breaking down. Trainers applaud the outsole for the ability to withstand external stress.

The training shoe is well-constructed. Close examination reveals there are no noticeable glue spots or signs of loose stitching. The shoe has the makings to handle high levels of activity with grace.

It is the close-knit upper that gives the shoe its reliable rubber-like toughness. In high-stress areas like the toe, TPU is used for protection that improves the longevity of the shoes. The CrazyTrain Elites are manufactured with precision.

Attention to detail is what makes the shoes an extremely durable choice. The wearer can climb a rope without the upper wearing through thanks to a durable textile weave and strategically placed synthetic overlays.


The primary motive for using a rubbery TPU material in the upper is to safeguard from abrasions encountered when climbing a rope. There is omnidirectional patterning on the outsoles that helps wearers establish and maintain a hold on the rope with the feet.

Some would like to see more of the material incorporated on the lateral sides. The material currently being used is less equipped to handle rope climbing stress. There are many protective measures taken with the well-constructed training shoes. Most people are satisfied with protection measures.


Adidas designers assert the CrazyTrain Elite is superior in responsiveness than any previous Adidas shoes. The Boost technology modification was used in the response. The Boost midsole is made of polypropylene beads that are steam-welded together.

They give the material a one percent increase in propulsive qualities. One percent may seem like a minuscule improvement, but a noticeable difference results. The training shoes have been lauded for improvement.


The CrazyTrain has everything the wearer desires regarding comfort and protection for the heel and other foot curvatures. The Boost used in the design of the shoe gives the wearer a sense of structure and flexibility.

A wide outsole provides a feeling of being grounded that is beneficial for Olympic lifts that require a supportive base. The shoe has a neutral arch. It is best suited for people with neutral arches. The training shoe lacks structural support that accommodates people with a great deal of supination.


The outsole provides traction on nearly all surfaces. They are best suited for the gym. The shoes are ideal in environments like a CrossFit gym where rope climbs, deadlifts, and squats are common. They are designed for training, not running. The shoes are most effective on training surfaces like the gym.


The shoes are a bit more expensive than the average training shoes. The CrazyTrain Elite is a highly valued and praised product. Most people who purchase the shoes excuse the excessive price.


The multidirectional patterned outsole gives the wearer top-notch traction. The design provides traction throughout any movement. Designed for the gym, the shoes naturally perform best in that environment. They are also effective on asphalt and concrete. When used in harsh terrains, the durable traction of the shoe may be compromised over time.


The flexibility of the shoes does not provide optimal function as running shoes. The inflexibility is typical of shoes made to serve as gym centric training shoes. The shoes can be worn while running, but they are not the best option.

It is not the best choice for major runs but is very effective for short distance runs and sprints. The forefoot lends a degree of added flexibility. The training shoes suffice for weightlifting and gym work.


Using Boost in the midsoles creates a bit of skepticism. Adidas did due diligence when adding characteristics that guarantee proper stability. Stability is among the aspects of most importance in training shoes.

A raised outsole increases stability. On the lateral side there is a TPU guard and in the inside, a TPU bar that creates rigidity in the midsection of the shoe. The shoes become flexible close to the toe. A flexible toe and rigidity in the midsection make the shoe ideal for CrossFit training. The shoes have what is needed to remain stable throughout tough workouts.


The heel-to-toe drop is between four and six mm, which is not substantial. A smaller drop usually introduces the wearer to ease of movement.

Key Features

* Close-knit upper allows support, structure, and flexibility
* Extremely responsive
* Incorporates Boost midsole
* Midfoot cage adds stability
* Moderate heel-to-toe drop
* Rope guard protects from training wear and tear
* Multidirectional tread pattern
* TPU slats add stability

Bottom Line

With excellent performance and a great look, the Adidas CrazyTrain Elite is among the top training shoes available. A masterful combination of design and materials demonstrate why the shoes live up to the name.