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Suunto Traverse Alpha Review Facts

Outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting require a unique set of skills, and a unique set of equipment. The Suunto Traverse Alpha is designed to apart of that essential equipment. It is a helping hand and reliable guide that will help you explore new territories, and improve your skills. The rugged exterior is built to withstand the toughest conditions. In contrast, the intelligent interior is loaded with features that will keep you one step ahead.

The smartwatch has built-in GPS, and specific functions depending on your activity of interest. Have fun fine tuning your skills, whilst knowing that you can always be lead home. From automatic shot detection to real-time track recording, a compass, flashlight, and moon phases. This watch is brimming with features to get you out there and keep you safe. Additionally, stay connected by syncing your smartphone to the watch and sharing your statistics with others by utilizing the Movescount App.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Highly Durable
  • Easy to Use
  • Hunting/Fishing Features
  • Built-in GPS
  • Issues syncing with MovesCount App
  • Nylon wristband needs regular washing


You will not be left bored with the wide array for activities that this watch has to offer. It will navigate you through wild, new terrain, or show new corners of a familiar one. Improve your hunting and fishing, by using technology to your advantage. Connect to GoogleEarth to see beyond your peripheral view. Explore new areas virtually before you chose to do it physically. Use the MovesCount App to log and share your journey and even keep track of your steps, and calories burned. So you can see how much exercise you are getting, whilst doing an activity you love. A win-win situation!

Basic Features

This watch takes basic features and raises the meaning of it. Yes, you will have a clock and alarm so you can make sure you are up in time, as the early bird catches the worm. You can also coordinate the time to wake up, with the sunrise of the day, as it is optionally displayed on the screen. The built-in flashlight is there when you need to change the battery of yours or if you require a little extra light during those nighttime expeditions. The thermometer will make sure you are prepared with the right clothing, avoiding exposure to dangerous conditions. The odometer counts your steps, a helpful tool if you are fitness conscientious and you can log your steps using the Movescount App. Dive into the advanced features section below for the real gritty aspects of the watch.

Advanced Features

The Suunto Traverse Alpha features offer a level of sophistication not seen in other smartwatches. Depending on the activity of your preference the watch will adapt with you. For the hunters and anglers, you can use particular POI, and extract information from Google Earth. The moon phase calendar combined with the sea level pressure graph will help you predict the conditions most applicable to catching fish. For the hunters, there are 10 POI options available to mark trails and other locations such as water sources. Altitude is also noted, which is very important information that can help you adequately plan ahead. The watch even will detect the shot from an automatic weapon, so you know exactly where shots were fired and the quantity. Storm alerts will keep you safe, allowing you enough time to seek shelter.


The Suunto Traverse Alpha understands the importance of staying connected, when off the grid. Transferring data from Google Earth, allows the user to pinpoint water sources and accurately find them. Coordinate with the App to plan a route, and use the GPS to track and log your whereabouts with real-time updates, using the bread-crumb view. The Movescount App can also be used to share information at your discretion with other App users. This is helpful for exploring new routes as well as retraces previous successful ones. If you choose to connect the watch to your smartphone in order to view notifications without having to take out your phone then you can do so with ease.


Suunto has created the Movescount App for its users, which is free to download and easy to use. It provides a visual platform so you can track and log your activity. This is a helpful addition if you have fitness goals in mind and want to track your progress. It enables you to identify strengths, and areas which need improvement. Stretching beyond statistics, you can now personalize your records with feeling and photos. If you are creative and want to makes a video of your progress then you have the option to do and let others see your work. This creates a community of like-minded people to have a space to motivate each other to be better. If you need to let someone know your whereabouts, you can sync your locations and movements to the App in real-time, making it easier to socialize whilst completing an activity.


Suunto has aspired to make the Traverse Alpha as comfortable as possible. All watches with GPS are going to be bulkier and heavier than those without, but most consumers expect and anticipate this. That being said, weighing in at 75grams it is 3grams lighter than the Garmin Fenix 3, a similar smartwatch also used for fisherman, anglers, and hunters. It is not overly heavy and the weight is not enough to be bothersome to the average user. The wristband is a subjective area, it comes with the Nylon which is arguably less comfortable than the silicone bands. However, it is also more durable so this is a matter of personal preference.


The style of this watch does not beat around the bush. It is clear from its rugged, outdoorsy look that is has a target audience and specific use. While it could be worn on the day to day in an informal setting, it definitely is not as versatile as other smartwatches. Most customers purchase it for fishing or hunting as intended so the lack of diversity in where it could be worn is not likely an issue. For being outdoors it seamlessly incorporates all of the qualities in terms of shape, materials, and color. Hunters do not want anything bright or colorful in order to remain camouflaged as possible, and the foliage color in particular honors that necessity.


The durability of this watch is arguably one of its strongest features. It really was designed to last, and last in an intact condition. It was thoughtfully and strategically put together so that it can accompany you through even the wildest adventures. The bezel is stainless steel, let's face it, not much can take on that material. Not only can it withstand a wide variety of temperatures but is also very resistant to abrasion. This is further enforced by the face, the glass screen is made of sapphire crystal, known for its durability against scratches. As a screen with scratches has bad visibility which would be a huge disservice and not a problem you need to be concerned about. Initially, the watch comes with a Nylon strap. It Is super durable and comfortable, with users reporting it lasts faultlessly.

The only downside of the textile band is the ability to retain odors, therefore it does need washing in order to avoid this. A silicone band is an alternative should this be problematic. In addition, the watch can be submerged in up to 100m (330ft) of water. This expands the bracket of usage for the watch and certainly bring users peace of mind on a rainy day. Tested to military standards this as durable as it gets.


The face of the watch is big enough that you can navigate, and use it with ease, but small enough to remain practical to wear. The built-in GPS automatically means the watch will be less slender like the Suunto 3. The complete face including the buttons and stainless-steel bezel is 1.97in in length and width and, 0.59 inches in height. The buttons for navigation of menu options are places with 2 of the left side and 3 on the right. The Sapphire Crystal lens is durable and functions well in sunlight, which is important for a product which will primarily be used outside. The face embodies the rugged overall design of the watch leaving little to the imagination for its intended purpose!


A sturdy band is an essential aspect of a watch which will likely be used around sharp equipment, in challenging weather conditions, which lots of exposure to abrasive surfaces. For this reason, Suunto opted for the Nylon textile band, as the primary wristband for this watch. It is available in the camouflage foliage or a classic black. The band is both sturdy and is extremely durable. The only noted downside is due to the material's porous nature, it absorbs, and retains unpleasant odors. Whether this is in the form of sweat from handling animals/fish, it is problematic and potentially embarrassing. This has a simple solution for washing it on a regular basis, which may be higher maintenance than some users would prefer. Suunto does have a lot of alternative silicone wristbands available for separate purchase, however, they are less durable.

Ease of Use

The Suunto Traverse Alpha is easy to ease so that you can put all your focus on your surroundings. The setup is straight forward and you can choose which features are fastest for you to access, customizing it to your needs. You may need to check the moon phase calendar first thing in the morning, so having it at the click of a button is extremely convenient. Clicking buttons are how navigation through menus takes place as this is not a touchscreen watch. Touchscreen would not be practical given the nature of the environment the watch will be used in. Additionally, it is easy to extract data from Google Earth and connect to the App.


Just like us humans, the more energy we use, the quicker we get tired, the same rule applied for the Suunto Traverse Alpha battery. Sometimes we all need a recharge sooner than we would like. The battery life will obviously vary depending to which capacity it is used. Using it in time mode will last a solid two weeks, however, as soon as the GPS is activated, this decreases substantially. Again, it depends on how many features are being used and for how long, but it could last anywhere from 10-100 hours. You will be notified by the battery icon flashing at both 10% and 2%. This way you have time to get to the charger. It has the clip-on charger that is connected to the power source via USB, once connected it takes approximately 2-3 hours to charge.


For many, this watch will not be a spontaneous purchase at $350 US. For the abundance of features, and its durability the price is certainly reasonable. This is not just a watch but a piece of equipment that you can use for many years to come. The sophisticated amount of information that you will literally have your finger-tips is almost priceless. It is an investment in your skill set, one in which you will reap the benefits for many years to come.


This watch comes with so many advanced features that accessories may not feel necessary. However, the main reason that you may want or need to purchase an addition is likely to come in the form of a new wristband. There are many options in the textiles Nylon, including the classic camouflage in both green and a separate black/grey option. If you want to add some color or are not suited to the Nylon then you can try the silicone band. It can be bought in bright colors such as blue or green, or in more neutral tones. There is also a Suunto case, this could be a great addition if you are traveling and do not want to wear the watch at all times. Even though it is durable to traveling conditions, having a specific location to leave it is always a wise idea.

Key Features

-Built-in GPS for breadcrumb trials
-POI hunting and fishing options
-Transfer data to and from GoogleEarth
-Rugged and Durable
-Stainless-steel and nylon

Bottom Line

If you need a watch for fishing/angling/ or hunting that is reliable, durable, and full of useful features then this watch will meet those needs. The built-in GPS keeps you safe and on the right trail. Whilst activated in-training mode it will use the battery at a faster rate, in-time mode. The strap is Nylon, therefore water resistant and stands strong against the elements. Tested to military standards, the stainless-steel bezel, and sapphire glass screen can withstand abrasion maintaining its original state for years. This smartwatch enables you to explore new locations, and improve your skill set being a reliable addition to your equipment collection.