Suunto Spartan Ultra HR

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Suunto Spartan Ultra HR Review Facts

Most people who are into sports and exercise are looking for some sort of device that will track their activity, heart rate, and more. And why just runners? Now, companies have started to release smartwatches that have the ability to accommodate any sport- including swimming, thanks to waterproof technology. Suunto has managed to accomplish this with their Spartan Ultra watch that is not only meant to track activity but also inform users of their performance and other statistics. Added bonuses include great battery life, high durability, and a wonderful display. People were pleased with the quality of the smartwatch’s display and the fact that it was easy to use. And, the Suunto watch can be used to track almost any activity- 80+ sports, to be specific. Some of these include running, biking, skiing, martial arts, swimming, and diving. If that doesn’t prove that this is a highly durable and high-quality watch, then we don’t know what does.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • This watch has the ability to track and monitor over 80 different sports, making it versatile for people who have many different interests
  • The watch is made of high-quality materials and is durable
  • Many people were pleased with how comfortable the watch was to wear
  • The watch will support smartphones to sync your data to the specific app
  • The Spartan Ultra is very easy to use and has a screen that is easy to read
  • The Spartan Ultra is over $500, making it one of the most expensive smartwatches on the market
  • People can’t change the settings that are already listed in the watch


The main reason why so many people had positive things to say about the Spartan Ultra watch was that it is highly versatile. Whether you’re a runner or a skier, you enjoy swimming or biking, you participate in martial arts or soccer, this watch will be able to track your activities and give you an updated profile on your performance. This means that the watch can appeal to larger groups of people, since is accommodates basically everyone’s interests. You no longer have to be out of the game and hope for some new technology to be released if you participate in a sport that isn’t as popular.

Basic Features

For every sport that is included in the watch, it gives you features such as a compass and a GPS. Besides that, you will be able to track the elevation, distance, pace, and time of your activity. You will also be able to find out your recovery time and how much oxygen you have consumed after exercise. However, you will not be able to customize any of the data for each unique sport, and will have to work around the settings that Suunto has installed.

You will be able to choose which sport you are participating in, see the navigation and routes, the history of your workouts, how much training you have done per sport, your recovery time, and how many calories you have burned. You will be able to set goals for how many steps you want to take in a day. And finally, when you are finished with your activity, you will be able to input how you are feeling, which can help the watch with tracking features later on.

Advanced Features

The watch comes with its own GPS system, which will allow you to see different paths that you can take, as well as show you the paths where you have gone in the past and the routes that you can take now. You simply have to use the app that is compatible with the watch in order to map out your own route, which will sync on to the watch. The watch will also provide you with routes that other people have taken, which might broaden your horizons and give you a better exercise experience than you originally had.


The Spartan Ultra watch is able to connect to any smartphone device- Android or iOS- through using Bluetooth technology. And you will be able to transfer any of the information from your watch to your smartphone thanks to the app that it is compatible with. Along with this, you will be able to receive notifications on the watch from your social media sites, text messages, and emails. But, you will not be able to reply to any of these from the watch.


The app that is compatible with the watch is the Movescount app, which is available on Google Play and in the App Store, and people have not noticed much of a difference between either device. This is important because not every smartwatch is compatible with both types of devices, and some of them don’t work too well with particular smartphones, leaving some people out of the loop on trying a potentially great device.

You will use the Movescount app to download the workouts and other activities you did from your watch to your smartphone. Then, the app will store your data and give you an in-depth review of your performance. You will not be able to adjust some settings in the app, though, so that is important to keep in mind.


People were pleased with the fact that the Spartan Ultra watch was comfortable. The comfort of a smartwatch is one of its most important features due to the fact that people typically wear smartwatches for long periods of time. Also, it needs to be comfortable enough to not cause any distractions for the individual while they are exercising. This is a rather large smartwatch, but most people did not find that it looked too large or clunky on their wrists, which is a common complaint among larger smartwatches. The watch comes with a silicone band, which people said did not cause them any irritation. And, since the watch is flat and has a circular face, it won’t get caught in your clothes or prove to be a distraction.


The watch comes in three different colors, according to Amazon- black, silver (referred to as titanium), and white. So, while it is not the most diverse watch in terms of colors, there are some options for those who want something other than the typical black color.

The face of the watch is larger than that of many, but this does not mean that the Suunto watch looks particularly large and clunky on the wrist according to many users. And many seem to agree that the price of the watch is worth it for the looks; the watch looks like a very luxurious sports watch and is very sleek. It can essentially be worn during every activity. While it might not be the most fashionable watch on the market, it certainly will make you stand out.


Of course, with a $500 price tag, you wouldn’t expect anything less than top-notch quality, which is obviously the case here. The watch has glass that is resistant to the outdoors, meaning that you can wear it in many different conditions. And, it is resistant to the water for up to 100 meters- which is more than the average smartwatch, which is resistant to only 50 meters, giving swimmers extra room to work with. The watch is also made to withstand temperatures between -5 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, so it doesn’t matter where or in what conditions you choose to exercise in. And, the watch is made with high-quality materials made to last a long time. People did not notice any changes to the wear of the watch with time.


The Suunto watch does have a large face, which might be a turn-off for some people, but it doesn’t tend to look as bad as some would think. The watch does have a touchscreen, which makes the larger face understandable. Besides that, the glass on the face of the watch is resistant to the outdoors, and it has a full-color, high-quality display, making it a lot more appealing than many other watches of its kind.


You have the ability to adjust the silicon band of the Spartan Ultra watch, which is important to ensure maximum comfort. Besides that, the fact that the band is made of silicon makes the watch feel very lightweight. And, it will ensure that the watch remains securely on your wrist no matter what activity you will be participating in. People were pleased with the fact that the watch band did not cause any irritation to the skin, and that it showed no changes after being worn for a long time.

Ease of Use

The watch has both a touchscreen and buttons on the side, which means that you can choose from both in order to use it. You can use the buttons to navigate the watch. The middle button opens the main menu, and when you are inside of a menu, you can press this middle button to go back to the main page. The buttons on the top and bottom can help you to scroll through the different menus. The top one can also help you to pause what you’re doing, and the bottom button can start a lap. You can choose to use the buttons or the touchscreen. However, having both of these options is great for those who might have larger fingers and will not be able to navigate the touchscreen as well.


Possibly the absolute best feature of this watch is its outstanding battery life. We are sure that almost no other watch on the market comes with a battery life like this- 15 days. But, if you keep your GPS running constantly, the battery life is reduced to 26 hours. The Best setting on the GPS is what will quickly drain your battery. So, if you are looking to make the best use of this acclaimed 15-day battery life, you will want to keep an eye on your GPS activities.


The watch weighs 77 grams, which is very lightweight, considering the fact that is has a rather large face, and the fact that people think this is bigger than other watches of its kind. And, the watch has an adjustable band, which means that people who have wrists of any size can wear it comfortably.


Now that we have discussed all the wonderful features of the Suunto Spartan Ultra smartwatch, what you might be wondering about is how much it costs. This might be the one thing that people have complained about, because it is one of the most expensive smartwatches available. It is priced at around $500, but this depends on where you purchase it from, and whether you choose to have a heart rate monitor or not. The latter tends to be cheaper, but if you are looking for an activity tracker, it can be assumed that you are looking for a heart rate monitor too. However, people were pleased with the performance of this watch, which leads us to believe that it is worth the high price tag.


There is an HR strap that is compatible with the watch, which is available separately. It will connect to the watch by using Bluetooth. Some other accessories include a sensor belt and a belt strap, which will help to enhance some of the features of the watch’s accelerometer.

Key Features

-The watch can be used by people who are interested in any activity, since it is able to accommodate more than 80 different types of sports, including rarer ones
-It can handle 100 meters in water, which is more than many smartwatches
-The screen of the watch is easy to read no matter how much light there is
-The watch is very easy to use
-The Suunto watch will provide you with detailed information about your activity, and this is made available on any smartphone device

Bottom Line

You might be hesitant to spend upwards of $500 on a smartwatch, especially when there are plenty of options for much, much cheaper. But you truly do get a watch that is worth its price with the Suunto Spartan Ultra HR. The watch has a high-quality touchscreen that is able to withstand any environment and temperature. Not only that, but the watch is made out of materials that will not wear down after you have worn it many times. And, you will have a watch that can accommodate any activity you desire.