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Focuspower F10 Review Facts

When you are looking for a good Bluetooth earbud set, what is the first thing on your list that can make or break it? How long it can be used, right? And that is quickly followed by the quality of sound, without a doubt. Well, we may have found a set you will want to look into. They are built for those longer runs and not so quick trips where you want to be able to enjoy whatever it is that motivates or relaxes you. These have caused a buzz on the market for their quality as well as their price. We were definitely wowed by the overall opinion on these especially when we realized that they aren’t going to break you for it. These are dependable and will feed your ears with your music or motivational listening tracks for nearly an entire day. Of course, you will want to know too that these are great for phones and even have a built-in hands-free mic so if you get that important call, you won’t have to fumble around to answer and talk. So, if you want that surprising treat, go ahead and read more. As usual, we will be fair, as we always are and make sure you know any and all downsides where they do land, but overall, these are a great buy on the market that is certainly worth looking into for your new set of earbuds.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comes with size options
  • Comfortable almost invisible fit
  • Price
  • Not waterproof


A better question to ask when you get this set of earbuds, rather than ‘what can you do’, is ‘what can’t you do’. The reason we say this is due to the fact that the list for what you can do would be a lot longer! These are mini-earbuds, which, due to how well they are fitted, allows you to move and work as needed without fear of losing the bud. The fact that it is a completely blue tooth wireless set makes this an even more prominent feature since you don’t have to worry about getting caught on anything either. These little buds are just plain awesome for exercising with because of their small size and adjustable fit. While these are water resistant and sweat proof, and a few people have gotten away with using them in their shower, it is not recommended that you go swimming with these. The amount of waterproofing on them is not high enough to really handle that much at once, and because of the small size and how they fit, swimming could easily end up dislodging them from your ear, and you could end up losing them to the swimming pool- something none of us really wants to see happen to any device we purchase- even if it isn’t expensive to replace.

Basic Features

For the most basic of functions, this pair is your typical pair of tiny earbuds. What do we mean? Well, they fit easily into your ear and let you listen to your music. Something to note right out of the box, however, is that the company thought ahead and realized that due to the smaller size, chances are some people might actually need a different size for the actual plug so that the piece wouldn’t fall out. Of course, we feel the need to be up front on one thing- this is not sold as a pair. Unfortunately, this is sold as a single bud, so if you are wanting a set, you will need to buy a second one. Since most of us usually leave one out anyway, not exactly a setback, but for those who need that extra bud to completely immerse themselves and ignore all else around them you may want to consider this at double the listing price since you’ll have to purchase two.

Advanced Features

While some may not consider the same things as being advanced features, we feel that for this particular earbud, these are what would be considered advanced, since you’ll be hard pressed to get as good of one at the same price that covers this. Firstly, this is an actual true wireless earbud. That means everything about it is wireless- from connecting to your device, to charging, and even pairing it with a second piece- none of it requires a cord! This is a big deal since a vast majority of true wireless earbuds are much more expensive at the quality this has. It also has a built-in mic, so you can answer phone calls- which means no fumbling around to get your phone out in order to talk. Not only that, but it can connect to two devices at once, which is quite a feat for something of its size.

Sound Quality

This one definitely got attention in this category, once again because for something at its size and price range, it carried itself extremely well. Most would assume an ‘ok’ sound, but these were built for bass, and they meet their target and then some. The one downside anyone could find was drown out by the fact that they have such good volume and that was if you listen to it at its loudest, they will eventually become less crisp in sound. Fact is though, that listening to it as its loudest actually becomes a bit painful because it has that loud of volume- so you are not likely to reach the point where the quality starts to decay before you need to turn them down. This is actually a great thing because it means you will hear everything you want to. Of course, because it is built to play off bass for the most part if you are looking for higher sounds or a bigger mid ground, these may not be your best option, but they are supreme for those seeking to get the most out of the lower range- which in our opinion means exercising is going to be great!


We found this to be one of the most impressive things about such an affordable device. When we see a cheap price we expect the device to fail us somewhere along the line of what it is supposed to be able to do, and with wireless devices, we expect that the connectivity will be where we see the biggest issue. In our research, however, we found that there was an overwhelmingly positive response over any negative ones. For every single person who had an issue with the connection, there were 20+ who had no problems whatsoever with any of the connectivity aspects. This is important when you consider its range is 33 feet from the device, and the fact you have to pair it with a second earpiece you buy separately if you want a pair of them. So, seeing that most of the customers were more than satisfied with the device had us smiling in surprise. Another big part of this is the fact that even the mic did not cut out during phone calls, which means that its strength in connection does not just apply to the sounds you are hearing, but to whoever you may be talking to as well. This is a very big plus and one worth putting out there for all looking to purchase!


If you want comfort- you got it here as well. With how great this earbud seems to work, its no surprise that it had a lot of buzz when it was introduced, and people first began getting to test it out. Those who wanted something they could use without it being obvious found this was a size they truly enjoyed. With the extra ear tips that come with it, you are sure to find your perfect size and end up with a similar, if not the same, result as most everyone else. What was the big vote tally? Most of the users forgot it was in their ear! It sat so comfortably in every way that they would put it in, and after they had turned it off, they wouldn’t feel the discomfort of pressure or heat to remind them it was there! That means this piece has none of the really bad features that some of the more expensive brands have and that should turn your head.


Sometimes style is about the device not being noticed while it is doing its job, and this is the case with this particular products design. Rather than trying to be flashy and get noticed, this particular earbud gets its class from going unseen and unnoticed- sometimes by both the person wearing it as well as those around them. With its mini-wireless design, it tucks away into your ear and become nigh invisible allowing you to enjoy the comfort of listening without the interruption over being asked what you are listening to or having anyone ask you what particular earbud you are wearing. So, if your idea of comfort in style is to not be obvious, this is the perfect look for you!


These little things are durable under proper use and will last for quite some time if not being pushed to their max continuously. In other words, if you don’t try to blow your ears out for 7-8 hours straight after every charge, the sound quality won’t break down and you won’t have to worry about wearing them out. Of course, they are a small electronic device that isn’t quite waterproof- so you will want to take care of it when you aren’t using them and try not to forget and go swimming with it in your ear.

Ease of Use

You can’t get much easier than single press sync with a true wireless earbud. To add to the ease of use is the fact that they sync just as easily to each other if you do decide to go for a second bud and make it a pair. This product can also sync to two devices at the same time, so you can connect to the two you use most and not even have to worry about switching back and forth which is awesome in our book. Once they are connected, as we mentioned earlier, it seems that most people have little to no complaints about them becoming disconnected which of course adds to just how easy they are to use.

Power Source

This is one of the only parts we saw enough complaint that we feel a need to mention the issue without brushing it off. Along with many other more expensive brands, this earbud has a magnetized charger case where you should just be able to set it in its slot and let it charge. The problem is that they fall out or roll off if you aren’t careful and won’t charge properly. Careful placement in its charger is necessary for this bud to charge correctly and to its full potential. Once you do figure this side of it out, the actual charge time and how long they stay charged has been where we saw more happy and satisfied people. They charge up fully in about 30 minutes and that charge lasts 7-8 hours of nonstop listening! They definitely perform, and in some cases outperform, like some of the more expensive brands of wireless earbuds out there. This is one of those times we have to add a ‘wow’ just for emphasis because a lot of those high-end earbuds only last for half the time on constant listening.


So, you have heard us go on and on about how this earbud impresses us because of how little it really costs comparatively- and here is where we invite you to join us on our nifty surprise! This amazing earbud only costs about $25 for one, so for about the same price as a DVD/Blu Ray (and often less) you can have a high-quality wireless earbud that, in all truth, performs right up there with others that cost closer to four times as much. That means even if you do buy a second one to pair with it you will still pay less than most of the competition is asking for. Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, we thought so too!

Key Features

-Great sound
-Quality build
-Easy to use
-30 minute charge for 7-8 hours of use
-True wireless
-Built-in Mic
-Syncs to two devices

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a high-quality earbud at a price you can rock out to, this is most definitely one of, if not the best, option out there. It is extremely affordable, and even if you buy two to make a set, you’ll still be paying less than you would for most bigger brands of the same quality. These are worth looking into especially when you consider they have so little complaints and even then those are overshadowed by other qualities.