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Sony MDRXB50AP Review Facts

Listening to audio through earphones and headphones is a completely different experience than listening to it through speakers. Though speakers can offer incredible sound, earphones and headphones offer a closer, less disrupted experience. This is typically done through quality audio technology as well as something called noise cancellation. Noise cancellation can be both done via the sound of the audio and also by the device itself. Noise canceling headphones and earphones offer a reduced volume of unwanted sounds through active noise control technology. This is done by canceling the lower-frequency portions of the surrounding distractions and incorporating a microphone which helps measure ambient sound. This will then generate a waveform which takes out some of the negative sounds of the ambient audio and will mix it with the original audio signal that the individual prefers. The other part of noise cancellation is the device itself which can offer different physical features depending on the device. With earphones, the earbud is shaped in a way that will fill the ear without leaving much space. This can help offer better acoustics in the inner part of the ear. Alternatively, with headphones, the ear cups will fit tighter to the head in order to avoid any external sounds from entering the ear cup and thereby creating a 'quieter environment' for the listener. These features help create a more fulfilling and quality environment for audio consumption and therefore a more enjoyable experience.

This article is one based on the Sony MDRXB50AP. This is a single product review on this product. We looked at what consumers thought about these earphones. We also looked at what consumers didn't like about them. Finally, we looked at different areas of earphone features such as sound quality, power source, and durability. This is our review of the Sony MDRXB50AP. We hope that this article serves you in your next earphone purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • These headphones offer a pretty deep bass sound 
  • They also offer pretty decent sound cancellation 
  • Despite some complaints about these not being wireless, the wire seems to offer resistance to tangles 
  • They seem to also be made of quality materials which offer better durability
  • With so many wireless version on the market, the wire of these earphones can be a little annoying
  • Some reviewers found a bit of a buzzing or humming sound while listening to these earphones 


These earphones are intended for those who are looking for a pretty basic earphone. They are great for travel in that they offer a small amount of noise cancellation, however, they are wired so any activity being done would need to be mindful of the cord. The cord, though, doesn't tangle easily which helps with packing and unpacking when using these earphones while moving around. They are probably not the best item on the market for working out due to the cord, however, are an inexpensive and reliable alternative to some others on the market.


The Sony MDRXB50AP earphones offer different sized earplugs in order to fit the ear better and also offer a better noise-canceling experience. They have a multi-color option cord as well which connects directly to the device being listened to. The sound quality of these earphones is quite clear and clean. They also offer a lightweight feel in order to avoid any unnecessary discomfort and fatigue when in use.


The Sony MDRXB50AP is a basic earphone, not offering a ton outside of the basic features associated with this type of product. That said, the Sony MDRXB50AP also offers X-Bass for a more a deeper and richer sound. It also offers 12 mm neodymium drivers which are supposed to offer a more powerful and yet balanced sound. They are regularly reviewed as being ideal for all sound types, not just club-like sound as the website suggests. They also have a tangle-free cord which is ideal for those who like to store these earphones when out and about without the hassle or time consumption of having to untangle earphone cords like others on the market.


These earphones are regularly reviewed as being quite impressive in regards to their sound quality. Those who bought these earphones found that not only are they fairly clear in sound, they also offer a decent base and tremble. Though this is the case, one reviewer who claims to be quite critical offered some input in regards to the sound quality of these headphones considering their base. What they noted was that the higher frequency instrumentals and treble seem to get a little distorted when the bass it at its maximum. Though this is the case they also noted that this is not a huge issue and wasn't terribly noticeable considering. Another note that some reviewers left about these earphones is that they are designed for today's music in that they seem to provide some versatility in regards to their sound. They are probably best suited for music with more bass, however, most found that even styles like country and rock genres are also quite enjoyable to listen to with these earphones which are positive (usually more bass is better for bass heavier styles like rap and dance music, not so much country and rock).


These earphones connect directly to any listening device. They are a standard jack which means that they may not be compatible with some phones (discussed in more detail below). That said, these earphones connect easily and do not lose connection very easily due to the high-quality material used for the cord of these earphones. They do seem to lack some functionality when using the phone with Android devices. They seem to work better for Apple products which some Andriod users had an issue with.


This product comes with several different earbud ear replacements which allow those with different shaped ears to wear these earphones comfortably. They do have a cord which some reviewers found a little frustrating as the cord can get in the way especially when wearing these earphones out and about (especially when in the gym) though this is a minor problem. The cord of these earphones is made of a soft and slick material which nicely rests on the chest. The cord itself also doesn't tangle very easily which reviewers noted was more comfortable than earphones without this feature. The ear cups themselves are made of a soft foam material which reviewers appreciated, however, there does seem to be some sort of plastic piece near the center of the earphone that rubs the ear a bit and some reviewers found quite uncomfortable.


These earphones are sort of marketed for being on the stylish side, however, their price point and reviews do say otherwise. They do seem to be everyday earphones from the foam earbuds to the thicker cord connecting the buds together. They aren't necessarily unattractive but we wouldn't describe them as stylish. One positive to these earphones is that they come in three different colors to suit individual styles. The cord itself is a little thicker, however, it is made of a good material that gives them a slightly more expensive appearance. Though this is the case, there seem to be a fair amount of people that said once you touch these earphones it does seem that they could be snapped relatively easily (though many have owned these earphones for an extended amount of time without any durability issues, which is positive). Other reviewers also noted that both the paint and the Sony logo on these headphones seem to rub off relatively easily making these earphones look a little wore out quickly. This, of course, decreases the aesthetic appeal of these earphones even further.


These earphones are regularly reviewed as being made of surprisingly high-quality materials. The cord of the earphones also seems to be made of a material that does not easily tangle. This will actually improve the life of the cords. There is far less pull on the body of the earphones as a result. There were several reviewers that noted that they had these earphones for an extended period of time and still have yet to have an issue with the durability of these earphones. This is particularly impressive considering their price tag. Some did find that the paint on the earphone itself seemed to show some wear after time (paint rubbing off) which made them look a little dated. The Sony logo itself also seemed to wear quite quickly to the point where the reviewer could no longer see the Sony logo. Though this might be an issue, these earphones aren't exactly the most stylish earphone and so this would be less of a concern for some reviewers. They are really meant for sound quality over appearance. The wear and tear were not noted in regards to the functionality of the earphones themselves which is positive.


These earphones are wired devices with a 'remote' installed in the wire. They do not require any real connectivity due to the fact that they are wired. Note though, these earphones are connected via an audio jack which means that they would require an adapter (typically provided with all phones) that will work with some cell phones (specifically speaking, newer versions of the Apple iPhone as well as newer versions of the Google phones). Those who bought these earphones had no issues 'installing' them. They connect easily to the phone and start working right away. The remote on the device works well and offers clear sound when answering calls. Those who bought these earphones were happy with the fact that they were easily able to access some functionality of their phone via the wire itself rather than having to pull out their phone. They are also long lasting which reviewers appreciated. The cord seems to offer some resistance to tangles as well which helped with using them as well as offers some durability.


This product requires no 'power source' outside of having the connection directly to the device being that they are not wireless. They do not have a battery or require a battery to work, they just rely on the phone itself to provide the power/music.


The Sony MDRXB50AP earphones are extremely reasonably priced. They are definitely intended for those on a budget. They don't have all the bells and whistles of comparable products on the market, however, they off a decent bass and sound quality especially considering the price. They are also quite durable which helps justify the price even further. These earphones are an extremely reasonably priced earphone which offers a long shelf life and great sound. They are great as a gift or as something for someone looking for something reliable and basic.


-Smartphone-compatible for easy call-answering abilities
-X-Bass for a much deeper and club-like sound quality
-Lightweight design for better mobility and easier use
-A choice of colors in order to suit individual styles
-12 MM Neodymium drivers for a stronger and more balanced playback
-Four-conductor gold plated stereo mini jack in order to offer versatility in listening devices
-Inner-ear wear in order to avoid messing up hairstyles
-Closed-dynamic, balanced sound for all music types


These earphones aren't fancy. They don't have much in regards to advanced features, that said, they do offer all the basic feature that one might expect in earphones. They are also really reasonably priced considering and they offer an extra long shelf life. The complaints from reviewers about these earphones were really, truly far and few between. They will do the trick for those on a budget that are looking for a basic and yet very reliable earphone. They offer a true, full and balanced sound that reviewers were very impressed with and also offer a decent bass, especially when considering the price. Overall, this is a pretty decent earphone and definitely worth consideration.