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Jabra Elite 65T Review Facts

Have there ever been times when numerous people praised a particular song but you just didn't get it? You hear the song and it wasn't exactly life-changing for you. Have you ever considered that maybe it's the audio equipment you're using that might be the culprit?

When we listen to music through low-quality audio equipment audio can almost sound lackluster. It can miss some of the highs and the lows that really drive impact and force us to stop and really feel the music we are listening to. Earphones and headphones, when compared to speakers, could be part of the issue. Though there are high-quality speakers out there, they can often run you up over $1000 before the receiver that controls the speakers is purchased.

Now, sometimes it's the room you're in. If in a poorly laid out room high-quality audio equipment eve can lose its impressive impact.

When you get down to it, though, to eliminate the heavy audio bill and to get high-quality sound often times all that is required is a good pair of headphones or earphones. The primary advantage of this is a closer, more noise canceled sound. This may be the difference between understanding and being out of the loop with a popular track. Or maybe you really just don't like the song no matter the audio equipment. Then you might need to consider where you get your music recommendations from. Kidding, of course.

Our website specializes in reviews of popular items on the market including hunting gear (as the website suggests), sports apparel and audio equipment. This article is a single product review on the Jarba Elite 65T. This product is a set of wireless earbuds known for its gel earbuds. We looked at what consumers thought of this product in regards to its comfort, connectivity, and overall quality. This is our review of the Jabra Elite 65T. We hope that this review helps you with your next wireless earphone purchase. Please, enjoy!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Has a sleek design 
  • Sound is like none other
  • Sound is in both earbuds during calls 
  • Comes with a compact charging case
  • Some functionality issues over time (right earbud starts to lose sound)
  • Compact case isn't magnetic so buds fall out easily


These, like most wireless earphones, are great for those looking for something that requires wire-free use. This is usually for those at the gym, specifically those who use their phone as a screen during their workouts while also requiring the privacy of an earphone. They also are intended on fitting well in the ear, enough so that vigorous activity shouldn't knock them out of the ear so they are ideal for working out.

Whether or not they are successful at this is discussed in more detail below. The website also notes that these earphones offer noise reduction which is perfect for those long flights with crying babies. Noise reduction also helps with the sound quality offered by earphones so these are great for enjoying favorite tunes or for listening to podcasts to pass the time.

Another benefit of wireless earphones is the ability to walk away from your phone or tablet and be able to do things around the house without having to tug your device along. This also helps those wanting to disconnect for a moment without having to lose their music.


These offer Bluetooth 5.0 technology which stops dropped calls and audio over impressive distances. This is crucial for this type of audio equipment as the wireless function is a good deal of the additional cost and obviously the point of the wireless earphone. High quality and upgraded Bluetooth technology are very important in supporting connectivity (discussed in more detail below).

They also offer 5 hours of battery on a single charge which allows those using the earphones to leave the house on a full charge and get a good deal of life without having to recharge again. They come with a sleek recharging case in order to offer both sleek earphones as well as a sleek case for fashion-forward individuals.

In addition to the physical items this device comes with, it also comes with a personalized app which allows those who buy these earphones to personalize their sound at the touch of a screen. The app offers customized sound and access to the common personal electronic assistants like Amazon Alexa, Siri, and the Google Assistant.


In addition to the impressive Bluetooth technology offered by these earphones, the charging case itself offers a battery which allows the individual wearing these earphones to take them out when the battery is dead, charging them wirelessly on the go and using them for an additional 5 hours. This effectively doubles their battery life and allows the earphones to get a full recharge when on the go. Though this is offered by some other competitive products, this is a fairly unique and new feature to wireless earbuds.

These also offer controls directly on the earbuds themselves which allow those using these to change songs, increase volume and answer calls without having to physically pull the phone out of their pocket which is really handy. These controls also have a noise filter which can be turned off and on directly on the earbuds which allow the listener to filter in the sounds that surround them. This is handy when approaching people in public that require the listener's attention without having to take the device out of the ear.


These offer an app that allows the wearer to customize their sound. It offers an advanced equalizer and adjustable bass for those looking for an extra boost or for those looking for something a little more mellow. The app also assists with noise cancellation by offering Jabra's HearThrough which allows the individual wearing the earphones to adjust the amount of outside noise they want getting through to suit their personal preferences. This is especially convenient for those who want something with full sound but also are cautious of their surroundings and safety when wearing these earphones commuting or at night.

These offer 4-microphone technology in order to offer a clear sound when answering a call. It also offers a beam-forming directional field which keeps audio coming from one direction helping with the noise cancellation feature of these earphones.

Reviewers were happy with the sound quality offered, but one reviewer did note that it's important to use the correct gel earbud as incorrect sizes can seriously impact the sound quality. These earphones also conveniently come with numerous earbud sizes in order to offer the best fit possible without worrying about the extra cost. One note that reviewers did mention is that the right earphone does start to lose sound after a couple of months. Not all buyers experienced this issue but enough people complained to mention here. The company offered problem-solving solutions through their Q&A page in order to fix this issue. There were no updates left by reviewers letting us know whether those updates actually helped or not.


These earphones used one of the latest versions of Bluetooth offered which is the Bluetooth 5.0. We've seen numerous other products that offer lower versions of Bluetooth which makes these especially impressive. One feature that reviewers were really happy about is the dual Bluetooth linking ability meaning that the consumer could connect their earphones to more than one device at a time making the switch between devices seamless and easy. Reviewers were also satisfied with the lack of dropped calls and audio when moving around their home and putting their phone in a pocket or backpack which is positive as well.


These need to stay in the ear as not only is this crucial for sound but it also means not effectively losing an earbud due to there being zero connection between the bud and your device. These earphones offer silicone tips that insert into the ear and fill the ear in order to keep a snug and secure fit. These earphones also come with numerous sizing options in order to offer the best fit without incurring additional costs. Those who wore these earphones, for the most part, were very happy with their fit.

A couple of reviewers did note that these earphones did start to bother them after extended ear. They felt that even though initially they fit well if they are worn for more than 2 hours they start to strain the ears a bit. For the most part, though, reviewers were happy with the fit of these earphones and were impressed with the additional sizing options included with these earphones.


These are small, sleek and compact. They fit tight to the head and don't protrude from the ears too far. Those who bought these earphones were most impressed with the sleek design of these earphones. They are also offered in numerous color options in order to suit individual styles. The charging/carrying case of these earphones is also sleek in design which gives the device an overall attractive and stylish appearance. Overall, a very stylish wireless earphone.


These are listed on the manufacturer's website as built to work. They offer an IP55-rated design and comes with a 2-year warranty against damage from water and dust. This is very uncommon in earphone warranties as this does tend to be the biggest degradation of equipment. Those who bought these earphones were impressed with their warranty, the companies customer service as well as their durability.

As mentioned earlier, though, there does seem to be some unresolved issues with the right earphone starting to lose sound over time. This is the biggest concern with reviewers. The charging case is also not magnetic like others on the market which some reviewers found a little frustrating. This, if not watched, could case the earphones to fall out of the charging device and either become damaged or lost. Outside of these concerns, though, the physical durability of these are not only reliable but also covered by a warranty which offers some peace of mind when buying these earphones.


These are regularly reviewed as being easy to use. They offer decent connectivity and easily connect to several devices without issues. There were also no issues with staying connected or charging. Overall, they are easy and convenient to use which is positive.


As mentioned earlier, these are charged through a charging dock that also offers a battery. This means that when traveling with these, the charging device can offer a full additional 5-hour battery life. This is massively helpful for those always on the go without much time for charging their devices. The battery offered by these is made of lithium-ion which is one of the strongest batteries on the market today. It produces an 85-90mAh which delivers 5 hours of music and 10 hours total after charing in the rechargeable case. Conveniently after a 15-minute rapid charge, these earphones can offer a 1.5-hour battery. Those who bought these were really impressed by this feature and confirmed its reliability. This is definitely one of the highlights of these earphones.


These are actually really quite reasonably priced when considering its features. It offers a decent and customizable sound quality. It offers adjustable noise cancellation. It also offers wireless technology with a wireless travel charging case. They fit in the ears well and are tight to the head. When considering alternatives on the market these are definitely worth the cost!


- Additional ear gel inserts for the perfect fit without the additional cost
- Reliable app that allows users to adjust the sound quality and noise cancellation to fit their needs
- Bluetooth 5.0 technology for reliable connectivity
- 5-hour battery life with rechargable charger for on-the-go charging
- Quick charge feature for 1.5-hour additional battery life on a 15-minute charge
- High level of durability and 2-year warranty for peace of mind
- Quick-access, fingertip controls on the device for easier control
- Voice command features for easy access to Alexa, Siri or Google


The bottom line here is that these do seem to be top of the line. Though there does seem to be some concerns with the right earbud this wasn't the issue with all versions and could have been fixed by the company. There are refurbished options on the market that may be the cause of the issues but with the warranty available on these earphones, it's definitely worth a try. They offer a decent battery life, a sleek design, and great connectivity all at a decent price. They are definitely worth checking out!