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Bowers & Wilkins PX Review Facts

There are many benefits of listening to music including mood enhancement and mental illness aid. Music can be listened to on numerous devices including speakers and headphones. Headphones can either be wired or wireless. Wireless does often require quality technology in order to function properly and provide adequate sound. Another feature that is typically associated with quality headphones is noise cancellation. Noise cancellation allows the listener to reduce unwanted sounds coming from the surrounding environment and rather listen to the speakers of their headphones using active noise control. This is done with the use of soundproofing. This technology allows the listener to listen to audio content without having to actually change the volume that the music is at. This is beneficial because it will help prolong the life of the ear and its ability to hear clearly. Noise-induced hearing loss is a very real thing and can affect the function of the eardrums over time. This is usually as a result of damage to the sensitive structures of the ear which will affect the ear permanently. This is why being able to listen to quality music at a reasonable volume is important and that is where noise cancellation comes in. By being able to cancel the outside noise the individual wearing the headphones will not need to increase the volume of the audio being listened to and therefore prolong the life of their ears. This is particularly appealing to those with existing hearing problems and for those who work in louder environments and may be more cautious about their ear health.

This article is focused on one pair of noise-canceling headphones in particular. We have written a series of reviews on different types of headphones. This article zeros in on the very popular wireless and noise canceling headphones: the Bowers & Wilkins PX. We looked at reviews offered by consumers who purchased this product in order to see what they liked and disliked about them. We also wanted to look at the technology used as well as their reliability. Finally, we looked at the durability and connectivity of these headphones in order to determine if they are worth the cost associated with them. This is our complete review of the Bowers & Wilkins PX. We hope that this article serves you in your next wireless, noise canceling headphone purchase. Please enjoy!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Incredibly attractive design 
  • Offers superior noise-cancellation technology 
  • Natural sensors offer a more natural function 
  • Offers a nice and even sound
  • These headphones are quite pricey
  • Some found that they weren't terribly comfortable
  • The noise-canceling only work when the seal is tight to the head 
  • The wear sensor of these headphones didn't work for some but after updates seem to work better


The Bowers and Wilkins PX is wireless and noise canceling. Because of these features, they are quite versatile in how and where they can be used. They are meant to cancel engine noise when flying, they also fold up nicely and come with a carrying case making them quite easy to travel with. They also help control the noise commonly associated with the workplace which would help those wearing them increase focus and productivity. They are also ideal for those traveling on a bus or train. Because these headphones are meant to be versatile it actually offers noise-canceling controls via its app. The app allows the user to switch seamlessly between office, city and flight environments in order to offer a more customizable mode depending on the situation. This is offered to both iOS and Andriod devices. Those who bought these headphones did like that it offered different types of noise cancellation options to the headphones but had a bit of an issue with the noise cancellation itself, this is described in more detail below.


This set of headphones offer numerous different features that make them quite unique and intuitive which seems to be the direction that new technology. The concept of an extension of one's self is a common goal of numerous products including phones, watches and stand-alone directional devices (Google Home, Amazon Alexia, etc). The Bowers & Wilkins PX wireless headphone offers noise cancellation mode which is common with higher quality headphones. They block out higher levels of volume including engine noise during flights and minimizes cabin sounds making these headphones ideal for flights, assuming the technology works correctly. They also offer noise cancellation in the city and in the workplace in order to offer better concentration and potential productivity. The noise cancellation offered with these headphones is regularly reviewed as being reliable assuming the earcups are on correctly. The earcups don't always fit correctly because of their odd, triangular design. Some found the design completely unwearable while others didn't really mind it. The cups need to be snug to the ear and head in order to offer the level of noise cancellation that these headphones claim to provide. The noise cancellation feature of these headphones is not their highlight due to their finicky nature, unfortunately.


The Bowers & Wilkins PX wireless headphone offers intuitive controls via built-in sensors that are supposed to respond to the bodies natural tendencies in order to control different features of the headphones. This includes when it is placed on the head it will turn on. It also stops when they are taken off. If lifting the earcup away from the ear (in order to hear something else) the headphones will automatically go into standby mode and if they are hung around the neck, they will also stop. They describe their headphones as being a 'piece of you that anticipates your needs'. This in itself is an interesting concept.

Though competitive products on the market do seem to offer more intuitive controls, these controls seem to be one of the most intuitive. The sensors according to reviewers were a feature that they didn't really care about until they bought this product. They said initially the sensors were not as functional as the website claimed, however, because this product does offer software upgrades, this helped with the minor bugs that were stopping the function to operate fully. After the bugs were taken care of they said that they really liked the sensor features and did feel like now that they are used to them they would struggle to live without them. The primary issue with them is that they do not always work which caused some frustration to some reviewers.


The Bowers & Wilkins PX wireless headphone lists itself as offering best-in-class sound with adaptive noise cancellation technology. They digitally up-samples of the audio signal to 768kHz which is supposed to further enhance the acoustic detail for incoming calls and music. It also includes reference-quality angled drive units. This is supposed to give the wearer the feeling of being near a soundstage. The sound quality of these headphones do seem to be a highlight of the product. Those who bought these earphones noted that the sound quality is quite impressive with these speakers. They did note that they aren't quite 'Bose quality' but the quality did match the headphones price tag. The sound quality is amplified as well assuming that the noise cancellation technology works (this seems to be inconsistent sadly). Overall, though, the sound quality did not let reviewers down which tends to be the most important feature of this type of product and is positive.


The Bowers & Wilkins PX wireless headphone offers connectivity through Bluetooth technology. They offer high definition. 24-bit resolution wireless streaming. After doing research on Bluetooth technology it does look like 24-bit streaming is quite impressive. It is described as being high-resolution but is regularly regarded as being a little more on the expensive side. The drive units of this device are 2 x 40 mm full range. It also has a frequency range of 10Hz to 20kHz. The Bluetooth codecs are aptX HD Standard Latency plus HD, SBC (low complexity sub-band coding) and AAC (advanced audio coding) for reference. Those who used these headphones didn't have issues with the connectivity of these speakers. They seemed to connect easily and stay connected which is positive.


These headphones, as mentioned later in the article, are made of soft leather which is supposed to provide both comfort and durability. The soft leather is lightweight in order to avoid any discomfort to the wearer. The unit itself is also lightweight which helps with neck strain. The design of these headphones are elliptical and ergonomically designed in order to offer a better seal via their earcups. This means that they are shaped to fit the ear effectively, seal correctly and provide a more natural feel to the head. This also is supposed to help avoid adjusting and head strain that is sometimes associated with headphones. Those who wore these headphones were a little unhappy about the comfort of these headphones. Some said that they were unwearable, others had an issue with the classic 'pain' associated with wearing headphones for an extended period of time. One reviewer had earlier versions of these headphones and said that these were definitely and advancement. These headphones clamp onto the wear well which assists with the noise canceling technology offered by these headphones which is positive. The earcups have a bit of a triangular design which bothered some reviewers though not many said that they would return them despite the discomfort which is positive.


The highlight of these headphones is their design. They are quite attractive and elegant in design. They are offered in two different colors and offer small, classic details. The quality of the materials used for these headphones is superior. Both sets include gold accents that some didn't typically like but after buying them and wearing them, they admitted the gold was gorgeous. They have a beautiful, flowing design with beautiful, light leather along the band and ear cups. Reviewers


These headphones are made of soft leather that is supposed to both enhance the comfort as well as the durability of the headphones. They also offer hard-wearing ballistic nylon around the ear cups in order to offer further durability and robustness. This means that they are supposed to be made with quality materials that won't fall apart easily. Reviewers were happy with the quality of these headphones and did note that they were made of quality materials. There weren't many reviews of the headphones themselves breaking down but one reviewer did note that the protective case that comes with the headphones is pretty flimsy and is quite soft. This, they felt, were just not enough protection for the headphones and did say that they would have preferred that the headphones came with a hardshell case in order to protect the device better. This does make sense especially considering the moderately high price tag associated with these headphones.


These headphones seem to connect easily and are controlled both via sensors in the headphones as well as through the app that is provided by the company. The app itself is easy to use (according to reviewers). It allows the user to better identify the environment the headphones are being used in and helps adjust based on those environments. Reviewers noted that the app is easy to use and did note that it would be nice to be able to further customize the sound quality of the speakers. The app also allows the user to monitor things like the battery life of the headphones which is handy.


The battery included with the Bowers & Wilkins PX wireless headphones is supposed to give 22 hours of battery life for active users. The battery also extends depending on how the wearer is using the device. The device has the option of working wirelessly or wired. When wired the device can be used for up to 50 hours according to the manufacturer's website. The battery used for this device is a lithium polymer battery which is 80mAh. Lithium is widely regarded as being one of the best batteries used for headphones on the market which is positive. The input used for charging these headphones is a USB-C drive. This is also used for audio and software updates.


-Adaptive, specified noise cancellation
-4.1 aptX HD Bluetooth connectivity
-Natural functionality playback and control
-World-class acoustics
-Quality materials for durability and comfort
-Rechargeable, wireless battery (up to 22 hours of battery life)
-Ergonomic and circumaural design
-Clear voice communication and acoustic for calls


The bottom line is that these headphones are definitely worth a try. We recommend trying them on first. It sounds like, assuming they fit correctly, they are great headphones. They provide excellent sound quality and noise cancellation, again, assuming they clip well to the ears. They are also quite attractive in design and do offer a fairly decent battery life which is positive. They are made of quality materials and offer high levels of durability too. Note that the sensor features may act a little wonky initially, however, it does sound like software updates help with these bugs. The app itself is easy to use and handy but could use some more advanced features. Overall, assuming they fit, these headphones are widely praised by reviewers and should be considered for your next wireless headphone purchase.