LG Tone Pro HBS-780

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LG Tone Pro HBS-780 Review Facts

When you're on the go, having the convenience of wireless headphones is almost a must. There is nothing worse than snagging the wire of your headphones and earphones on some object and ripping them off of your head. Wireless technology has come so far and Bluetooth has become so advanced, it is impossible not to find something wireless that will add some sort of convenience to your day to day life. The issue is that there are so many items on the market it is hard to really know what is best for you. Everyone is different in regards to what is important to them when considering purchases. Looking specifically at headphones or earphones, some find the sound quality to be the most important. While others are more concerned with comfort. Others are concerned with battery life and some are most concerned with price. Some will pay more in order to get better quality, while others would rather deal with some functionality issues in order to save money. It is important to consider what is most important to you before starting the buying process. It is important to remember that especially with technology, you get what you pay for. If you want something that offers comfort, flexibility, higher sound quality, and noise cancellation then you are probably paying a little more for that. If you want something on the cheaper side, there will probably be some functionality issues like earpieces not fitting well or lower sound quality. It is also important to consider what they are being used for. If being used for everyday use then most headphones or earphones will work, though if keeping a particular hairstyle is important then choosing earphones over headphones may be wise. If being used for physical activity, as well, earphones may be a more logical choice. While if being used at home for sitting stationary and using for the enjoyment of music alone, noise cancellation is most important.

This article is a product review on a set of earphones. The earphones we chose for this review are the LG Tone Pro HBS-780. LG is a popular technology company. We looked at reviews left in regards to this product overall quality and durability. We looked at what consumers who bought these earphones appreciated and were disappointed with. We also looked at how the earphones were put together and what material was used in order to make this product. This is our review of the LG Tone Pro HBS 780. We hope that this single product review helps you with your next earphone purchase. Please enjoy.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Offers a low profile design 
  • It offers decent sound and call quality
  • It also offers a lightweight design to avoid neck fatigue 
  • Provides dual mics for better call quality
  • Lacks durability and longevity 
  • The earbuds don't stay in the ears well 
  • Doesn't live up to its stated distance rating 


These earphones are meant to be worn when traveling or studying. They are convenient in that they don't require a physical connection to the device being listened to as they connect via Bluetooth. They hang around the neck and the earbuds connect to the band via a magnet so that they are easy to wear around when not in use. When they are needed the earbuds come away from the band via a cord and can be placed in the ears. The device has both earbuds and dual mics (mics are in the band of the device) and is supposed to offer clear, crisp sound through both the earbuds and the dual mics.


The LG Tone Pro offers a band which securely hangs around the neck of the individual wearing it. The device is also lightweight so there is no additional or unnecessary muscle strain when wearing the unit. The device weighs about 1.54 ounces or 43 grams which means it is quite lightweight especially in comparison to competitors on the market today. They offer both earbuds and dual MEMS microphones in order to provide clear and crisp calls without having to disconnect the earphones when a call comes in. They also offer magnets in the back of the earbud in order to connect the buds to the band for easy and convenient storage. This also helps with the overall aesthetic of the product. The device also offers controls on the band in order to adjust different functions without having to use the device being listened to directly. The controls include forward, back, volume up and down. It also includes play, pause, answer call, and end call.


This device offers an extra long battery life in order to avoid having to charge it frequently. It offers over 10 hours of battery life which should last about 2 to 3 days depending on how actively the individual wearing the device is using it throughout the day. It also offers to up 16 hours of talk time if primarily being used for calls rather than music or audiobooks. The manufacturer's website states that this device also has a range of up to 33 feet which is impressive assuming it stands up. This device also offers smart features like reading recent text messages and find-me features in order to help find your device and function easily without the use of the phone. The LG Tone and Talk app also allow the user to customize their experience in order to offer the best possible sound preference for those wearing the earphones.


The sound quality of these earphones is not phenomenal but still good. Call quality especially is regularly reviewed as being quite clear and the mic is also reviewed as picking up the voice well. The device offers an advanced quad layer speaker according to the manufacturer's website. This is supposed to offer outstanding sound quality due to the balanced sound that it offers.


Sadly, the range of these earphones seems to be an issue as well. Reviewers noted that the range of these headphones are disappointing in that they can barely make it 6 feet away from the device being listened to. Some reviewers noted that wearing the phone on specific areas of the body help with the connection which is even more concerning. Outside of this issue, those who bought these headphones did say that they connected easily to their device and as long as within range didn't lose connectivity easily which is positive.


The band offered with this device is lightweight, comfortable and contoured to the neck in order to offer a better fit. Reviewers were not happy with the fit of these earphones though, stating that the buds themselves (for the most part) were too large to fit in the ear and would frequently fall out. The back of the earbud seems to be the culprit here as it's a little awkwardly shaped as well as quite large.


The website mentioned that the contoured fit of the band offers a more seamless style, specifically because the band blends in with the natural neckline and shirt. But because the earbuds are so large they seem to stick out of the ears a fair bit which gives the individual wearing them a bit of a weird appearance. Numerous reviewers had an issue with their design stating that it resembled something more out of a Mary Shelley novel than a fashion statement. The website also describes the headphones as being low profile which does kind of describe the earphones. At first glance, when compared to bulkier headphones or when compared to sleeker ones, these headphones do sit right in the middle. The concept that they are being described as earphones when they have a full band, initially, is a little odd. They are unique in that the buds to magnetically connect to the band in order to hide them and also to provide protection for the earbuds. Despite the quite obvious band, they do seem to contour the neck well and hide in a way that alternatives on the market don't. Though they aren't as fashion-forward as some, they are low profile and contour to the neck which is positive.


There seem to be some serious issues with the durability and longevity of these earphones. Those who bought this product said that the earbuds frequently stopped working with this model (even after numerous returns and purchases of different units). They seem to break down very early (around the 3-month mark). It also seems that the wire that connects the earbud from the neck piece seems to be quite flimsy and made of cheap materials. The material used for the tips of the earbuds also is regularly reviewed as not being made of the best material. Luckily there are other alternatives that can be ordered (at an additional cost) that are a little more comfortable and made of better materials. The magnets used in order to keep the earbuds in the band are also regularly reviewed as being a little weak and the slightest nudge can loosen them from the device.


These earphones also seem to be a little frustrating to use in that when they come out of the ears the rubber that goes in your ear (and protects the speaker) turns itself inside out fairly easily. This requires the consumer to fix the rubber before it can be replaced into the ear. It is especially frustrating when needing to quickly put on the earphones to take a phone call as it slows down the individual attempting to answer.


The battery life offered by these earphones seems to be quite good in that it can work pretty much non-stop for 10 hours according to reviewers. This was regularly praised which is positive.


One highlight of these earphones is how inexpensive they are. They are quite inexpensive, especially for a wireless earphone. LG is a popular name in technology which also adds a level of confidence to the purchase. The issue is that the earphones are quite questionable in regards to numerous aspects. You are truly paying for the quality of this product. The product has all sorts of issues and really do scream cheap earphones.


-Slim, lightweight body
-Contours to the neck for a low profile look
-Quad layer speaker technology for better sound quality
-Dual MEMS mics for better call quality
-Long battery life
-Smart control features on the band for easier use when in motion
-Smart features (voice memo, find-me, and tone & talk)


The bottom line is that these headphones are a little hard to sell. They have quite a few flaws that most reviewers found very frustrating. The primary issue with these earphones is their durability which seems to be a huge issue, only lasting about 3 months. This wasn't an issue with earlier versions of this earphone, though, as many reviewers specifically bought these ones because their earlier versions lasted a while and they liked them. Other issues faced with these earphones are that the earbuds don't fit well but actually fit quite well with the foam alternative offered by the company. This is an issue, though, because they do come at an additional price. One perk of these headphones is the price which is quite low. Those who bought these earphones also had an issue with how odd they look on due to the huge external part of the earbuds. They offer decent sound quality and battery life, but the connectivity just isn't there. The website states 30 feet but in reality, it seems it can barely handle 6. Overall, these earphones aren't great. They seem to let down many reviewers and most returned them after a short period. On top of all this, the warranty of these headphones is quite short so those who bought these earphones attempted to return them but couldn't. Overall, hard sell, not great value and a frustrating purpose. These are the reasons for our low rating.