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Sony XB950B1 Review Facts

Electronic technology has come quite far in regards to its ease of use. Today it can be a cause of frustration when technology fails, especially because we rely so heavily on it. Considering all the options available today it is hard to know exactly what we need. This is something that is important to consider before starting the shopping process. Sometimes we can end up with features that we don't necessarily need but still paid the price for. Headphones versus earphones is a good place to start. Headphones wrap around the head, typically over the top of it. They are great for more full, noise canceling sound but can mess up hair, are bigger and can be harder to travel around with. Earphones, on the other hand, may not do as well with noise cancellation or sound but are easier to travel around with. Other areas to consider are comfort, wired/wireless features, and battery life. These features can help depending on whether the consumer is often traveling or are mostly listening in the comfort of their own home.

This article focuses more specifically on one type of headphones from Sony. This product is the Sony XB950B1 which is a wireless headphone. We looked at what consumers thought of this product, both positively and negatively. We also looked at the products quality to determine how comfortable they are and how durable/long-lasting they are. This is our comprehensive review of the Sony XB950B1. We hope that this article gives you, the reader, a better idea of the quality of this product.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The Sony XB950B1 headphones are comfortable to wear
  • They also offer a decent sound quality 
  • The 3J2-10VA-0 also offer a decent level of bass
  • They come in a variety of colors to suit individual styles
  • Sadly, the Sony XB950B1 are not very durable 
  • They also don't provide any noise cancelling features


These headphones are meant for travel as well as bass enhancement. They are supposed to offer a higher quality sound with Bluetooth connectivity. Because they do fit over the head these headphones would probably be better for travel around the city, on flights or at home when listening to music with a heavier base.


These headphones offer most of the basic features associated with this type of product including wireless connectivity (via Bluetooth) and a rechargeable battery. They also offer controls directly on the device itself in order to easily control it when out and about. This also adds a level of convenience especially when hands are tied up or when the phone is out of reach.


These headphones are sort of lacking advanced features beyond two unique features. One of these features is the EXTRA BASS enhancement which allows the user to listen to low-end frequencies for a much deeper and richer sound. This is particularly appealing when listening to songs with more bass. They also offer swivel options via their ear-cups which allows the user to travel with them easier.


This product offers fine-tuning abilities via their app in order to offer a more unique sound based on personal preference or what is being listened to. It also offers EXTRA BASS which is a feature Sony added to this line in order to offer more bass when listening. This is also controlled by a button in order to allow the user to add or take away bass. It has a high-quality audio connection that is provided via Bluetooth. Those that bought these headphones were satisfied with the sound quality offered by these headphones noting that they aligned with the price associated with them. One area that they felt lived up to the expectation is the bass. Those who bought these headphones were very impressed with the headphones bass levels and how easily they were able to add or take it away. The website states the sound quality as being dynamic and closed which reviewers did confirm. Though there are some issues with the sound quality and the durability of these headphones the sound quality does live up to its description which is positive. The driver unit of these headphones is 40 mm dome. The headphones also connect to the phone via cord if required (discussed in more detail below) which reviewers did note, helped the sound quality of these headphones.


Sony does not list on their website the Bluetooth type offered by these headphones but they are nevertheless connected with Bluetooth technology. The website states that as a result of the high-quality Bluetooth offered by these headphones that the sound quality is superior. Unfortunately, many reviewers had an issue with the connectivity of these headphones. Reviewers regularly noted that they would need to regularly turn off and turn back on the headphones in order to get them to connect. They also said that the only device they could connect to was their iPhone but not other devices. They even mentioned that they could not get a regular connection to Sony devices which they found frustrating. One positive to these headphones is that there is the option to connect the headphones to the device via a headphone cable. Those who bought these headphones did find this to be the easiest way to keep the connection to the phone even if it isn't the most favorable one.


Right off the bat, these headphones seem to be quite comfortable. Those who bought these headphones didn't have issues with the initial fit of this product. They found that they fit well to the head and were made of nice material cross both the band and the ear-cups. This, however, seemed to be short lived as numerous reviewers found that after short periods of time these headphones loosen to the point that they barely fit the head. This seems to go hand-in-hand with the durability issues listed below. The connect does seem to break down relatively easily with these headphones which could cause some loosening over time. The band offered with this product is adjustable which does help with this issue but it does affect the sound quality when they get too lose. Sadly, as well, there is no noise cancellation feature to these headphones so once they loosen up the audio offered by these headphone does seem to diminish.


These headphones are definitely attractive in design. They offer a nice matte finish in three different color options (black for a more downplayed look, and both bright red and blue for a brighter look). They do look like they are made of quality materials (though after lifting them up reviewers did seem to disagree) but when on they definitely look impressive.


These headphones offer rotating ear-cups in order to offer an easier transport option. Unfortunately, this swivel makes them more prone to damage. Though other models, offered by Sony, also have this feature without issues, this particular pair does seem to have some issues with damage. There were several complaints that right at the area where they swivel they broke. One reviewer went through several pairs all the same way. Durability seems to be the biggest weakness of this product when considering all their traits. It does seem that the area that connects the ear-cups to the band of this product is made of cheaper plastic material. As a result, there seems to be a fair amount of issues with breaking down in that area. It seems to crack first and even for those who used glue in an attempt to stop the cracking from continuing didn't seem to help. Sadly it isn't even dropping or banging these headphones that cause this issue, simply taking them off the head seems to be a cause of wear on these headphones. They are a little expensive to be breaking down this easily and it's hard justifying the price considering the sheer number of issues with their durability. These headphones come with a soft shell case but not a hard shell one which could also be part of the issue. If buying these headphones consider buying a hard case to help with their existing durability issues.


These headphones seem to connect relatively easily to devices but don't want to stay connected for some reason. Reviewers (as noted earlier) had to turn off their devices and turn them back on just to get a connection and the connection doesn't always last. Additionally, some had a hard issue even keeping them connected to Sony devices which is an odd issue. They do offer a Sony connect app which can be downloaded on the device being listened to. This app allows the user to easily adjust the settings of them in order to get the best sound depending on preference and what is being listened to. According to reviewers, this app is quite easy to use as well as convenient which is positive.


These headphones are reasonably priced when considering the market. That said, they don't seem to be priced well considering the actual quality of them. They seem to fall apart relatively easily and even after replacement they break again. The connection between the ear-cup and the band seems to be the culprit, being made of a cheap plastic material. Though the sound quality does seem to be there, because the connect wears out quickly the cup starts to loosen from the ear which affects the acoustic which really amplifies the sound between the cup and the ear itself. This also decreases the life of these headphones. Those who bought this product did find that they really aren't worth the cost associated with them sadly and most ratings online were quite low. There are other similar products offered by Sony that are far better quality.


These headphones are powered with a rechargeable battery. They are rechargeable with the USB cable provided with the package. They offer about 18 hours of battery life which is shorter than comparable products on the market. They also charge in roughly 4 hours which seems to be in line with the battery life offered by these headphones. Those who bought these headphones did find that the headphones lasted about as long as they say it lasts which is positive. The website also states that the headphones will last the full 18 hours even with EXTRA BASS turned on, again, which is positive. Overall, the battery isn't as long as some on the market but does last as long as listed which is good.


-EXTRA BASS for a deeper, richer sound
-Wireless connection via Bluetooth
-Connect App in order to customize the sound directly from your device
-Controls directly on device for convenience
-Several color options for individual styles
-Long battery life
-NFC one-touch pairing for quick setup
-Attractive design


The bottom line is that these headphones are a hard sell. Though they are quite reasonably priced, there are alternatives within the same price range that are better quality and reviewers are happier with. The price doesn't really line up with the actual quality or shelf life of these headphones. It seems like the name alone is the reason for the price of these headphones. Additionally, there are major durability issues with these headphones that not only decreases their effectiveness but can almost entirely write them off. They also don't offer the advanced features that others offer like noise cancellation and quick charge features. Looking past these issues, they do offer a decent sound quality and the bass of these speakers really does work well. The battery, though short, does last as long as the website and box state it does even with the bass turned on. They are also attractive in design, being able to cater to both the minimalist and the flashy. Overall, they probably aren't worth the purchase and if bought should really be handled with care especially around the ear-cups.