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Skechers Go Run 600 Review Facts

When people think of good running shoe brands, Skechers is not the first one that comes to mind. They are better known for being a sort of every day shoe. The Skechers are taken out for the general wear of the day to day. Despite the reputation, Skechers has quietly established their Go Run series of shoes. The reception towards them from the running community is one of surprising respect. The Skechers Go Run 600 is a high quality running shoe, except with a price point more in line with the rest of the Skechers catalogue. Some corners were cut to achieve this, but the final product will impress even the most dedicated runner

Editor's Pros & Cons

-Price does not reflect quality



-Adapts to your foot


-Loose on the foot

-Lacks support


The Go Run's outsole is made up of a light foam that maximizes bounciness and the ability to feel the road. The Go Run pursues the minimalist philosophy of running so this foam is trying to be as invisible as possible. However, not every one is looking to run barefoot so the Go Run uses two thin pads of rubber at the heel and the toe. These help protect the outsole itself from the damage that comes along with the many miles of the road as well as give a bit of additional grip. These are needed, as the Go Run has a generally low-profile tread.


The foam that makes up the midsole of the Go Run 600 has been dubbed by Skechers as 5GEN. It was made by Skechers and focuses on keeping feet comfortable for long runs, and making the footfall of every runner extra bouncy. This is achieved through what is called a parametric system that is becoming increasingly common among shoes. The foam in the midsole is constructed of a evenly spaced web of 3D-printed material that adapts to the movement of the foot in the shoe.


The Go Run's upper is made up of a layered mesh that is constructed out of a synthetic material. The advantages of this are twofold. Firstly, the pores in the mesh allow for extra airflow into the interior of the shoe. The other advantage is that this unique construction is surprisingly durable, more relying on engineering principles than extra strong material. By not using extra strong materials, the Go Run is actually surprisingly lightweight. Being made of a lightweight material does affect the stability of the shoe, but Skechers tries to assuage this by having an extra padded tongue, and also a comfortable padding surrounding the user's ankle.


The Skechers Go Run succeeds at being a lightweight running shoe. The longer the run, the more important it is to keep your running shoes light as a feather. One doesn't have to go far as to see how Skechers accomplished this. The mesh material of the upper is closer a cloth material than the faux leather that some running shoes are constructed of. The 5GEN foam of the outsole and midsole contains a lot of air because of its webbed construction and light material that it's made of. As an example, the weight of a pair of women's size 7s come in at 368 grams. Some people who reviewed the shoe mentioned that, as with many Skechers shoes, it might be a good idea to order half a size up than what you usually get.


One of the key factors to the success of the Go Run 600 is that is a very breathable shoe. It actually sacrifices functionality in other areas to achieve it. Breathability goes hand in hand with comfort, and nothing can ruin a run like the growing sensation of overheated feet. The porous material of the upper makes sure the air goes through the shoe, rather than around it. Another thing that cools down the users' feet is the looser fit that the shoe has on the foot. The extra space left by the loose material makes sure that the foot doesn't get overcrowded and has exposure to the open air.


Many people who bought the Go Run 600 pointed out that it is the kind of shoe that you can spend all day in. Although built mostly for running, it can also be the sort of shoe taken out for day to day use. The foam that makes up the mid and out soles is specifically designed to adapt to the wearer's foot. This is very useful for running where it will absorb the shock of your feet hitting the pavement so that walks will always remain comfortable. The parametric webbing that the foam is made up of especially helps with this.


Many reviewers noted that the Go Run was eyecatching enough to be brought up in conversation with others. Running shoes can sometimes be a little too eccentric for everyday wear, but the Go Run 600 once again proves its preference for everyday wear. The mesh gives an interesting texture to the sides of the shoe, and the Skechers logo doesn't draw too much attention to itself. There are colors ranging from all black to the neon colors you'll often find on the track. The Go Run can fit in anywhere.


Durability is very important in a running shoe. Out of all the different varieties of shoe, the running shoe takes the greatest beating. Luckily, almost surprisingly, the Go Run is quite durable. Although the upper is made of a thinner material than many other running shoes, the mesh of the Go Run is made of multiple layers of material and in such a construction that it adds extra durability. Similarly, the foam of the outsole seems a bit cheaper than the outsoles of more expensive shoes, but the small rubber platforms at the toe and heel add a lot in the way of durability. For it's price, the Go Run will last for a long time.


The Go Run is a mixed bag when it comes to a runners' feet. The longer the trip, the more it will be put to the test. The outsole is made of material that will help the foot rest better. Keeping the foot firmly in place helps lower all the uncomfortable rubbing that you can become increasingly aware of as time goes by. Besides this, the rubber patches at the heel and toe absorb some of the extra shock of the road. On the other hand, the shoe's upper is where the problems are. The light material of the Go Run is quite loose on the foot and doesn't form much grip on the foot. This can cause the foot to move around inside the shoe. This can cause all kinds of problems in terms of balance and uncomfortable rubbing. Another issue is that the Go Run has no toe box, which leaves the front of your foot to slide around as well. Luckily, the 5GEN foam does a very good job of holding your foot in place, and makes up for the loose upper in some respects.


The Go Run styles itself after the ever more popular minimalist style of shoe. It obviously isn't a toe shoe, but the foam of the outsole focuses on giving the runner a good feel for the road. The foam is light enough that the runner's foot can feel the cracks and divots of the road. One advantage that the Go Run has over the minimalist shoes that inspire it is that the foam also gives extra springiness to your step. The webbed parametric design gives it an almost spring-like quality. This reduces the effort needed to take that next step, even when deep into a run.


The Go Run doesn't specifically lean in any direction in regards to arch support. With neutral arch support, it might be best to look elsewhere if you have any problems of pronation or supination with your foot. This is mostly due to the shoe's focus on being able to feel the road. Keeping the runner's foot closer to the 5GEN foam, and also keeping the foot in as natural a position as possible helps keep you in tune with the road and to avoid injury. However, the Go Run lacks other protection because of this. The mesh upper lacks any real ankle support, but the overlays on the sides of the shoe do a little in keeping the foot secure.


When using the Go Run it is best to keep to paved roads, or at least established paths. Skechers describes it as a shoe meant for the treadmill, but it can easily be taken outside as well. This is mostly due to the lack of support and relative weakness of the foam outsole. Despite these warnings, the Go Run does maintain a good grip on cement. Coupled with its everyday look, the Go Run has a versatile range of terrains, as long as they aren't too extreme.


One of the greatest strengths of the Go Run is its value. Skechers is attempting to compete with shoes much more expensive than itself, and it succeeds enough to recommend the Go Run on price alone. Although not quite in the same realm as performance running shoes more expensive than it, the Go Run is the sort of shoe some one just beginning to get into running should buy. The quality is definitely high enough that you could buy these for your gym trips or those quick early morning runs.


If you keep the Go Run on its intended surfaces, then the traction is more than ample. The underside of the shoe has a surprising amount of blank space where you would expect to find tread. The arrow-like design offers enough grip to stop some one from sliding, but the emphasis of this shoe is definitely on keeping forward momentum. This is the main reason this shoe is stuck being a road shoe. However, there are at least the effective rubber grip pads at the toe and the heel, which will at least stop you from slipping on the road.


The parametric design of the Go Run 600 makes it a very flexible shoe. The web pattern that makes up the foam is especially flexible, and attempts to respond in the same way that a foot would to the road. It won't be as flexible as barefoot, but the Go Run is trying to follow that trend without causing too much alarm on those of us who are still used to running with shoes on.


The makers of the Go Run did not put as much emphasis into the stability of the shoe as they did into the more impressive areas. The foam cradles the foot in such a way that it will keep your foot firm most of the time, but this is the only thing keeping your foot in place. The mesh upper leaves enough room to keep your foot cool, but the padded tongue is the primary thing pushing down on your foot. The other issue with the upper is the material gripping the ankle is fitted cloth instead of a more rigid material. Surprisingly, your foot won't slide around too much in the shoe, but the lack of security you will sometimes feel can be disconcerting.


The Go Run 600 has a heel drop of four milimetres. This is on the shorter side when it comes to heel drop. It doesn't offer a completely flat running experience, but is close enough that you should be feeling the pressure of the road on the entire foot almost simultaneously. This is the amount of drop that is perfect for the modern runner, or a runner transitioning from the longer heel drops of the past.

Key Features

-5GEN foam that molds to your feet and responds to the road
-Breathable synthetic mesh that keep your feet cool
-Neutral arch support keeps feet flush with the road

Bottom Line

The Skechers Go Run 600 is an exceptional shoe at its price range. Its greatest strengths are the breathability afforded by the synthetic mesh, the bouncy responsiveness of its foam outsole, and the longterm comfort provided by the midsole. It competes with other performance running shoes at a price not many can compete with. Sometimes the foot is disconcertingly unstable in the shoe, but that is a small problem in this price range.