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La Sportiva Nepal Review Facts

Mountain climbing offers a new and interesting type of activity that not only increases the heart rate in order to provide a cardiovascular workout but also is done in an environment where oxygen levels are at an all-time high. Mountain climbing also offers uneven terrain which is beneficial for the body. The human body was not made to walk on a flat surface, in more primitive years, hunters and gatherers would walk long distances on uneven surfaces. Now in a more modern world, are more exposed to flatter surfaces. These causes wear and tear on the body in fewer areas and therefore the impact is a lot higher on those areas. When exposing the body to uneven terrain, the body naturally wears less in more areas. This is beneficial especially for those whose bodies experience higher levels of wear and tear. This can cause the requirement for invasive surgeries down the road. This is also why wearing a proper pair of hiking boots is important, proper hiking or mountaineering boots, offer a thicker and denser cushioning which helps with impact reduction. Walking on uneven surfaces with proper high impact reduction boots helps protect the joints and bones longer which would in turn either decrease the need for or delay invasive surgeries.

This article focuses on the La Sportiva Nepal. La Sportiva is a very popular mountain and outdoor equipment brand that has been in the business for many years. We looked at this popular line of mountain boots by reviewing consumer reviews. We wanted to see what those who purchased this product liked and disliked about it. We also looked at the materials used in order to build the boot in order to determine the boots support, impact reduction and overall comfort. Finally, we looked at its construction in order to determine its reliability, durability and overall quality. This is our review of La Sportiva Nepal. We hope that this article serves you in your next mountain boot purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • High levels of impact absorption 
  • High levels of waterproofing
  • They're quite warm and ideal for cooler trips
  • Durable in design
  • Not much support throughout the midsole
  • Doesn't allow enough stability or control due to its thick tongue and upper
  • Insole is quite stiff, causing some pain throughout the bottom of the foot 


This product is listed as being both waterproof and breathable due to the GORE-TEX lining of the boot. The issue that most consumers have with GORE-TEX is that it is waterproof but not breathable. This makes sense as water is stopped from entering the boot which would more than likely also stop air from entering the boot. This product offers a breathable tongue to assist with moisture management as well. Those who wore this product did find that their feet stayed dry and warm but not necessarily cool. Though there were not many issues with overheating there weren't many that said that their feet stayed cooler in warmer temperatures. Luckily this product is quite well insulated and may be better suited for those wearing these in cooler temperatures. The GORE-TEX waterproofing abilities are discussed more below in the waterproof section. The issue that some reviewers had with the breathable tongue is less so with the breathability of the shoe but rather the lack of mobility offered due to the thickness of the tongue and the upper of this product. This is an issue when requiring quicker movements in the case of emergency situations (like sliding rocks). The traction of this product does make up a bit for this issue though. Overall, this product offers mid-level breathability but is probably better suited for cooler climbs.


This product, as mentioned earlier, keeps feet warm during use. Those who purchased this product appreciated how warm the boots kept their feet. The GORE-TEX is also waterproof and therefore feet stay dry which enhances the level of comfort the boot offers. The ankle system of this product is listed on the website as being quite flexible, unfortunately, those who wore this product did find that the ankle isn't very flexible, unfortunately. They found that the thick tongue and upper lacked the flexibility required to really get a natural step. This boot also offers an integrated elastic snow gaiter which is supposed to keep snow out of the boot. Those who wore this product did confirm that snow did not enter the shoe when in motion and in areas of higher levels of snow. As mentioned earlier, this product offers a warm and comfortable fit to the foot. The polyurethane inserts do offer a decent level of impact reduction which would help the knees and joints when in motion but consumers did find that the soles of this product to be quite stiff and causes some irritation to the bottom of the foot, unfortunately. Overall, this product seems to have some complaints about the general comfort of the product. This should be considered before purchasing this boot.


This product offers a GORE-TEX lining which is a highly durable and waterproof material. Offering waterproof material also helps with the longevity of the shoe as this helps decrease wear and tear associated with wet material. Material that stays went tends to be more elastic and can wear a little faster than those that dry faster. This product's upper is weather-resistant in that it can handle the wear from all elements which is positive feedback. Those who wore this product did report back that this product is quite durable and can be worn for extended periods of time without having to be replaced. The outsoles are made of Vibram which is a highly durable rubber alternative. Not only is Vibram durable but it is also quite sticky which assists with the tread of the shoe (this is discussed more below). The midsoles are made of tapered and graded polyurethane material which offers stiffness that is durable and is also supposed to crampon on steep ice. Those who wore this product, though found that it lacked proper support throughout the insole and midsole, did find that the product was quite durable and lasted for a long time which also helps justify the cost of the shoe. Overall, the product is durable, is made of quality material and seems to be constructed well which is positive.


The heel of this product offers an impact brake system which is supposed to both soften the impact of the hard ground and improve the shoes overall traction. This feature is handy in this type of product as it assists the hiker with their climb but also offers a better security system when in sticky situations. Having a proper grip is very important in this type of product because this product needs to be able to grip uneven and loose surfaces without slipping. Slipping on a mountain and causing an injury is extremely dangerous and can cause some long-term consequences. Those who wore this product liked its heel brake system, saying that it helped with the products support. The issue is that the midsole of the product seems to lack proper support and so they found that they relied more on the heel brake system then they typically would if the midsole worked they way it is required to. Overall, the heel of this product does offer a decent level of impact reduction and also assists with the hiker's control over the product which is positive.


The midsole of this product is made of a tapered and graded polyurethane material. This is supposed to offer superior stiffness with crampons on steep ice. Those who wore this product primarily complained about the lack of support offered by the products midsole, unfortunately. Though the midsole is quite stiff it doesn't seem to quite hug the foot in areas that need a tighter fit, the midsole also didn't seem to offer support or stability through the arch and ball of the foot. The heel locking system, as mentioned above does offer a little stability and control which helps but the midsole seems to be a cause of concern for many hikers. Reviewers also had an issue with how rigid the midsole is of this product, saying that the rigidness does protect their feet from the elements, however, decreased the sensitivity required in order to really have a natural step when wearing this product. This also decreases the ability to react quickly when in sticky situations. Overall, the midsole seems to be a cause of grief for those who wore this product and should be considered before purchasing this product.


The outsole of this product is made of Vibram which is an alternative rubber material. This is very common in this type of product because Vibram is known as being very reliable, sticky and durable. Those who wore this product did praise it for its traction which is quite positive considering the lack of control those who wore this product found. Those who wore this product also praised its durability as well which is quite positive. Overall, the outsole of this product is reliable and those who bought it found that it was the traction of the shoe that really justified the purchase.


This product is quite expensive. Though this type of equipment typically is, this product seems to have quite a few flaws. The justification in price for this type of product comes in two categories: durability and versatility. This product is quite durable. Those who wore this product found that it really held up long-term which means that it is made of quality materials and is constructed well, both of which are quite positive. The versatility of this product is good in that it can be worn in numerous environments including areas of high moisture and wetness, as well as very cold areas like in snow. Those who wore this product do praise the shoes ability to keep the feet dry and warm throughout their hikes which is positive. The issue with this product is that it does seem to lack support through its insole and midsole which might be a cause of concern especially when considering the cost of the shoe. Overall, though because this product is durable and versatile it is arguably worth a consideration.


The stability seems to be a point of concern with many reviewers. This is discussed in other areas of this article but in short, this product seems to lack the support and stability required in both the midsole and insole of the shoe which is a point of concern for many reviewers. This should definitely be considered before considering this product for purchase.


The GORE-TEX material used with this product is extremely popular in mountain and hiking boots. This is because GORE-TEX is the creme-de-la-creme of waterproofing material. It is well known for its ability to keep water out of the boot while keeping feet cool and dry. This product also offers a thicker tongue which keeps water out of the product. Those who wore this product praised its ability to keep feet dry and warm during long hikes. This is positive considering the environments this product is expected to perform in.


The bottom line is this product is a decent one. It isn't cheap but this type of product typically aren't if they are made of quality materials. It is durable which is probably one of the more important features of this type of product. Those who wore this product praised its longevity and the lack of wear and tear due to the usage of quality materials. Many also found that this product to be constructed quite well as well, which is positive. The product is very waterproof which keeps feet both warm and dry throughout their hikes. It lacks the stability and support some prefer in this type of product though. The midsole and insole of the product are quite stiff and yet lack the stability that is required in order to step naturally. This ended up causing some issues at the bottom of the foot for some hikers. Outside of this and the lack of mobility offered throughout the ankle of this product, there were mostly positive things said about this product. It is an expensive purchase but seems to be worth it if the consumer doesn't have existing heel and arch issues.