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Scott Supertrac RC Review Facts

Impact due to physical exercise is a major reason why exercise related surgeries are required. Even though exercises like running and biking are good for your health, they are not always good for your body. This is why using proper equipment is important. This includes equipment like helmets and proper shoes. When focusing more on the joints of the body, running shoes can go a long way when preventing wear and tear due to impact. A proper pair of running shoe should offer enough cushioning through the lower half of the shoe to prevent rippling impact through the ankles, knees and hip joints.

Our website creates reviews based on specific items. One is, in particular, we focus on is health, fitness, and sports. This article zeros in on the Scott Supertrac RC running shoe. We wanted to find out what consumers thought of this shoe both in its quality and its performance. We also looked at what reviewers didn't like about it  in order to put together a real, comprehensive review. This is our product review on the Scott Supertrac RC. We hope that this article serves you in your next running shoe purchase. Happy travels!


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Several notes about high comfort levels 
  • Offers Great traction 
  • They are well design 
  • Cushioned and contoured to the foot
  • High collar of these runners caused some discomfort
  • Some reviewers had blistering issues around the forefoot


These runners off Scott's Supertrac RC Radial Traction throughout its outsole for the purpose of offering better traction when running. This was done in collaboration with athletes associated with the Technical University of Munich interestingly. The traction was designed in order to match the kinematics of a runners style and movements. The lugs at the bottom of the shoe work outward in order to offer proper traction and grip to the bottom of the foot and keep the runner balanced and in control of their movements.

Runners appreciated the traction of the outsole of these shoes. They noted that they felt in control of their foot and they felt that the thinness of the outsoles of these shoes was helpful when considering the responsiveness of the shoe. They also appreciated how durable the outsoles were, noting that they do not wear quickly which is positive.


The midsole of these runners are made with an engineered EVA material. EVA is a type of rubber that is typically used for runners because EVA offers both lightweight and durable qualities. In addition to this, EVA can be molded in order to contour the bottom of the foot. This not only helps with comfort but also support and impact reduction. The durability of EVA is also really appealing in running shoes as the bottom of the foot is the area that typically wears faster than the rest as this is the area that faces sharp objects like rocks more frequently and with more impact.

Reviewers noted that they liked the midsole of these shoes as they felt that it offered a nice "hug" to the foot. They felt that as a result of the nice contouring offered by the midsole, that their feet did not slide around and they felt secure when running and faster speeds. They also felt that their feet were supported both through the ball of their foot and the arch of their foot which is really positive. Overall, it seems that the Supertrac RC offers an impressive midsole which is important.


The upper of this shoe offers both synthetic and mesh throughout in order to offer both support and ventilation. The upper also offers seamless layers in order to offer strong comfort for the runner. The benefit of a seamless design is that there are no seams pressed against the foot which can cause irritation. Rather, the shoe resembles more of a sock-like interior for a more fitted and comfortable feel. In addition to this, these runners offer a form fitted performance tongue for better comfort and easier application.

Reviewers regularly praised the tongue of these runners as they felt that the tongue felt soft against their skin. Tongues are often an issue with reviewers due to rubbing associated with them. These runners feel natural to wear which kept the runners happy and able to wear them longer. The upper is also quite soft and supportive as well which works well with the sock-like feel associated with these runners. The midsoles work well with the uppers and reviewers were happy with how comfortable and supportive this connection is.


These runners weigh in at about 270 grams. As mentioned earlier, EVA (which is used throughout the bottom of these runners) is a lightweight rubber material that will provide durability without actually weighing down the shoe. The upper also offers mesh which, again, is a lightweight material that encourages ventilation without adding weight.


These runners offer a mesh and synthetic upper in order to offer proper breathability throughout. This is associated with the ventilation of the shoe which happens when a runner steps down. The hot air should be forced out of the shoe through the mesh upper while cool air should be encouraged to enter the shoe at the same time. This ultimately keeps feet cool, comfortable and most importantly dry when doing high impact sports.

There were very few notes about the breathability which is actually a positive thing. Those who did reference it found that their feet stayed cool and dry during their runs which is positive.


The Supertrac RC offer AeroFoam throughout its midsole as well in order to offer better impact reduction and cushioning to the runner. Scott's AeroFoam also helps with the contouring aspect of these shoes in that it contours better to the foot in order to give a little more of a customized fit. They also offer no seam construction in order to avoid the discomfort often associated with wearing runnings for an extended period of time.

Reviewers were impressed with these runners for these reasons. They felt that their feet didn't start to feel uncomfortable due to the uneven inside of these runners but rather felt as though they were just wearing heavy-duty socks. They were also happy with the foam used in these runners saying that these runners provide the perfect amount of cushioning required when running. They did not offer little or too much, they offer the just right amount of cushioning which reviewers appreciate.

A couple of negative notes were that the forefoot of the shoe is a bit narrow and this results in the toes rubbing a bit causing some blisters on the toes. Other issues were the higher collar of the shoe caused some blistering at the heel which reviewers felt could have been avoided.


These runners are labeled as a tactical running shoe. They offer a sleek design but also still look more like athletic apparel than a fashion shoe. They are flexible and bright. Those who bought the Scott Supertrac RC were happy with their aesthetic. They found the shoe to look aesthetically pleasing and liked how narrow it is which is positive. And due to the durability of the shoe, those who bought this shoe felt that the shoe also looked aesthetically pleasing longer which is positive.


These runners were built tough. They offer "radial traction" and an advanced rubber outsole in order to offer protection and durability over the course of long runs. They no-sew construction also helps with the durability of these shoes as this means less opportunity for the wear and tear associated with stitching.

Reviewers were pleased with the construction of these shoes. They felt that the company did well making these shoes and they were happy with the durability associated with the outsole of these shoes. The rubber used is both solid and flexible which offers a safe and responsive ride.


These shoes offer a higher collar which helps offer protection to the ankle of the shoe. Though this is the case, runners found that the higher collar actually ends up causing some blistering to the heel. Runners appreciated the protection but felt that the blistering wasn't worth the heightened collar, sadly.


The outsoles of these shoes also offer a higher level of flexibility which in turn offers better responsiveness when running. The full rubber outsole with its advanced traction rubber grips the ground while the thinness of the outsole allows the runner to feel the ground when running which runners appreciated. The upper also offers some flexibility as well which all works really well together. Runners really appreciated the overall responsiveness of these shoes and felt that they trusted these shoes to perform even in some more questionable environments.


The Scott Supertrac RC offers an EVA engineered midsole as well as an Aerofoam overlayer for the purpose of offering support and stability to the bottom of the foot. In addition to this, the shoe offers a sock-like fit to the foot in order to support the sides and the top of the foot as well. In addition to these features, the shoe offers an RC insole for additional support to the arch of the foot.

Those who bought these shoes appreciated the amount of support offered specifically by the midsole of these runners. Wearers felt that the shoe kept their feet exactly in place without any sliding even when on hills (going up or down). They appreciated the support they felt through the sides of their feet and they trusted these shoes with their ankles and heels. The higher collar on these shoes offered support albeit blisters, unfortunately.


These shoes are definitely trail runners. They offer a superior grip for the runner throughout its outsole. The ultra-grippy outsoles stick to a variety of surfaces in order to keep the runner upright when running on the trails. A strong grip is important when considering trail runners as this will help keep the runner safe on slippery and muddy surfaces. Runners appreciated the grip offered by these runners and confirmed that they felt confident on the trails when wearing these runners which is positive.


These runners are quite reasonably priced considering their performance. The cost value is also there considering the durability and style of them. They are decently priced, reliable and attractive in design, in our eyes, these runners are a great bang for your buck!


As mentioned earlier, the highlight of these shoes is their traction. Reviewers are quite pleased with the traction of these shoes due to their advanced rubber traction. The aggressive lugs which provide an outward pressured grip help keep runners on their feet and not their bums when running up, down and around slick terrains.


These runners also offer pretty decent flexibility throughout the shoe. This is a result of the flexible outsole in combination with the flexible upper. The seamless design helps the upper move easier without durability concerns, while the outsole also offers a nice and flexible design in order to maximize responsiveness. Those who bought these runners were very happy with their flexibility noting that they appreciated the natural step offered by these trail runners.


The stability comes mostly from the connection between the upper and the outsole with these runners. As mentioned previously, these runners do really give the runner a sock-like feel and fit. The security offered, as a result, helps with the overall stability of the shoe. In addition to the stability offered through that connection, the insole and midsole fit the foot in a way that keeps the ankle and foot in line which helps protect the runner. The higher collar offers stability, as with support, to the ankle of the runner. All around this shoe is great when considering stability and support.


These runners off a 5 mm heel to forefoot drop which is pretty standard in this type of product.


- Full rubber, aggressive lugged outsole
- Radial traction exclusive to Scott
- Advanced traction rubber for better durability
- AeroFoam+ midsole for better impact reduction
- No-sew construction for optimal comfort
- Race-specific performance tongue for additional comfort
- EVA-constructed midsole for better support
- RC insole for higher impact reduction


The bottom line is that this shoe seems to be a pretty decent product. Those who bought it were happy with it in regards to the comfort level and the quality of it. The primary issues are some blistering, which is usually experienced in the toe area and the heel. This might be where running socks may be helpful. Otherwise, runners were happy with their purchase and felt that the Scott Supertrac RC really helped their performance and feeling of safety when trail running which is positive.