Asics Gel Cumulus 18

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Asics Gel Cumulus 18 Review Facts

The features of a proper running shoe can sometimes be lost on consumers. It makes sense that we look for comfort when shopping for running shoes but what does comfort entail? Sure, the cushioning makes sense as when we think of comfort we imagine plush or bounce. We don't always think of stability, durability, and breathability immediately when we think of comfort. We don't notice these features until we are well into our workout or after the product has been broken in.  Stability is thought of in two ways. One way we think about stability is in regards to support. Proper support ensures that the heel of the foot stays in place and can properly apply pressure in order to get maximum movement throughout the back of the foot without causing the heel to move too much within the shoe. The arch is another area that requires support as it is an arched part of the foot that helps with more rotative movements and movements from side to side. The ball of the foot also requires support as it also helps with more rotative movement as well as aids in the push-off when starting the run. If the foot is not properly stabilized the runner will find that their runs are less natural and more awkward. It will require the runner to focus more on the placement of the foot with each step rather than their speed or their route. Stability not only enhances athletic ability but also determines the effort level of the run. It can either increase the pace or slow it down depending on its quality.

This article focuses on the Asics Gel Cumulus 18. This product, like most Asics products, offers a unique technology called the Guidance Trusstic System. This system is essentially a stabilization system that offers proper hold, stability and therefore a more natural step to those wearing the shoe. Asics is a conservative company that offers a wide range of upgraded runners. They don't often come out with newer models but rather updates existing (popular) ones in order to improve on what is already working rather than creating an entirely new product each time. Asics is also one of the few companies still using gel technology as a cushioning and impact reduction system. Their company has become quite popular over the almost 70 years it has been in business and is known for their very effective customer service team. We put together a comprehensive review of this particular product by looking at consumer reviews. We also looked at the design, materials used and construction of the product to find its versatility and durability. This is our in-depth review of the Asics Gel Cumulus. We hope that it helps you with your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Offers quality arch support 
  • Offers great traction 
  • Gel offers good cushioning and support
  • Offered in several color options
  • Quite narrow in design (may require sizing up)
  • Some durability concerns 
  • Requires breaking in 


This product has the appearance of a standard running shoe including mesh interwoven between structural overlays. Mesh offers proper ventilation by pushing hot air out while encouraging cool air in order to create a cooler and dryer environment for the foot. This product also offers ComforDry Sockliner. The sock liner helps cushion the foot while also provides moisture-wicking. This keeps moisture away from the foot in order to provide a cool and dry environment. This also helps keep the product in better shape longer, keeping mold and mildew levels down and therefore keeping odor levels down as well. This will be ideal for those with existing foot odor issues as well as those with feet that tend to overheat during exercise. Those who wore this product confirmed that this product kept their feet cool and dry throughout their workouts and during the day which is positive feedback.


There seem to be several comfort concerns with this product. The positives are that they offer a more natural step, as mentioned earlier in the article that allows the wearer to focus more on the run itself rather than each individual step. It also offers a better bounce to comparable products in order to help energize the run rather than cause earlier fatigue in the legs and feet. It offers a gel cushioning system, as with all Asics runners, which not only absorbs shock and impact but also cushions the heel and toe of the foot and surrounds the foot better for superior control. It also offers seamless construction which is more comfortable on the upper area of the foot rather than incurring unnecessary irritation to it. The concerns of this product is that is has a narrow toe box which causes some tightness and irritation to that area. It also runs very narrow in general which most wearers found was uncomfortable especially with wider feet. Those who wore earlier versions of this shoe did not find the same issue and when repurchasing found, in general, this product fit much smaller. This could be fixed with sizing up however even those who sized up found that the product was still quite narrow. The heel and forefoot also had some width issues which caused some blisters and discomfort. This should be considered before buying this product and was considered when formulating our rating of it.


The other concern that reviewers brought up is this product durability in one area of this shoe. This product offers what Asics refers to as FluidRide technology. This technology is in the midsole of the product and is supposed to offer to cushion while also being extremely durable. It also offers discrete eyelets that are supposed to pull the runner tighter to the foot without impacting the aesthetic of the shoe. The eyelets are supposed to keep the product in place and also provide a better level of durability. Finally, it offers FlexGroove technology that is supposed to allow the shoe some flexibility without breaking down the structural integrity of the shoe. Those who wore this product found that due to the tightness in the toe area that they wore out the upper toe area of the shoe relatively quickly probably due to enhanced rub with the toe restriction. Though there were some durability concerns many reviewers regularly noted that this product does seem to be made of quality materials and are well-built. The primary complaint is that they are quite tight and require breaking in due to the stiffer midsole and insole. The upper seemed to take the brunt of the criticism as far as durability goes. The upper and outsole connection seems to hold up fairly well and the outsole didn't have many issues in regards to staying intact even when running on sharper objects like rocks. Overall, though the toe area seems to be a bit of a concern, overall this product seems to hold up otherwise.


The heel of this product does offer a heel locking system which essentially holds the heel in place in order to take advantage of the power provided by the heel during the run. The heel locking system allows the foot to move without the heel slipping causing blisters or losing control. There seems to be some concern for those who have heel issues, in that there is some pressure applied to the heel during their runs and the pressure causes some pain to those with heel issues. The heel locking system is also beneficial as it keeps the heel in place even during more aggressive movements. The issue with this product specifically is that due to its narrow design, those that wore this shoe found that the heel was quite tight and caused both blisters and calluses. This may be avoided by sizing up but even those that sized up did find that the product is still quite tight. This should be considered with those with existing heel issues or those with wider feet.


The midsole of this product offers the FluidRide technology mentioned above which is supposed to be lightweight and adds cushioning as well as bounce back with each step. Those who wore this product did find it to be quite lightweight especially considering the overall positive durability of the product. Having a better cushioning is beneficial as this would not only keep the foot comfortable and supported but it would also help with the impact reduction that can be experienced when running. Running causes impact to the joint and bones of the body which can cause long-term damage. This product is reviewed as being adequately cushioned in order to provide comfort and also provide impact reduction. This product also offers the Trussic Guidance System which was also mentioned earlier in this article. This system allows the shoe to provide adequate levels of support and stability in order to not only provide a more natural step but also a safer one. Those who wore this product did find that the arch support was adequate but not the best. Those with higher arches may not find this product to be supportive enough. Reviewers also mentioned that this product takes some time to break in mostly due to the midsole of the product. Overall, though, the midsole provides adequate cushioning, impact reduction and stability in order to assist with the run rather than distract from it which is positive.


The outsole of this product offers DuraSponge technology which is a made of Asics patent AHAR blown rubber. The AHAR blown rubber is supposed to provide additional cushioning and durability. It also helps enhance the shoes' traction. A 'sticky' outsole helps propel the runner further and with better stability. This helps enhance the runners performance. This goes hand in hand with the bounce back offered in the heel of this product. Consumers who purchased this product found that the outsole provided better levels of impact reduction and found that their bodies didn't hurt as much as they typically would after a run as a result. They also found that the traction of this sneaker helped propel them further than runners with lower quality traction would. There also doesn't seem to be a ton of concern or issues with the durability of the outsole of this product either which is positive as sharp rocks do tend to break down the outsole. This was not noted as an issue with consumers. This is was highly positive feedback.


This product is quite inexpensive in price, sitting about the lower end of mid-range in price. Those who purchased this product said that the price point was quite appealing and a major reason why they tried this shoe out. Because the product is quite durable it is worth the already fairly low price tag. The sizing is an issue and may not be ideal for those with wider feet. There also seems to be some durability concerns in the upper toe area which would affect the cost and value of this product. It is also not very versatile in that it looks very much like a trainer. It isn't unattractive in design but it isn't fashionable. This is something to consider when considering the price of this product. Overall, though, they seem to be worth the price if they fit correctly.


The bottom line is that this product is made of quality materials, offers good levels of stability and offers a decent level of impact reduction. The primary concerns that reviewers noted is that there seems to be some durability concerns in the toe area and the sizing seems to be very narrow even after sizing up. This product is not ideal for those with wide feet and who require higher levels of arch support. It is ideal for those with existing foot odor issues and for those that find their feet hotter during physical activities. This product is not necessarily fashionable but are also not unattractive in design. They are offered in numerous colors in order to accommodate individual styles. And with this products lower price point they are with the try, however, should be tried on before purchasing due to its narrow design.