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Under Armour Horizon RTT Review Facts

Outdoor adventures have become more and more common in this day and age. Getting into the mountains and onto the trails have also become more and more accessible as well. It is easier to get there and it's also safer due to community involvement and our communities conservation services. Now the primary concern is our bodies and how we take care of them when out on the trails and in the mountains.

There are different items that are easily available through popular online services like Amazon. These items help keep runners and hikers safe when out on the trails. These items are things like hiking first aid kits, walking sticks and proper footwear. When out on the trails our primary concern should always be our safety and the safety of others so that our leisure activities continue to be enjoyable and beneficial to our health.

This article is a product review on the Under Armour Horizon RTT. Under Armour is a well-known brand known for making quality athletic products. In this review, we look at what consumers thought of this product and how reliable the product is. We hope that this article helps you with your next trail runner purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable fit 
  • Durable design 
  • Ideal levels of support 
  • Inexpensive in price
  • Not true to size 
  • Not enough padding at the heel


The outsoles of these shoes are made of a high traction rubber lug material which is supposed to offer traction on a variety of surfaces while also providing some durability.

Reviewers do appreciate the outsole of these shoes noting that they offer a high level of durability and stickiness on most surfaces. This is positive as when out on trails runners and hikers will encounter a series of surfaces including wet and slippery. This is why a "sticky" outsole is so important in hiking shoes and runners. This allows the hiker to feel secure when moving at faster speeds without fear of slipping.

Luckily these shoes offer proper grip and don't cause additional slipping which reviewers liked and appreciated.


The midsole of these shoes offers a full-length EVA material which contours to the bottom of the foot. This immediately helps with the fit of the shoe. Reviewers noted that immediately upon putting these shoes on they felt the comfort of the shoe. They felt that the upper and the midsole work together to really hug the foot and they felt both comfortable and supported as a result. EVA is also a very strong material which helps with the longevity of the shoe as well.

The EVA material is also great for impact reduction and helps protect the bones, joints, and muscles from the wear and tear typically associated with running. Overall, those who bought these runners were happy with the midsoles and were impressed with their shelf life which is really positive.


The upper of these shoes offer both a polyurethane material and a textile material in order to offer better breathability and protection for the runner. When looking at standard running shoes one might find that they are mostly made of leather or synthetic leather and mesh for breathability. This is the ultimate combination in both ventilation and durability. Now, with hiking shoes and runners, though, the upper needs to be constructed a little differently because there are more hazardous elements when out on trails. Often times consumers will find that this type of product will have a stronger and more durable upper in order to offer better protection to the foot and the shoe.

Now, the issue that some reviewers had with this shoe is the uppers material. The polyurethane and textile combo changed the flexibility of the shoe which left the runners feeling like the shoe is a little stiff and a little heavy. One massive positive to the materials used throughout the upper is, though, that the shoe is stable and strong which reviewers did see as an upside.


These runners weigh in at about 9 ounces which is slightly heavier than standard runners. A lot of trail runners and hiking shoes often offer rock plates along the bottom of the shoe. The purpose of this plate is to protect the runner and the runner's shoes from sharp rocks often encountered when walking or running on trails. This plate often times weigh down the shoes a little which causes this type of product to typically weigh a little more. The manufacturer's website, though, doesn't list a rock plate as a feature of these shoes so it's hard to tell where the weight is coming from in these shoes.

Reviewers really didn't like the weight of these shoes for the most part. As mentioned later in this article, one reviewer actually compared wearing these shoes to wearing two cement blocks on their feet- an obvious over exaggeration but still a little concerning.


Though the manufacturer's website does note that the upper of these shoes offer a material that is ideal for breathability there were very few notes about the actual ventilation qualities of these shoes. Though this is the case, no negative review is a positive thing. It doesn't appear that reviewers took issue with or appreciated the breathability of these shoes. It can be assumed that this can be taken as a positive thing.


Right out of the box these shoes seem to fit the foot really well and offer proper cushioning when taking your first couple steps. In addition to this, these shoes require zero break-in period which reviewers were really happy with. They hug to the foot well and offer the right amount of arch support for standard feet.

That said, some reviewers really struggled with the back of these shoes, around the heel area. It was hard to determine what exactly the issue is but there were a few reviewers whose heels were "wore down to nothing". This includes blistering and lost skin. Some reviewers felt it was the lack of padding on the heel area while others felt that it is due to the ridigity of the shoe. Regardless, this is something that caused some reviewers to completely stop wearing the shoes.


These runners offer a durably polyurethane and textile upper. It also offers reinforced welded synthetic material around the higher impact areas of the shoe. This means that anywhere a runner will typically accidentally hit when running is reinforced in order to keep the runners in the best possible shape. This is also a really handy feature to have when buying this type of shoe. The mesh heel offers dual protective welds as well and the outsole of these shoes are made with an EVA material which is both durable and supportive.

Though many reviewers took issue with the stiff structure of these shoes, the one positive of that structure is that it does enhance the durability of the shoe. Even those with very little positive to say about this shoe found that the shoe is incredibly durable. The body of these shoes is a little rigid which allows for the shoes to take a little more of a beating compared to alternatives on the market.


As mentioned above, these shoes offer several durability features which also double as protection for the runner and the shoe. The polyurethane material is great for situations where items are accidentally dropped on top of the shoe. The construction of the polyurethane and the textile material offers a strong structural integrity that will protect the runner and the shoe itself from hazards encountered on the trails. In addition to this, the high traction rubber lug protects the bottom of the feet and the shoe from items encountered underfoot. This means sharp rocks are resisted as a result of the stronger and reinforced outsole. Though these shoes may not have a rock plate at least the outsole is strong.

Finally, these shoes offer protection in critical areas in order to protect the shoe itself from wear and tear. Reviewers were happy with the amount of protection offered by these shoes even if they didn't quite appreciate the look or the weight of them. At least the feet and ankles are protected though.


This shoe offers Under Armour's Charged Cushioning which is supposed to offer a responsive cushioning to the bottom of the shoe. This means that the bottom half of the shoe should be able to maneuver the way it needs to in order to handle the terrain and to be able to act quickly in hazardous scenarios. Though the upper of the shoe is a little stiff it does appear that the lower half of the shoe does a little better in regards to the actual responsiveness of the shoe.

As discussed in the flexibility area, flexibility goes hand in hand with the responsiveness of the shoe and the shoes do not appear to be all that flexible. Reviewers found that the materials used on the upper of the shoe is really stiff and stopped their ability to move their foot around much when running. This also prohibits the runner from getting that natural step that they need when trail running. On the other hand, though, due to the proper grip offered throughout the outsole of this shoe the responsiveness was increased which is really positive.


The EVA midsole of this shoe does seem to hug the bottom of the foot like a glove which offers support and stability to the lower half of the foot through to the ankle of the runner. Those who bought these shoes were happy with the level of support offered by these shoes. Again, with a stiffer or rigid but snug fitting upper, the runner will notice more support throughout the foot even if the shoe doesn't feel as responsive. That is something that reviewers notice with these runners which is both positive and negative.


These shoes are meant for trails and mid-level mountains. They are designed with the ability to stick to a variety of surfaces while also offering a decent level of stability to the foot.


These shoes are actually quite impressively priced considering. They are definitely on the lower end in price when considering comparable products on the market today. They also seem to offer decent longevity and shelf life which even further helps their price point. There were a number of reviewers who also referred to these shoes as being versatile in that they could wear them while hiking but also while performing other activities like golf, this also helps their price point. They are a great shoe for those looking for a hiking shoe who are also on a budget which is positive.


These shoes as noted above do offer a fairly decent traction as a result of the rubber lug outsoles. Those who bought these shoes found them to offer a nice "sticky" grip on various surfaces which is really positive.


Discussed in a little more detail below, reviewers weren't entirely happy with the flexibility offered by this shoe. The design of the shoe is described by reviewers as feeling like running on "two concrete blocks". The material used throughout the upper lacks the flexibility required when trail running. It's unclear whether it is the lack of padding or the lack of flexibility that is the cause of this but multiple reviewers had issues with blistering at the back of the foot after long runs. Overall, maybe not the most flexible shoe and this is due to the materials used, unfortunately.


These shoes also provide decent stability as a result of their stiff uppers and the EVA molded midsole. Those who bought these shoes felt that the contoured midsole helps provide stability to the ankle and the bottom of the foot. Reviewers felt comfortable and supported when wearing these shoes and didn't find themselves rolling their ankles even when on more slippery surfaces which is positive.


The offset of these shoes is listed as 7 mm. There were a couple of reviewers that noted that they would have appreciated a runner meant for overpronators but outside of these comments reviewers didn't mind the drop of these shoes even though they are a little lower than some.


- Durable upper for protection of the top of the foot
- Breathable nature for a better internal cooling system
- Reinforced welded material in critical areas for longevity
- Mesh heel with dual protective welds for additional protection
- Charged Cushioning foam throughout the bottom for impact protection
- Contoured EVA midsole for a more supportive fit
- High traction rubber lug outsole for a better grip
- Inexpensive in price considering alternatives on the market


Overall, these runners aren't too bad. The primary issue with them, of course, is the blistering some found on their heels. There were also some reviewers that felt these runners weren't really true to size which they would have appreciated. Outside of these issues, the runners seem to be quite comfortable, supportive, durable and reliable. All of which reviewers were happy with. Though these runners were debated with reviewers we do feel they are worth a try but may require trying on and walking around in first before buying.