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Saucony Shadow 6000 Review Facts

Stability isn't always something that is considered when buying a running shoe. Usually, when we look for a new trainer and try them on, we consider the cushioning, potentially how springy the shoe feels and the weight of it overall. We don't always consider stability. Stability is vital when choosing a shoe because stability is systemic to a runner's overall long-term physical condition. Running has incredible benefits to the body including good blood flow, better cardiac function, and better physical health. However, on the other hand, it also has negative effects on the body including damage from constant impact, wears on joints and injury. This is why stability is so important.  When a running shoe offers better stability, it will help the wearer's posture which would, in turn, allow the body to absorb impact better, it will also ensure that the joints aren't wearing down as quickly and offer less strain on muscles that are out of alignment. It also helps protect the wearer from injury associated with running like a rolled ankle or shin splints. Finally, proper alignment due to better stability offers the wearer a more natural and controlled step which will again help avoid injury, but also enable the wearer to move faster longer due to no unnecessary drag due to less resistance and slippage when in movement. Overall, stability is massively important and should always be considered when trying on new trainers.

This article focuses on a specific trainer which is the Saucony Shadow 6000. Focusing on all aspects of the shoe, not just stability, we wanted to provide an in-depth review of this style compiled from positive and negative reviews. We wanted to see what consumers thought of these in order to get a gauge of how good the product is. We also looked at materials used and the shoe's construction in order to see what the durability, flexibility, and breathability is like. This is our comprehensive review of the Saucony Shadow 6000. We hope that this article helps you with your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Uppers offer flexible and snug support
  • Midsoles offer good cushion 
  • Outsole offers good traction 
  • Inexpensive
  • Not fashionable in design
  • A little bulky
  • Heavy


The Saucony Shadow 6000 offers a Nubuck leather upper. Nubuck leather is an alternative to suede. Nubuck is historically leather from a deer or elk, however, now has shifted to cowhide. It is more expensive than suede because it is the outer layer of calfskin. It is also tougher than suede which would mean that it would look newer longer as well as last longer. There is, however, some imperfections in appearance to the product unlike suede, which usually looks a little cleaner. Both fabrics are vulnerable to staining due to water drips that are sometimes caused when running outside. The upper is also interlaced with some mesh around the toes, at the heel and on the sides. Mesh is beneficial in that it encourages positive airflow and, therefore, ventilation throughout the shoe. With each step, the shoe would encourage cool air to enter the shoe and hot air to move out of the shoe. The result would be a cooler environment and less heat buildup in around the foot. Proper ventilation is important because heat can cause sweat and sweat can cause slippage which would be dangerous to the runner. Those who wore the Saucony Shadow 6000 liked the look of the leather as well as the ventilation. They confirmed that their feet stayed cool and dry their entire run which is a huge benefit.


This product, as mentioned above, offers good breathability and ventilation which would keep feet cool and dry during their run. The Nubuck leather is also a little more flexible than synthetic materials and therefore would give a better, closer fit to the upper of the shoe. Those who wore the Saucony Shadow 6000 confirmed that the leather overlays were very snug to the foot giving each step a more natural step. Unfortunately, this is slightly counteracted by the clunkiness and weight of the shoe. The rubber outsole and overall size is a bit of a concern with some runners. Those that wore this found that their feet felt weighed down. They also felt like they were a little clunky which would take away from the natural step of the foot due to having to readjust the foot when stepping down. The weight also slows down the run, creating a little bit more foot and leg fatigue in comparison to competitive options. The triangular lug outsole, however, does offer superior traction in both wet and dry environments which would help propel the runner with ease. This helps with the size and weight issues. The midsole is also noted as being quite supportive and adequately cushioned. Overall, the shoe is reviewed as being comfortable and the materials used are quality, however, the weight and the size may cause some discomfort and this should be considered before purchasing this product.


The Saucony Shadow 6000 offers Nubuck leather rather than suede or nylon. Nubuck leather, as mentioned earlier, is a stronger leather. It offers better durability in comparison to synthetic materials. It is also a little more flexible due to its natural nature. This would help not only fit the upper closer to the foot but would also give the material a little give when faced with any wear and tear. One disadvantage to this material is that even though it is quite durable it does tend to alter if left in areas of high heat for too long or when faced with any moisture. Though the tread of this shoe is 'sticky' in both wet and dry environments, there may be some visual staining because of any water drops. This would not affect the durability of the shoe but rather the aesthetic. This shoe is also big and a little clunky, however, that typically means that the shoes are better made. Lightweight materials can be strong but they aren't usually as strong as heavier materials. The outsole and the upper are connected well and those who wore this did not find any durability concerns. Most of the reviewers that purchased these found that it lasted for a long time and that the cushioning in the midsole was more likely to wear out then the body of the product. This is a huge plus especially considering the price of the shoe (which is quite inexpensive).


This midsole of the Saucony Shadow 6000 is made of an ethylene vinyl acetate material. This offers not only good support and stability but also proper cushioning. Cushioning is important because not only does it make the product more comfortable and adds a level of 'springiness' (typically) but also it aids with impact reduction. As mentioned earlier in this article, impact reduction is very important because it helps support the bones and joints. The constant high impact will cause those areas to wear down and can cause some major issues down the road (and may require surgery). The Saucony Shadow 6000 offers a high level of cushioning that not only decreases impact but also aids in springiness. Though those who wore this did find the shoe to be a little heavy and bulky, they did find that the bounce was there. This working in line with the superior traction would help with the runner's overall performance which is a huge benefit. Those who wore these really liked how cushioned they are. They found it to be supportive and comfortable. They said the tongue helps with the stability of the shoe as well. Overall, there were only really positive comments about the midsole which was considered when deciding on our rating of this product.


The outsole of the Saucony Shadow 6000 has some positive and negative points. A common compliment of this shoe is that it offers really good traction. Those who wore this found that in both wet and dry environments the Saucony Shadow 6000 remained 'sticky' which is really positive when running outdoors. One issue that those who wore tese found when out in areas of higher moisture, the upper isn't completely waterproof and therefore their feet would get a little wet. Though this is not necessarily meant for running in areas of higher moisture it still sticks which is ideal for a more urban environment. Also, because of the breathability, any moisture entering the shoe would dry faster than comparable, less breathable options. Nubuck also dries faster which is beneficial. The disadvantage to the outsole is that it is quite bulky and heavy which would slow down the runner. This aids in the cushioning and impact reduction, however, those who wore this shoe did find that the weight potentially slows them down a bit. Overall, the outsole adds bulk and weight to the shoe, however, does offer better traction than comparable products.


The Saucony Shadow 6000 is quite inexpensive in price which is a huge pro to this product. Those who wore these found that they are quite durable which makes the price of this even better- those who bought these did not have to replace them frequently. The disadvantage to these shoes are that they are bulky, heavy and not very fashionable making them less versatile in comparison to other runners on the market. If they were fashionable at least they would be dual purpose (a gym companion and an everyday runner) however these are a little clunky. Though, at this price, buying a second pair of runners within the same price range would not break the bank which is positive. This runner is ideal for those looking for something with good stability, high levels of impact reduction and for those looking for something to run outdoors in. It offers good traction and stability for the upper and lower of the foot. It may not be attractive in design but it does seem to have a ton of other really positive benefits. It would also be ideal for those on a budget or for growing feet.


The Saucony Shadow 6000, as mentioned above, isn't fashionable. They aren't as attractive in design in comparison to more sleeker and narrower competitive options on the market. Though it is offered in numerous colors and designs, this shoe is quite bulky and heavy in design. The retro look which is in right now is a little more fashionable and mainstream. This is wider (which is odd considering some reviewers did find that the forefoot area of these were a little tight and narrow). They are made with quality materials which is a redeeming quality to this product. The Nubuck leather adds a level of quality as well, as many other comparable options offer cheaper synthetic materials. These shoes would not be ideal as a fashionable accessory or as something that could be worn out and about especially at night. Those who wore these did find the leather overlays to be an attractive add-on, however, did not find the shoe itself to be attractive. Overall, these would be better as a gym buddy or a running buddy alone. This should be considered before purchasing this product.


The bottom line is that the Saucony Shadow 6000 is a good, solid running shoe option. It will last a long time, offering better durability in comparison to other options on the market today. Additionally, these do seem to be made of quality materials that add to the overall attractiveness of the shoe. Unfortunately, the shoe is a little bulky in design which makes it less fashionable and decreases the overall versatility. The midsole offers better stability and cushioning. It will help decrease impact reduction which would help delay damage to the body as well as help with the bounciness of the shoe, aiding in performance. The outsole also helps with this in that it adds to the traction, which works well in both wet and dry environments. The shoe is not waterproof, though, which would cause some discomfort if water enters the shoe. But the shoe is quite breathable and would dry faster as a result. Overall, though the Saucony Shadow 6000 is a little heavy and bulky, it offers good bounciness, impact reduction and traction. It is also durable and inexpensive. It is definitely worth a try!