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Saucony Bullet Review Facts

There is a trend that has started where runners run in bare feet. You won't see it on a sidewalk as this would be pretty hard on the feet (and all other areas of the body) but you do see it along the beach. The purpose of this style of running is to both add a natural feel to the run as long as add a level of difficulty in order to push the participant harder. There has also come into the market a new style of running shoe which is a shoe that surrounds the toes in a more natural fashion and, in fact, looks like a thick sock that was vacuum sealed to the runner's foot. It is a barefoot runner which is supposed to offer a more natural and controlled step to the runner. Though, this would offer the runner the ability to run 'barefoot' on sidewalks but is it really better for the body? Though we won't go too far into this topic in this article we will point out that this type of runner does not offer the same level of impact reduction or stability that a trainer would. When running it is important that the runner is protecting their joints and bones. Those who have run for a long time find that they have knee and hip issues later in life. Therefore, it is important that those aspects are covered during nearly every run in order to prolong the negative effects of running.

This article focuses on a minimalist trainer offered by Saucony. The runner is the Saucony Bullet. Saucony is a company that has been around for over 120 years. They are well known for their safe approach to technological enhancement and for their good quality customer service. They have made numerous runners that were listed in Runner's World top 10 runners. They are also often used by professional athletes. We wanted to provide a review of this product due to its popularity. We looked at consumer reviews in order to find out what others thought of the Saucony Bullet - both the good and the bad. We also looked at the materials used, the construction and its features in order to create a real, comprehensive review. Here is our review of the Saucony Bullet. We hope that this review helps you in your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Sleek, attractive design 
  • Highly rated by consumers 
  • Snug and secure fit 
  • Lightweight 
  • Comfortable
  • Thin outsole lacks protection and support 
  • Not a good outdoor product


The Saucony Bullet offers a nylon upper and suede overlays. This would allow it to dry easier as both nylon and suede dry easily. It could, however, affect the aesthetic of the product as suede is known to stain due to water damage. Unlike other runners on the market today, this one does not offer a mesh top but rather suede overlays (which add support both to the foot as well as the 'breathable' fabric in-between) with nylon. The nylon is the fabric used in order to provide ventilation. Though mesh is typically made of nylon, mesh usually offers small holes throughout its surface in order to encourage airflow in and out of the sneaker in order to keep feet cool and dry without allowing particles in the shoe (like rocks and dirt). This shoe does not offer traditional mesh but rather straight nylon. Nylon is a synthetic material that offers better weathering properties than traditional fabrics, is softer and offers high levels of abrasion resistance, all of which would help with the longevity of the shoe. It is also highly resistant to fungus, mold, and mildew and offers high levels of airflow. Those who wore this did not have issues with their feet getting overheated and found that despite it not offering mesh, the Saucony Bullet still offered a decent amount of breathability.


This shoe is more minimalist in design, offers a lower profile silhouette and cross-country platform according to the Saucony website. This product offers suede overlays. Suede is a stretchy fabric that dries well, as well as stretches a bit due to its natural properties. It also wears better in the sun and in dirtier environments. The issue with suede is that it can start to permanently look worn without easy rejuvenation also due to its natural properties. The suede overlays wrap around the foot to provide better support in the upper and provide a more natural and stable fit. It is also soft to the touch, which is a popular attraction to this fabric. The Saucony Bullet offers a rubber sole which would offer better impact reduction as well as a cushion. It also offers a molded EVA midsole which also absorbs impact while supporting the bottom of the foot. Those who wore this shoe did find that it fits extremely well to the foot, however, found the low profile design made the outsole of the product too thin and they could feel the rocks under their feet. Additionally, because of the low profile and therefore thinner midsole, those who wore this product found that it lacked the support that comparable runners offered. This would make it harder to run in, affect the alignment of the foot and decrease the overall impact reduction which are all features required when considering a new running shoe.


As mentioned earlier in the article the Saucony Bullet does offer very weather resistant materials including suede and nylon. The outsole of this product is made of a thin but durable rubber that seems to have resisted years of wear and tear according to some reviewers. They also have an EVA midsole which is a type of rubber that is commonly used in running shoes due to it both its durability as well as comfortable support to the foot. Though this shoe does lack the support required for running from the EVA, there does not seem to be too many issues of the midsole or outsole falling apart or breaking down easily. There were many reviewers that stated that this lasted over 5 years of wear. This may be because those wearing this product are wearing them for everyday use (due to their fashionable design) or in the gym rather than running on city streets. Some of the durability strength may come from the lack of mesh (which tends to break down easily due to its weaker nature) and it's suede overlays which, again, is a stronger, more durable material. The outsole and the upper's connection also seems to be strong. Overall, those that wore this product found that it lasted a long time even with wear and tear. This is a strong feature to have in a runner especially from a cost perspective.


The midsole of the Saucony Bullet is made of a molded EVA. EVA is a type of rubber that is not only strong but supportive and light. It offers a level of stability that does not sacrifice comfort. Additionally, due to the materials used in this type of material the runner will not be weighed down by a heavy shoe as the material is incredibly lightweight in nature. The molded aspect of the EVA offers a more curved and tighter fit to the grooves and curves of the foot. This keeps the heel, toe, and heel in place when in movement, as well as stops any unnecessary slipping due to either free room or moisture in the shoe. It keeps the foot in place and offers better stability with each step the runner takes even at higher speeds. Those who wore this shoes did feel that the fit was more natural and hugged nicely to the foot however due to the lower profile design of this shoe, they also found that they were so close to the ground that they could feel rocks which would be a little uncomfortable. They also found that the thinner design sacrificed the support of the shoe. Though the step feels more natural, the support isn't the same as more structured products and therefore will cause some negative impact on the body which is unfortunate.


The Saucony Bullet is on the lower end of the price spectrum. This product offers a more stylish design (discussed in more detail below) which would allow the buyer to not only wear this to the gym as a running shoe but also out and about as a fashion accessory. This would make it more versatile and therefore add a level of cost savings (not having to buy more than one runner to serve different purposes). However, this shoe is not really an ideal purchase for more intensive running like outside or on trails. The company did not create this for the purpose of trail/hikes but rather as a gym companion. On the other hand, this shoe is extremely durable, lasting some wearers years of use which would add to the cost and value of this shoe. Because this does last a long time, is versatile and is comfortable it is definitely worth taking a look at. However, if this is being purchased as a runner it may not be satisfactory and may require a second set of runners for that purpose. This should be considered before buying this runner. Overall, though, this product is inexpensive considering and is ideal for those on a budget or for growing feet.


The Saucony Bullet is quite stylish which isn't really what Saucony is known for. Saucony is usually a little safer in design. This particular style offers a sleek nylon upper with suede overlays for both comfort and style. The suede, being a stretchable fabric, surrounds the foot tighter offering a more sleek fit. It is lower to the ground in that the outsole and midsole are thinner than comparable models, and, though there seem to be some concerns about how low to the ground this makes the shoe (in that the wearer can feel rocks under their foot), it offers a more low profile design which is attractive and stylish. It also as a more retro design which is currently in fashion and desirable for those looking for a fashion accessory. Those who wore this did find that the shoe was durable and didn't look too worn down over time, however, the suede does stain easier when in areas of higher moisture or humidity and the nylon will also warp in those environments especially when in the sun. Though, they do offer a higher level of abrasion resistance. Overall, this design is aesthetically pleasing and fashionable. They are also not terribly priced and versatile, offering a product that can be worn in and out of the gym.


Overall, the Saucony Bullet is a good quality, well constructed and attractive shoe. It is inexpensive in price and can handle a lot of wear and tear. A primary concern is that the shoe does not offer the same level of support that comparable trainers do, however, they do offer a high level of abrasion resistance. They are fashionable in design and are versatile in that they are a great gym buddy and also a good night out shoe. Those who wore this shoe wore it for a long period of time and this is a benefit especially considering it is inexpensive in price. Those who wore this shoe loved this shoe but those who wore this as a runner outside did find that they could feel the rocks under their feet as well as did find that the thinner outsole and midsole did not offer adequate support when out running. This would cause some wear and tear on the body that could cause some long-term damage. This shoe is ideal for walking around or in the gym but probably not as a serious running shoe. It has the retro design that is currently very popular and fashionable. It fits closer to the foot which makes it look sleek and stylish. It is also quite comfortable if being worn for less intensive activities. Overall, the Saucony Bullet is a quality product made by a good company. For these reasons, this is a sound investment.