Saucony Kineta Relay

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Saucony Kineta Relay Review Facts

Running shoes as a style accessory has become more and more popular over the years. Starting out as much less complex, a thinner body similar to a tennis shoe, evolving through the Nike Air trends of bigger, bulkier but lightweight design to today's more fashionable runner which is either loud and bright or sleek and monochrome. Runners have also adapted significantly in regards to the weight of the product. Technological advances have created supportive and cushioned options that are also sleek and lightweight. Materials have gone from cheap and heavy rubbers to durable and lightweight rubber alternatives (like EVA which is very common in running shoes). There are also different types of runners on the market now for different purposes like sport-specific runners (basketball, tennis, hiking, etc.) and even different variation on the running shoe runner like trainers. Brand names have become popular as well depending on the products purchased. Nike and Adidas created a market of fashion-forward designs intended for nightclub wear rather than running.

This article is on the Saucony Kineta Relay. Though Saucony does have a reputation for creating highly stable, impact resistant and durable products they aren't necessarily known for their fashion-forward runner. This model, though, is quite attractive in design. This particular model is clean and modern. It offers a more minimalist design that is offered in numerous different colors. This article is a comprehensive review of this product. We want to know if the change in design potentially decreased the brand's well-known effectiveness. We looked at consumer ratings and reviews to see what those who tried out this product thought about it. We also looked at the materials used and the product's overall construction to determine if it is made of quality materials and to gauge the products durability. This is our in-depth review of the Saucony Kineta Relay. We hope this article assists you in your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Breathable and moisture wicking
  • Extremely lightweight 
  • Structured EVA offers superior support
  • Cushioning helps prevent shin splits
  • Some complaints about lack of color options
  • Forefoot is tight 


This product's upper offers lightweight mesh material throughout its surface offering better breathability. Like comparable upgraded products, this product's upper is almost entirely mesh. This would, therefore, offer superior airflow and ventilation with each step. As the runner steps down cool air would enter the shoe while hot air would exit. This process happens with each step, therefore, keeping the runner's feet cool and dry during their activity. This would decrease any blistering or calluses that would form as a result of slippage of sweaty feet. This product is also lightweight as a result of the mesh upper, meaning that this product would not add to the building fatigue that happens throughout the course of the run. This product would, therefore, offer better breathability than runners without a mesh upper. Those who purchased and reviewed this shoe praised the shoe for its breathability, saying that their feet stayed cool and dry during their runs. Others also said that they were able to go further as a result of the breathability and lightweight design of this product. The mesh also looks attractive, offering a more modern/minimalist design. This is a huge plus and was all considered in our overall rating of the shoe.


This product offers a FORM2U memory foam cushioning system that is supposed to better form to the individual's foot in order to provide a superior fit as well as better impact reduction overall. Memory foam has a reputation for being the epitome of comfort today, usually being used in pillows and mattresses. The advantage to memory foam is that it conforms to the individual's body without sacrificing the support provided. This is something that is newer to running shoes. The issue with memory foam is that it is usually fairly dense and heavy which would seriously slow the runner down (causing some discomfort for the runner as fatigue would happen faster), however, this product is surprisingly lightweight considering. This products FORM2U system does surround the foot easily without sacrificing the support and stability of the foot. Those who wore this shoe really liked the FORM2U technology, saying that they were surprised who supportive and yet comfortable this product is. The product also offers a high abrasion EVA foam which also assists in impact reduction as well as durability while still being lightweight. One common complaint about this product is the forefoot of this product seemed to be a bit tight due to the runner's narrow design and may require sizing up. This was all considered and factored into our overall rating.


This product offers lightweight mesh material around its upper which does encourage breathability but tends to offer less durability due to the weak and lightweight nature of mesh. The benefit to the upper of this product, though, unlike many comparable products that offer an all-mesh surface but no support, this product does have proper overlays that would support both the foot but also the mesh fabric sewn in. There does not seem to be many complaints about the mesh breaking down easily which is a huge plus. The bottom of this product offers a high-abrasion EVA foam which is supposed to add cushioning as well as durability. Those who wore this product did find that the outsole of this product didn't hold together very well. A common complaint is that the outsole lacked a strong enough rubber to handle wear and tear associated with running outside. This is an issue as this is the area that touches the ground. If this is breaking down relatively easily this product may require an indoor environment which would eliminate it as an outdoor runner alternative. There also were some complaints about the support associated with the midsole. This is discussed more below. Though the upper of this product had little complaints, there seem to be a fair amount of complaints in regards to the outsole of this product which is a real problem. This was considered when deciding our overall rating of the product.


The midsole of this product offers a lightweight, molded EVA support system. Molded-EVA offers a more customized arch, ball, and heel support. It is molded- as the name states- and, therefore, fits more form fitted to the runner's foot. It also is supposed to offer a better support that is supported but not painful. EVA is supposed to be a more durable material, however, some of those who wore this product found that the support seemed to be lacking in the midsole area. This is an issue as this will cause some stability issues as well as pain throughout the underfoot. This would also, unfortunately, decrease the benefit of the memory foam. Others did find that even with problemed feet (arthritis and Achilles heel issues) found that they supported their feet during long hours. It seems that the issues associated with the lack of support seem to be with those who were wearing this product as a runner than an everyday shoe (a work shoe or running around during errands). Though this is supposed to be a trainer, this product may be better reserved for daily use rather than as a trainer. This should be considered before purchasing this product.


The outsole of this product is made of a dense but lightweight rubber material. It is supposed to offer better traction and durability, however, this product seems to have a fair amount of complaints about the durability of it. Those who wore this product found that the outsole broke down relatively easily when being used for outdoor runs. This is, of course, an issue because it would mean that the product would not last as long as comparable models. This is discussed earlier in this article (in the durability section). Outside of some durability issues, this product does have good impact reduction which would help with wear and tear on joints and bones. Those who wore this product confirmed even with arthritic issues in their feet, they found that this product adequately supported and cushioned their walks in this product. One customer even purchased this product by recommendation of their surgeon. Impact reduction usually goes hand in hand with a heavier or denser material but luckily this product is still lightweight. Though there seem to be some wear and tear issues with this product it seems to serve those who are using them for jobs where they are often on their feet. This should be considered before purchasing this product.


This product is quite inexpensive in price which is positive considering some of the complaints associated with this product. Due to the durability issues, this product would need to be less expensive in price in order to justify being purchased. When durability is low, replacement is usually required sooner and therefore they need to be inexpensive. Those who wore this product as a regular, everyday shoe did not find the same durability issue that those who ran in them did which is positive. For those looking for a runner to wear when on their feet all day this product is both inexpensive and durable. For those looking for a running shoe that will last a while, there may be some issues. This product may also be ideal for those with growing feet where longevity is not as much of a return or for those on a budget. Another benefit to this product discussed more below, is that this product is surprisingly attractive considering Saucony isn't really known for making fashionable shoes. This product can be used as a gym buddy and also as an everyday shoe due to its fashionable aesthetic which also helps justify the price. Overall, this product is inexpensive. Though it may not be ideal as a trainer it is ideal for growing feet or for those who are wearing them for everyday use. This was all considered when rating this product.


This product is actually quite attractive in design. It definitely is more stylish than a good deal of the product that is made by Saucony. Saucony is usually safe with their designs, knowing their market, which is typically those looking for a comfortable and supportive runner. This product is also a little more narrow in design which gives the shoe a sleeker and supportive look. An issue with the narrow design, however, is that the product does tend to be a little tight around the forefoot which made some runners uncomfortable. This could potentially be amended by buying a size larger. The benefit of the enhanced design of this product is that it makes the product more versatile to comparable models without the fashionable benefit. This helps justify the price because it would allow the buyer to not only wear this product in the gym but also out and abound, eliminating the need for two different products. Overall, this product is attractive in design, has quality materials used for its upper, seems to have some less than quality materials used for its outsole and is inexpensive in price. This was all considered when coming up with our overall rating of this product.


The bottom line is this product offers decent flexibility, proper and superior cushioning, is contoured to the foot and is fashionable in design. The issues with this product are that though the product does offer a molded EVA midsole there seem to be some support issues to the bottom of the foot. There also seems to be some durability concerns in that the outsole doesn't resist urban roads very well. Though these are the primary concerns on those who reviewed this product, it still had numerous positive reviews especially by those with foot issues (arthritis and Achilles heel issues). It also offers both a fashionable alternative to the classic runner while also offered at a lower price tag. Combined with Saucony's well-known quality customer service team, this product is worth a try. They may not be ideal as an outdoor trainer but seem to be praised as a work or errand shoe. It would also be ideal for growing feet. This was all factored in our rating of the product. If looking for a quality indoor product, this product is definitely worth trying out.