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Puma Ignite Evoknit Review Facts

Puma is great with shoes, especially cross-trainers, so we return to discover what makes the Ignite Evoknit getting attention and what is and is not worth looking over these for. With this being the first of this particular line, we will get a good look at what the original design for the Evoknit line offers from the beginning. So, whether you are looking for a shoe to run in, or just for being comfortable in daily use, we want to make sure that if you look at this one you get what you want. For those who don’t know why the fact it is, a cross-trainer would mean it isn’t always good for running: cross-trainers are actually designed for more side to side movement or exercise on a hard surface. In other words, they might do ok for running, but really, they are better for tennis, aerobics, and other quick side to side sports. So, with that being the case, and now you know, let us get down to the qualities you can find in this particular pair to pique your interest.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • A lot of style choices
  • Good for day to day and exercise
  • Great traction
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Feels good brand new
  • Can be very expensive
  • Bad support when running


This shoe has a surprisingly flexible outsole, and many of those who have chosen it have said it works very well with the exercises that Cross-trainers are designed to do. Even better is that along with being so highly flexible, it is also really durable when used as intended. With Puma’s special design where the areas that are more likely to wear out fast being focused on, these shoes give you traction and durability in the outsole that many others simply fall short on. With the extra grooves for quick movement, they will definitely become a favorite for cross-trainer use.


While not designed to be used for running, the midsole uses a full-length version of its Ignite foam inside to provide better support during aerobic exercises. This, unfortunately, means that it doesn’t work very well with forward step movements since even with the outsole offsetting it, the support is built for side to side movement. What this means is that these are great for exactly what they were designed to do, but if you need a running shoe you may want to keep going.


Designed with over straps and a snug sock-like fit, these shoes support and hold without being uncomfortable for the wearer. Add to it the flexibility of the outsole and the support given by the midsole and you have one of the best aerobics shoes you could ask for. Since it covers even your ankle for support, you can bend and flex without having to put all the strain on any of your joints, and it adds to taking the impact as well as movement for any sport where quick side to side direction change is hugely important.


Not aiming to be a running shoe at all, the weight of this cross-trainer is still at a perfect range for what it was meant for. Simply put, Puma wasn’t trying to create a shoe to impress everyone, they had a specific group in mind when they made these, and they impressed them. At 11.9 oz, these shoes are fine when you are not going to be racing for a finish line, but instead need quick stop and go for something like tennis, where grip and ability to plant your feet is just as important as moving quickly and changing direction.


Unfortunately, the Evoknit’s snug grip and support seem to come at a price, breathability. The heavy interwoven materials that make it snug and secure also don’t allow for a lot of air flow which can spell bad news for those looking to keep dry feet while going strong in movement unless they are in a cool to a cold area. We aren’t sure if this is a quality we would be ok without ourselves, but that does not make this shoe a complete loss either. Just means we would use it during the cold weather for outdoor activities they fit into- or a highly air-conditioned fitness center!


Most of the comfort from this shoe comes from the immediate support of the midsoles foam support. This bodes very well for its intended use and continues to bode well since the design was built with the idea for a shoe that returns energy to its wearer. This is accomplished by more and firmer padding in the back of the shoe than the front to give better rocking momentum. While this isn’t the greatest for some sports and exercises, again it does really well for what it was intended to do. Some runners feel that this does support their own movements, and so they overlook other details in favor of the few things that this pair does cover.


The variances in color are debated as far as “is there enough choices” but when we went looking, we found there were at least 12 color variations, which is a rather impressive amount of choices for any shoe- especially a cross-trainer. The design remains the same with all of the color variations, so that may be why some feel there aren’t enough choices in this particular shoe, but if you changed the design it would not be the same shoe. That being said, it has been compared to retro-looking shoes, so if you enjoy jumping back to an earlier day for your look, this may be an actual drawing point.


These shoes appear to be highly durable according to the research we have done on them. Most of the buyers were highly impressed with the outsole in particular. When an outsole is extremely flexible, one thing you usually find is a lot of wear and cracks over time, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. It likely had a lot to do with the tread design. Even the mid and upper seem to be just as durable thanks to the way everything is woven together. So that ‘bad part’ about having not so much breathability, may actually be what gives us a more durable and longer lasting shoe in the end.


What did we say about the upper? Well here is where it’s thickness and not so breathable material meshing design shines out. We said you may want to keep looking, but if you stuck it out, we are glad you did! That same “non-breathable’ seeming material has some very good uses when taken a closer look at. Most extremely breathable running shoes or trainers will end up not being so good out in wet or cold weather- after all, letting a lot of air in also means letting a lot of water in, and the air is going to change in temp obviously. These shoes won’t let a lot of rain get into your shoes or make your feet soaked by running through a puddle or standing in one. They also keep your feet warmer thanks to the thicker material. With the overall design, as we mentioned earlier, you are also more protected against heavy strain from ankle down!


Well, the flexibility of this shoe says a lot to the responsiveness already. The design of the tread gives much to this particular aspect of the shoe. The zig-zag pattern of the groves hgive it both traction and grip so that quick movement and change of direction can easily be accomplished even on wet surfaces, which is the downfall to most cross-trainers we have looked at. On top of that, the energy return design od the midsole allows you to move faster and more easily as well as take less impact so that you can keep going. The foam and outsole won’t lose the support, nor the feel they have had even after a long day of exercise and activity.


You get a lot of support from this shoe, and we do mean a lot. From the bottom, you get traction and swift movement change as well as added support to the midsole for comfort. From the midsole, you get the foam support, which is full length. Some feel that it is a little stiff, but this is to give you greater arch and heel support overall as well as to provide less impact and more energy from your movements. And then you get the sock-like hug from the upper which supports your foot and keeps you from sliding or rubbing inside the shoe. It also doesn’t stop where a regular sneaker would with that support, instead of going all the way up and over your ankle to aide your joints as well.


These are not really meant for rough terrain. But rather for hard flat surfaces like a gym or fitness center and paved paths or sidewalks. As a cross-trainer, they can take the other terrains, but you may not exactly find them comfortable to do so. This is why when we bring you a cross-trainer, we want you to know right away, you can use them for outside the intentions, but they really aren’t meant for it. In this case, you are likely to get more traction and agility than most, and more protection from weather, but in the end, these are meant for aerobics and gym activity over anything else.


Depending on where you go and what appearance of the shoe as well as the size, this shoe has quite a range in price. You can find them for anywhere between $85 to nearly $300 depending on what you pick out. This means you can either end up grabbing them up quickly and easily without too much of a bite, or you may end up having to save a bit before grabbing one. Regardless, the overall quality is definitely worth what you end up spending. Between durability, flexibility, and protection, these cross-trainers do their job very well.


Again, this aspect can’t be praised enough when it comes to cross-trainers. With this particular line, they seem to have covered the constant issue we came across not being great on wet surfaces. These shoes can keep your feet gripping and protected against water very well, and as such are definitely worth the money for those who want to make sure an accidental pool of water or a bit of time in the rain won’t put a hitch in your exercising plans.


These shoes are, as we have said many times, highly flexible. They allow you to move without feeling like the whole shoe is going to give, and your foot can turn without any real strain. On top of that, you aren’t giving up on durability just to have this which is a definite plus. Everything from the outsole to the upper moves and bends with you easily, keeping up with you and supporting your movements. When looking for a shoe to use in gym training or sports that require quick side to side movements, you may find yourself hard pressed to find a shoe that covers you from all ends, as this one does.


Along with durability, support and traction, you get everything you need to have a stable shoe. With the Puma Ignite Evoknit, you get this all wrapped up in a nice and neat package, since it has all of these attributes so well done. The sole is designed to have extra thick rubber where you need it most to prevent it from losing its traction. The Midsole has a durable foam that doesn’t wear down as you go, so what you have for support and stability in movement when you go in, is what you still have when you are ready to head out of the gym. With the upper supporting your foot and ankle, you can remain stable on your feet with all the support needed to keep your joints from getting worn down.


The drop of a shoe really, by medical standards, has no impact on whether or not a shoe is better for you when exercising, but it can sometimes make a difference in energy return or in comfort based on a wearer’s preference. For that reason, we like to try and make sure you know what it is- so that when you choose these shoes, you know what to expect. The drop for this particular shoe is 12mm, so if what you want is a slightly larger drop, then this may be what you want.

Key Features

-Great Traction
-Water resistant
-Great flexibility
-Highly durable
-Support from top to bottom
-12 colors

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a great Cross-trainer this shoe is perfect for the job with many colors to choose from and the fact it has traction even on wet surfaces. If you are hoping for a good running shoe, you might still have it, but the support isn’t really designed with that in mind. Overall it is an amazing shoe for what it was designed to do, and because of that we definitely give it a thumbs up!