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Sorel Major Carly Review Facts

In cooler climates, it is important to keep feet warm. This is because the foot is closer to the ground and therefore gets colder faster. Feet and hands are also extremities which means that when it's particularly cold out the body will force the blood to the core of the body in order to protect the vital, internal organs. The body can live without hands and feet but cannot live without your organs. It, therefore, encourages blood to start making its way to the core of the body leaving the hands and feet to essentially fight for themselves. This is why gloves and boots are so important. The body is not keeping those areas warm and therefore they need to be taken care of by other means. There is heat added clothing that is run by either a chemical process or a battery system, though handy, they are better reserved for activities that require the body to stay outside longer. There are also boots that are intended for cooler temperatures due to their layering and specialized material used to construct them. This article is going to focus more on boots and one, in particular, that is highly rated by consumers. Winter boots are crucial in protecting the feet and keeping the traveler warm for extended periods of time.

As previously mentioned, this article focuses on one pair of boots in particular. That boot is the Sorel Major Carly. Sorel, initially providing products specialized in outdoor wear, now has moved to a more fashionable attire offered to both men and women. These boots are surprisingly fashionable but not without a cost. We looked at how well the boots are constructed in order to see if the boots stay aesthetically pleasing for an extended amount of time or if they wear out quickly losing either attractive appeal. Additionally, we looked at how they were constructed in order to determine their longevity and reliability. This is our review of the Sorel Major Carly. We hope that this article helps you with your next outdoor footwear buy.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The Sorel Major Carly is quite comfortable to wear 
  • They are also attractive in design 
  • They offer high levels of waterproofing 
  • They are also quite durable and offer a long shelf life
  • The Sorel Major Carly can be a little narrow for some
  • Some found in particularly cold temperatures they failed 
  • Some also found the upper to be a little tight to the top of the foot causing numbness


The outsole of the Sorel Major Carly is made of a rubber material that is supposed to grip the ground (even ice) but also protect the foot from the cold. Those who bought these boots found that the outsole was protective and did offer a decent level of traction even when on slippier surfaces. They also found that the outsole protected their feet from sharp objects like rocks. Reviewers appreciated these features. They were confident when walking around in winter climates. This is positive.


The upper of these boots are made of a rubber material in order to offer a decent level of waterproofing, the issue with this is that the upper isn't very flexible making it uncomfortable for some. A few reviewers found their size and the boot fit well around the bottom of their foot but found that there is some great restriction to the top of their foot. Some found it so tight that the upper caused some numbing to the foot as a result. They had to return the boot as a result. A half size bigger might aid with this issue but could still be an issue for some and those who are considering buying this product should keep this in mind. They found this to be extremely uncomfortable sadly. Some also found that the boot didn't fit well around the ankle noting that the ankle was too big for them. They found this to be annoying. Outside of this issue, the upper is strong enough to be protective which is positive.


A common discussion between reviewers is the sizing of this boot. This is a bit of an area of debate. Some said to size up, some said to size down, while some even said true to size. It is hard to tell how these boots fit. Some also said that after a break in period that they fit perfectly, while others found that there was no break in period required at all. What it sounds like is that due to their more fashionable and narrow design they may fit a little narrow. Those who required a size up or breaking in were more likely to have wider-set feet. While those wearing smaller sizes and therefore had smaller feet found them comfortable right out of the gate. It may make sense to buy the true size when feet are smaller and potentially sizing up when feet are wider. For those with narrow larger feet, a break-in period may be required. These boots weigh about 16.2 ounces which is actually surprisingly light considering their use, this could be because they aren't lined and therefore aren't as weighted down. Either way, these boots are lightweight which is positive.


The rubber material that surrounds these boots through the upper and outsole is highly waterproof which helps with snow, slush and water when out and about. Some reviewers did find that the lack of layering to this boot did cause some coolness on the foot but did note that despite this the waterproofing abilities of these shoes protected their feet from any moisture when traveling.


These boots have a molded EVA midsole which contours the foot in order to offer proper support, structure, and comfort. Those who wore these shoes had mixed reviews in regards to the comfort of these shoes. Though a big majority of reviewers found these boots to be quite comfortable some said that they are a little narrow (discussed earlier in this article) but found after breaking in that the shoes fit really well. While others actually said that the boot required no breaking in at all. This could be due to wider or more narrow feet. There were a couple of issues with the upper of the shoe (noted above) in regards to the restriction, tightness and therefore numbing associated with these boots for them. Also mentioned earlier is that the collar of these boots seems a little loose for some which, again, some reviewers found uncomfortable.


The highlight of these boots is their reliability when it comes to warm and durability but still having an attractive design. Sorel has come around and started designing more attractive and fashion-forward products. These boots are no exception. These boots offer a more aesthetically pleasing design and are regularly complimented for it. Those who have worn these boots or who own them liked that they were fashionable. Many wearers particularly liked to wear them with leggings or jeans and noted that despite looking good they didn't give in on warmth which is positive. While others really liked how low the ankle is on these boots saying that they looked cute and were easy to style. Some went as far as to refer to these boots as 'sassy; We'll let you decipher what that means! Reviewers liked that others regularly complimented them on their boots and they felt confident while wearing these boots which is pretty great.


These boots are made of molded EVA rubber material throughout it's upper and outsole. EVA is a strong and supportive material that becomes especially supportive when contoured to the foot. Those who have bought these shoes in the past or who currently own these shoes praise their longevity and durability. There were numerous reviewers that 'ran these boots into the ground' numerous times and bought additional pairs because they loved them so much. They don't seem to break down too quickly which is positive and the stitching which can sometimes be an issue with this type of product seems to be done well and securely. The longevity and durability seem to be there and definitely helps with the price point of these shoes which is discussed in more detail below.


The midsole of these shoes are made with a molded EVA material which contours to the foot and offers superior support and balance to the foot. The midsole of these boots supports the arches which helped those with some arch issues. There were very few complaints about the support or comfort of the midsole of these boots. Another benefit of these boots is that the footbed of these boots is removable which is ideal for those who require custom orthotics or prefer to have a different insole used with these boots. This also makes these boots a little more versatile depending on what these boots are being used for. The heel of these boots is also completely leather wrapped which helps with protection, comfort, and support to the heel. This is particularly helpful when walking on more icy landscapes as this will help with stabilizing the foot.


This boot has a dual-method closure system. They both offer a lacing system as well as a quick on/quick off zipper closure on the side. This is handy for those who want a laced look without the pain of having to lace your shoes when getting them on. Those who bought these boots appreciated that the zipper made the process easier.


These boots are a little on the pricey side when looking at the market today. The price is usually reliant on a couple of crucial factors including durability, reliability and aesthetic. When boots are made the durability of them is important because this will dictate the protection offered as well as the length of time they can be worn and how often they need to be replaced. If boots are made cheaply and break down easily they will need to be replaced more frequently. This would mean that they should really be cheaper, though this is not always the case. Boots also need to be reliable in that they offer the right support and protection to the wearer. If the structural integrity of boots is weak then feet can be compromised and injury can incur. Finally, the aesthetic is a key factor in cost as when boots are well design and attractive they are more versatile. Those buying the boot will be more inclined to wear the boots when doing more vigorous activity as well as when out and about. These boots really do hit on the targets in that they are durable, reliable and aesthetically pleasing. As a result, these boots are definitely worth the cost associated with them.


-Aesthetically pleasing for those looking for a more fashion-forward shoe
-Full-grain leather for better durability and protection
-Molded EVA-midsole for both support and longevity
-Leather-wrapped heel for protection and support
-Leather upper for support and stability
-Removable footbed for custom orthotics
-Molded leather outsole for better traction


Overall these boots are fairly highly praised by reviewers. More frequently than not reviewers were very happy with their purchase. It seems that they offer a decent shelf life and even when they were unwearable those who bought these boots would buy additional pairs. Others bought them in numerous colors because they loved them so much. They are also quite attractive in design, which is definitely the most praised feature of these boots. They offer decent construction and seem to be made of quality materials as well. They are on the pricier side though and this should be noted as they are not great for those on a budget. There are also some that had issues with the tightness of the upper to the top of the foot but this was pretty far and few between. They run a little narrow as well which means that they may require some sizing up. They are definitely worth considering.