Osprey Packs Raptor 14 Hydration Pack

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Osprey Packs Raptor 14 Hydration Pack Review Facts

One of the major disadvantages of being out and active is not having a water source nearby. When at the gym, fountains are everywhere, even sometimes in parks but when out on the trails or running on roads and highways, water isn't as easily accessible. Carrying a water bottle helps with this outside of the inconvenience of it. Having to hold it may become annoying especially when hands get sweaty or when the runner gets tired. There are belts available that hold smaller bottles of water and help keep the hands free however they are not only unattractive but may not hold enough. That is where a bladder comes in handy. A water bladder backpack or a hydration pack, as it's referred to by Osprey, is a backpack with a removable bladder in it that allows the person wearing it to hold over a liter of water at a time. The benefit of this is that the individual wearing the pack can be hands-free while simultaneously holding more water all at once. They have a handy little hose with a spout on it that wraps over the wearer's shoulder to allow the wearer to sip without having to take the backpack off. And the backpack itself usually has some sort of additional storage for keys, a small wallet or a cell phone to assist further in the runner's activity.

This article reviews the Osprey Packs Raptor 14 hydration pack. Osprey is a minimalist, fashion-forward company. They make sporty travel gear that is meant to look more minimalist in design without losing the sporty appearance of sports-related accessories (mostly travel gear). They have been around for 40 years so the company is quite established and have run through their kinks. And they are based out of Colorado. They take pride in the reliability of their products and have good reviews online. The Raptor 14 hydration pack specifically is quite attractive in design and comes in three different colors. It has a 3-liter hydration pack which is quite large and has all sorts of pockets and hooks to make your outdoor adventure the best possible without having to worry about everything outside of the activity at hand. Below we have a much more comprehensive review of the product which we took from both the materials used, our experience with materials and from reviews online from those who have used this product. This is our review of the Osprey Raptor 14 hydration pack, we hope you find it useful in your next purchase!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Constructed well
  • Made of quality materials
  • Breathes very well¬†
  • Contours to the back¬†
  • Waterflow isn't as good compared to competitive brands
  • Issues with the length of the hose
  • Zippers are pretty small, requiring two hands sometimes to open

Ease of Use

This product has a BioStretch harness and hip belt. It can hold up to 3 liters of water and has a hydraulic reservoir to help decrease movement of liquid and increase the stability of the bladder. The bladder pouch is zippered for easier refills and the hose runs from the bladder, over the shoulder and is attached to a magnetic disk for convenient access and security. This product also has a front pocket, a hip belt pocket that is zippered and a sunglasses pocket. Reviewers that bought this product found that they found that the fit was very secure and comfortable however the hose, like with many of its kind, didn't give enough liquid when prompted. It requires more 'bite pressure' to get an adequate amount of water out when in motion. Also, if the hose is disconnected from the bladder the water will flow out of the bladder unlike their major competitor's bladder, which does not do that. It wasn't enough to return the product as there the product does function and the comfort and storage are still very good however this was a complaint of those who tested this model.


This product has an Atilon foam frame sheet that rests against the back of the wearer. It allows better movement and airflow when wearing. It also has an AIRSCAPE back panel that is supposed to provide maximum airflow and ventilation. Reviewers confirmed the benefits of the back panel and frame sheet, saying that during intense rides, even in Arizona type heats, the backpack didn't cause discomfort due to overheating. The airflow is as stated and the rider found that despite the solid hold against the back this product stayed cool and sweat free.


The size of this pack is only slightly larger than comparable models and holds quite a bit more water. The weight of the pack without water is about 640 grams which isn't very heavy. Because of the hydraulic system in the pack this product can be underfilled if required (to lighten the load) without the water sloshing around when in more vigorous movement. Overall, it isn't a super heavy product and should be fine for any individual wearing it no matter their size.


This product is highly reviewed as being quite comfortable. As mentioned above the back liner of this product breathes very well, it stops too much sweat build up which not only helps keep the wearer comfortable but also prolongs the life of the product. It has the hydraulic system, mentioned below, that keeps the bladder tighter to the back of the rider and provides stability which would assist in the comfort of the product when doing more vigorous activities. The side compression straps help stabilize the load and it also has cross-functional straps that help keep everything in place easier and better. Reviewers stated that this product hugs the body correctly and does not move even when in motion. This product is reviewed as being one of the best out there for staying in place and not having to fuss around with the load mid-ride or run. Even those who are a little taller did not have issues with the fit of this product which typically does happen. Overall the comfort is there and it is secure which should add some peace of mind when trying this product out.


One of the first things typically mentioned when reviewers left their comments is how durable this product is. It is constructed very well and is made of quality materials. Some of those who left reviews confirmed that they threw this product around, at home and outside in the dirt and found very little deterioration of the product. The pack is made of a nylon shadow check which is a more durable and stretchy fabric that allows for a little more durability when in motion. Overall, there was nothing but positive reviews on the quality of this product and how durable it is.


This product has a fair amount of storage considering its primary purpose is hydration. It has a front mesh pocket that does not zip but is ideal for items that require quicker access like a cell phone. There is a hip belt has a zippered storage space/pocket that can hold items that may require a more secure hold. There is also a sunglasses pocket on the side that has a scratch-free lining to ensure that sunglasses not only can be towed around easily but that they also won't be scratched up when going in and out of the pocket. The product itself holds a 3-liter bladder which is considerably large in comparison to similar products. It also has a convenient attachment that can be used to strap on a helmet as well. This product is definitely convenient and without a doubt would assist anyone in their travel needs. Those who reviewed the product were very impressed by all the little details added to this product, more specifically the amount of storage.


This product is quite stylish. It has a very sporty appearance without stating utility. It is for the most part single colored and minimalist in design. It fits tight to the back, there isn't any extra or excessive bulk and isn't too flashy. It comes in three different colors and everything seems to have a purpose and some even a multi-purpose. Overall, this is an attractive looking bag. The product is rounded to the back and has the Osprey symbol and wording printed in thin lettering right at the center. The straps are thinner and the body of the product is also narrow to give is a sleeker look. This product is not only convenient but also attractive. It can be worn in both rural areas like trails and mountains but also in the urban setting like city streets when out on runs. The style of this bag is definitely superior to its competitors. It also looks like it is well designed and made with quality materials which is a huge perk.


The price of this pack isn't unreasonable. It sits in the middle as far as products of this quality goes. This product in itself is quite durable and well-constructed. It screams good quality. The bladder holds more water than comparable products, it has tons of additional storage including some handy features like scratch-free lining for the riders sunglasses. The product is comfortable and secure to wear which makes it ideal for more intense activities. Additionally, even with the secure hold, the product is quite breathable. Overall, this product is worth the cost. It won't break down easily and does the job. The only issue is the hose which seems to be an ongoing issue with pretty much all bladders. And the fact that you won't need to purchase this type of product too frequently will more than likely save you money in the long run. Cost definitely justifies the means with this product.


In addition to all the storage of this product it also has a blinker light attachment which would make night runs or rides safer for the wearer. The pack itself has some reflective stripes on the back as well that would help in these situations. The pack also has a handy roll-out tool pouch which can roll out and holds all sorts of extra tools that may be needed, specifically when biking. The bladder itself has a hydraulic based reservoir to help reduce liquid movement through the pack in order to increase stability when in motion. This is probably an attractive feature for those who are taking on more intense or aggressive activities. It will also ensure that the rides/activities are able to go on for longer as movement will be easier and there will be less fatigue caused on the body of the participant.

The Bottom Line

Overall, there seems to be a fair amount of really positive reviews of this product. The product is made of high-quality materials and the construction of the product seems to be good. The bladder holds quite a bit of water which is ideal for those on longer rides or who require more water than the standard bladder. There are so many additional features which makes the ride far more convenient. The product is also quite attractive and stylish in design which is a huge perk. Additionally, the product is not all that expensive when comparing it to similar products. The two common complaints are that with comparable models, they have an elastic loop that holds the hose in place and this product only has a plastic clip. Unfortunately, because the length of the hose is on the shorter side, the clip seemed useless as those who couldn't reach the hose found that they had to just remove the product from the clip. Additionally, the length of the hose and the spout on this product don't offer as much water flow compared to its competitors. Outside of these two complaints, this product seems to be a very good product and worth a try.