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Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ Review Facts

Sonar technology is an advancement in technology offered to fisherman in order to enhance their skill. Sonar allows fishermen to rely less on nets and bait, and focus more on the areas of higher population in order to get the most out of their day. Sonar sends off sound waves in order to hit the fish shoal and reflects back to the device monitoring the waves. This allows the fishermen to easily see the fish on the screen of the monitoring device. This also allows the fisherman to see if there are higher chances of catching fish based on the number of fish below the boat or ice. Sonar devices are often used in fishing competitions in order to assist the competitor to know which areas they should be spending time in and which are probably a waste of valuable time. The waves are typically emitted both vertically and horizontally. The horizontal waves emit in a circle in order to offer a circle around the boat or ice. The vertical waves emit waves deep into the water in order to show the fishermen what is deeper below the surface of the water. Several sonar fish detectors will also identify what is sea or lake life and what is junk like weeds or trash. This particularly helps the fishermen understand what is below them. Fishing with sonar makes sense as it helps with time management and will send the fisherman or woman home with more fish than traditional baits and nets.

This article focuses on the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+. This device is great for those looking for a reliable sonar device that enhances the view beneath both the boat and the ice surface. The device is rechargeable, easily connectable, easy to cast and offers connectivity to a  handheld device (Apple or Andriod). We looked at consumer reviews in order to see what reviewers liked and disliked about this product. We also looked at the features of the product, both basic and advanced, in order to see if the cost/value of this product were in line. This is our review of the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+. We hope that this article helps you with your next fish finder purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • This device offers fast charging capabilities 
  • This device also offers higher levels of sensitivity 
  • It connects easily to electronic devices such as phones and tablets 
  • It offers a lot of detail via the large display screen
  • It sounds as though the customer service team associated with the product is a little hard to deal with
  • The battery cannot be replaced by the consumer but rather the manufacturer, some reviewers found this understandably inconvenient 


The basic features of this type of device are typically associated with the features that simply make the device functional. Most, if not all, comparable features should have very similar basic features. This does not include features that are more meant for additional convenience. The Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ offers the sonar-emitting ball that can either be installed under a boat, into the water when ice fishing or cast when on shore. It offers connects to a handheld device as well which makes it easy to use. This allows the user to see what the emitter is hitting with its sound waves. The screen offers a high-resolution picture with the option of color mode which is based on the time and brightness of the day in order to avoid eye strain. It also offers a full-scale color palate which allows the fisherman to differentiate different materials below the surface including fish, vegetation and bottom contour. The screen also offers split-screen display options in order to offer higher ease of use. The sonar of this device is dual-frequency and can offer up to 15 scans per second as well.


The advanced features are typically features that go above and beyond what is expected of the device. This product offers several advanced features and all the advanced features seem to work fairly well. The Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ offers Android and iPhone connectivity which allows tracking through phones and tablets as well. It also offers a depth range of about 260 feet and has a water surface temperature sensor. It can work in temperatures as high as plus 40 and as low as minus 20. It also offers a lithium polymer internal battery that is regularly praised for its reliability. This device also has a quick charge battery which is convenient for longer trips. It offers wireless Wi-Fi connection as well in order to update regularly as well as sync easier. It has a connection range of up to 330 feet and can be used for shore fishing, kayak fishing, boat fishing as well as ice fishing making the device quite versatile. Overall it is loaded with reliable advanced features that would make any professional quite happy.


This product is meant for fishing. The device uses sonar sound waves in order to identify what is under the surface of the water. It can be used for different types of fishing activities including shore fishing, kayak fishing, boat fishing, and ice fishing. As previously mentioned, this device can be used anywhere from minus 20 to plus 40 which is minus 4 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The device also reads in both Celsius and Fahrenheit for personal preference. The device can either be dropped in the water, cast into the water or positioned under a boat depending on the activity. The device connects to your handheld device and sends signals to it in order to assist in the users fishing trip. It allows the user to mark areas of interest, for instance, when regularly seeing higher fish populations in a particular area or when needing to record the dock for an easier return on bigger lakes. The device helps fisherman find ideal fishing areas while also indicating when the items under the boat are fish or if it is just vegetation or debris.


This device connects to the handheld unit as well as tablets. This is done through Wi-Fi. This allows the user to record data through their phone as well. This also helps with software updating as well as the reception. The device has lakes pre-downloaded but also allows the creation of maps through the device itself for ease of use. Those who bought this product were impressed with how easily they were able to connect the device to their phone as well as how easily the device stays connected to the handheld unit. This device has a connection range of 330 feet or 100 meters. It can connect to either iOS (Apple) or Andriod. It also offers an L1 48 channel GPS receiver and offers high 3m@50% accuracy. The sonar device itself offers up to 15 scans per second in order to offer a more accurate and real-time view of the items below the surface of the water and offers a depth range of up to 260 feet. It also offers dual beam frequencies and 290 kHz/ 90 kHz frequencies. This device offers good and reliable connectivity which is positive and saves from frustrations down the road.


This device uses a battery in order to power itself. The battery is an internal lithium polymer battery. It is completely rechargeable at 850 mAh. The device also comes with a charging cable in order to charge the battery. Those who used this device were happy with the battery life and also noted that the battery charged quickly. This is convenient for those on overnight fishing trips. Some did find that in particularly colder days that the battery didn't last as long as on nicer days which does seem plausible. This is also common with cell phones. One issue that some found is that the battery cannot be replaced on its own but rather requires sending back to the manufacturer to do so. Some also had some issues with the customer service team at Deeper as well. This can be a problem later down the road when battery replacement is required. Other than those issues the battery seems to be good. It lasts long both between charges as well as over its lifetime and it quickly charges which is positive.


This who used this device found it quite accurate and reliable, more information in the connectivity section.


This device offers superior connectivity which makes connection smooth and easy. The app offers an easy on the eyes coloring system as well which is convenient and simple. The screen also offers different color options in order to make use a little easier. The device itself is also quite sensitive so it picks up a lot more. Plus with the signal every 15 seconds, it's like having real-time viewing in clear waters. Those who used this device said that it is super user-friendly and easy to use. Though there were some minor issues in shallow water (2 feet or less) and it might drain the battery if using in that area. It is smart not to start using the device until in deeper waters. There were also some complaints about using this device in higher current areas but this is common with this type of device. Outside of these minor issues, this device is quite easy to set up, connects well and offers a ton of details in order to offer the best fishing experience which is great.


This product does not have a display as it connects to either a phone or tablet but the app itself does offer unique display features in order to offer ease of use. The app offers solunar forecasting which forecasts the weather and shows the fisherman the perfect day for fishing. It also offers fish and depth alarms in order to make tracking easier and more customizable to the person using the device. It offers three different color palettes in order to offer a more customizable display view no matter the weather. Some find that looking at a screen in the sun is impossible. The color palettes of this app allow the user to see the screen easier, even in brighter weather conditions. Overall, the display of this app is handy and convenient.


This device is quite reasonably priced considering its versatility and reliability. One thing to consider, though, is that this device does not come with its own handheld device which means that a cell phone has to be used. This is particularly an issue when the phone being used does not have a good battery life. This would render this device useless. The price can also be considered questionable due to the fact that it is solely based on the sonar unit. That being said, this unit is quite reliable, it is easy to use and does seem to offer superior accuracy and connectivity which is positive. It does seem that this unit is worth the price which is positive.


This product offers a long battery life and easy charging
It connects well to phones are tablets via its internal Wi-Fi addition
It also casts which is unique to this type of device, most connect to a boat rather than the line
It offers maps which help the fisherman or woman target favorite areas
It works in numerous areas including on the shore, in a boat, and in the ice
It scans deeper than competitive products on the market
This device is reasonably priced
It offers a built-in GPS in order to mark ice hole location and depth through the app


The bottom line is that this device seems to be a really good one. There were very few complaints about it and all the complaints were pretty minor. The biggest issue that consumers had with this device is that it doesn't work well in higher currents but, again, this is common with this type of device. It was also noted that the battery cannot be replaced by the consumer but rather needs to be sent back to the manufacturer. The positive notes about this device are that it connects really well which is the primary feature that needs to work with this type of product. It is also quite easy to use and the app associated with the device is raved about noting that it is intuitive and informational. The device also comes with a 1-year limited warranty for peace of mind, quick delivery times and also offers a 30-day, no questions asked return policy which is positive. It is also pretty reasonably priced considering its reliability and versatility. Overall this is an impressive little device and worth consideration.