Best Outdoor Dog Houses Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Much like other dog accessories, you may not always think beyond the pet store when deciding what home to purchase for your pet. However, it’s very important to put yourself in your pets’ paws and find out what it is that they are going through when you’re not around. When you leave for work, and they are left to their own device in their kennel, are they staying warm enough? Do they have enough room to move around in their outdoor home? Oftentimes, you won’t know unless you research what kind of home you have for them, and decide whether or not it is a good fit for where you live.

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We regularly update the content on our site to provide our readers with additional information in regard to how we choose the best outdoor dog houses. In today’s update, we added more to the criteria used as well as more answers to common questions dog owners have about dog houses. We also carefully went through our list to ensure accuracy. Be sure to check back regularly for more updates.

Featured Recommendations

Petmate Indigo
  • Petmate Indigo
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Extended Doorway
  • Microban Coating
  • Price: See Here
Pet Squeek Arf Frame
  • Pet Squeek Arf Frame
  • 4.4 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Raised Floor
  • Sheet-Lined Inner Roof
  • Price: See Here
Petmate Barnhome III
  • Petmate Barnhome III
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Extended Roof Rim
  • Easy to Clean
  • Price: See Here

The first factor to consider is what climate you live in. If you live in a fairly pleasant climate year-round, it may not be as important to have a waterproof build, and you may be most concerned with your pets comfort level. If you live in an area that receives extreme heat, having a material that will not warp or fade in the hot sun is something to keep your eye out for. For those who live in a climate that receives a lot of rain or extreme cold, having attributes such as a raised floor, optional door cover, insulated walls, and wind/water-resistant roof, walls, and material are important.

In addition, your dog’s temperament plays an important role in deciding what may be best for you. If your dog is particularly rambunctious and likes chewing, a thicker material will serve them well. If your pet has a hard time being in confined spaces, you should keep on the lookout for houses that provide an open feeling on the inside, or maybe has a window/large opening for your pet to keep an eye outside.

As always, keep in mind your dog’s overall comfort, as every dog is different. You should always try to provide a comfortable bed for your pet, which will have to be purchased separately. Most often, you will have to train your pet to use their house, as some dogs get scared at the concept of crawling into new, confined spaces. If you plan to purchase and use a door flap, this will likely require additional training as well, however, is a very important feature to keep your pet dry and protected. Below, you will find dog houses of many styles, sizes, and shapes, rated for durability, ease of assembly and cleaning, and quality of materials.


10 Best Outdoor Dog Houses


1. Petmate Indigo

1. Petmate Indigo
The Petmate Indigo has won many dog owners hearts due to the unbeatable design taking a note from our northern ancestors. The shape helps keep heat in, and moisture, wind or sun out. The vent on top along with a microban coating keeps bacteria out and allows fresh air in. Coming in two parts, it's easy to assemble, and just as easy to disassemble to clean. Beware that if you have an extra large breed, take note of the entrance specifications, as some may not fit.
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While a smaller opening can be an issue for certain larger breeds, this smart design keeps heat trapped in the main sleeping quarters, and better protects from wind, rain and sun.

Microban is an antimicrobial agent that protects this dog house from bacteria, mold and mildew, keeping it smelling better for longer even with a stinky, wet dog.

Cost and Value
While the Petmate Indigo is one of the more expensive outdoor dog houses outlined, its design built to last in tough weather is well worth the price for those who live in harsh environments.
  • Can be taken apart for easy cleaning
  • Great shape to protect from bad weather
  • No assembly needed
  • Light enough for one person to move
  • Vent on top provides airflow
  • Dogs can chew up plastic construction
  • The smaller opening can be too small for some very large breeds

2. Pet Squeek Arf Frame

2. Pet Squeek Arf Frame
The Pet Squeek Arf Frame brings a well-built, good-looking design to a classic, reliable dog house. Featuring a raised floor to add an extra air layer between your pet and the ground, and added sheet lining inside the roof to create an extra waterproof layer, your pet will stay dry through rain and wind. The high-quality white cedar wood used in construction offers a natural odor-eliminating quality, starting off very strong when you receive the house but diminishing fast. Over time, you can sand and re-seal the house to get it back to looking brand new.
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High-Quality Wood
Made of White Cedar, this high-quality wood naturally eliminates odors. While it does arrive with a strong smell that put some people off, this strong smell does fade fairly fast.

Raised Floor
The raised floor helps put an extra layer of air between the house and the ground, adding a little extra warmth and also keeping the ground from getting gross underneath the house.

Cost and Value
The Arf Frame is one of the more expensive houses outlined, shown through choosing wood over plastic, and creating a look that will look good in anyone's yard.
  • High-quality wood
  • Raised floor
  • Weatherproof
  • Inner roof has added weather lining
  • Lightweight
  • Thin floor
  • Strong odor upon receiving  

4. Petmate Barnhome III

4. Petmate Barnhome III
The second Petmate product outlined, the Barnhome III is the newest of its class, offering a spacious indoors with a ventilation system on the backside to keep airflow fresh. The rugged material holds up to a beating, perfect for rowdy dogs, and easily comes apart to clean. In multiple sizes, it boasts the ability to hold dogs 15" to 28" tall. Additional accessories available include an attachable door and floor mat insert.
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While a spacious design isn't the best quality in very cold temperatures, it's great for dogs who get claustrophobic in smaller houses. It also allows your pet to turn around and get comfortable without a problem.

Slanted Overhang
While the opening is quite large, the overhang helps keep sun and rain out of the house without severely impacting the size of the entrance, keeping your dog drier.

Cost and Value
Cheaper than the Petmate Indigo, the Barnhome provides a roomier experience for your pet while holding a sturdy plastic design and a slanted roof to keep water off.
  • Lots of space for air circulation
  • Top comes off easy 
  • Solid plastic construction
  • Very spacious inside
  • Dark color doesn't show dirt easy
  • Not 100% waterproof
  • Opening too large for very cold weather

3. Suncast DH350

3. Suncast DH350
If you're looking for a no-nonsense dog house without breaking the bank, the Suncast DH350 is a good option. Fitting dogs up to 100 pounds, the durable resin construction will hold up to dogs who get rowdy when left alone with their house. The bulky design will stay put through bad weather, and the rear air vent will keep air fresh. Personalize your dog house with your dogs' name using the provided letters.
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Personalized Letters
Suncast sends letters to the house so you can add your pets name above the door and personalize their own living space. This is a unique, added quality that many dog houses do not provide.

Plastic Door Flaps
Another added feature are the provided plastic door flaps. While the entrance is quite large, in cold, windy or rainy weather, it is a simple installation to attach and protect your pooch from the elements.

Cost and Value
As one of the cheaper outdoor dog houses, this simple design is well worth the money for a weather-resistant, sturdy build that will hold up to your dog, no matter the temperament.
  • Removable roof for easy cleaning
  • Comes with letters to personalize house
  • Large opening great for large breeds
  • Weather-resistant plastic
  • Comes with plastic flap to cover door
  • Not great for destructive dogs
  • Slightly frustrating assembly

5. Petsfit Dog House

5. Petsfit Dog House
If you want a good-looking dog house to grace your yard, the Petsfit is a good way to go. With a red dyed wood and white trim, the sleek design looks quite elegant. However, looks aren't the only, or even the best, quality about this dog house. Featuring a roof that lifts up for easy cleaning, a raised floor, an offset door and a water-resistant build, the Petsfit will keep Fido dry in bad weather. It also comes with vinyl flaps to cover the door in harsh weather.
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Roof Shingles
Yes, the same ones that go on our own roofs. This feature ensures a truly waterproof roof above your dogs head, keeping them safe and dry in harsh weather.

Offset Entrance
This is an important quality for some owners, allowing your pet to sleep away from the door if they desire, when it's cold or rainy outside. The spacious indoors gives your pet plenty of space to do this.

Cost and Value
The Petsfit dog house is indeed one of the more expensive houses outlined, shown through a construction much similar to what we would give our own houses. The shingled roof, thick walls and raised floor make a great home for your pet.
  • Offset door entrance
  • Raised floor
  • Classy design
  • Easy assembly
  • Shingles used on roof
  • Small gaps in floorboards
  • Vinyl curtain over door gets very stiff in cold weather

6. Merry Products

6. Merry Products
Before diving into this product, it's important to mention that this is designed specifically for smaller breeds. With that said, if you DO own a small breed, this dog palace could be just the right thing for you. Designed to be used either inside or outdoors, the versatile design gives your pooch the option to either hunker down underneath in bad weather, or lounge in the sun up top. Kiln-dried wood makes it extra durable, and as with any other wood, over time you can sand and re-finish it to make it brand new again. A raised bottom keeps your house up off the ground, and the lattice trim up top gives this a sleek look that's sure to spruce up your yard and keep your pooch happy.
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Dogs are creatures of many moods, sometimes wanting to crawl into their own little space and sleep, and sometimes wanting to perch up and watch their owners go about their business. This Merry Products dog house gives your pet the option to do both.

Kiln-dried wood
The benefit of wood structures such as dog houses, is that it is easier to modify to fit your personal liking, and easy to refinish after a few years of hard use.

Cost and Value
Compared to other wood-constructed dog houses outlined, the Merry Products palace comes in at a lower price point, given there is only one small size available. However, for those with small dogs, the quality of construction is well worth the money.
  • Good for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Raised lower floor
  • Gives dog option to be covered or lounge above
  • Light enough for one person to carry
  • Removable rooftop for easy cleaning
  • Many pets ignore the shallowly built stairs
  • Flat top doesn't drain water as effectively

7. Pet Zone Tuff-N-Rugged

7. Pet Zone Tuff-N-Rugged
Offering a great solution for those who live in extreme climates, the Tuff-N-Rugged is the only house outlined that boasts double walls without breaking the bank. Made in the USA, the thick plastic can hold up to a beating, and the spacious interior is large enough to hold dogs up to 125 pounds. A removable roof makes it easy to clean, and as added protection you can purchase a separate vinyl door flap specifically designed for this house to keep your dog safe and dry.
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Double-Wall Construction
The thick construction of this heavy plastic, coupled with two wall layers, give an extra layer of airspace to hold in heat in the winter and hold in cold in the summer.

Fade-Resistant Plastic
A common complaint of those that live in hot climates is that some plastic dog houses can fade or warp at high temperatures. The fade-resistant plastic used in this house generally does not have this issue.

Cost and Value
While the Pet Zone does hold a higher price tag than other plastic houses outlined, it is the only one which boasts double-walled construction, making it a great buy for those who live in extreme climates.

  • Can purchase additional vinyl door flap
  • Very heavy-duty plastic
  • Made in the USA
  • Assembles in seconds
  • Inside holds warmth
  • Not elevated off ground
  • Roof lifts off easily

8. Tangkula Dog House

8. Tangkula Dog House
The Tangkula offers another great example of a quality wooden dog house. Offering three different sizes, it is big enough to fit dogs up to roughly 60 pounds (check specifications to compare with your individual dog). The slanted, shingled roof keeps water out effectively, and the raised floor added a little extra space between your pet and the ground. Beware that similar to other single-walled houses, it may not be sufficiently weather-proof to keep your pet warm in very cold temperatures without additional modifications.
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Adjustable Legs
Not only do the legs serve the obvious purpose of keeping the house off the ground, but the ability to adjust them allows you to make up for uneven terrain to keep the house level.

Shingled Roof
Similar to the Petsfit outlined above, the Tangkula offers roof shingles as an added agent to fight off unwanted moisture. It also adds a nice visual effect to the design.

Cost and Value
The Tangkula holds a similar design and structure to the Arf Frame listed above, however overall it holds a lower price point without compromising quality.

  • Adjustable feet
  • Shingled roof
  • Heavy construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sleek design
  • Floor has gaps between planks
  • Walls are thin

9. ASL Solutions Dog Palace

9. ASL Solutions Dog Palace
"Palace" is a fitting term for this dog house deemed acceptable for any spoiled pooch. While it may be too small for the larger dog breeds, the spacious inside gives your dog plenty of room to move around and can provide a haven for them in detrimental weather. With foam-insulated walls and a port in the bottom of the backside of the house to string through a heater, there is nothing keeping your dog from having a warm bed to lay in. The swinging door provides a tighter seal to block from wind, rain, and sun. To top it all off, ASL Solutions offers a lifetime warranty against cracking and breaking.
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Foam Insulation in Walls
The additional foam insulation in the walls keeps this house toasty warm in the worst of winter weather, while simultaneously keeping the cold in during the hottest of summers.

Self-Closing Door
The unique design of the door allows easy two-way entry and offers a thicker barrier between your dog and the elements. The design keeps most air out while still allowing ventilation.

Cost and Value
The ASL Solutions dog palace is the most expensive dog house outlined, shown by the insulated walls, heated floor, unique thick swinging door and thick plastic construction.
  • Truly weatherproof
  • Insulated walls great for any temperature
  • Can purchase separate heater
  • Raised and sloped floor
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Can make some dogs claustrophobic
  • Expensive

10. Confidence Pet House

10. Confidence Pet House
If you're getting overwhelmed by all this talk about fancy dog houses with all the frills, then the Confidence Pet may be for you. Rounding out the top ten list, this dog house offers protection for your dog against the elements through a waterproof design and roomy interior, while omitting any additional features that some may find unnecessary depending on your dog. Keep in mind that if you live in a particularly cold region, you may want to look elsewhere, and the Confidence Pet has thinner plastic than other similar models and does not hold heat as effectively.
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Simple Design
For those looking for something without any extra frills to keep their dog sheltered from the elements, the Confidence Pet offers easy setup with a large opening/inside to get the job done without any fancy additions.

The slanted opening in the door, in combination with the durable plastic and slanted roof will keep your pet dry through the storms. Buy an additional vinyl door flap for added protection against wind and rain.

Cost and Value
Compared to similar products, the Confidence Pet is slightly more expensive, however, it still competes with a durable design and ease of setup and maintenance.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Open interior
  • Waterproof
  • Easy for one person to move
  • Slanted roof shucks off water nicely
  • Not big enough for large breeds
  • Thinner plastic doesn't hold warmth well in very cold temps

Hopefully after reviewing this top ten list, you have found your pets dream home based on their specific needs. Whatever amount of time your pet spends in their house, whether it be for short periods while your’re out working in the yard, while you’re away at work, or most of the time while in their outdoor kennel, giving your dog their own house can be a safer and more secure solution while your pet is outdoors. Protection from the elements, particularly extreme heat and extreme cold, is something to take seriously, and your dog will thank you immensely for giving them their own little safe haven.

Criteria Used to Evaluate Outdoor Dog Houses

As our best friends, we have a particular soft spot for dogs and all animals. We heavily believe all animals deserve a good home and of course, their own little space to feel comfortable and at home. With that said, we were eager to share this article with you and knew exactly what to look for when we started developing the criteria used to evaluate the best outdoor dog houses. As we have done before, we have taken an extensive look at many different products and we feel more comfortable that these products match what we, and many dog lovers, consider the most important aspects of having an outdoor dog house for their pet.

Now, many of our viewers want results and don’t tend to have the time to explore exactly what the best products out there offer. Therefore, we did the research for them so they don’t have to. The following is our criteria for evaluating and selecting the best outdoor dog houses, the ones you see on this list.

Quality of the Dog House

The quality of an outdoor dog house is vital! A low-quality dog house can easily break, deteriorate, and not last the test of time. With that, a user ends up spending even more money, which can be a waste. Most importantly and we hope it never occurs, the quality of the doghouse, if poor, can even harm the dog while the dog is inside. Quality was detrimental and we determined it to be the most important. But, what exactly determines quality? Well, this and many questions in the area of quality are crucial to picking out the right dog house.

For example, quality is subjective. However, what made the process easier when picking out the best quality dog houses was the individual reviews from many consumers. It is synonymous that many of the outdoor dog houses we shared today are in fact made of quality materials that can withstand the test of time. With that, certain materials are better for certain weather environments than other, an area we will be covering later as one important criterion to pick out the best outdoor dog house.

Easy Assembly

Nothing is better than easy assembly, are we right? We think so! One of the most important aspects was we wanted to ensure that our readers would need minimal time having to assemble any of these dog houses. So, easy assembly was crucial and we noticed that many different brands and companies, will in fact already have the dog house assembled, or make it extremely easy to do so. With many different brands out there, it seems they are all competing to see who can make the process easier and we are not complaining.

Durability Against the Elements

Now, this next criterion may be one of the most important. The reason being is that durability against the elements is crucial for an outdoor dog house. Since it is considered an outdoor dog house, individuals need to rest assure that the dog house itself can withstand hot temperatures, low temperatures, rain, snow, hail, and other various elements. With that, we carefully picked out dog houses that were designed for many weather elements.

Some dog houses are made of wood, which can withstand years in the sun or rain. However, they may rot if sitting in the rain for too long. Some dog houses are made from an extremely strong plastic, but if not careful, they may crack. Therefore, it is vital to see which outdoor dog house is best suited for your environment.

Design and Aesthetics

The last thing a reader wants is an eye-sore of an outdoor dog house in their beautiful backyard. Therefore, one of the criteria’s we took into consideration was the design and aesthetic appeal of the dog house. For example, the design and aesthetics will really create a feeling of home for both the dog and the owner. With that said, the design and aesthetics may complement the surrounding around the home.

When taking design into consideration, there were many different small aspects to take into consideration. For example, did the dog house have colors that would fade over time? Was the wood treated with polish? Was it a two-piece dog house or one piece? With questions like these, we had to take many different dog houses into consideration, and the ones above fit many of the important design elements that we believed, as dog lovers are very important.

Size and Comfort

Now we cannot emphasize how important this next criterion was when picking out the best dog houses. The size of a dog house is crucial for a dog. The reason being is that the wrong size outdoor dog house can lead the dog to a lot of discomforts, and they can suffer from many pains and aches. Therefore, we had to take a close look to ensure that many of the brands above offered different dog house sizes.

One of the most important elements when taking the size of the house into consideration was whether or not a bed could fit inside of it. This is important because this adds an extra level of comfort that the dog would not have otherwise. Of course, individuals are able to match the size of the dog bed to the indoor size of the dog house. However, the real question is, is the space big enough for the dog to be comfortable? What we can say about our list is that all of the dog houses allow for the maximum comfort and ease of the dog.

Cleaning Ease

Another important part of picking out the different criteria for the best outdoor dog house was whether or not the house was easy to clean. We think we can all admit that dogs are not the easiest of creatures to keep up with. They are messy, they love mud, to roll around, get dirty, chase things, and bring them back. With that said, you never know just what you will find inside of your dog’s outdoor dog house. Therefore cleaning ease was important.

With that in mind, many of the dog houses on the list are made from a strong and durable plastic material that allows individuals to easily spray them down with a hose. As far as cleaning the inside, some have a detachable top or the dog entry door is big enough to get in there and clean it out.


Ventilation is important for any dog house. Without good ventilation, the outdoor dog house will become dangerous during the hot weather, as well as hot and stuffy. Lack of ventilation during winter may lead to moisture buildup that creates an environment for mold and mildew. The entryway of the dog house provides some ventilation; however, additional vent holes are necessary for times when it is closed. As hot air rises, you want vent holes that are near the roof. Also, the vent holes should not be too large as to prevent excessive heat loss during the winter months.

The Roof

The roof of the outdoor dog house should be slanted to let snow, rain, and debris to naturally run off. It should also be insulated. Keep in mind, gables, and dormers can result in leaks.

Cost and Value

It is not common for us to not take cost and value into consideration. In fact, we thrive on finding the best products for individuals that want a variety of features and prices. The reality is, that a product with little to no value is not worth spending your hard earned dollars. We can say that cost to value is extremely important and when we evaluate that, we take certain aspects into consideration. To evaluate cost and value we tend to evaluate the price of the product compared to the competition that is offering the same benefits or style. With that said, all of the outdoor dog houses we have included have gone through a rigorous inspection to ensure that our readers are getting the best for their buck and the best for their dog named Buck.


Lastly, as we talked about on the first criteria on the list, we mentioned that materials happen to be one of the most important aspects of an outdoor dog house. Without the right material, an outdoor dog house can be shy of a true outdoor dog house. In fact, these are made from different quality materials that at times are coated for endurance, can be corrosion-proof, and are designed for maximum strength and performance. When picking out the best products, the material design was crucial. For example, as a dog owner, you never want to leave your dog in a flimsy house with thin plastic, because in the cold weather months, the house will not be able to retain any warmth.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is It weatherproof?

A: Many different dog houses are weatherproof depending on the material. For example, some wood outdoor dog houses are coated with a rot-resistant material that ensures they can withstand the test of time. For a better idea, it is always best to look at the design elements of the house. If it is weatherproof, it should be designed in a way that can withstand the harsh cold temperatures, snow, and lots of rain. With that said, individuals should read the reviews to see what other people are saying.

Q: Is the roof sealed?

A: This all is dependant on the manufacture and where the doghouse is best suited for. Therefore, keep an eye out for the different material qualities of the doghouse and inspect all of the information about the roof. From our experience, if the roof is sealed they will say something along the lines of the roof including a weather lining of sorts. With that said, the design of the roof, if it is one piece, it may be considered sealed.

Q: How can I make my dog more comfortable?

A: This question is really determined by the dog and the owner. Many users asked this question; however, the answer appears in a better light once the owner sees the dog inside the outdoor dog house. With that, they are able to tell much easier and better if the dog has space for a comfortable bed or at least a blanket. With that said, different dog houses are designed to suit various dog sizes, always pick larger than needed.

Q: Can it be used for cats?

A: This is another question that many users ask frequently and with experience reviewing and testing the products, we can say only a certain amount of them was best suited for cats. For example, the Merry product ladder two-floor dog house is a really great outdoor cat house as well. It all depends on the nature of the cat. With that said, if the cat happens to be an outdoor cat then almost any of these outdoor dog houses will do.

Q: What is better: raised or not raised?

A: This is a really tricky question that many consumers ask and in truth, it all depends on the environment that an individual will be placing the dog house. For example, an outdoor dog house on a top porch is okay if it is not raised, because chances of it being drenched in water and mud are very slim. However, if the outdoor dog house happens to be on grass, or on the side of the house where water and snow collects, then it is better to have it raised to ensure the longevity of the dog house. With this in mind, we can say that many dog houses have a raised step or some type of raised material, which is designed for better safety.

Q: Can portable outdoor dog houses be used on a regular basis?

A: The majority of portable outdoor dog houses can withstand heavy use. They are not, however, designed to provide much comfort for your dog, so they are not recommended for regular use.

Q: How often should I clean my outdoor dog house?

A: It is recommended to clean the dog house at least one time per month. When the weather is hot and humid you may want to clean it more often.

Q: What should I do if my dog does not like their new outdoor dog house?

A: If you are purchasing the dog house at a brick and mortar store, have your dog accompany you. If purchasing online, be sure you have the option to return the dog house in the event your dog does not like it.

Q: Are outdoor dog houses safe?

A: Dog houses are constructed in compliance with the safety requirements for your dog.


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