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Saucony Cohesion 10 Review Facts

Being physically fit isn't the easiest thing to achieve however it is very important in order to keep the body healthy and to be able to excel in everyday life (as long as done correctly and stretching is done before and after each activity). Being fit goes beyond having a nice and attractive physique, it also helps keep diseases at bay, encourages positive blood circulation, helps build the bodies metabolism, decreases the effects of depression and helps keep the heart healthy. Those who workout have higher endorphins levels which means they are happier than those who do not workout. It is also an activity that can encourage a more active social life. Physical activity ranges anywhere from playing sports to yoga to lifting weights. Anyone can get into it if they find the right activity.

Sports do require a level of commitment, including the purchase of equipment. One piece of equipment that is commonly required for physical activity is a good pair of runners. Runners should be breathable, in order to keep the wearer's feet cool and dry, thus avoiding discomfort and blisters. They should be cushioned, in order to provide more comfort for the individual wearing the shoe, as well as impact reduction. Higher levels of impact will eventually wear down joints and bones (this can usually be helped with fish oils and glucosamine). They should also be supportive in order to support the arches, balls of the feet, heels, and ankles. This will help with not only the wearer's posture but also with long-term wear associated with general movements of the body due to time and age. This article focuses on the Saucony Cohesion 10. This is one of a couple of reviews focused on the very popular Saucony line of shoes. As with the others, we looked at the quality of the shoe, its durability, and its features. We looked at reviews from consumers who purchased the product and expressed their concerns and compliments of the shoe. This is our comprehensive review of the Saucony Cohesion 10, we hope this aids you in your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Incredibly strong and durable
  • Insoles provide good support
  • Good cushioning for better impact reduction 
  • Breathable, well-ventilated 
  • Some arch issues with some feet
  • Some ball of the foot issues as well 
  • Not fashionable, a little clunky 


The upper of this product has mesh around the front of the toes, above them and on the side of each foot. This would allow airflow through the shoe with each step. New, cool air into the shoe and hot air within the shoe out each time. This product does have quite a bit of mesh exposure all over the shoe and therefore should offer proper ventilation. Reviewers did say that their feet stayed cool and dry during their runs and workouts. This is a plus for the product. Without proper ventilation the individual wearing the shoe would experience discomfort due to moisture build up as well as may experience blisters and slipping. This shoe does not seem to have that problem.


There are some mixed reviews on the comfort level of this product. First of all, the shoe has an injection molded EVA midsole which would offer a good level of support and comfort if molded correctly. Unfortunately, there were a fair number of reviews on foot pain emanating from the arch and the area between the ball of the foot and the individual toes. On top of these issues, some wearers experienced numb feet after a certain point of their workout which is a little concerning. People complaining typically were those who had owned previous models of this shoe. The tongue of this product is cushioned for a more comfortable fit around the ankle and the heel grid surrounds the heel well, offering a more cushioned and stable fit around the back of the foot. All these items were taken into account when formulating our final score of the shoe.


This shoe is not waterproof. The ventilation created by the mesh upper would help dry accidentally wet feet faster due to any unexpected rain mid-run or puddles luckily. However, the shoe is not a waterproof shoe. It is also not water resistant according to their website. This is not something that is typically found in running shoes and therefore, though it was taken into consideration, didn't affect how we scored the shoe. Any additional waterproofing is more so a bonus when included.


This product has an injection molded EVA midsole which is supposed to provide a light and durable support system for the foot. EVA is lighter than standard rubber and is used for both its durability and its lightweight characteristics. EVA is also a common material used in running shoes because of its durability. Those who reviewed this shoe said that the shoe did hold up well even after months of use. A common issue with running shoes is either mesh breaking down due to its already weak properties as well as the heel coming loose from the upper. Neither of these issues were mentioned in reviews luckily. This shoe appears to be quite stable and durable which is an advantage and factored into our overall score of the shoe.


The upper of this shoe offers a fairly large surface area of mesh which is advantageous when it comes to airflow and ventilation. The disadvantage is the exposure to breaking down easily as well as possible moisture entering the shoe. Luckily, this shoe has been reviewed as being quite breathable and durable. The tongue of this product is a little more cushioned in comparison to more fashionable shoes available on the market today. The lacing system is the standard system, offering flatter laces. Those who wore this shoe did say that the shoe fits well when laced up, offering a tighter fit like a sock rather than more loose. They found that the upper fit well to the top of the foot and offered a more natural stepping feel which is beneficial as a more natural step would offer better flexibility and stability when doing physical activity.


The insole of this product does cradle the foot well, when standing still the shoe feels tight to the foot and the insole curves around the fit as though it was a sock. The issue seems to be when in movement. Reviewers that wore this shoe found several issues throughout the arches of their feet, their toes and the spaces between the ball of the foot and the toes. There were some numbing issues as well. This may be due to a higher arch support which would cause some pressure on the veins in the arch of the foot causing foot pain and even numbness. This may not be an issue for those with higher arches though. There were a fair amount of people said that the loved how comfortable this shoe is as well, saying it is both very well cushioned and lightweight.


The midsole of this product is made of the injection molded EVA material discussed earlier. This offers a more customized fit to the foot. The shoe is true to size which is partially part of the midsole of the shoe, so this is a benefit. The issue is the arch support which as mentioned earlier caused some issue with some consumers. The EVA is not only durable and has been reviewed as being very durable and supportive, but it also makes the product quite lightweight. Lightweight shoes make the wearer's workout or run easier by decreasing the amount of leg fatigue brought on during exercise. This product having the EVA midsole is beneficial however the arch and toe issues are something that should be considered.


The outsole of this shoe is listed as offering medium level impact reduction. Outside of this, there seems to be very little information on the outsole of this product. Some reviewers did say that the shoe is durable, a good deal of this characteristic would come from the outsole because this is the area of the shoe that touches the ground (covered in all sorts of sharp and pointy objects) consistently. The other item brought up is that this shoe isn't very tacky to the ground. It sounds like the traction isn't quite as good as when it rains. The website does mention that the shoe is not waterproof or water resistant so this does make sense. However comparable models that are also not waterproof can grip to both wet and dry conditions. For this reason, the overall score was impacted.


This is mentioned a little more above but there also does not seem to be much mentioned in regards to the materials used for the tread or design used for the tread, and that the advantage to that design is. Based on photos it looks like the shoe has a bit of a zig-zag design for the purpose of being able to grip the ground better. This is a common design in running shoes which is positive however those who wore this shoe did confirm that the tread is good on the shoe but not when wet, unfortunately. These shoes may be better designed for lighter runs inside or for workouts rather than longer runs outside. They are definitely not safe for hikes and climbing due to the lack of grip when wet. This did affect the overall rating of the shoe.


This product looks like a standard running shoe. There isn't anything fancy about it. It is offered in numerous colors but a similar style. This shoe is definitely not a modern or minimalist shoe in that it has some busy designs along the side of them. They are not, however, ugly by any means. They will suit anyone going to the gym. However, they would probably not work as an out-and-about shoe unless the wearer's current style is a little sportier. This shoe is quite inexpensive though and this is probably part of it, it lacks versatility. The shoe is also true to fit and aren't as narrow as some of the more modern shoes on the market today. They look a little bulky in comparison. Overall, the shoe isn't fashionable but definitely not unattractive.


This shoe is definitely quite inexpensive and would be ideal for those on a budget. There just seems to be an equal amount of individuals who liked the shoe as there were individuals who found the shoes unwearable due to pain in the heel and balls of the feet. The highlights of the shoe are that they are quite cushioned, the materials used to make the shoe are high quality, the shoe is also quite durable and would work well as an everyday workout shoe. It probably couldn't be used as anything other than a workout shoe though due to some issues with tread. It is also not overly attractive in design, though not ugly, and this is probably part of the price. Overall, though the versatility is not a feature it is great for those on a budget. This was all taken into consideration when formulating the final score.


The bottom line is that this product seems to be a reliable one. For those who did not have issues with their arches and toes, this shoe is reviewed as being quite comfortable and cushioned. They offer very good impact reduction and heel support as well which will help the individual wearing them both in the short term and long term. They are not terribly fashionable--they look like a classic running shoe with the standard lacing system and flat laces. They are not waterproof or water resistant and don't do well when wet which may make them more of an indoor workout shoe. This product is also quite inexpensive considering all its features and in comparison to comparable shoes on the market today. Overall, they are worth a try.