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Nike Odyssey React Review Facts

As we’ve mentioned before many times, one of the best brands on the market when it comes to athletic gear is Nike. Athletes all around the world trust Nike to provide them with some of the best products available on the market. Their running shoes are no different. A great feature that is available in many of Nike’s running shoes is the material that the midsole is made out of, called React. This material will allow the wearer to get as much absorption and energy from their shoes as possible, which means that they will be able to perform better during their sporting activities. A pair of Nike shoes that contains this material and that is quite popular among consumers is the Nike Odyssey React. People overall are pleased with the comfort of this shoe, and they also appreciate the fact that the shoes are designed to be able to use both during casual, everyday activities as well as during workouts, making the shoes versatile and worth the money.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The midsoles of the shoes are made with a special trademarked material that provides ample responsiveness and cushioning
  • The shoes are very lightweight
  • Compared to many running shoes, they come at an affordable price
  • The design of the shoes makes them great to wear during any casual occasion
  • The shoes are very comfortable
  • Some people complained that the shoes are pretty narrow, so you might have to purchase a size up
  • Some people were also not pleased with the durability of some parts of the shoes


The outsole of this shoe is meant to be able to protect your feet well against the surfaces that you may be walking on thanks to the rubber that it is made out of. The pattern on the outsole is in a zig-zag motion in order to help your feet be more flexible and for you to have a better grip on the ground. However, one thing that a lot of customers noted about these shoes, in particular, was the fact that the rubber tended to wear off quickly, especially if they wanted to be using equipment such as treadmills in the gym. This is important to consider if you were considering purchasing these shoes.


Nike has created a trademarked midsole material, called React, which is known for its great cushioning. If you are a basketball player, this is ideal for you, because it helps to provide the energy and shock absorption that you will need while playing. It is also great for people who plan to be participating in races, or who will be running for a long time. Regardless of what activity they were participating in, people were generally pleased with the nice balance of comfort the midsole of the shoe provided and said that they were able to participate in their activities much more effectively thanks to it.


Some people complained that the upper of the shoe looked like it was of poor quality, but they were generally pleased with the breathability that it provided. The upper allows you to move your feet without any restrictions, and the small holes in the top will allow your feet to have the ventilation they need in order for you to perform your best. There are also overlays, which help to give some structure to the shoe that will allow your foot to fit snugly inside. And, if you are someone who likes to run at night or in otherwise dark places, there is reflective material on the heel of the shoe.


This is not the lightest running shoe on the market, but it does weigh less than some of its competitors. It is important for a running shoe to be as light as possible without detracting from its overall durability and quality because the person wearing them needs to be able to move freely without feeling like they have a weight on their feet. And, the lightness of the shoes will allow the person to perform their best because it will allow them to run faster. The weight differs between the men’s and the women’s shoe- 8.6 ounces and 6.9 ounces respectively. Despite the shoe not being too light, people were generally pleased with its lightweight feel.


As aforementioned, people thought that the upper of the shoe looked cheap and like it was made out of poor quality materials. However, that does not mean that they were equally as displeased with the breathability that the upper provided- in fact, just the opposite. Many people were pleased with how much airflow the small holes in the upper provided them with. They said that, regardless of what they were doing and for how long, they did not feel as though their feet were sweating too much since they were being kept cool by the airflow, which in turn made the shoe much more comfortable.


The only issue that some people had regarding the comfort of this shoe was the fact that it is a little bit narrow, but this is almost expected from Nike shoes. If you have wider feet, then this might not be the most comfortable shoe for you. And, you might want to think about purchasing a bigger size if you do go to purchase these shoes. Otherwise, people were generally very happy with the comfort of these shoes and said that they were able to wear the shoes for hours on end without experiencing too much discomfort. The breathability of the upper and the overlays help to provide maximum protection by keeping the feet cool and by conforming to the unique shape of the wearer’s foot.


The shoes are available in a variety of colors, including black, various shades of blue, red, gray, olive green, and you can choose from a variety of colors for the lining of the shoes. This makes the shoes able to suit a large variety of different tastes, so no matter if you want a pair of shoes in a brighter color or if you want a neutral color, you will be able to find something for you.

The shoes are also popular with their design. Some running shoes are not sleek or stylish enough to be worn in many different places, but people said that these shoes were nice enough to not only be worn during exercise, but they also were able to use the shoes for everyday wear.


The place where a lot of disagreements take place is when it comes to the shoes’ durability. Some people said that they had no problems with the shoes, especially after taking care of them properly, while others noticed that the shoes wore down after some time. Most people did not notice problems if they used the shoes to run on roads. Problems seemed to come in when gym equipment was being used; wearers said that the shoes broke down a lot after use on different types of gym equipment. The upper part of the shoe tended to crinkle after some time, which ended up making the shoe not look so great. Other than that, the upper did not tear easily, despite the fact that some people were not pleased with the way it looked. So, if you want to purchase this shoe, you might have to be more careful with it than you would be with another pair of shoes.


Since these shoes are not meant to be worn on such terrain where protection is mandatory, these shoes do not provide much protection other than the basics. They will provide your feet with enough breathability, and your feet will be kept in place snugly thanks to the upper and to the heels. The midsole of the shoes also will provide protection through absorbing the shock of your steps.


These shoes are marketed to be one of the more responsive shoes on the market, so it’s no wonder that many people who purchased them were pleased with how responsive these Nike shoes were. Again, the midsole is made of material unique to the Nike brand- React- which will allow energy to be transferred back to your feet after the shock of your steps is absorbed. And, your feet will feel comfortable thanks to this cushioning.


The outsole of the shoe is made with extra rubber, which will allow this shoe to be more protective for your feet. The midsole will also protect your feet from any impact, and it will help your feet to remain as comfortable as possible thanks to the soft cushioning (with that being said, the cushioning is not so soft that runners feel as though they are standing on a cloud- it is the perfect balance between too firm and too soft, which will allow the runner to perform their best). The shape of the shoe supports the midfoot, and the upper allows the shoe to conform well to your feet.


These shoes are meant to be used solely for running on roads, so if you were looking for something that could be used on a multitude of surfaces, then this wasn’t it. You will be able to run on multiple types of roads thanks to the pattern of the rubber on the outsole. You can also wear these shoes indoors during gym activities, as many people have done, but they noticed that the shoes did not hold up as well when used on equipment.


Some people were surprised at the price of this shoe, due to the fact that the shoes are not the most durable ones on the market. The shoes officially retail for $120, though you can find them for cheaper prices on several websites. It is important to understand how to properly take care of running shoes and to not use these shoes on surfaces they are not intended for if you want to get the best use out of them. And, the shoes are not too bad for a pair of higher quality running shoes.


The outsole of the shoe has a zig-zag pattern, which helps the shoe to have great traction when used on the road. Many people who purchased the shoes said that they appreciated the fact that the extra rubber allowed them to get better traction when working out. No information is available regarding how the shoes would perform when used on wet surfaces, so it is not recommended that you do so.


The shoe has all the necessary elements to allow for maximum flexibility in the foot. You can move your feet as naturally and comfortably as possible with these shoes thanks to the rubber outsole, and the midsole will allow you to remain flexible too. The upper is known to be able to fit the foot like a glove thanks to the overlays.


The standard running shoe has a drop of 10mm, which is also the drop that these shoes have, with the toe measuring 18mm and the heel 28mm. It is also important to consider the fact that the midsole will provide you with extra cushioning in the heel. However, a lot of shoes that people use when running in competitions has a lower drop. If you are someone who is looking for a pair of shoes with zero drop, then these aren’t for you.

Key Features

-The shoes come in a large variety of colors for both men and women, allowing them to suit a multitude of tastes
-The midsole is made with the React material, which will allow your feet to have as much cushioning and energy as possible
-The outsole is made with extra rubber to provide good traction
-The overlays in the upper provide the shoe with some structure and will provide a better fit
-The mesh in the upper has holes to provide maximum breathability

Bottom Line

If you are someone who is looking for a pair of shoes that will suit you well while running on the road, then these are calling your name. There are many features that these shoes provide which will ensure that you will have a great performance and maximum comfort. It is important to understand that these shoes were not made for use on all surfaces, and that you should purchase them in a larger size if you want to make the best use out of them.