Nike Air Zoom Elite 9

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Nike Air Zoom Elite 9 Review Facts

This newer installment of the Nike Air Zoom shoes combines all the different needs that people have when it comes to a good pair of running shoes almost flawlessly. For any great running shoe, it is important that the person be able to feel as comfortable as possible without it having a negative impact on their performance. The outsole needs to be made out of a sturdy rubber material that will provide great traction, and the midsole needs to be cushioned well. The upper also needs to be made of sturdy but breathable material in order to allow the foot to remain ventilated. The Nike Air Zoom Elite 9 combines all of these together to form a running shoe that most customers were pleased with.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The upper is made with a strong yet lightweight material that conforms well to the foot and provides breathability
  • There are Zoom Air pods within the midsole of the shoe
  • The shoes are lightweight
  • The rubber on the outsole is very durable
  • The shoes have a great amount of cushioning
  • Some people had different things to say about how the shoe fit
  • The shoes do not have much cushioning in the back of the foot


Outsoles of shoes are known for being made out of a thick material, however, it’s safe to say that the outsole of these Nike shoes isn’t. The outsole of these shoes is thinner than in the past, but it also provides the right amount of responsiveness. And, people were pleased with how the outsole contributed to the overall lightweight feel of the shoe. The rubber that the outsole was made out of is called Duralon, which helps to give the shoe better traction and overall better durability. Some people even said that these shoes can be used on groomed trails due to the fact that the lugs on the bottoms of the shoes are grippy and shaped in the right way to allow this.


Not only is the midsole of the shoe a lot lighter and more responsive than in the past, but it also will help to protect you against injuries. The midsole is made out of Cushion EVA foam, which helps to make the shoe feel a lot more comfortable and softer. It also helps to increase the overall responsiveness of the shoe by absorbing the shock of your step and returning that energy to you. This helps to improve your performance while also helping to protect you against the impact of your run and any possible injuries that might arise from it.


It is essential that the upper of any running shoe be made of a strong material that will not tear easily, but that also will be light enough to provide enough breathability. The newer version of these Nike shoes has an upper that is made out of a material called Flymesh. This upper helps to conform to the shape of your foot, which makes the overall feel of the shoe a lot more comfortable. And, it also helps to keep your foot in place.


One of the key components of any running shoe is its weight. It is important for a pair of running shoes to be lightweight in order to ensure the safety and comfort of the wearer. The Nike Air Zoom shoes are known for their lightweight feel, and this version is no exception to that. The men’s version of the shoe weighs 7.9 ounces and the women’s version of the shoe weighs 6.7 ounces. The previous version of the shoe was not as lightweight as this one, and people were pleased with how the decrease in the weight of these shoes helped to improve their performance during activities.


Breathability in a pair of running shoes, or any shoes for that matter, is also important. If you plan to be running or doing some other activity for a long period of time, your feet will inevitably sweat. However, sometimes this can be dangerous, or it can simply cause you to not perform as well. That is why the shoes need to have the best breathability possible in order to keep your feet cool and to not make them uncomfortable as you exercise for longer amounts of time. The upper part of these shoes is made with a light mesh material that provides great airflow to the shoe. People even were pleased with the breathability of these shoes after having worn them in wet environments, which also makes these shoes very versatile. The fact that the upper part of the shoe is made with such a lightweight material also helps to increase the breathability of the shoe because there is not as much pressure being put on the foot.


As with most Nike shoes, if you plan on purchasing these shoes, it is recommended by many customers that you purchase a half size or a size bigger than you usually wear. However, some people said that the shoe fit true to size due to the fact that these shoes are less narrow than some of the other shoes made by Nike. So, if you want to purchase these shoes, it’s probably best that you go to try them on in a store so that you could get an exact size. Otherwise, people were pleased with the comfort that these shoes provided. The upper of the shoe was light enough to provide comfort, while also securing to the foot snugly. The shoes also have a nice amount of cushioning that doesn’t impact the shoes’ weight, the wearer’s performance, or the overall stability that the shoes provide.


Something that a lot of people appreciate about Nike shoes is their design and the number of colors that they are available in. While color is most certainly not a dealbreaker when it comes to running shoes, a lot of people want to look good in what they’re wearing and they want to wear something that will suit their tastes, even if it is something that they plan to use for exercise. The Nike Air Zoom Elite 9 comes in a nice, high-quality design and many colors to choose from. Some of the colors include blue, black, white, gray, orange, yellow, and varying colors for the accents of the shoes. The color is in a gradient pattern, which gives the shoes a unique look. Some people said that they wished the shoes would come in more colors, but these shoes do provide a lot more color options than other shoes of their type. And, the shoes do not have any reflective details on them for those who wish to run in the dark.


Some people worry that the thinner outsole of the shoe means that the shoes won’t be as durable, but that is definitely not the case. The blown rubber material that the outsole is made out of helps to make the shoes a lot more durable, and it also helps the shoes to be able to withstand some trails, which is not a common feature of running shoes. Many people said that they did not notice any changes in the upper or in other parts of the shoe after having worn them for a long period of time and during many different activities. The only issues they seemed to notice were frayed laces and wear around the toe area, but these are definitely instances that can be overlooked when discussing the overall durability of the shoes. If you purchase these, you can be guaranteed to have a pair of shoes that will last you for miles and miles.


The lugs on the outsole of the shoe help to provide the best protection possible, even being able to protect your feet against some of the sharp rocks that lay on the road. The midsole is also comprised of components to help protect the middle of your feet from any problems on the road, but in such a way that you will still be able to get a good feel for the ground beneath you. The only part that might not offer the best protection is the upper, since it does not have any features which would protect your feet from some debris. However, the upper part of the shoe does have a mesh material which helps to keep your feet dry.


Many people said that the responsiveness of these shoes is what made them as great as they are. Within the midsole of the shoe, the cushioning is combined with an Air Zoom pocket, which has both pressurized air and stretched-out fibers to help aid in the overall responsiveness of the shoes. This acts much like memory foam, in the sense that when you strike your foot to run, the fibers in the midsole will compress. However, they will immediately return to their original shape to help send the energy back into your foot. This is a great innovative feature that Nike has added to their running shoes.


Some people complained about the fact that the heels of these shoes did not provide as much stability as some previous models of the shoe did, but most people found that the shoes helped them to perform well. However, the shoes do fit the feet very well thanks to the material that the upper is made out of, and how it helps the shoe to conform to the natural shape of the foot. This allows the shoe to provide a great amount of support.


The main purpose of these shoes is to be used on roads, so if you are someone who likes to run on the road, then these shoes are a great option for you. However, that is not all that they are limited to. They are great to use in the gym, but something that comes as a shock to many people is the fact that the shoes are able to withstand trails. This is not a common feature in a pair of running shoes marketed for road running. The outsole of the shoes and the shape of the lugs allows you to have a strong grip on the trail, and you will be protected against many of the hazards that you can encounter on the trail.


The Nike shoes are definitely a normally priced product, and are comparable to many of the other running shoes available on the market. The shoes have decreased in price since the shoes were initially released. Now, you can likely find the shoes between $70 and $120 on various sites online. This makes the Elite 9 a reasonably affordable pair of running shoes, especially considering all that the shoes feature.


Some people might think that a pair of running shoes marketed to be used on the road might not have the best traction, but that is indeed not the case with these. These shoes have a special pattern on the outsole which helps to provide the best grip possible. And, the shoes can be used on all different kinds of terrain. People have noticed that the shoes perform very well in both wet and dry conditions too, which make these a perfectly versatile pair of shoes for people who have all different preferences when it comes to running locations.


The drop of these shoes is a little less than the standard running shoe drop at 8mm. Many running shoes have a drop of 10mm. This is a nice option for many different runners, but it is ultimately up to you to decide the kind of drop you would like to have in a shoe.

Key Features

-The upper is made out of Flymesh material, which helps to not only support the foot but also provide enough breathability
-The shoes are much lighter than many other shoes of their type
-The design of the shoe is pleasing and is available in many colors
-People were very pleased with the responsiveness of the shoe, thanks to the Air Zoom cushioning

Bottom Line

The Nike Air Zoom Elite 9 is a newer version of a very long-running Nike shoe. Many people were pleased with the different features that these shoes had to offer. If you are someone who likes to run, race, and more, then these shoes are a nice option for you. Thanks to the great cushioning, the conforming fit, the responsiveness, and the light weight of these shoes, they are one of the more popular running shoes on the market.