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Salomon Techamphibian 3 Review Facts

Just like with tires and tools, sometimes we require multi-purpose shoes. Typically associated with outdoor adventures, a multi-purpose shoe is one that offers more functionality than its primary purpose. It will also offer more versatility in regards to surfaces that it can be used on. This article focuses in on a hiking/water shoe multi-purpose shoe. This type of product is ideal for those who require a shoe that will grip to slippery surfaces, offer quick-dry features, and is able to withstand some wear and tear typically associated with hiking. The hiking feature of this type of shoe needs to offer more protection to the foot. This includes support for the ankle through the collar and lacing system. It also requires protection through the bottom of the shoe in order to protect the bottom of the foot from rocks and sharp objects along trails. This feature should also protect the shoe itself, ensuring the shoe is durable and offers a longer shelf life. Other aspects required when buying this type of product are support for the arch, breathability to avoid sweat build-up and proper cushioning to protect the joints from impact. The water shoe portion of this type of product requires a high level of water protection, quick-dry features, as well as some lightweight properties. This product is intended to be completely submerged in water and therefore it can't breakdown due to water which some materials (like leathers for example) which is typically used for hiking shoes, would. It also requires a quick-dry feature in order to avoid blistering and discomfort whether in or out of the water.

This is a single product review on the Salomon Techamphibian 3. This is a multi-purpose hiking and water shoe. We put together a review based on reviews left by both professionals and amateurs. We also looked at the construction of this hiking/water shoe combo to find out if it will do well in all sorts of weather and terrains. Finally, we looked at the durable of this shoe and its versatility to determine if the price associated with it is worth the cost. This is our review of the Salomon Techamphibian 3. We hope that this article serves you in your next hiking water shoe combo purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The Salomon Techamphibian 3 offer great traction
  • They also are incredibly lightweight 
  • The Salomon Techamphibian 3 are also very breathable
  • They are also very waterproof and offer great quick-dry features
  • Some reviewers found that the Salomon Techamphibian 3 do not offer enough support 
  • They are also reviewed as being quite unstable due to their mesh sides 


The sole of the Salomon Techamphibian 3 is made of fabric which offers comfort and impact reduction. It also offers drain holes all along the outsole which allows water to quickly drain from the shoe and assists with their quick-dry features. Those who bought these shoes found the souls to dry quite quickly, however, there seem to be some issues with the fact that the soles are still made of fabric. This is discussed in more detail below.


These shoes are meant to be used on a couple of different terrains including on trails and in water. The shoe is designed to be completely submerged in water allowing the individual to take on more diverse trails. They offer a high level of traction even in (very) wet conditions. Those who bought these shoes were very impressed by their traction and their breathability due to the all-mesh sidewalls. They were also happy with the level of 'waterproofing' available with these shoes. Waterproofing meaning that they don't breakdown when wet and dry easily, not necessarily keep water away from the foot for example when in water or when it is raining. Consider waterproof socks or no socks at all when wearing these shoes as the intent is to allow water in the shoe but offering quick-dry abilities for a more comfortable hike.


The upper is a mix of synthetic overlays and mesh. This is due to their need for high levels of ventilation. This did promote high ventilation and therefore quick dry functionality. It does, however, cause the shoe to lose a lot of its structural integrity leaving it more open to quick breakdown and degradation. It also means that there is less support for the hiker. This is discussed in more detail below but was a huge point of contention for some reviewers. That said, it does really encourage positive airflow through the shoe which is positive.


As mentioned previously, an important feature of water shoes is the lightweight nature of the shoe. It needs to be lightweight in order to avoid being weighed down in the water. It also helps the individual traveling through water get through water easier. This is especially important in moving waters like rivers because they can be dangerous and not being able to react quickly can end poorly in especially in quickly moving waters. These shoes are praised for their lightweight nature. Those who bought these shoes found them to be quite lightweight in design and were pleased by how easily they were able to move around in these shoes. They also seem to fit quite true to size meaning that your actual size will fit in these shoes without having to size up or size down.


These shoes offer mesh all throughout the upper and sides in order to offer the maximum amount of airflow possible for the wearer. As previously stated, that is a very important feature of this type of shoe as the shoe needs to be able to dry when on the feet still. If this is not possible then there tends to be some rubbing (and blistering) as well as can cause discomfort to the wearer. Some reviewers did take issue with the airflow and waterproofing combo. These shoes do offer fabric insoles so even though they do dry relatively well, after a very short period of time they start to smell quite badly. Even when they are completely dry they smell poorly and, therefore, also make your socks smell terrible. These shoes also offer drain holes which allow water to quickly drain out of the shoe in order to assist with the drying process. Unfortunately, because the size of the holes is a weird size small rocks tend to get stuck in them and they do not come out over time. Rather they need to be individually punched out which reviewers found very inconvenient.


These shoes are regularly reviewed as being an incredibly comfortable multi-purpose shoe in that they are great for driving for hours but also for physical activity. They are sandal-like and are great for walking on the beach or even camping. A couple of issues noted that might make these shoes less comfortable are that the open sides do promote some sand to get in the shoe and have trouble escaping due to how they are tight to the foot. The straps also slip a little bit which some found caused the shoe to lose some of its security and also cause some rubbing. Reviewers noted that forcing the wide end of the strap through the first strap holder which helps keep the strap in place better on the heel. Another issue noted is that the sole of these shoes tends to get a little hot even with their ventilation leaving the soles of the feet a little hot. All these things should be considered before purchasing these shoes.


These shoes look very much like hiking shoes, however, offer an all mesh side which almost gives them a sandal-like appearance. Those who bought these shoes found them to be quite stylish. That said, they are probably better suited for hiking only. They may look odd when in everyday clothes unless the wearer's style is a little more sporty or relaxed.


These shoes already have the disadvantage of having less than ideal structural integrity due to its mesh sides. This also means that the shoe is more vulnerable to damage. Depending on the reviewer the opinion on the durability of these shoes change. Those who seriously wore these shoes through water, up mountains and on trails frequently did find that within under a year they were useless. That said, for those who wore these as everyday shoes and didn't necessarily wear them in more rugged environments did find them to be quite reliable and durable. They are meant for hiking, though. They are great for moderate hikers but probably less than ideal for those using them daily on trails.


These shoes offer fast drying mesh in order to protect the insole from breakdown due to water damage. They also offer ventilated insoles to help water drain out of the shoe, keeping the individual wearing them from slipping due to water build up within the shoe. They offer a quick lace system in order to keep the shoe close to the foot at all time, encouraging the insole and upper to do their jobs. They also offer a compression-molded EVA midsole in order to offer support to the bottom of the foot while also protecting the bottom of the foot from sharp objects on the trails. They offer proper traction as well in order to keep the hiker from slipping especially in wet environments.


Typically runners and hiking shoes offer leather layovers that connect to a lacing system. This not only closes the shoes but also connects all the supportive features together in order to get the most out of them and the shoes themselves. Now, with this product, because the shoe needs to offer the highest level of ventilation, the sides of these shoes are made almost entirely of mesh. They do have small layover strips that connect the lacing system of the shoe to the bottom of the shoe. That said, those who bought these shoes felt that the mesh really hurt the stability and balance of these shoes. In fact, they were so concerned with rolling their ankle when out on the trails that they didn't enjoy their hike. In theory these shoes are interesting, however, because they are attempting to do two very big tasks, they seem to be counteracting their purposes sadly.


The lacing system of these shoes is a 'Quicklace' system which is a thin protected elastic band that is woven over the top of the shoe. This is sinched at the top of the shoe in order to find the perfect fit and then allows the individual to slide the shoes off and on without having to loosen or tighten them again due to its elastic. They also offer some velcro straps at the top of the heel in order to offer even more security and customization. Those who bought these shoes were very impressed by their convenient lacing system.


These shoes are quite reasonably priced assuming all the features of these shoes work well. These shoes are multi-purpose eliminating the need for more than one product (a water shoe and a hiking shoe). Theoretically, this means that you would only need one shoe for a variety of tasks and surfaces. Sadly, it does seem that there are major flaws associated with both aspects of these shoes. The traction is good but the support just isn't there sadly. There were also some issues with the secure straps of these shoes failing, leaving the heel free to move around as it pleases which is not only dangerous but also uncomfortable. The waterproofing and quick-dry of these shoes are impressive and work well but the resulting smell of the fabric insole of these shoes leave the shoes smelling quite terribly. For these reasons it is hard to refer to these as truly versatile but they are quite inexpensive which is positive.


- Quick-drying and breathable mesh to keep feet comfortable and dry even in high moisture environments
- Quicklace system for a customized fit as well as easy on and easy off features
- Adjustable heel straps for additional convenience
- Articulated collar in order to offer a superior fit
- Textile liner for comfort
- Non-marking rubber outsoles for floor protection
- Low profile lugged outsole for better traction on both wet and dry surfaces
- Lightweight in design for easier movement even through water


These shoes are theoretically an interesting design assuming the execution worked out. Unfortunately, there seem to be some major flaws associated with these shoes which are directly caused by the two features which are supposed to make these shoes unique. They ventilate well due to the holes through the soles of these shoes but those holes also encourage small rocks to get stuck in them causing the drainage to stop working and also requires additional maintenance for the wearer. Because they are so breathable the mesh leaves these shoes structurally unsound meaning that there is a lack of support for the ankle and bottom of the foot leaving the wearer vulnerable to injury. The straps of the shoes tend to be a major weak spot of them as well, not only slipping but also breaking quite quickly. But all is not lost, they do seem to be great for those looking for a light travel shoe. They are very comfortable and act more like a sandal than a heavy hiking boot. They are great for those looking for a sporty driving shoe, a beach shoe or for those looking for a water shoe that is less weird looking than classic alternatives.