Nike Free 5.0

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Nike Free 5.0 Review Facts

The innovative and creative modern footwear design of Nike truly proves its comfort and functionality to be ideal for runners. It is designed with a technique to withstand powerful pressure while offering a balance method which is made for all conditions.

The trainers are specifically selected to suit any kind of recreational activities, whether it’s jogging, biking, etc. The flexibility of the shoe is another key factor in the resistance of muscle pain or even injury, due to the vast variety of moves due to the stretchy surface.

The wide range of options from color to size which is suitable for all, along with the generic comfort it brings along, places it at the top of the market for the quality and service it offers for active individuals. It is for all people of all ages and is compatible with lots of sports activities in the community.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Multi-purposeful for different activities
  • Waterproof
  • Price could be a little lower


The full feel of the Nike Free 0.5 is worth a try, especially because of its comfy design. The shoe is carefully made to fit any type of footing no matter big or small, and captures the shape of the foot, which then makes it feel like a regular flip flop which one would wear at home. The potential to bend and be extremely twistable is also a benefit due to the firm structure of the footwear. Nike has done a great job of enabling the product to have just the right qualities that make an extraordinary creation for people who value comfortableness as well as freedom in body movement. It is a will of every player in the game to wear a nice material to support him or her while doing extracurricular activities.

The comfort provided by the shoe is almost as comparable as to being barefoot, because of its ground-level machinery behind it. Its ideal material for perfect running conditions is preferred by many athletes, due to Nike’s quality and multi-talented design. By being so exposed to such terrains, the material can develop a sense of the environment around, for it is to be worn throughout everyday activities, which then forms a comfortable and adjustable position well known to the beholder of the product.


The firm lacing of the shoe provided by Nike is probably the only stability which the product owns, although that by itself is quite enough, considering its use. The technology behind the steady way of the footwear is the flexible material which ties around the feet to keep them tight. Nike Free 0.5 also contains a soft surface to enable the foot to rest during the force of hard actions.

The design is made to hold the foot in place, as well as the shoe itself to be positioned firmly on the ground, with the rubber tips acting as a factor by which the material depends on in order to stick to the ground whenever it is needed and wanted by the one in control. All the walls of the shoe really suppress the foot, enabling it to be stable and avoid any loose edges or even releasement for the purpose of keeping both feet in a steady position. The methodology of maintaining balance throughout the process of being active on certain fields with particular conditions to handle is a very meaningful trait of a product such as these shoes. It does enhance the operation and provides the body with material to work, not only having the strategy but also the quality, with all the top-notch qualities.


The surrounding of the shoe helps with the resistance of any rough encounters with other materials which might cause a type of pain or injury. It is also important to know that the Free 0.5 has a cushioning which enables it to withstand pressure and be protective of the interior.

In order to proceed with the actions of the daily activities, one must be comforted with the fact that the shoe itself provides a useful barrier between the product and other factors around. Depending on the type of surface and environment, whether rough or smooth, or wet or dry, it really does enable the feet to be able to escape such situations at any given moment.

The reason behind this is because the material provides the foot to function at a fast pace and can vary the position and height level. It is crucial to recognize the importance of the pointy tip of the shoe. That rubbery part of the shoe makes it not so difficult for the feet to tilt their position on the ground when in motion and gives them straightforward adjustment. This attempts to secure the upper part of the foot where the sensitive body structure is placed, and let the lower part do its work.


The ability to be compatible with any surface including the foot is something which can be described as outstanding for such a shoe. It is sometimes even compared to a sock, due to the easy and smooth, with pores in order to keep it nice and refreshing. The flow of allowed circulation is also great. The Nike Free 0.5 allows the feet to be in control simply by fitting in with the muscle hence enabling it to have its own space. It is full of airways and is so compressible it’s described as being transparent.

The airflow is quite significant when the circulation of blood and all those health structures appear. The tiny holes which can be noticed on both sides of the shoe have the responsibility of working the in and out strategy of breathing, for it is necessary for the feet to be respectably placed for the shoe not to feel the pressure nor compression of the shoe. That’s why there are import and export holes placed on strategic places of the product. These positions are located on left and right, along with the tops and bottom, near the shoelaces. The reason for it is because of the tightness once the shoe is tied, which then causes the foot to struggle for air.


The trainer is developed to support all feet and to be durable throughout any rigid surface encountered. Weight also plays a role so the fact that they are light also makes an effort to boost the running capability. The intelligent design of Nike is once again to be thanked for the fibers and cushioning. Nike Free 5.0 also provides support around the shoe, such as the layers underneath which keep the balance stable, while the layer above focuses on keeping the foot intact. The oval-shaped structure of the outside and the inside of the shoe really does help the way of balancing the process of all activities, especially running.

The gentle and foamy material on the side of the product makes it seem nice and is made to suit any surface, as well as refrain from obtaining any unnecessary materials from the remaining environment such as mud or dirt. The space provided between both ends of the shoe provides the ability to retain the elastic feel and to adjust to the object which the foot is faced with on the surface. The rest of the layer is made to support the overall image of the product.


Even though the Nike Free 5.0 is limited to certain weather conditions, it is crucial to be aware that it is resistant to quite a lot, except wet obstacles, which is why the shoes must be kept dry all the time. As much as it’s suitable for roads, it also balances itself on mountainous regions too. The main idea of the shoe is to be adaptable to any available running surface, regardless of the surrounding factors.

The only concern to have is to be aware that going off track might be difficult to handle, depending on the area. It is advisable to be cautious of what kind of material the pressure is being contained, due to the vulnerability of the product, which might cause unexpected results. Although the terrain is not always the issue, it might be of use to be well prepared. The shoes themselves are commonly used at gyms and streets made from cement, but they can also be used to stroll or occasionally run through forest pathways, that is of course with safety precautions.


The Grip of the shoe provides an anti-slip method of maintaining balance through actions such as running, climbing, jumping, and so on. It has a pattern to track the ways of movement and to cooperate accordingly, appropriately positioning itself step by step. As a quality type of shoe, the Nike Free 5.0 is not concerned with rugged surfaces, but with smooth, one-way surfaces, which are made to maintain a steady angle for action at any moment.

The direct motion of the shoe once it goes away from the ground in the process of jumping is also taken into consideration by the Nike Team, due to the great effort put into it. In the procedure, the shoe is developed accordingly to the motion, which means that with its bendable material, it is always expected to fall into the same firm and steady position as it once was. The one thing you can say is that they have been made ready.

Key Features

• Comfort and flexibility
• Made of quality material
• Firm grip
• Safe and adequate
• Compatible

Bottom Line

The Nike Free 5.0 is a fascinating and phenomenal shoe, when it comes to having the ideal gear for a running activity. In everyday life, an individual deserves to be equipped with the necessary materials to support and adjust to his or her conditions. These shoes satisfy all the criteria for what makes a shoe fit well in a process of daily physical activities and avoids the common disturbances people have with other products.

The shoes are a product which Nike truly recommends to people who are involved in daily training and or exercising. The generic structure of the product is made to satisfy and meet the needs and wants of every athlete. Not all shoes are developed to withstand pressure or tolerate certain conditions which are necessary for an individual to succeed in the daily tasks, whether they are of medical or recreational purpose, they made to serve and protect all who are interested. With the extraordinary design which makes them look like casual shoes, they fit well with the rest of the group, and even tend to make an impression, hence the nice rating of the product.

Keeping in mind the quality of the product, the shoe had been quite a lot of times complimented on not only its look but also the feel and adaptation. It provides a firm grip and maintains the ability to adjust to the surrounding environment. It is an all-in-one product due to the range of necessities which extends from being comfy to being fancy and adequate to have in the modern society. People with the opportunity to obtain the shoes can be equipped with an intriguing invention which is appreciated in all sports. The effort and value put into to them is quite satisfactory, in fact excellent for the purpose of their production, which is mainly running. Another key factor which makes them shine is not only their look on an average person, but also their comfortable, as well as compatible with any type or kind of body. The structure they have really enables them to differ from other similar looking shoes, but once they are tried on, they become like a body part. The way they are developed considering the interior and the exterior parts are just one way to identify their capabilities, although it’s another if one tries to wear them during recreation. It is only then when a person feels like he or she is one with them.