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Altra Superior 3.0 Review Facts

If you are a runner who is looking for a shoe that will suit any environment, is lightweight, and highly durable, then you need to look no further than the Altra Superior 3.0 trail running shoe. With the added feature of having a zero drop, these running shoes are great for protecting the feet of any runner and for allowing the feet to have the right amount of cushioning to remain comfortable.

The company improved these shoes from the previous model after reviewing all the feedback. People say that the new and improved models fit better, are more protected, and provide better traction when running. If you are someone who likes to run in more extreme environments, then these shoes are perfect for you, because they are designed specifically for more hazardous adventures.

And, if you are looking for a durable running shoe that won’t cause a huge dent in your wallet, these high-quality running trail shoes are calling your name.


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The shoes have great traction and hold up well in areas that are wet and slippery
  • The upper part of the shoe is both breathable and durable, and it is made of a stronger mesh to avoid tearing
  • People consider these shoes to be lightweight, which is a great feature when taking into consideration where they are likely to run with these shoes
  • The shoes fit very comfortably and tend to be true to size
  • Some people have complained about the shoe being smaller and narrower than expected
  • The Altra Superior 3.0 is marketed to be lightweight, but people claim that it is heavier than models the company has released in the past


A lot of people had nothing but great things to say about the outsole of the Altra Superior 3.0 trail running shoes. It has even been said that mud comes off of the outsole very easily.
The outsole is made out of a Dura Tread material, which is a rubber that resists abrasion when running on more extreme trails. This means that both the foot and the shoe are protected from any hazards that might be present on the trail. It also means that any of the hazards that are on the trail will not cause the shoe to wear down faster than expected.
The shoe is also suited with something called TrailClaw technology, which provides for great traction. It allows the runner to avoid slipping or tripping, and it helps the shoe to really get a good grip on the trail. It also is very helpful if the person is running uphill or downhill.


The midsole of the Altra Superior 3.0 is made of the regular EVA midsole foam, which provides a springy feel to any run. The one unique feature about these shoes is that, even though they are zero drop, they do have added cushioning in the midsole to provide the runner with extra comfort and protection.
When the wearer runs, the midsole of these shoes absorbs the shock from the run and returns the energy produced by the shock to the runner. This means that people will be able to run for longer periods of time and will not get tired as quickly.
There is also technology in the shoe that makes it more flexible, so this means that the wearer’s foot will be able to move more naturally while wearing the shoe.


One of the biggest problems that people had with previous models of these running shoes was that the upper was not made of a durable fabric, and was not able to withstand the conditions and the environment in which they ran. People noticed that the upper tore quickly and was not made of a high-quality material.
In the newer model, the Altra Superior 3.0, the company created elastic overlays which help the foot to fit in the shoe much more securely. Not only that, but it makes the upper of the shoe a lot stronger, and helps to prevent any debris from getting in the shoe and the shoe from getting ruined a lot sooner than it should.
There is also a mesh material in the upper, which allows the foot to get as much ventilation as possible. This means that people will be able to run for longer periods of time because they will not have to worry about over sweating.
There is also a unique feature of the upper, called a gaiter trap. This helps to prevent any debris from getting inside the shoe, and it allows people to avoid any injuries when they are running on trails.


Some people have claimed that these shoes are heavier than previous models, but the Altra Superior 3.0 weighs approximately 9.5 ounces, which is extremely rare for running shoes that are meant to be used on running trails. Altra shoes, however, tend to be much lighter than their counterparts. Since trail running shoes need to be able to support and protect the feet in much more severe conditions than normal running shoes do, they tend to be a lot heavier, which sometimes causes discomfort for the wearer. But Altra does everything possible to avoid that by creating shoes that are lightweight and protective.


One of the other great features about these shoes is the fact that they have a lot of ventilation. The upper part of the shoe has a mesh material, which allows the feet to breathe. Not only that, but the feet will also remain as cool and dry as possible when the person is using the shoes. Another great feature that many customers have reported is that the third version of the Altra Superior running trail shoes dry fast, which helps to decrease smell. Having breathable shoes is one of the key features in remaining comfortable while running, no matter where or on what type of surface.


Many people have claimed that these shoes fit better than previous models, and that when they purchased the shoes, they were comfortable and true to size. However, some other people said that they found the toes of the shoes to be too narrow, and that the shoes were smaller than they expected. So, as always when ordering shoes, try to see if the shoes are available in store in order to avoid this issue.
Altra shoes are known due to the fact that they have zero drop, but they also provide adequate cushioning- without being too plush, so as to still ensure maximum speed for runners- so that the wearer’s foot will be as comfortable as possible. People have said that the shoes were comfortable enough that they were able to run for longer than usual, and that the shoes helped to keep their feet dry.


Trail shoes typically are not the most stylish of shoes. These shoes come in more minimalist colors, such as blue and black, and are available for both men and women. To many people, however, these shoes look a lot more like typical running shoes than shoes that would be used in more severe areas, so that could also influence whether some people will want to purchase these shoes. The brand itself is known for the fact that it likes to keeps its shoes looking more minimalistic.


Something that people complained about in the past with previous models of the Altra Superior is that the upper was made of a flimsy fabric which tore quickly. However, the new model is considered to be very durable and will last in any type of weather, on any type of trail. The lugs that are on the shoes prevent them from falling apart or losing their shape. The overlays in the upper also prevent debris from getting inside the shoe and from the shoe tearing apart. According to many, these shoes in particular last a very long time, especially when compared to other shoes meant for trail running.


Runners are highly protected while wearing these shoes on more extreme trails. The Trail Claw technology in the outsole of the shoe helps to prevent the runner’s feet from any dangers while running uphill or downhill, or on more extreme terrain. There are also features in the upper part of the shoes that prevent any debris from getting inside the shoes, which can ultimately end up hurting the runner’s feet. The shoes also come with Stone Guard that can easily be removed. This is specifically for if the wearer knows they will be going somewhere where there are lots of rocks. They can put the Stone Guard on the shoes for added protection against possible environmental hazards.


The Altra Superior 3.0 trail running shoes are very responsive. The shoes have a zero drop and a midsole that is considered to be rather thin, so people feel that they are able to adequately feel what kinds of changes take place in the running trail. Also, the shoes absorb shock from the run, which allows the runner to be able to perform for longer periods of time.


While these shoes do have zero drop, there is EVA midsole foam throughout the midsole of the shoe to provide for as much support as possible. The foam will absorb shock from the spring in the runner’s step and send that energy back to the runner, which helps to improve performance and bring extra comfort to the runner. The upper part of the shoe also has overlays which help the foot to be fitted more securely into the shoe.


Since these shoes are more geared towards the outdoors, it means that they are naturally designed to be used in more severe environments, such as in the mountains, on hiking trails, in more wet areas, and more. People like to use these for trails that are not as carved out and groomed as others, which means that these shoes will fare well in an environment with plenty of mud, dirt, branches, plants, rocks, and other possible obstacles.


Altra has a technology called Trail Claw which is included in these trail running shoes. This means that the outsole of the shoe provides as much traction as possible in order to prevent the runner from having accidents while running on slippery surfaces, and especially while running uphill or downhill.


Despite the fact that these shoes are meant to be used on the trail, a lot of people believe that these shoes are very flexible. The midsole of the shoe has InnerFlex technology, which allows the feet to move more naturally and freely. Also, the upper part of the shoe is made of a mesh material, which, despite the fact that it has other features to provide maximum strength and support, has been reported to provide added security to the foot.

Heel to Drop

One of the key features of Altra’s shoes is the fact that they have zero drop. If you are someone who seeks to have cushioning in their shoes, then these are not it. People claim that having zero drop is best when going to run on the trails, due to the fact that trails tend to be very uneven.

Key Features

-The shoes feature a zero drop, as is characteristic of many of Altra’s shoes.
-The Trail Claw technology in the outsole of the shoe will provide great traction and prevent the runner from slipping or falling, and it helps them to run uphill and downhill more efficiently.
-The EVA foam in the midsole provides enough cushioning for the runner to feel comfortable without the comfort having a negative impact on their running abilities.
-The upper has overlays that make it strong, but it is also made with mesh fabric to allow for maximum breathability.

Bottom Line

According to many people, the Altra Superior 3.0 is one of the best trail running shoes on the market. It is both lightweight and durable, and allows the runner to have maximum traction and protection while on the trail. These shoes are great for people who like to go on special adventures in more severe and extreme environments, because they will hold up well and are known to last longer than the average trail running shoe. The breathability that the upper provides helps runners’ feet stay comfortable and dry, and they are able to run for longer periods of time while wearing these shoes. People were also pleased with the fact that they were able to find such high quality shoes for a price that is considered to be low in comparison to other trail running shoes.