Kodiak Surrey II

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Kodiak Surrey II Review Facts

Hiking can face numerous obstacles both fun and dangerous. One of the primary obstacles is slippery surfaces. This can be due to slick rocks, water or sliding rocks (usually caused by the ground beneath the rock not being dense enough to support a hikers weight). This is why one particular aspect of a hiking boot is important, that area being the boot or shoe's tread. Tread is part of the outsole of a shoe. The outsole is the bottom of the shoe that is typically made of rubber. Most outsoles/tread have unique designs that are in the form of etches at the bottom of the shoe. These etches are different depending on what the shoe is designed to do. The etching in the outsole makes the outsole more movable without causing breakage in the rubber. Any breakage would result in the rubber wearing down easier, as well as potential rocks/water/pebbles getting into the shoe. The etching also acts as a grip system in order to allow the shoe to grip or 'stick' to the surface it is stepping on. With hiking shoes and boots, the tread should be able to stick to surfaces better than most shoes due to the fact that hiking tends to have those obstacles listed above. Without proper tread, the hiker may find that they slip easier. This could lead to injuries or death hence why tread is so important. Before hitting the trails or mountains it is important to invest in a proper pair of hiking boots or shoes that offer a decent tread in order to both get the most of your trip and to keep yourself safe.

This article focuses on the Kodiak Surrey II. Kodiak is a very popular outdoor brand that is known for designing stylish and functional boots. We did research on the Surrey II by looking at consumer reviews, the materials used to design this boot, and the construction of the boot. We used these factors in order to find out what reviewers of different skill sets liked and disliked about this product. We also looked at them in order to cover specific factors of the boot including breathability, durability and overall reliability. This is our comprehensive review of the Kodiak Surrey II. We hope that this article helps you with your next hiking boot purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very attractive design 
  • Comfortable 
  • Fits true-to-size
  • Supportive 
  • Not very warm 
  • Tight in the toe box
  • Some durability concerns 
  • Not very waterproof


This upper of this product offers a waterproof leather with seal seams in order to keep water out of the shoe. It also offers a waterproof membrane that keeps water away from the foot. Waterproofing is important with this type of product because hikers are more likely to face water than runners. Trails tend to have less direct sunlight than city streets due to the shadows caused by trees. There is also higher chances that the hiker will encounter streams in the wilderness. That is why waterproofing is important. This product is made of leather which itself is weatherproof and offers quicker drying time than synthetic materials. Unfortunately, this product doesn't seem to offer waterproofing that many reviewers required. This product is also regularly reviewed as not being very warm (especially for Canadian winters) which is a disadvantage. Many reviewers found right out of the box that these did not keep their feet dry. This is a disadvantage. Wet feet are not only uncomfortable but can be dangerous. Wet feet can cause rubbing, blisters, hot spots and slippage which can lead to injury. Luckily this is a boot and so there is more hold around the ankle than hiking shoes but this is still a big design flaw especially considering the website does state that the shoe is waterproof.


This product offers 200 G Thinsulate insulation which is supposed to keep the hiker's feet warm even when the weather changes. Unfortunately, this product doesn't seem to be very warm at all. There were many reviewers that did not find that their feet stayed warm in this product. Particularly Canadians, which said that this product does not work for their winters. The insole of this product offers memory foam which is a superior form of cushioning that offers both comfort and impact reduction. Again, though, many found that the heel and ball of this product were not cushioned enough. Many complained of foot pain halfway through hikes which is an issue. The toe box of this product, as well, has some reviewers complaining about foot pain. The boot itself is quite narrow but the toe box seems to be a point of contention for many reviewers in that their toes really hurt by the end of their trip. This is not ideal especially for those with wider feet. One benefit of this product is that the lacing system and leather of the upper hugs tight to the top of the foot and front of the leg in order to offer a high level of stability which is important for both comfort and safety.


This product offers a lacing system that runs from the bottom of the toes all the way up the ankle. This is the primary benefit of boots over shoe's, in that shoes have less support and stability around the ankle. Because leather offers a natural stretch the leather wraps around the foot and ankle better in order to offer more natural and supportive steps. The lacing system tightens the leather around the foot in order to give a more customized fit. This product also offers anti-corrosion lace eyelets in order to keep the lacing system strong long-term which means longer and better stability over time. The midsole of this product contours to the foot in order to offer more support and stability to the lower half of the foot. This keeps the bottom of the foot in place better and ensures that even when in sticky situations (like rock slides) the hiker can react quickly without fear that their boot will not support them adequately. This product also offers a memory foam insole. Though this insole does not seem to offer enough cushioning for some reviewers, the memory foam does allow the boot to contour the shoe to the foot even further. Those who wore this product did find it to be very supportive and stabilizing which is positive.


This product offers leather uppers. Leather is a highly durable material that is both quick-drying and weatherproof. This would add to the shoes overall durability. The outsole of this product also offers a chevron rubber material which is supposed to give the shoe better durability and traction (traction discussed in more detail below). The issue with this product is it seems that it may not be constructed very well. Though many reviewers praised the appearance of these boots, saying that they look good quality and are attractive in design, it seems that the glue that holds the outsole to the upper of this product doesn't stick very well. Many reviewers found that the outsole of this product disconnected from the shoe quite easily. Those who wore this product complained that the outsole at the front and back of the product disconnected within the first few months. The same consumers attempted to reach out to the company directly and found that they were either not responded to or ignored which is an issue. Overall, this product isn't very durable and cannot withstand cooler temperatures, unfortunately. This should be considered before buying this product especially considering its price tag.


The outsole of this product is made of a chevron rubber material. Chevron rubber is a reliable rubber that is used in all different type of materials due to its durability and reliability. This product does offer a higher level of traction to comparable products. The rubber is also quite durable which is especially important because when out on the trails the hiker is more likely to face sharper objects like rocks which can puncture the rubber and cause quicker deterioration. If rocks get stuck in the rubber this can also cause some serious safety risks as this will cause the boot to slip easier (rock against rock). As mentioned above in the durability section, though, this product doesn't seem to offer proper binding chemicals as the outsole doesn't seem to stick very well to the upper of this product. There were numerous issues with the toe and heel disconnecting very shortly after buying which is an issue. Overall, though, the outsole itself is made of good materials and doesn't seem to break down too easily. It also offers a decent level of traction which keeps the hiker safe and will improve the hike as a whole. This is positive.


The price of this product is quite expensive unfortunately and this is likely due to the fact that they are quite stylish in design. They aren't very durable which is an issue because this means that they will need to be replaced more, frequently. Durability is a big justification in price. Quality usually costs more. Unfortunately, this product isn't durable and appears to break down faster. This also affects the aesthetic of the boot and will cause the boot to look wore out fast. This product is also not as warm as the website says they are. They are labelled as being easily transitional between seasons but from what reviewers are saying this product isn't very warm and therefore cannot be worn in the winter. This also makes it hard to justify the price. Both durability and versatility are cost justification for most shoes and boots. This product unfortunately has neither of those benefits. They aren't durable and they aren't versatile. This unfortunately makes it very hard to justify why the price is so high. The only real justification is that they are quite attractive in design.


This product, as mentioned above, is quite attractive and stylish in design. They are made of premium leather. They are offered in different natural colors including the very popular camel color. They have a nice lacing system with optional colorful lace options. They are higher up the leg but still narrow in design which gives them a sleek look. The issue with the narrow nature of this boot, though, is that they are a little tight on the foot and definitely not ideal for wider feet. The toe box, as mentioned above, is also really tight which many found crushed their toes. The leather is relatively easy to clean which keeps the boots looking newer longer. The leather is weatherproof which keeps the leather looking newer longer, however, the binding issues that reviewers found quickly effects the aesthetic of the boot. Because this product is not durable the shoe will look wore out faster and require replacing faster as well. Overall, though this product is attractive in appearance, the issues associated with the shoe decrease the boots overall aesthetic which is a problem. And again, makes it hard to justify the cost of the boot.


The bottom line is we really aren't a fan of this product. There seems to be a lot of negative reviews. They almost seem better as a fashion accessory as this product has very little in regards to waterproofing, durability and warmth. There were numerous complaints, as well, in regards to the fit of this product. Though many found it to be comfortable, there are issues with the tightness of the shoe in the overall length, as well as the toe box of the shoe. Those who wore this product found that their feet and toes felt crushed in this product over short distances. There are also issues with the cushioning of this product in that even though the insole is memory foam, this product doesn't seem to offer enough cushioning to keep the foot comfortable for long periods. The memory foam does, however, offer a better contour and a higher level of support. This product also offers proper support and stability through the sides as well which is positive. This product is attractive in design but not very durable and is quite expensive despite the durability concerns. Overall, this product may be better for those looking for a boot to add to their nightwear rather than one meant for hiking.