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Under Armour Kilchis Review Facts

Whether wearing the breezy Under Armour Kilchis while hanging at the lake or bass fishing, the shoes are recreational ‘shore’ favorites. The upper footbed and midsole are fast draining and quick-drying. The shoes come to the wearer on durable non-marking outsoles. They can be worn on rainy days or adventures.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Attractive
  • Comfortable
  • Drain well
  • Dry quickly
  • Lightweight
  • Laces do not stay tied
  • Little arch support


The outsole is the Grippy J-Step. It is a durable non-marking outsole. The outsole keeps the wearer steady and gives excellent flex. It features holes that surround the outsole that aid in draining water away from the interior of the shoe. It is made of rubber. The undercarriage of the Under Armour Kilchis features extended platforms resting beneath the rear and toe box of the shoe.


There is a durable midsole with drainage ports that remove water. The insole and midsole are contoured. The midsole is contoured to fit the natural design and shape of the foot. It is cushioned styled.


The Under Armour Kilchis upper is quick-drying, highly breathable, and fast draining. It has abrasion-resistant synthetic overlays. There is a rear pull-on loop. The pull tab on the heel allows being able to put on the shoes quickly and get to the water faster without a struggle.

It has a traditional lacing. Fixed bungee tension lacing makes the shoes easy to slide on and off. The traditional lacing system permits an adjustable fit. The uppers are made of lightweight mesh. Inside there is a breathable textile lining that feels great to the touch. There is also a cushioning insole for all-day comfort.


A size 11D in men’s Under Armour Kilchis weighs seven ounces per shoe. People are impressed with how comfortable and lightweight the shoes are. Since Under Armour Kilchis are used in wet conditions, the quick-drying material is essential. The materials used in the Under Armour Kilchis are specifically designed to be lightweight.

Synthetic fabrics ensure the feet do not retain water and dry quickly. Steer clear of materials such as cotton that absorbs water. It will weigh down the wearer and keep the feet wet and retain water for an extended period and may be uncomfortable.

Water being allowed to escape is a critical feature. A hoe that does not allow water to escape becomes heavy and can be pulled off the foot. The drain holes in the Under Armour Kilchis design combats water retention.


It is not the purpose of a pair of water shoes to keep the feet dry. Keeping the feet dry can be accomplished by staying home, wearing waterproof socks, or sealed rubber boots. Those ways are more expensive, less durable, and not as much fun.

Quick-drying Kilchis shine by ensuring the feet don’t stay wet. Breathability also prevents the lousy smell that results from sloshing in other types of shoes. The materials create a breathability stream needed for quick-drying capabilities.

They allow for proper drainage. The footbed works in conjunction with the drainage holes so that any moisture or sweat passes through the bottom of the shoes and comes out of the holes leaving the feet dry. The quick-drying, highly breathable uppers do not leave feet feeling soggy for very long. AllSeasonGear technology aids in keeping feet cool.


Just because Kilchis are designed for water doesn’t mean they must be uncomfortable. Padding built into the shoes does not come loose. The shoe fits comfortably and does not move around. There is enough padding to ensure sharp rock edges are not felt.

There is a tab on the back for ease of putting on the shoe. The breathable textile lining and cushioned textile footbed provide comfort and support. Contouring helps with movement. It pockets the shock and pressure to increase comfort.


Many people who purchased the shoes are happy with the way they look on their feet. One review described the shoes as functional with style. Textiles are miraculous material for shoes. There is a variety of patterns, colors, weaves, and special features. Synthetics are another must-have for sports shoes. At one time, synthetics were considered cheap junk and not suitable for shoes of high quality.

Times have changed. They offer designs with a variety of features, textures, and colors. Available colors of the Under Armour Kilchis include steel and heather. Flip flops have a place in a public shower or local pool. They are not typically designed for more active endeavors. Shoes like the Kilchis protect the feet from abrasions, bumps, and spikes of an unfriendly underwater world.

Under Armour, color names are nearly as interesting as the colors and color combinations available. They include steel, heather, and teal - bass blue/elemental, gunpowder green/white, rhino gray/white anthracite/white, Moroccan/white, desert sand/white, steel/mechanic blue - marlin blue/elemental/Neptune, stealth gray/elemental/fury, after burn/afterburn/white, greenhead/sandstorm/velocity, and maverick brown/blue/toxic.

Toe Box

The toe box is typical of a shoe that comes only in medium widths. It is not too large, but by no means narrow. Closed-toe shoes are best for all-purpose use. Closed toed shoes provide the benefits of sandals with a padded collar, a mesh lining, and a proper lacing system. They still offer exceptional drainage and ventilation. Unlike sandals, closed-toe shoes provide more protection and support form sharp rocks, sand, and the sun.


If you plan to take long hikes in the mountains or hit the beach, a pair of water shoes is needed. Regular sneakers are not meant to handle sneaky waves, rocky river basins, or puddle splashes.

Full coverage and excellent grip features are found in the Under Armour Kilchis. The welded overlays provide abrasion protection. The lace area is greeted by a full synthetic upper that helps deter abrasions. When an adventure takes a person into the water, it is essential to protect the feet. A contoured midsole and footbed of the Under Armour Kilchis keep the adventurer exploring. They cushion every step and drain excess water.

Width & Length

Men sizes available are sizes eight to 14. Women sizes are available from size six to 11. Eighty-two percent of consumers report the shoes run true to size. No one reported them as a half or full size too big. Twelve percent felt they were a half size too small and six percent said the shoe to be a full size too small.

The Under Armor Kilchis is available only in medium widths. Seventy-nine percent felt the width was true to size. Twenty-one percent said they were narrow. No one reported the shoes as too wide. Those with wide toes areas are able to adjust the width of the shoe by loosening the laces.


The traditional lace-up closure permits a snug fit. The Under Armour Kilchis provide reliable support. When choosing a shoe to suit an environment immersed or surrounded by water, there are factors to consider. Design features such as water resistance and specific fabric treatments for keeping a shoe’s shape help support the usage in these environments.

Different categories and activities surround submerged environments, water activities, and water sports. Each may call for a different feature that others might not require. The Under Armour Kilchis are best suited as a lightweight slip-on walking shoe that also fits in the category of best budget-friendly swimming shoes for rocky beaches.

They can also be used for canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. Reviewers say Under Armour would typically be an afterthought in these categories. The Kilchis took them off guard. The design of the outer shell with its textile and synthetic materials give the shoe support for which the brand has a reputation.

The extended platforms of the shoes help separate the arch to provide a slight hike and space the support mechanisms. Reviewers report insufficient arch support with 56 percent claiming there is no arch support and 44 percent feel there is moderate support.


Water footwear has to be sturdy and equipped to protect the feet from rocks, water, and anything in between. For water sports such as kayaking, boating, and windsurfing, water-ready shoes that provide the feet with full coverage and have excellent grip capabilities are required.

The Under Armour Kilchis are best suited as lightweight slip-on walking shoes that also fit in the category of budget-friendly swimming shoes for rocky beaches. They can also be used for canoeing, kayaking, and fishing.


Water shoes come in a wide range of prices. A list of the best water shoes ranged in price from a little over $12 to approximately $146. On Amazon, men’s Kilchis are available form $50 to $70. Women’s are available from a bit over $50 to nearly $69.


Because water shoes are meant for water use, there is a high possibility of footing that is slippery. The bottom of the shoe dictates the grip. A grippy sole is essential. Under Armour Kilchis provide the needed grip. They offer superior traction on rocks, slick wood, and other hazards.

The J-Step non-masking rubber is a best in class outsole that gives fantastic traction on wet, smooth surfaces. It has so much grip the wearer will not slip on a boat or wet surface. It is a best in class outsole that gives fantastic traction on wet, smooth surfaces.

The platforms extensions on the outsole are stable grippers across slippery and smooth surfaces. The non-marking outsole of the Kilchis ensures the wearer remains sure-footed over the slippery or rough terrain. They make a kayak or fishing boat proper places to host usage.


The shoe is very stretchable, comfortable, and easy to wear all day long. Bungee cord laces give the shoes the elasticity needed to apply correct fitting and heighten durability. The patterning contouring of the outsole caters to direct pressures points of the feet making every step more comfortable. The spacing provides Under Armour Kilchis with its flexibility.


Heel support and good-grip rubber shoes are needed to provide stability required for the turns and tricks performance of water shoes. The J-Step outsole provides the grip. A well-designed footbed that conforms to the foot’s shape offers arch support and contribute to its stability. Under Armour Kilchis has a contoured midsole and footbed. The closed toe design also contributes to the stability and protection.


J-Step has the necessary tools to provide quality service for footwear development needs. It sustains high-quality standards as it allows for slip resistant and superior traction technology. J-Step has partnered with Under Armour to provide the outsole of the Kilchis.

The AllSeasonGear technology regulates the core temperature in changing conditions. It is ideal for unpredictable changing temperatures between the extremes. AllSeasonGear keeps the wearer dry, light, and comfortable throughout the day.

Key Features

Back pull tab
Breathable textile lining
Contoured insole and midsole
Excellent traction
Fast draining
Grippy J-Step outsole
Lace-up system for secure fit
Mesh and synthetic upper
Non-marking rubber outsole
Quick drying upper
Reliable support
Welded synthetic overlays for stability

Bottom Line

There are many factors to consider when choosing a water shoe. The market is saturated with options. Besides color and style, consider use, lacing, traction, comfort, and fit. The perfect water shoe should be flexible and reduce bulk.

The materials used in the Under Armour Kilchis do just that. Shoes that do not stay on the feet are of no use. Quality water shoes have a lacing system that secures the feet and ensures comfort. The Kilchis do have a bungee lacing system. Complaints about staying tied have been reported. The solid roundness of the laces doesn’t mesh well with the water.

Traction is found on the outsole of a shoe. The J-Step outsole is a non-marking product that provides traction for these Under Armour shoes. Shoes intended for water use may cause blistering and chafing. It is best to try on the shoes and walk in them a bit to determine if they are right for you.