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Jabra Halo Smart Review Facts

You’ve probably seen people out and about using Bluetooth headsets, and if you’re reading this, you’re probably on the hunt for your own Bluetooth headset, too.

A brand that has been trusted by people for many years when it comes to Bluetooth headsets is Jabra. They recently released the Halo Smart wireless headphones, which are perfect for whether you want something that will allow you to listen to your favorite music anywhere you go, make phone calls, and more. You will be able to hear whatever audio it is that you’re listening to very well because many people commended these headphones on the quality of their sound. And, the microphone will distinguish your voice from any of the noise around you, including wind, which will give the person you are speaking to the perfect opportunity to listen to you as clearly as possible. Besides all of this, the headphones boast a great battery life of approximately 15 hours.

The only thing that some people complained about was that these headphones aren’t made with the best quality materials, and they did suffer from some damage after a while, which required people to replace them more frequently. However, with that being said, the Halo Smart is a very well-priced pair of headphones, so you won’t be breaking the bank in the instance that you do need to replace them.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • These headphones have a great battery life of approximately 15 hours
  • The headphones are lightweight and will provide the wearer with as much comfort as possible
  • They are stable enough for you to be able to wear them to the gym
  • The call quality on these is excellent, and the microphone allows the other person to hear you very clearly
  • The headphones will connect to Bluetooth without any problems
  • Some people reported that the headphones wore down pretty quickly and they had to get a replacement soon
  • The headphones seem to be a little bit bulky in design since they have a large battery


As with most headphones, there are many things that you can do with the Halo Smart headphones. For one, you can listen to music, podcasts, movies, videos, and more. Besides that, you can also make phone calls. One of the nice things about Bluetooth headphones is that you can really wear them wherever you want to; it’s not uncommon that you’ll see someone with a Bluetooth headset in while you are out and about. So, whether you’ll be going to the gym, the grocery store, or you’ll be lounging around at home, these Bluetooth headphones are perfect for wear. You won’t have to worry about any damage happening to the cord while you are exercising with these. The fact that they are small and wireless make these headphones perfect for versatility and use wherever.

Basic Features

One of the basic features offered by these headphones is that you are able to control what you are doing with the help of a few buttons on the neckband. For example, you will be able to control the volume, phone calls, music, power, and connection. You will also be able to go from listening to music to answering a phone call without any issues by simply pressing one of the buttons.

Another cool feature of the earphones is that they are magnetic, so if you aren’t using them at the moment, you will be able to stick them to the neckband or to one another. This is great especially in order to minimize any potential damage that could take place when you are not using the headphones by having them swing around. People appreciated the convenience of this feature.

Advanced Features

There are a number of advanced features that these relatively inexpensive and simple pair of headphones will offer you. For one, when you get a phone call, you will be notified by a vibration in the neckband. And in order to answer the call, all you have to do is put the headphones in your ears. You don’t even have to press a button on your mobile device.

There is also an app that is compatible with these headphones. While it is not the most advanced app, it does allow you to adjust some of your settings. The app is also compatible with any iOS or Android device, so it doesn’t matter what kind of phone you have in order to be able to use it. You will be able to choose an option to hear your notifications, including texts, emails, and incoming phone calls. You will also be able to enable a feature to help you find your headphones in the instance that you lose them. All these advanced features are great because it minimizes your need to have to take your phone out.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of these headphones is very good, especially during phone calls. According to many people who have purchased the headphones, these might be the best ones on the market when it comes to wireless phone calls. The microphone is large, and it has special technologies which allow noise around you to be canceled out, which results in the person you are speaking to being able to hear you very clearly.

When it comes to music, some people said that the sound quality wasn’t as great as the call quality. The deep lows and bass tend to sound good, but there are some instances where people thought the sound was muffled. However, despite this, people said that this should not be something that should stop you from purchasing the headphones.


The headphones are wireless and will connect to Bluetooth very easily. The headset, in fact, will help you get through all the different steps for being able to connect to Bluetooth should you need help. All you need to do is turn on the power button on the headset. People said that after they had connected for the first time, they never had any problems with being able to stay connected. There is a nice range for how far you can go from your device without having any problems with the connection, but you shouldn’t go too far.

You will also be able to connect more than one device, which is nice. You can have a separate music device and a mobile phone, for example, when using these headphones.


Some people were not as pleased with the comfort of these headphones, however. Since the neckband requires a larger battery in order to uphold the headphones’ longer battery life, it does tend to feel a lot larger and bulkier than normal. However, one thing that people did mention was that the headphones seemed to be in the middle in terms of weight; they weren’t too heavy so as to be uncomfortable, but they also weren’t so light that people were worried about the quality.

The earbuds were not comfortable for everyone, either, despite the fact that the headset comes with several different tips for you to choose from for your headphones according to comfort. So, this is important to keep in mind when you go to purchase these headphones.


The Halo Smart headphones are available in two different colors- black and silver- meaning you do have at least two options to choose from, which is great if you aren’t looking for a typical black pair of headphones. They have a neckband, which the earphones are attached to. People said that they did not like how bulky the neckband seemed around their neck, however, it is important to mention that this is due to the fact that the headphones have a larger battery in order to be able to accommodate their longer battery life. People would have liked to have more options when it came to the colors of the headphones, but they said that the design of the headphones and the colors currently available were not a problem for them at all.


One of the things that people disliked the most when it came to the Jabra headphones was the fact that they aren’t as durable. People said that their headphones wore down quickly, and they were forced to get a replacement pair sooner than they had initially expected. After several months of use, either one or both of the earphones had stopped working, which is one of the most annoying things that can happen. You will also have to stop turning on the headphones after some point or else they won’t hold their charge for long. This is annoying for many people, but it is also important to take into consideration the fact that the Jabra headphones are very inexpensive for a pair of wireless earphones. So, if you do end up having to replace them, they won’t break the bank.

Something that people did like with regards to durability, however, was the fact that these headphones did not feel too heavy or too light. They said that it did not feel as though they were carrying a weight around their neck, but they also did not think that they were carrying something so light that it felt almost cheap.

Ease of Use

These headphones are very easy to use. You simply have to turn on the power button and listen to the instructions the headphones give you on how to connect your device to the headphones. This means that people who aren’t so technologically savvy will be able to understand how to use these headphones. And, after you have connected your headphones to Bluetooth once, you will have no problems with making them stay connected.

There are three buttons on the neckband’s right side, which allow you to control the music’s volume. The one button has several different functions. You can hold it for five seconds in order to turn your headphones on. You can also use this button to turn your music on and off and to be able to answer your phone.

The button that is located on the left side of the neckband is the one that you will use to be able to control the headset’s microphone.

Power Source

There is a rechargeable battery within these headphones. There is a charger cable that comes along with the headphones, but in the event that you have to replace it, there is a micro-USB charging cord available. Your battery life will depend on what you do with the headphones. The company states that the headphones have a 15 hour battery life, but if you listen to music at higher volumes, the battery will die out sooner. You have approximately 17 hours of time to make calls, however, so as you can see, calls will drain your battery slower than listening to music will.


There are many other similar headphones on the market that are not available for the cheap price that these are. While the official website states that the headphones are worth $80, you can find them for more than $30 cheaper on Amazon, so you just have to be on the lookout. People were disappointed in the fact that they had to replace the headphones faster than they had expected to, but given the price point, this isn’t too bad especially when comparing to other wireless headphones.

Key Features

-The headset features a large battery, which means that the headphones have a longer battery life
-The wireless range of the headphones is about 33 feet, meaning you can leave the source of audio
-The headphones are magnetic, so you can stick them together when not in use
-The headphones are resistant to water
-The microphone will distinguish your voice from any wind or other noises around you

Bottom Line

These headphones might not have the best quality, nor will they last the longest out of the huge variety of headphones for you to choose from. However, the cheap price, the ease of use, and the great sound quality perhaps make these headphones worth it. The battery life is at least 15 hours, which means that you will get great use out of them. Aside from the poor longevity of the headphones and the relative discomfort, many people were genuinely pleased with the way they performed.