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JBL E40BT Review Facts

JBL is one of the less popular brands on the market, but it has begun to produce more and more headphones to accommodate all the advancements in technology. And, plenty of celebrities have started endorsing the brand, which is one of the best ways for a brand to get a lot of buyers.

With the E40BT headphones, they seemed to have accomplished a lot. These headphones are one of the more affordable ones out there, but that doesn’t mean their quality or performance is cheap. People were generally pleased with the way that these headphones performed. They have great connectivity to Bluetooth, and there is a long battery life offered with these wireless headphones. If you’re on a budget and are looking for a good pair of headphones that are not only good quality but affordable, then perhaps consider giving the JBL wireless headphones a go. The headphones are a little bit tight around your ears, but you will be able to do a lot with them, and you won’t have to worry about charging them every minute.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The headphones have wonderful features especially for their affordable price
  • The headphones come in many different colors, so you don’t have to settle for something that everyone else has
  • The cushioning on the headphones allows them to rest comfortably on your ears and head
  • The headphones have great battery life at about 16 hours
  • Some people noticed that the headphones started to become uncomfortable after some time of using them
  • Some complained that the headphones did not have a high-quality build


There are many things you can do with these headphones. Since they are wireless, that gives you more versatility in the different things that you can do with them. Lots of people enjoyed using these headphones while running errands or in the office. You could potentially use them while on public transportation, but they don’t really have any noise-canceling mechanisms, and if you want to crank up the volume really high, there will be leakage. You could potentially use these headphones for if you want to go to the gym, but only if you will be doing relatively simple exercise; some people were concerned with the quality of the headphones, so you don’t want to be doing anything that could cause the headphones to become seriously damaged. However, they do sit tightly on your head and ears, so if you want to use these headphones for some of your more basic workouts, you most certainly could. You can make phone calls using the headphones, and people said that the microphone provides a crystal-clear voice. Another thing that people noticed these headphones were great for was watching movies or anything with dialogue since the voice is clear. And, of course, if you are just lounging around and want a pair of headphones to use, these are a great option- especially since they are wireless, so you don’t have to worry about damage done to the cord, and they have a long battery life, so you don’t have to worry about charge every minute.


The features of these headphones are similar to those of many other headphones. For one, you will be able to adjust the volume, skip tracks, and more using controls on the left side. You also will be able to turn the headphones on and off using these.

One of the interesting features of these headphones was the fact that it has a ShareMe feature. This means that more than two people can use the headphones to stream music from several people. The control button that you would typically use to press play is what activates this feature. So, if you know multiple people who use these headphones, you can all use them to stream music to one another.

Sound Quality

These headphones have great sound quality. People were genuinely pleased with the way that audio sounded with these headphones. The mid-range performs very nicely, and the sound is clear. The bass is not the best that it can be, but it’s nothing too bad. You can make the volume really loud if you would like, but the sound can become a little bit muffled, and there will be leakage for the people around you. So, these might not be the best headphones to wear if you prefer to have louder volume and you intend to be around other people.

The headphones’ microphone allows your voice to sound clear for the other person you are speaking with. The nice thing about the microphone is that it is already built into the headphones themselves.

If you will be watching movies or videos in which there is dialogue, people have reported that the sound is very clear and that you will be able to hear every word that is spoken.


The headphones can either be used with a wireless Bluetooth connection, or you can use the cable that they come with if you don’t want the wireless connection. People were pleased with the way that the headphones were able to connect, and said that they had no issues with having their headphones remain connected after the first time. When you initially get the headphones, power them on using the small button on the left side that includes the Bluetooth button. Then, you can read the instruction booklet to help you understand how to connect Bluetooth to your device. An important thing to mention is that it does not matter what kind of device you have if you want to use these headphones; you can use an Android or iOS device if you would like. Another thing to note is that these headphones do not have an app that is compatible with them for you to be able to adjust the settings.


The headphones are packed with a lot of cushioning. The earcups are made with a leather-like material, which allows you to feel as comfortable as possible. The headphones rest comfortably on your ears and head thanks to this feature. However, some people said that the headphones weren’t that comfortable. After having worn the headphones for some time, they said that they started to feel some discomfort, and they wanted to constantly adjust the headphones in hopes that the discomfort would go away. A lot of people said that they felt the headphones were very snug against their ears.


One of the things that many people commend these headphones on is their style and color scheme. You have plenty of colors to choose from, including black, white, red, blue, and teal. And these headphones are bound to stand out. So now, you can find a pair of headphones that suits your personal taste and style. Lots of people were also pleased with the relatively sleek design that the headphones provided. The logo is displayed prominently on the earcups, which some people didn’t like all that much, but that should not be a reason not to purchase the headphones. The design otherwise is rather simple, and the headphones are overall sleek and attractive.

The earcups have faux leather and plastic on them, which help to keep your ears cushioned.

You can also fold the headphones if you plan to take them somewhere. Otherwise, the headphones do not move all that much, which causes some people to say that they feel tight and uncomfortable on their head.


While many people were impressed with the way the headphones held up when taking into consideration their price, some people mentioned that the plastic was made out of cheap materials. They said that it felt as though the headphones could potentially break easily. While we did not come across anyone who said that the headphones actually did break, it is easy to assume that they do not have the best quality plastic. But, again, you have to consider the fact that they are only $100.

The headphones do feel tight and inflexible. There is enough padding provided on the ears for them to feel comfortable, but after some time of wearing them, you might feel some discomfort. However, even though there is some discomfort associated with these, they aren’t the most uncomfortable headphones on the market, and many people said that the discomfort wasn’t too drastic.

Ease of Use

The headphones are very easy to set up. All you need to do is turn the headphones on with the power button, and you will find all the instructions for how to connect the headphones to Bluetooth in the instruction booklet that the headphones come with. People did not report any problems with their ability to discover Bluetooth or to keep the headphones connected.

There are also controls on the left side of the headphones. The headphones are easy to get used to after you’ve played around with them for some time. There are volume buttons, which you will be able to indicate with the plus and minus signs on the headphones. There is also a play and pause button, which will also work as the button you will press to answer a phone call or hang up. This button will also give you the ability to skip or go back on tracks. The power button is located here, and it has a small Bluetooth symbol on it. Some people complained about the placement of this button because they said that there were several times where they accidentally turned the headphones off when they really just wanted to adjust the volume. So, after some time, you will likely get used to the placement of the different buttons on the headphones.

Overall, people reported that these headphones are easy to use, and if they weren’t sure about something, the instruction booklet had everything outlined for them.


In the box along with the headphones themselves, you will get an instruction booklet, a safety sheet, a USB charging cable, and an aux cable to allow you to use the headphones either if you wish to have a wired connection or when the battery dies.

Power Source

The headphones have a lithium battery which can be recharged. The headphones boast a 16-hour battery life, but the battery will last for 24 hours if all you are doing is talking on the phone. You can listen to your music all day and charge the headphones at night. It takes about three hours for these headphones to charge completely. If you don’t have power, you can use the aux cable that is included with the headphones, which will allow you to listen passively. There is also a micro USB cord included with the headphones which are intended for recharging purposes.


One of the great things about these headphones was the price. People were genuinely pleased with how well these headphones performed for their affordable price. The official retail price is approximately $100, but you can definitely find the headphones cheaper elsewhere. On both Amazon and the JBL website, the headphones are currently available for approximately $70, so you will get a good deal on these. If you are someone who is on a budget, you might want to consider these headphones because not many people have had to complain about having to repurchase them due to bad quality and because these headphones offer many of the features that headphones offered at much more expensive prices have.

Key Features

-The battery life for these headphones is very long at 16 hours, and 24 hours for talking time
-The microphone is built into the headphones, so you truly do get a wireless experience
-The headphones are compatible with many different devices
-The sound quality of these headphones is very clear, particularly with phone calls and movies

Bottom Line

For a less than $100 pair of headphones, the JBL E40BT headphones work very well. If you are someone who is on a budget, in particular, you should definitely consider these headphones. Not only do they have both a Bluetooth wireless connection and a wired connection, but the headphones also have approximately a 16-hour battery life, they charge quickly, and the sound quality is great. You will be able to make calls at ease, and the other person will be able to hear you clearly thanks to the quality of the microphone. While these might not be the most comfortable headphones on the market according to some people, they definitely do offer many of the features that more expensive headphones come with. Overall, we believe that these headphones are a great option to choose from.