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Skullcandy Crusher Review Facts

With so many brands on the market now coming out with wireless headphones, it might be impossible to decide which one to choose out of, perhaps literally, hundreds.

This is where it is important that you determine exactly what it is that you are looking for in a pair of headphones. Do you want a pair that have a nice design, or does the design not matter so much for you? It is easy to assume that you will want something that claims to have longer battery life. How about controls? Does it matter to you what kinds of controls your device has?

A good pair of headphones that offers all of these are the Skullcandy Crushers. While many people complained about the sound quality of the bass in their music, most agreed that, despite that, the headphones were decent quality for headphones that are considered to be mid-priced. A lot of people in general like Skullcandy’s headphones, because while they aren’t from one of the more expensive and best-quality brands, they do provide many of the same features for a much lower cost.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Compared to many other headphones of their type, the Crushers are rather affordable
  • These headphones are comfortable to wear due to the extra padding
  • The headphones have a nice design
  • These headphones have long battery life, claiming to last for up to 40 hours
  • The haptic bass in these headphones doesn't sound great to many people
  • Others claim that these headphones easily get marked up and scratched


Since these headphones are stable and they do fit tightly to your head, you could potentially use them if you plan to be going to the gym. And, since they have a wireless feature, you won’t have to worry about anything happening to the wire cord. However, if you plan to be doing much more in-depth and intense exercise, you might not want to use these because there is a chance that the headband will slide off of your head.

Basic Features

One of the basic features that these headphones include is the ability for you to listen to audio with them both wirelessly and with a wired connection. This means that you have more versatility in how and where you want to listen to your music. Also, if you want to be able to listen to your music on most of your devices, you can, since there isn’t one particular device that the Skullcandy headphones will not work at all with. The wired cord also has a microphone, which means that you can make calls with your device or do anything else that would require the use of a microphone.

The headphones also have a pretty long battery life at about 40 hours. The length that your battery lasts will depend on how loud you listen to your music, but it is very easy to charge them up again. The chances of having the headphones die on you are very low, and you also can listen to music while the headphones are charging, thanks to their Bluetooth capabilities.

Advanced Features

The headphones do have controls on the ear cups, which will allow you to skip tracks, make calls, and control the volume. There is also a bass slider that is on the left side, which allows you to be able to adjust the amount of bass that is available in your music. It might be difficult to figure out which of the controllers work for what feature at first, but you will be able to figure everything out in no time.

Sound Quality

The microphone that comes with the cable for these headphones is not bad but is also not the best one available. If you are in a quiet place, your voice will sound rather thin and it will be muffled. While you will be able to understand what you are saying, this might cause an issue for you. If you’re in a noisier place, the microphone will be able to distinguish your voice from any background noise, but if you’re in a loud place like a train station or concert, you won’t be heard as well.

The headphones do not have such great noise isolation, which means that you will still be able to hear many of the things going on around you when you use these to listen as audio. You will also experience some leakage- not as bad as you would with using other headphones, but it still will be there especially if you turn the music up louder.

As far as the sound goes, the bass is really overwhelming and could cause you to not be able to hear the person’s vocals at all. And some people said that the sound seems to be a bit unrefined. The sound, overall, is not very balanced. It is recommended that you keep the bass slider down at its minimum setting if you choose to use these headphones to not be completely overpowered with the bass.


These headphones are able to connect to your device using Bluetooth. They also have a nice wireless range at about 39 feet if you will be in a different room (i.e., there are obstructions in your path), and their wireless range is 175 feet if you will be in the direct line of sight of the audio source. While this might not be the longest range on the market, it is still nice to be able to have a pair of wireless headphones that come with this option.

There is no app that is compatible with these headphones that would allow you to customize your settings or any other features you would want with the headphones.

They also do not come with a base or a dock.

However, the headphones also come with a cable which has both a remote and a microphone. You can use them for your different devices, including a PS4, Xbox, and PC.


The reviews on the comfort of these headphones are a little mixed. Some people said that they liked the extra padding that the headphones provided, and were able to listen to audio for a while without experiencing the discomfort that they did with other headphones. However, the headband on these headphones is a little tight according to some people, which might make them feel a little tight on your head. The headphones are lightweight- although a little heavier than others on the market- and most people agree that they didn’t experience much soreness or discomfort after having had worn the headphones for some time. If you have larger ears, the cups are a bit small, so this might prove to be a problem for you. Depending on the size of your head, you might experience some sort of tight sensation if you will be listening to music for a while. But mostly, people did not have the extreme discomfort with these that they usually had with headphones.


These headphones are available in two colors- either all black, or white with camel colored ear pads. They have a matte finish, which definitely gives the headphones a much more sleek and stylish design, as opposed to the shiny finish of some headphones that, according to some people, can look somewhat gaudy. The headphones have a simple design, so it will ultimately depend on you and your tastes as to whether the two available colors and the simplicity of its design will appeal to you. Also, as with all Skullcandy headphones, these have the logo on the side of them above the earcups.

The earcups and the padding on the headband are both made out of faux leather. Many people were pleased with the comfort of this padding and said that they did not experience discomfort after having had worn the headphones for several hours at a time. This is the case even though the headphones do sit more snugly on your head and ears. One thing that some people did notice, though, was that the plastic materials on the headphones were more susceptible to getting marked up and scratched quickly, which sometimes caused the headphones to look like they were made out of cheap materials.

The headphones do fold nicely, though, so if you plan to take the headphones with you somewhere, you will have a thick and waterproof bag to carry them in.


One thing that people were not so pleased about when it came to the quality of these headphones was the fact that they were able to get pretty marked up and scratched quickly. They said that the materials the headphones were made out of don’t look or feel particularly expensive or high-quality. But, once again, you do have the option of putting your headphones in a bag if you want to carry them around, and the bag itself is made out of sturdy materials. This will prevent any damage from happening to your headphones.

However, other people did say that the headphones were made of better materials than others provided by the brand, and were likely to be able to withstand being dropped a few times without getting any marks or damage on them.

Something else that people mentioned was that you really don’t want to touch these headphones if your hands are dirty, or even have something like makeup on them. This is because the headphones were likely to get dirty if you touched them with dirty hands. Make sure that you wash your hands before handling these headphones.

Another thing to consider is that some people said that these headphones have cables that are somewhat exposed near the ears and headband, which could potentially get caught in your hair or clothes.

Ease of Use

These headphones are easy to use, despite the fact that you might have a little difficulty getting used to the controllers the very first time you ever use them. Otherwise, everything is fairly straightforward- you can use the headphones both wirelessly or with a wired connection, as they do come with a cable. And since there is no app that the headphones are compatible with, you won’t have to try to learn how to figure that out if technology isn’t your thing. Also, charging the headphones is very easy and can be done in no time at all- a simple ten minute charge will give you two hours worth of listening time.

Power Source

One of the nicest things about these headphones is the long battery life. While Skullcandy claims that the headphones are able to last for about 40 hours, you are more likely to get approximately 36 hours worth of use, simply because the speed at which the battery drops in these headphones will ultimately depend on the volume at which you listen to your audio. The louder you listen, and the higher the bass slider is set to, the less battery life. But a nice thing about these headphones is that they charge very quickly. In order to get a full charge, you’ll need to leave them for a little more than two hours, but if you’re in a rush, you can leave them to charge for ten minutes and be able to have more than two hours worth of charge. You can still listen to audio while they are charging. However, something to note is that the Crushers will not turn off when you’re not using them, which is something that could have made the battery life last longer.


Compared to many other over-ear headphones, the Skullcandy Crushers are not that expensive. On the official Skullcandy website, they retail for approximately $150, whereas on Amazon, you will be able to find them for less than $140 (although, there is not a huge price difference depending on where you get them). It is up to you as to whether or not you think this is a good price for these headphones, but considering the fact that many high-end headphones start at around $300, we think that these are a great option if you are looking for something more affordable.

Key Features

-Quick charging time- only ten minutes charge provides 2 hours worth of listening time- and approximately 40 hours of battery life.
-The headphones can be used both wirelessly and with a wired connection.
-You are able to use a microphone, and control tracks, calls, and the volume.
-You can adjust the sensory bass using a control on the side of the headphones.
-The headphones have a nice, modern design.

Bottom Line

While the sound on these headphones tends to be rather bass-heavy, you do have the ability to adjust it. Many people also said that these headphones are made of much better quality materials than other headphones made by the same brand. The headphones are easy to use and offer you the ability to use them both with a wireless Bluetooth connection or with the cable that they come with. They’re a little tight if you have a larger head, but they don’t cause some of the headaches or sores that other headphones do after listening to music for a while. The price is also nice for such headphones, and the battery life and rapid charge is amazing.