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Garmin Sport PRO Review Facts

Animals as pets offer human-beings all sorts of positive benefits including calm, decreased depression and playfulness that we may not find elsewhere. Dogs can be extremely intelligent animals offering protection and companionship even in the hardest of times. Having a dog can be such a positive experience but can also be a fairly frustrating one if the animal is poorly trained. Training, especially in puppies, takes a lot of time, energy and patience especially if done correctly. There are dog training tools available that can make training much easier and effective if used correctly. One particular piece of technology is dog training collars (often referred to as shock collars due to their shocking feature that assists with when a dog is barking). Though they are highly debated over, this type of product assists with more than just barking issues. It can also assist with behavioral issues too. The collar should not cause physical harm to the animal. It should only offer a shock that is light enough to discomfort the animal lightly so that they know that what they are doing isn't correct. They should offer adjustable intensity, as well as not all collars, are going to be ideal for all dogs. As well, some dogs may not respond to light discomfort and may require a slightly higher intensity. They offer faster results than regular training. Not everyone can be with their animal every minute of every day so this is a means of constantly training the animal without having to always be home. It also offers constant corrective adjustment so that the animal picks up on the positive habits quicker.

This article focuses on one specific dog training system, that is the Garmin Sport Pro. Garmin is a very popular brand in technology, especially in tracking products. We did some deep diving into this collar for the purpose of finding out what consumers thought of this product and to determine if it really works. We also wanted to ensure that our animals were being taken care of without fear of hurting the animal unnecessarily. We looked at the materials used as well as the products construction too in order to determine if it will be able to handle a little wear and tear specifically associated with our pups strong nails and paws. Finally, we looked at what consumers thought of this product in order to determine if the product is a good one or not worth the money. This is our comprehensive review of the Garmin Sport Pro. We hope that this review assists you with your next dog training collar purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • This product is regularly reviewed as being well-built 
  • This product is also regularly reviewed as being both inutitive and ergonomic 
  • This product is considered to be extremely durable 
  • This product is also very secure according to most reviewers
  • There seems to be some functionality issues with this technology (red light blinking unnecessarily) 
  • There also seems to be some issues with the buttons sticking on the remote early into the life of the unit


The basic features of a product are those that are usually available in this type of product. For instance, all shock collars will offer some sort of shocking mechanism at various strengths in order to accommodate more than one type of dog as well as to assist more ruthless pups. This product offers something similar. This product offers 10 level of continuous stimulation via vibration, as well as tone. This will help correct the animal at progressively intensive vibrations to ensure that the animal understands that what it is doing is either right or wrong. Other common features associated with this type of product is adjustable bands which allow the product to fit not only on growing necks but also on numerous dogs. This device is considered to be multi-dog usable which means numerous dogs can use the collar itself due to the ability to size up and down but the device itself can actually connect with up to 2 other collars (this is discussed more below). It also offers durability in that it is made of quality materials that are tough enough to handle even the most ruthless animal.


Advanced features are those that go above and beyond the requirement of the training system. With this particular device, the device can be used with up to three collars which allows those training multiple dogs at once. Another unique feature of this product is its waterproofing feature. This allows for dogs that are running through water, specifically those who are being trained to hunt, the ability to do so without wrecking the device. The training system also offers LED beacon lights on the collar which allows the owner of the animal to see them at night or in areas of lower visibility. This, again, is ideal for animals being trained for the purpose of hunting and tracking. This product also offers BarkLimiter features which helps keep animals from barking especially when in a kennel, offering kennel control and peace of mind in knowing that the animal is not frustrating the neighbors when you are not home. The battery of this product is also rechargeable which means no need to have to constantly replace batteries. This is also a big money saver which is positive.


This product will stay connected up to 3/4 of a mile which is a fairly large distance, before it starts to lose connection. The unit is waterproof which offers ease of mind when the animal is running through water, the controller will not lose connectivity due to water or damage as a result. It also offers interchangeable contact points which can assist in times when connectivity might be low. It also offers an IPX7 control unit (which is also waterproof) and lithium-ion batteries in order to maintain a charge. Those who used this product found it to connect easily, well and for extended ranges. They found that the connectivity was superior to others on the market, most likely due to Garmin's strong reputation in this type of technology and they did not find the remote lost connectivity in under the allocated distance range which is positive. Overall, the connectivity of this product is good and reliable which is also positive.


The collar itself is adjustable in order to offer the right fit to the dog even when growing. The remote itself is not overly large and easy to hold. Both are protected, as well, with rubber in order to offer comfort, as well as durability which is positive. The stimulation is also adjustable manually as well as continuous in order to correct the animal's behavior lightly at first. This will assist with more timid dogs that might find correction with lighter vibrations.


This product is both durable and waterproof up to 10 meters which adds peace of mind especially when used outdoors and for training in areas of higher moisture. The unit has an enclosed battery area that is sealed to protect the rechargeable batteries within the device as well. Those who used this product found it to be extremely durable especially noting that the collar seemed to withstand even larger animals nails, paws, and shakes.


The faceplate of the hand-held remote unit offers four buttons (continuous bark monitoring, momentary monitoring, vibration and tone). This allows the training to be more customization and allows for those training their dogs to do it in a way that they prefer. There is also a 10-level adjustable stimulation turn dial too. This allows the trainer to use the dial as they see fit depending on the size and sensitivity of their animal.


The band of this product, as mentioned above is customization in size in order to fit more than one animal. It can also be used over the life of an animal as it grows. The band offers LED beacon lights which allow animal owners and trainers to see their dogs even in areas of lower visibility. The band also offers speakers in order to offer tones rather than vibration for tone training for those that prefer that option over vibrations. The band is also waterproof, as mentioned above, which allows dogs to travel in up to 10 meters of water. This assists with the durability of the product. Those who used this product were very impressed by the bands construction and durability which is positive.


This product offers effective dog training in one hand according to the manufacturer's website. It offers four buttons and a dial in order to control the device by hand. It also offers continuous correction in order to use the device when you are not at home. This offer vibrations, starting low, when the animal starts to bark when at home alone or in a kennel, and will continually build strength over time so that the correction sticks but doesn't happen too strong too fast (this could shock the dog and cause some further issues with the animal). The controller, according to many reviewers, connects well to the band and stays connected which is positive. One issue some reviewers found is that the functionality of the buttons seems to come and go at times. There seems to be some stickiness of buttons on the remote that can cause some audible discomfort to the animal. They also found that the low battery warning goes off even when the battery isn't low which is also an issue. This seemed to be fixed with replacement parts which are positive but should be considered when buying this product.


The battery of this product is made of lithium ion which is one of the most advanced batteries available today. Lithium ion is a rechargeable product as well which means that this product does not require constant battery replacement but rather can be recharged at home with the included charger which is positive. This product offers 60 hours of continuous battery use which is positive. This is fairly long in comparison to similar products on the market today. Those who used this product were impressed by its continuous battery length as well as how well the product worked even when the battery is low which is positive.


This product is on the higher end in price, however, does offer some unique features including waterproofing abilities and the ability to connect to more than one collar at a time which adds some versatility to the product. It is also quite durable which means that it will live longer as opposed to weaker alternatives. This product also seems to be made of quality materials which usually indicates that the product will last longer as well. It does seem that with all of its positive reviews, as well as its durability and reliability, that this product is worth the cost associated with it which is positive. This may not be meant for those on a budget but is definitely worth consideration if quality is important.


Easy to use controls
Can be used with up to three different collars
Offers a 4 button and 1 dial controller for better customization
10 levels of continuous or manual bark correcting
Can work up to 3/4 of a mile
LED beacon lights in order to see animal in low visibility areas
Durable design


The bottom line is that this product seems to be a good one. The primary issues that reviewers found are that the buttons of the controller stick a little bit which can cause some functionality issues of the collar. This was fixed when replacement which is positive. There also seems to be some issues with getting a hold of Garmin in that they are inconsistent in their replies. This, of course, is an issue that is only experienced when needing to get a hold of the company but, of course, should be considered before purchasing from the company. Otherwise, this product is quite durable and waterproof. It offers both manual and automatic usage for when training in person or when kennel training. It works up to 3/4 of a mile away and also offers a 60-hour battery that is rechargeable. It also comes with a ton of accessories for ease of use like an AC charger, split adapter cable, and contact points. This product is a good quality and reliable one, and is definitely worth consideration.