Fujifilm X-T100

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Fujifilm X-T100 Review Facts

If you plan on making a career out of photography, one of the most important things that you can do is invest in a professional camera. Now, you don’t necessarily need to be spending thousands of dollars on your first professional camera; there are plenty on the market that offers great features that will be available for only several hundreds of dollars. It’s also important that this camera will offer a decent battery life and take accurate photos.

One camera that a lot of reviewers think is great for beginners and that will help them to advance in their photography career is the Fujifilm X-T100. This camera did not ‘wow’ a lot of people, but they did say that it offers some great features that people normally would not be able to find available at such a price point. Most were pleased with the clear image quality and especially the fact that it is one of the few mirrorless cameras on the market that actually comes with a viewfinder.

There are plenty of reasons why a lot of people would recommend this camera to anyone, especially someone who is just getting started. Now, we will talk about all the different features that this product has to offer, which will help you make a decision on whether or not to purchase it.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • A lot of people who purchased this camera were pleased with how easy it is to use
  • The camera has a great design, and a lot of people thought that it looked stylish
  • The camera will provide you with sharp images consistently
  • Considering the price, the camera does provide good quality to your images
  • People were pleased with the performance of the viewfinder
  • The camera is great for someone just getting into photography
  • Some people noticed that there tends to be overexposure with this camera
  • The camera is not very fast when it comes to autofocus


There are many different accessories that Fujifilm offers which are compatible with this camera. For one, when you purchase it, you can opt to simply purchase the camera on its own, or you can choose to get it with a 50-230mm lens in black or silver. You can also choose to get lens accessories, such as a mount adapter or an extension tube. Then, you can opt to get flashes for your camera, a handgrip, batteries, a battery charger, a power adapter, remotes, a body cap, or a stereo microphone. It is important to note that these accessories will need to be purchased separately; when you purchase the camera, it comes on its own, although it isn’t quite clear if any additional, small accessories come along with it.


One of the best features of this camera is also its connectivity. The camera has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth technology, so you will be able to transfer any of your photos and videos to your device- your smartphone or your computer. This is a good feature for photographers who are on the go or who simply want to be able to access their photos quickly.

Not all cameras offer this feature, although due to the demand for a wireless connection, more and more cameras are offering such connection as part of the deal. You also will be able to take approximately 430 photos during each charge, and you will get a battery along with your camera that you can recharge. If you’re someone who likes to be on the go all the time, you will be able to recharge your camera’s battery using a USB cable that is compatible with this device. This makes it a lot easier to be able to use the camera for someone who is just getting into photography or who prefers to be out and about as they photograph.


The only thing that some people complained about when it came to how well this camera performed was how it is a little bit slow when it’s meant to use autofocus. It also has a rather slow burst shooting speed, which might be a problem for some people. However, this camera is quite comparable to other cameras that are available for the same price. People were pleased with the way that this camera performed in situations where there were different types of lighting, although some did note that you may have to do some editing when you go to process the photos on your own. However, people noticed that it did not overexpose too much and the important parts of the image were always in place. You will get a true representation of colors, and most people said that the images were completely clear on a consistent basis.

People were also quite pleased with the viewfinder. The fact that this camera had a viewfinder at all was a nice feature for a lot of people; many other mirrorless cameras on the market do not have viewfinders. The viewfinder on this camera has clear images, and you do get a touchscreen. It is responsive, but some people said that the touchscreens on their smartphones worked a little better. But, just the fact that this camera had a viewfinder at all was a nice feature for a lot of people.

Some people recommended that you purchase one of the additional lenses that are offered along with the camera for purchase separately due to the fact that it will allow you to get the most out of what the camera has to offer.

Another thing is that you may not have as long of battery life with this camera as you would with others. Some people said that they were able to get about 430 shots with this camera before it started to run out of charge. This isn’t too bad, and you will be able to charge it with a USB cable if you’re not at home. But, it is important to note that you won’t be getting a percentage on your camera screen, and will solely have to figure out when to charge the camera based on the three bars that show up on the screen and how many are left.

Image Quality

If you are someone who is just getting into photography, then the image quality that this camera provides is very clear and detailed. Overall, a lot of people agree that the camera provides great images. It might not be as good as some more advanced cameras, but since this camera is much more targeted towards someone who is just starting out, you really can’t get too much better than this.

There are a lot of options for color and mono, and people who used the camera were impressed with how well the images looked when they uploaded them to the computer- even before doing any editing or processing. People said that the color in their photos was accurate and the camera did not miss out on any important details. It will still be necessary that you do some manual adjustments once the photos are uploaded, but other than that, you won’t have to worry too much about anything bad happening to your photos. Another thing that some people noted is that it might overexpose a little bit at times, but it’s nothing that would be a dealbreaker.


One of the best features of this camera that many people appreciated was the fact that it has a viewfinder. Many people noted that there are lots of mirrorless cameras on the market that don’t have viewfinders. And, the great thing is that a lot of people were pleased with the quality of the viewfinder on this Fujifilm camera. The touchscreen was a little off at times, but the viewfinder did provide clear images and most people weren’t upset. In fact, the simple fact that the camera had a viewfinder at all was a good feature for a lot of people. This is a great camera for anyone who is just starting to get into photography, and it will allow you to have the potential to take your photography skills to another level.

A great feature that would help out any photography novice is the fact that there is an Advanced SR mode in the camera. This will allow the camera to check out the scene that it has been presented with, and it will automatically focus and choose the correct settings that would apply to the scene. There is also an option for you to choose the Advanced Filter mode, which will allow you to choose several different effects for your pictures.

You’ll also get a camera lens which will retract back into its spot when you aren’t using it. This will help to prevent the camera from taking up more space than necessary. And, when you are using the camera lens, you will be able to have a larger view than you normally would.

This camera will also allow you to shoot Raw images, too, and you will be able to convert them before you even sit down at a computer. There are quite a lot of settings on this camera that you will be able to explore and check out.


This Fujifilm camera comes at a decent price that anyone who is just getting into photography will likely be able to afford- it retails for $400 and is offered for approximately the same price on several online retailers. It may not seem to be all that budget-friendly, but considering the fact that many professional cameras cost well into the thousands, you are getting a decent deal here. It’s good for anyone who is on a budget and who still wants to get something that will do the job in a more professional manner. It is also a good price in comparison to many cameras that offer the same features and that will do the same things.

Key Features

-The camera is compatible with WiFi and Bluetooth so you can upload your images straight to your device
You can shoot Raw images and have them converted right on the camera
-The camera has a viewfinder, which isn’t common in mirrored cameras
-This is a great camera for anyone who is a beginner in photography
-The viewfinder has a touchscreen option
-The camera is lightweight, so you won’t feel as though you are carrying a brick
-A lot of people were pleased with the quality of the images that this camera produced

Bottom Line

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what features you want in a camera, but if you’re someone who isn’t particularly knowledgeable about photography yet, it’s good if you purchase something a little more basic that will be easy to figure out. That’s where this Fujifilm camera comes in. While it might not be the best-quality camera on the market, and while it might not offer all the features that a much more expensive product would, you’re definitely getting quite a lot of great features for the price you’re going to pay. For one, this is one of the only mirrorless cameras on the market that offers a viewfinder, which was something that a lot of people were impressed with.

While the viewfinder might not have been all that impressive, it did what it was supposed to do. It’s also lightweight, so you will be able to carry it around with you wherever you go without feeling like you are being burdened. Plus, it has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connection if you want to be able to transfer your photos to your smart device on the spot. And if you’re someone who plans to be out and about as you take your photos, if the camera should die or have low battery, you’ll be able to charge it up using a USB cable that comes with it. And, perhaps what’s most important is that you’re going to be getting good quality photos out of the deal that has accurate colors and that isn’t too exposed. You may have to do some tweaking on the computer, but even professional photographers do that.

Overall, there are lots of great features that this camera has to offer, and for the price point, it definitely is a good option for anyone looking for a beginner’s camera.