Yamaha APX600

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Yamaha APX600 Review Facts

Imagine, not just singing your favorite music, but learning how to play and sing it to share with others. We have all enjoyed at least a few rewrites of songs in our lives, and it all starts with picking up an instrument and learning to play- whether by ear or actual written music. We all know that one of the best instruments and most recognizable for writing or rewriting music is a guitar. The trick is to pick the right one for you. This can mean picking it according to sound or appearance for many. For us, however, we want to join you in choosing your musical tool by the brand as well. Panasonic is a brand already known for all things sound related, and when it comes to instruments

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Brand
  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to play
  • Great ergonomics
  • Comes with equipment
  • Very durable
  • Expensive
  • Smaller size not good for everyone


We all know that Panasonic has been working with anything audio related for as long as they have been around, and instruments are no exception. Their guitars are some of the best money can get, and with this one, you have the songwriters dream. Built-in is the System65 +SRT Piezo Pickup.

This wonderful electronics system means you will get the sound quality that you can’t say you will get for other guitars in the same league. You also get the musicians bag which makes it easier and safer to get around with your guitar from one gig to the next. You also get the picks, replacement strings and other necessities for early upkeep of your instrument which means you won’t have to worry right away if something needs taken care of.
Of course, if you want the hookups, such as the sound systems and other extra’s many players want when performing, it’ll cost you extra. Panasonic, however, supplies these as well as top quality. If you know already that their guitar is good, it only makes sense to go through the same company for the rest, right?

Basic Features

The guitar is one of the best built you can get for its price. Right from the start, the ergonomics of this guitar stand out, the way everything is set up allows your wrists to take a lot less stress when playing which assures you can play for longer. The acoustics are great and the sound, even without a system plugged in, is amazing as well. The handpicked, high-quality materials also mean you don’t have to worry about your instrument getting damaged or not being able to be played for a long time to come.

The biggest feature right away is the fact that Gold Coverage is offered with this purchase- which means that the company will be there in case something does go wrong. As long as you are caring for your guitar properly any damage or issues will be quickly resolved, and you’ll be ready to go again right away.

Advanced Features

The electronics feature of this guitar enhances the sound quality right away. This is the most advanced feature when you are checking out this product. The built-in parts are covered under warranty, and from others who have bought and played this guitar, they have all said that it is no flimsy job like some other companies try to pull. The chances of it not working or breaking on you are very small and when in combination with a sound system it will take your breath away.

If you are worried about being tuned up on time and having to set up extra equipment just to make sure you are, don’t. The other great feature is the fact that it has an onboard tuner as well. You can make sure everything is running smoothly and you don’t even have to step away from your guitar to do it. The fact it has an easily adjustable midrange is also a major plus for those who are pairing up, after all, not all styles of music can be managed on one guitar, but this one certainly makes sure you can change that.

Sound Quality

What is it that Panasonic is known for again? Ah, yes, sound. If there is one company you can count on for this particular feature, it is definitely Panasonic. The sound is downright gorgeous and knowing you can change the guitar’s range means you can even drop or raise key and along with its onboard tuner you will always have the right note to hit ready and waiting. This guitar will take good quality to great quality and that says a lot in the music industry. If you want your acoustic to be remembered, this guitar will make it so. Owners have said that they are not only pleased, but it was worth every penny saved to assure they had this instrument in their hands.


This is a standard that never drops for this brand of guitar. If it isn’t the best, it simply will not be used to make the instruments. Sitka spruce and redwood are the choice materials for this beautifully designed guitar, and the quality of it shows just from taking a quick glance. The wood is strong and doesn’t show signs of weakness, because if it wasn’t going to be durable, it wasn’t going to be used. The same can be said about the electronics of the guitar as well. You will find that it will take much more than simply playing and carrying your guitar to cause any sort of damage to it.


This is one of the big praises we noticed right away from the people who own this guitar. The way everything is set up, your arms and wrists won’t tire out from holding and playing- even if you are doing so for hours. The only downside is that it is designed for shorter arms it seems, though not by a whole lot. The warning from owners mostly states that you should test how it feels in your arms before deciding on purchasing it. This guitar is shorter than most others, which brings easier use and comfort to those who have struggled with the larger counterparts. The ergonomics are set perfectly for its size, so if this one sits perfectly for you, then you are likely to find it extremely difficult to find another one that will be as easy on you.


If you are concerned with style, you must not be looking at the same instrument we are! A quick glance had our eyes quickly drawn back to it. This work doesn’t just meet company standards, this one excels at everything that one expects out of this brand. You can get the guitar in a variety of appearances, so if it isn’t your ‘thing’ to be seen with a light wood finish that is the standard for an acoustic, don’t look away yet. There is the darker finish as well, where the wool has that breathtaking dark red shine and even darker trim around that wonderful dark wood center. Wood all around not your taste? They accommodate this as well with a blue, black and silver finish which just screams a few famous guitar players to us.


Materials are everything when it comes to almost every feature of this guitar. If not for the quality, build and appearance of the materials, the rest would simply fall apart and not be worth conversing over let alone think about purchasing. This is no more evident than when you talk about just how durable this instrument is. Owners have all stated that accidental harm to this guitar is not likely to occur for years, and even then, it would be questionable. The construction is just that good- from the actual shell to the electronic parts inside it, this product is just durable and well put together.

The great part is that even if you somehow got the ‘lemon’, which would be a moment of great improbability, with the gold coverage they will replace or fix the error quickly for you. Getting a bad version of this guitar, however, seems to take a lot of effort. The company stands with high standards that most do not. From start to finish, every guitar produced is looked over and assured that it met every standard without fail before it is shipped. This is a durable, quality product, and we would expect no less from Panasonic.

Ease of Use

This instrument is designed to be shorter and lighter than most others on the market. With the way the bridge and fingerboard are set, it makes playing it easier on your wrists and fingers so that playing it doesn’t wear you out as fast. The ergonomically designed neck makes it sit as close to perfect as it can in the hands of most players. What does it mean to have a guitar that sits so comfortably in your grasp? It means that you can not only play without wearing out or getting sore but also that learning is easier because you aren’t having to work as hard to hit all the right strings and assure that you sit right.

When the instrument you are playing sounds good, looks good and is easily handled, it means using it will be something you won’t dread and can do so for longer. It also has built-in electronics to enhance the sound, change your midrange and tune all right there. This is definitely a plus when talking about if a guitar is easy to use or not. Most guitars back in the day had to be tuned every time you played, and that meant buying extra stuff to make sure you did it properly, and changing your note range? That took a lot of work- proper strings, the right tuner, extra time to switch things out, etc. This one cuts all that extra equipment and work out to make it easier to flow between one set-up and the next.


With all we have already told you about this beautifully crafted musical instrument, it was hard to not cover this already in so many different ways. How does it perform? Better than most could hope for! The sound is stunning, the materials top-notch, and the added features turn this from a rosebud into a rose in full bloom. Add the facts that you can tune and switch range with the built-in electronics, to the fact that having anything be more durable than this particular instrument is not going to be a simple task and you’ll realize that you already know it performs with grace. The ease of use and playability make this point something that cannot be helped but is recognized in every section prior.


You really can’t expect quality like this to come with a low price tag. The time, materials and technology that went into making this guitar the best it could be, which means the tag is going to reflect even at the lowest range it can be put at. That being said, everyone has agreed, if you are planning to perform at all, it is worth every last cent- so save up all your change for this one. This guitar with all of its needed accessories runs at $300 before any other things are tagged on, like tax or shipping. As we stated, it is worth it for anyone thinking to go into a studio or performing on any stage. The quality simply isn’t matched by most, even in the same range of price. And if you are looking for one of the other colors besides your standard acoustic guitar, you are likely to be paying a little extra.

Key Features

-Quality materials
-Built-in tuning
-Flexible mid-range

Bottom Line

We have said everything we could to leave you with the true impression that this instrument is one of the very best on the market. For those of us who appreciate music and the instruments that come with it, we can tell you without all the research that Panasonic will have you covered, but with it? We can assure you that what we already know has reasons behind it. This guitar is certainly worth saving up for, especially if longer and thicker models have proven difficult to play. This is truly a masterwork in the world of music.