Best Hidden Cameras Reviewed and Rated

Hidden cameras have become a lot more obvious in this technically infused world. Even if someone doesn’t fully understand the technology, they know what to look for if they suspect a hidden camera. That is why several companies have begun coming out with better-hidden cameras, many of them with advanced technology. Not only can these cameras hide in plain sight, but many of them can be used by the person being watched and they would never know.

Our Top 3 Picks

Clothes Hook Camera
  • Clothes Hook Camera
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Motion activated
  • Price: See Here
Hidden Book Camera
  • Hidden Book Camera
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 24 Month standby
  • Price: See Here
Wall Charger Camera
  • Wall Charger Camera
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Simple
  • Price: See Here

Best Brands

When it comes to the best-hidden cameras, there are no dominant brands in the market, although the #1 XJW and the #10 FREDI have come out of the gates strong. FREDI, in particular, is popular, and may very well become the standard if they keep innovating. You’ll notice absent from the list are big optical brands like Nikon since this is a niche industry they don’t focus on.

Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

When it comes to best-hidden cameras maintenance, treat your hidden camera like any other camera. Wipe the lens clean with a microfiber cloth so that you get 100% visuals. Blurriness won’t be a problem if you keep it clean, and is pretty much the only maintenance to worry about. With a lot of these hidden cameras staying in one spot for the majority of their lives, a quick wipe of the lens every now and then will keep them running smooth.

10 Best Hidden Cameras


1. XJW Mini

1. XJW Mini
Tops on the list is the XJW Clothes Hook camera, which is a model that some people may recognize from television. This discreet hidden camera is one that no one would ever suspect, and is such an unobtrusive ornament that it was guaranteed a top spot.

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The Remote Control Is The Best

XJW has the honor of being the only company on the list that offers a wireless remote control out of the box, ready to go. There are 5 buttons total, so it is about as uncomplicated as controllers go. Users don’t even need to consult the manual to figure out how the functions work.

Features and Specifications

Supports up to 32GB TF Card
300mAh battery
60 minutes continuous recording
740×480 video resolution
50 minutes battery life
Motion activated


It’s low in price so that won’t be an issue for anyone looking for a great hidden camera. With the TF cards being so low in price this turns into the most cost effective hidden camera system you can buy without built in memory.

Decision Time

No matter how superior the specifications are for a hidden camera, if it doesn’t pass the test of being invisible then it is useless. This is the hardest to find hidden camera on the list, and firmly the #1 choice if you’re looking for the best.
  • Truly hidden- no one will suspect it
  • Wireless remote control is the perfect companion device
  • Everything is ready to go out of the box
  • TF cards are the cheapest media cards available
  • TF cards may be harder to find than micro SD

2. Conbrov® DV9

2. Conbrov® DV9
Turning everyday use items into hidden cameras is usually the best way to get the best shots. No one expects an everyday book to be a camera, and even if they look directly at it there is little chance they will make out its true purpose. Conbrov makes the list once again, and this time they are trying something a little different.

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In Its Own Little World

Just like a stylish pen will draw little attention as a hidden camera, looking at the design of the Conbrov book camera inspires the same feeling. And because it is an actual binder, you can load it with whatever documents you want, or simply place it on a bookshelf to record endlessly.

Features and Specifications

24 Month standby
10000mAh Battery
1080p Video recording
32GB Max SD supported
Comes with card reader
Up to 30 hours continuous recording
Night vision LED


Covert is the word when Conbrov decided to make this specific model. You’ll get their most detailed HD camera and a nice binder out of the deal, although the price is mid to high. So far the value holds, which is why it is so far down the list.

Decision Time

No one will notice this camera in any setting, whether you’re carrying it or have it sitting on a desk. With such a ridiculous battery, you’ll spend more time recording than you will worrying about charging it up.
  • The motion detection reaches almost 30 ft.
  • Night video is surprisingly detailed
  • Longest battery life of any device on the list
  • Can conceal with the best of hidden cameras
  • Longest hidden camera continuous recording on the list
  • Black is the only color
  • Takes 20 hours to fully charge the battery


Lotusa doesn’t shy away from making really cool hidden cameras. But this wall charger is really in a league of its own, with a lot of upside if they decide to add some extra features in the next iteration. Landing #3 on the list, the Lotusa is a hidden camera wall charger that has to be seen to be believed.

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Even the most paranoid person wouldn’t think an average wall charger would have a camera in it. The design is so good that it is scary. It functions just like a regular wall charger, and can be considered portable since you can take it anywhere with you.

Features and Specifications

1080p video recording
80 degree wide angle viewing
32GB internal memory
Up to 5 hours of continuous recording
Automatic Cycle Recording


For a unit this size to offer built in 32GB of memory and a 1080p camera, the low price that it is being offered at is a steal. Buyers are always looking for an extra charging block so it has a dual use function in that regard.

Decision Time

The only thing that keeps this from being #1 on the list is that it needs to be plugged in to work. If they had included an option to work away from the outlet, then this would be the best hidden camera in the industry.
  • Largest internal memory on the list
  • Full HD 1080p video with stunning clarity
  • Easy plug and play operation
  • Lens quality is really hard to beat
  • Simplest hidden camera you can buy
  • Only works when plugged into an outlet
  • Memory isn’t expandable

4. EZVIZ Mini

4. EZVIZ Mini
EZVIZ makes great optical equipment, which is exactly why some people have started using their security cameras as hidden cameras. The Mini HD comes in a variety of flavors, so there are plenty of models to choose from for the picky user.

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Something For Everyone

There are currently 5 different versions available, including the barebones HD Mini Camera. The others are 3 different kits that simply add an additional camera together (2-4 cameras) with the last being a single barebones HD Mini Camera with an included 16GB SD card.

Features and Specifications

720p video recording
Wide 130 degree angle view
Voice control with the help of IFTTT
Smartphone alerts with cloud saves
Night vision
Multilayer encryption
Magnetic base and mounting kit


Even if you don’t use the cloud storage function, the value is good for the price. High compatibility with expandable storage makes the cloud portion more of a vanity feature if you use it from an accessible location.

Decision Time

EZVIZ did a really good job with their Mini HD, and other than lacking portability, it’s everything you’d want in a hidden camera. With few rough spots, if they made the cloud storage free then this would be an easy #1.
  • he most advanced hidden camera on the list
  • Cloud storage is easy to use and comes with free trial
  • Can use up to 128GB SD cards
  • Widest viewing angle of any camera on the list
  • Can put literally anywhere
  • Free smartphone app
  • Not portable
  • EZVIZ Cloud saves require subscription

5. G.G.Martinsen

5. G.G.Martinsen
There are plenty of pen hidden cameras on the market, but none with the eloquence of the G.G. Martinsen. The bold look is not only fun to have for a pen but doubles as a pretty capable hidden camera. With the extras they’ve added, this is a pretty fun option if you’re looking for a unique style.

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It’s All About The Look

This is one of the best looking hidden cameras in the industry. And with such good looks, it plays the role perfectly since people will be more enamored with its looks than anything else. How many people would suspect a high end pen to be a hidden camera?

Features and Specifications

HD definition video 720p
4GB micro memory card included
60 minutes continuous recording
170mAh lithium battery
4GB Micro SD card included


This is the lowest cost hidden camera available on the top ten list, and also the best looking. The value is there if you don’t have a need for 1080p, although the 720p looks really good in its own right.

Decision Time

The G.G. Martinsen is the type of pen James Bond himself would carry around on his missions. With such a good looking model, buyers will always find a way to use the pen for its many features.
  • Video comes out better than expected
  • Style is perfect for hiding cameras
  • Includes everything you need right out of the box
  • Ballpoint pen is fun to write with
  • Insanely cheap
  • Only an hour of video recording
  • Manual doesn’t go into all of the features

6. Mini Spy Conbrov

6. Mini Spy Conbrov
The Conbrov is a more traditional hidden camera in that it is just a portable pocket camera that doesn’t stand out. There are no fancy designs in its black casing, and the shape isn’t anything out of the ordinary. Customers that want to get away from the unique looking hidden cameras will find this one quite useful.

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Simple But Elegant

A lot can be said about the design of the Conbrov, which is a rectangle with a camera on it. When you look at the body you’ll notice how much they managed to cram into this small device, which seems to benefit from the simplistic design. Everything included in the core features would not be possible in a pen, ball or other shape.

Features and Specifications

Night visual range up to 25 ft.
5pcs Invisible Black LED
720p Video recording
150 minutes continuous recording
720p video
Voice and motion activated


Buyers can go either way with this purchase, since you don’t really get the full value of it until you purchase some additional accessories. But when you do, the Conbrov becomes the best camera on the list.

Decision Time

Hidden cameras in their traditional form are still very good instruments for what they do. Even if this isn’t a beginner friendly model, there are enough features here to keep any user happy for years.
  • Superior night vision recording
  • Optional external power bank allows 20 hours recording
  • Supports micro SD Card up to 32GB
  • Watermark function included
  • Has the most functions of any hidden camera on the list
  • Not beginner friendly
  • One of the bigger cameras on the list
  • Video is slightly above average

7. Spy Pen Recorder

7. Spy Pen Recorder
Customers that want a pen camera without all of the extras will most likely go for this mode. It is from 1 Eye Products and has some really good features attached to its small frame. You’ll get more use out of this than competing cameras due to convenience.

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No Flashing Recording Lights

This may sound like a no brainer, but you probably don’t want a recording light on when your hidden device is recording. That is proof of a unit that is just a camera marketed as a hidden camera device. You can avoid these buying mistakes by sticking to the real deals, the ones with high recommendations.

Features and Specifications

720p video recording
4GB of built in memory
60 minutes continuous video recording
Auto saves every 20 minutes
2 hour charging time


Like most of the hidden cameras on this list, the low price seems to stick with this model. Since the storage is built into the unit, it gains an extra advantage for users that don’t want to lug around extra materials, or pay for the micro SD cards. The value is good based off of all that is included with the low price.

Decision Time

Don’t let the small size fool you, since this pen can really catch anything if it is hidden well enough. With the great addition of built in storage, it stands out on this list as a great hidden camera choice.
  • Built in storage saves you money
  • Can plug into any desktop computer
  • Takes fantastic pictures
  • Only a prime investigator will notice the small pin hole
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery
  • Battery needs to be discharged every now and then
  • Only 720p video
  • Only an hour of recording

8. Premium Full 1080p HD

8. Premium Full 1080p HD
Over the years the inclusion of this FabQuality product bundle has been controversial. It’s a premiere deal that is still unmatched to this day by any other hidden camera bundle, and to be honest it’s still the most fun set of them all. For less serious hidden camera enthusiasts, this is a deal that you can’t refuse.

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All In One Package

No other bundle even comes close to the absurd amount of extras you get out of the box with this FabQuality product. There is something for everyone, and at the very least if you don’t use it now you’ll end up using it later.

Features and Specifications

1080p HD video recording
Rechargeable 220mAH battery
Plug and Play design
Motion detect capable
Non-stop video recording mode
16 GB SD card included
USB reader included
Card Adapter included
7 free inks included


There’s no way to downplay how fantastic of a value this is, and the price has continually stayed low. Buyers of all types that want a hidden camera should at least purchase this as a fun backup to use.

Decision Time

It won’t beat a lot of cameras on the list in a head to head specification showdown, but this still remains one of the better deals on the list, if not the absolute best. Customers that need something a little more powerful should check out the other hidden cameras.
  • Comes with a ton of extras
  • Pen actually writes and has 7 different inks
  • Adapters keep you from buying expensive reading equipment
  • Capture up to 120 minutes of video
  • Parts are cheap
  • Uses the slower USB 2.0 standard

9. CFY Sunglasses

9. CFY Sunglasses
This CFY product may seem confusing for buyers looking at hidden cameras. A camera in glasses? Even before Google Glass revolutionized the smart glasses revolution there were low spec glasses with cameras in them. CFY provides one of the original throwbacks with a lot of much needed improvements.

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Bluetooth Connectivity

This is an important feature, one that is missing from several of the other cameras on the list. And this is the main reason why the CFY sunglasses made the list, with just about every ‘smart’ device worldwide now coming from the factory with Bluetooth options. Customers can sync their data wirelessly without ever taking off their glasses.

Features and Specifications

Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity
720p video recording
Anti-glare wide angle lenses
Support for up to 128 GB micro SD cards
Comes with bag for glasses and an earphone


They didn’t go wild with the pricing of these sunglasses, and it’s pretty low compared to cameras or sunglasses. Since you’re getting both in one great package, then the value is incredible.

Decision Time

Wearing glasses with a hidden camera is a cool way to go about your everyday business. It is also a fun way to catch unforgettable memories that would otherwise be missed if you had to fumble with a less convenient camera.
  • Inexpensive alternative to Google Glasses
  • Wirelessly answer calls and listing to music
  • Uses newest Bluetooth technology standard
  • Stylish looking sunglasses
  • Buttons are easy to use
  • No 1080p video
  • Not as practical as other hidden cameras on the list


About ¼ the size of a credit card, this futuristic ball is a pretty interesting buy if you want a different kind of hidden camera. It is the world’s smallest camera, which is a claim that keeps getting rewritten by the month as new products come out from other makers.

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It’s Seriously Small

All of the images that do side by side comparisons of the FREDI give off that same ‘wow’ response. Dimensions are about 3.9×3.9×1.4 and it’s rounded, so this is a really small high definition camera. There are even some wallets you can put it in.

Features and Specifications

2MP for photo taking
720 or 1080p support for videos
Low light support for videos
2 Motion detection modes
IR Night vision
Charges and records at the same time
100 minutes of continuous use


The low price of the FREDI makes it an instant value for anyone looking for a hidden camera. There are few cons associated with it, and a possibility that a future model will catapult this brand to the top of the list.

Decision Time

You can’t go wrong with this model if you have a little bit of time and patience. The FREDI is here to stay and remains the world’s smallest camera.
  • Smallest camera you can buy
  • HD video support
  • Uses 2 video formats (720/1080p)
  • Motion detection works well in all situations
  • 32GB support for micro SD cards
  • Video output support comes ready out of the box
  • Photos come out average
  • Some features require a lot of testing
  • Rounded design vs. flat design causes issues with hiding

How to Place a Hidden Camera for Hunting

Even though many people think about animals when it comes to hiding hunting cameras, there are many other reasons why you should consider hiding the camera. One of the important reasons is other people who may steal it if they happen to spot it. This is the reason why placing a hidden camera for hunting is something you may need to approach with care.

Read the instructions

Hunting cameras are different and thus would not be placed in the same way. It is important to read the manual of your particular brand so that you are clear about such issues as the method used to mount. There are different ways that the camera can be mounted. You’ll find out that some are placed using bungee cords and others special mounts sold online.

You can also build your own mount by looking at videos available on the internet. The retailer from which you purchase your hunting camera would also have ideas regarding the mounts you can use, or speak to the attendants at your local hardware. Whichever method you end up selecting, the most important thing is to ensure that the camera is not only secure but also that it delivers a shot which is clear, within the desired field of vision.

Pick the best spot

When picking a spot where to place your hidden camera it is important to consider the season. Also, knowing the spots where you will mostly be using your camera will assist you to decide which hunting camera you want, particularly the size and color. For instance, if you do most of your hunting in the summer, you would want a camera that matches green vegetation, yet in the winter you may want to have one that matches dry vegetation.

placing a hidden camera for hunting

In terms of location, you can either check it by visiting it beforehand or using technology such as Google Maps. This has made it easier to get an idea about locations that you have never been to. To capture better photographs, try to place the camera somewhere where animals are likely to wonder and ensure that it faces the trail.

Keep it small

When it comes to placing a hidden camera for hunting ensure that it as small as possible. The smaller the camera the less prominent it is. This makes the camera less noticeable to both animals and thieves.

Within the last decade or so, it’s not only the prices of hunting cameras that have come down but also the actual sizes of the product. This has also been accompanied by a rise in the quality and things that these small cameras can do. This has almost eliminated the need for bulky cameras.

Remove the scent

Considering that your hunting camera is not a natural product, it is bound to have scents that could attract animals. Animals have survived for years in the wild using smell as their most important defense. You can get rid of these scents by using scent eliminating products. If you are going to spray the camera with this scent eliminating the product, also spray the branch or area around which you put the camera.

Avoid the lights

Even though it was common to use white flash cameras before, this is changing with time. Again, the flash attracts both people and animals to the camera. Instead of placing a white flash camera, rather use something with more modern features such black flash or infrared. It is also advisable to work with the camera mode as opposed to the video mode. The camera mode takes away the need for the light to be continuously glowing and risk intimidating the animals you are attempting to capture.

Find a high spot

where to put a hidden cameraWhen the camera is placed lower in a tree it can be spotted easily by both animals and human beings. This is the reason why placing the camera higher up a tree makes better sense. Always ensure that the camera is angled downwards to conceal it even more.

If you suffer from people stealing your cameras, you can always place two on the same tree. However, you don’t need to have both of them working, the one you place lower on the tree can be a dummy. Thieves are usually not clever enough to think that you have another one up the tree. After stealing the dummy, they will leave the working camera alone to accomplish its task.

Use camo

Like everything else you use when hunting, your hidden hunting camera doesn’t need to stand out from the rest of the environment where you place it. Of course, it’s always difficult to have a color that matches everyplace where you want to place the camera. In order to solve this challenge, put lots of vegetation matching that which is in the area where you place the camera. This will ensure that the animals don’t pick it up easily.

Put it inside old stumps

One of the most common places where hunters hide hunting cameras is in old tree stumps. Look for stumps that are rotten enough where you can curve in space for the camera. If this is done well the camera should be placed in a manner that it will look like a part of the tree. This will be better if the camera’s color is not too different from that of the stump where you are placing it. Also, ensure that the stump is large enough so that it wraps around the camera.

If it happens that the animals spot the camera, you may not need to worry too much as animals tend to get used to these things and eventually start ignoring them and begin seeing them as part of their natural environment.


Is 1080p Video Important?

For video clarity, yes- but it isn’t required. Even standard definition will do fine when recording something. If there is one thing you should always prioritize, it’s the audio.

Should I Purchase An Additional Subscription Service?

Some of the hidden cameras on the list offer a monthly cloud service for saving your recorded video. You can view it from anywhere in the world, and even if the camera is damaged the video stays intact on their servers. The service can be a want or a need, it’s completely up to the customer, and optional.

Are Pen Cameras Bad?

When hidden pen cameras first came out they were horrible. Technology has caught up, and now they work with the same resolution as some smartphones. Take the hidden pen camera market seriously, because they have very powerful specifications.

Are The Viewing Angles Bad For Hidden Cameras?

This depends on the viewing angle capabilities of the camera itself, and where you place it. That’s why hidden cameras that you can use as everyday items are so in demand. You can adjust the viewing angle however you want, and no one will realize what’s going on.

How To Make The Best Decision

If you’re not a pen user, and all of a sudden you show up at work with a fancy pen, doesn’t that look suspicious? Or if you’ve never used a coat hanger in your life, and now you have one in your one bedroom apartment-equally as suspicious. When choosing among the best-hidden cameras,  make sure that it fits the narrative of your life. It should blend in and not add to who you are as a person. Because if anything looks out of place, it’s a dead giveaway to even non-paranoid people!