Coleman Cortes Octagon 8

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Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Review Facts

There is something that is special about camping. Being outdoors offers so many health benefits mostly being overshadowed the benefit of just breathing in cleaner air. It also offers an opportunity to just unplug and distress. There is something incredibly nostalgic about the smell of campfire and being snuggled up in a blanket under the stars. This usually requires some sort of shelter (unless being really brave and simply using a sleeping bag). Tents are the easiest and least expensive of all the shelters available. Today tents come with different features to make camping more enjoyable. Things to consider when buying a tent starts with the size of the tent required. Tents range from 2 person up (tents are usually measured in 'people' rather than actual metrics). Even if only housing two people, often times 2 person tents can be quite small and snug. It's always best to start with a 4 person tent and move upwards. It is also important to consider the tents characteristics including wind resistance, waterproofing and seals especially when camping in particularly wet areas. Other aspects to consider is the tents durability as well as its warranty information. This is typically dependent on the manufacturer. Ensure that the tent being bought is made by a reliable and well-known manufacturer. This will ensure that the item being bought is easily returnable and offers some sort of reliable warranty. Finally, there are features that aren't always required but are helpful like fire resistant material used for the tent itself as well as little porch areas that allow the camper to open the front door and enjoy the view without bugs getting in.

This is a product review on the Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 tent. This tent is a fairly large tent, offering more than enough room to hold two queen sized air mattresses. We looked at this tent to see how well it holds up in both wet and hot environments. We also looked at what reviewers thought about its durability as well as its ease of use (how easy it is to set the tent up). This is our comprehensive review of the Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 tent. We hope that this review proves useful in your next outdoor adventure structure and shelter.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • This product is easy to set up 
  • It is also easy to move around after set up 
  • This product offers a lot of additional room 
  • This tent also offers a lot of clearance for tall individuals
  • This tent is heavy when all packed up 
  • Some durability concerns


This product is made of a waterproof polyester material that protects the individual in the tent from wind and rain. It also includes a waterproof polyester cover that offers similar benefits. The rods of this product is made of steel in order to offer some strong structural integrity and also protect the tent from collapsing with wind/pressure. The front of the tent has metal hinges that allow the door to function more like an actual door than the typical flimsy doors that offer an annoyingly loud zipper.


This is an 8 person tent. It is 13 feet by 13 feet in size. It also offers a ton of clearance for those who are on the taller side. It is in the shape of an octagon offering more room than the classic square or rectangle tents. Those who bought this tent were very impressed with the size of the tent. They noted that an entire family can fit comfortably in this product. One reviewer noted that they used two air mattresses and there was still room in the tent to move around. The clearance was also highly regarded. Reviewers were happy that they could walk around comfortably in this tent without having to bend over in the tent. This helps with the cross ventilation of this product which is also highly regarded.


This product offers water-resistant polyester rainfly which also includes taped seams. This is a major factor when buying a tent, as being outside typically means there is a chance of rain. This is especially important when camping in areas that rain frequently. Those who bought this product were a little mismatched in their reviews of the waterproofing abilities of this product. For the most part, reviewers were satisfied with the waterproofing abilities of this product. One reviewer noted that they went camping in an area that started to rain so aggressively it felt like being under a waterfall. They noted that despite the heavy rain, going on for 18 hours, the tent withstood the rain and did not leak at all. There were, however, a couple of reviewers that noted some minor leaks. One reviewer had only used the tent one time when they noticed that there was some leaking around one of the doors. There are flaps that cover the door's zipper and there is a slight chance that that flap may have either been faulty or not completely down. That said, for the most part, there were positive reviews left about the quality waterproofing offered with this product.


This tent looks like a standard tent. One unique feature of this tent is the shape being octangular in design. This is something that is a little different than other, more traditional, pyramid-shaped tents. This tent also offers a nice additional top canvas that compliments the tent itself. This tent comes in two different colors depending on the individuals' preference. It is also offered in brighter colors in order to let others know of a tent through the trees or in the dark. The tent seems to lay nice and flat to the ground. And the flies that attach to the steaks are white in color. Overall, this tent is nicely designed, looks clean and minimal. It offers two doors as well as an outdoor mat to give the tent a more at-home look.


This product seems to be fairly well built. The steel rods used for this product are sturdy and strong. It also has proper ventilation in order to keep from the inner layer of the tent from building mold and mildew which would impact the longevity of the tent. It seems to be made of pretty strong polyester material which is completely waterproof. Those who bought this product found that even after wear and tear this tent held up well even in heavy winds. The easy put up and take down helps avoid any unnecessary cuts due to the sharp objects typically associated with tents. Overall, a long lasting and durable product which is positive. In additional these durability features, this tent also offers an inverted groundsheet that keeps water out from under the tent. It has a strong frame design that won't breakdown even when in more aggressive weather conditions. It has a water column as well which offers an additional waterproof coating to the outer fabric of the tent in order to offer even further durability up to 1500 mm.


This tent offers numerous protective features. This includes half-length zip-on fly for better ventilation. This also allows for the inside of the tent to air out in case of durability. This will inevitably protect the internal lining of the tent. It also offers a water-resistant polyester material which is a highly waterproof material which will cause the water to bead and roll off the tent rather than soak and potentially breakdown with rain. It also offers taped seams which would also keep water out of the tent, protecting the zipper from any potential rush or wear. The poles used are made of steel in order to keep the tent from collapsing or the poles breaking when setting up, blown by wind or when taking down. This product is also uniquely fire resistant meaning that it offers fire resistant material to ensure that the fabric will not flare dangerously out of control and will self-extinguish. This is particularly nice considering camping generally involves fires and this will allow those having a fire to enjoy their experience with confidence that their items are safe.


This product offers both water resistance and weather resistance. The Coleman Octagon 8 offers an exclusive Weather-Tec system which helps protect those using the tent from the elements including water, wind, and sun. The cover connects tightly to the poles in order to keep any wind out of this tent and ensure that those in the tent are warm and secure. This product also offers a decent ventilation system in order to keep those in the tent breathing clean air. This product offers a ring and pin assembly system that offers a strong reinforcement to the ground. The frame is engineered to withstand even the strongest winds and stormy conditions. The design is actually tested for both wind and rain in order to ensure that before this product is sold that it is reliable.


This product is quite reasonably priced considering its reliability and size. This product holds numerous people at one time (up to 8) and at least 2 queen sized beds. This is handy for groups of people. It is also quite reliable and durable which means it will last for a long time. It includes several protective and durability add-ons. This includes a fire resistant material to protect those in and out of the tent. This product also has taped seams to protect individuals inside the tent from wind and rain and offers proper ventilation. Overall, this product seems to be reasonably priced considering all its positive features.


This product offers an easy setup system that allows for the individual setting up the tent to resemble a home away from home with the space and comfort of a huge space. It offers a 3-step setup system with storage pockets to hold valuables and 'room' organizers in order to offer some privacy between parties if required. The frame is a ring and pin system that uses longer pins at the corners of the tent to ensure that the tent stays in place even when the wind kicks up. The doors are structured as well to avoid having to zip them up when entering and exiting the tent.


- This product is a huge 8 person tent that can also fit 2 queen mattresses
- It offers high levels of clearance for even tall individuals
- It has steel poles in order to offer strength and weather resistance
- It offers a water-resistant polyester material to protect from rain
- It also offers a fire-resistant finish in order to protect against fires
- It offers proper ventilation in order to keep those in the tent cool and the air clean
- Hinged doors do not need to be zipped as it can also stay securely closed without it
- Two doors, one at the front and one at the back, for easier access on either side
- Additional pockets for storage of cards, paper, and games


This tent seems to offer endless positive benefits including a UV guard that offers sun protection for the camper, UV Pro which offers protection against the UV rays for fabric longevity, it offers fire resistance, rip stop technology to protect the material from tearing and ripping and it also includes a sewn-in groundsheet for protection from wind, rain as well as insects. Those who bought this tent appreciated the pure size of the tent as well as the clearance, allowing them to stand upright even when quite tall. It seems to offer adequate protection from rain, though this was sometimes argued against as some found rain entering through doors and windows. This tent is also made of high-quality materials which seem to offer a fair amount of durability. Overall, this product is mostly praised for its high quality and fairly low price tag. All in all, a pretty decent buy for anyone looking for a large tent, at a good price for their next camping adventure.