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Coleman Weathermaster Review Facts

Camping offers the unique experience of enjoying the great outdoors and the opportunity to completely disconnect. Camping is usually done in areas that are heavily wooded which also means that there is more access to higher levels of clean and increased oxygen. Camping also helps individuals be more creative in that they have less access to things like electricity, a full kitchen, and heat. It is also beneficial in that it encourages family time and increased visiting between friends. Camping has also been studied in increased happiness levels and overall life satisfaction increases. There are many, many positive things that camping offers, this article only scratching the surface. There are also numerous different camping shelters on the market today, from 2 person tents all the way to motorhomes. Tents also range in size in that they can hold anywhere from 2 to 25 people depending on the requirement. Of course, the bigger the tent, the more sophisticated the setup instructions. When looking for a tent things to consider are whether or not its completely waterproof. There is nothing worse than waking up in wet sheets. Also, weatherproofing. Especially when camping in areas that often have high winds. The price point is another area to consider. Usually, the higher in people the tent is the higher in price the tag also is. Camping can be a stress relieving activity, however, without a proper tent, it can cause the opposite effect. This is why buying a quality tent is so important.

This article is focused on one tent in particular. That tent is the Coleman Weathermaster. Coleman is an extremely popular outdoors brand that offers a wide range of camping products. We looked at what consumers who bought this tent thought of the product. We also looked at what they didn't like about this product in order to gauge if the price tag associated with it is really worth it. Finally, we looked at how the product was made. Is it weatherproof? Is it waterproof? Can it withstand strong winds? And what are its unique features? This is our comprehensive review of the Coleman Weathermaster tent. We hope that this review helps you with your upcoming tent purchase. Please enjoy!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • This product is quite large in size and offers a significant capacity levelĀ 
  • This tent offers two rooms which reviewers appreciated
  • This product also is attractive in design, reviewers often receiving compliments on the tentĀ 
  • This product has a 1-year warranty which offers peace of mind
  • There seem to be some major issues with both the waterproofing and weatherproofing abilities
  • The fabric seems to be quite weak and some had holes through the polyester right out of the box


This tent is made of a proprietary WeatherTec System which is made of 75-denier polyester taffeta fly as well as 68-denier polyester mesh for weather protection as well as ventilation. Polyester includes naturally occurring chemicals. It is typically used in home furnishing, clothing, bed sheets and belts. It is produced in different chemical structures, however, for the most part, polyester is used in for weather protection in clothes and tents due to its highly stain-resistant qualities as well as its weatherproofing abilities. This tent offers interworking features which are supposed to keep water out and keep the camper as dry as possible. This, however, doesn't seem to be the case with this product. The weatherproofing and waterproofing features are discussed more below. The material itself was a point of contention for many reviewers, noting that right out of the box they found issues with the fabric. One reviewer specifically said that one of the poles had already punctured the fabric and created a hole as a result. They also purchased a second tent and while pushing the pole through its designated hole, right away they found the fabric ripping. Due to the importance of high-quality materials used for this type of product makes the issues with this product a little concerning.


The capacity of tents usually range. With tents, the size is usually indicated by the sleeping capacity of the tent. This tent comes in different sizes, starting at 6 people which is pretty large. One reviewer said they could easily fit a queen sized blow-up mattress as well as two additional mats for children and they all fit reasonably well, with room. The sizing of the tent is about 17 feet wide by 9 feet deep. Online it says that this tent can sleep up to 6 adult campers comfortably. This would probably be more so in individual sleeping bags and not necessarily blow-up air mattresses (though the website does note that this product could comfortably fit two queen-sized airbeds within it with room to move around). Considering the price, this product does seem in line with the number of people able to sleep in this product which is positive. Those who bought this tent were happy with the room, even more, pleased with the additional front section which offers better ventilation as well as an option of opening the internal door and having a nice view of the surrounding area without having to worry as much about bugs getting into the tent.


Waterproofing, as mentioned above, is important with a product like this as this is your primary barrier from the outside world. If the weather ends up bad, being able to escape the rain and wind in a shelter is very important. Without this ability, camping can quickly become very stressful. This product notes that it offers several waterproofing features including specifically-angled windows in order to keep rain out even when the windows are open. Sadly, this product doesn't seem to offer good waterproofing abilities at all. Many reviewers found that the materials used for this product to be thin and ill-sealed. In fact, one reviewer noted that they experienced leaks all throughout the tent and mentioned that despite images showing a deck of cards in pockets of the tent, that the leaking was so bad that paper would actually get ruined in the pockets if stored there. This, of course, is a major issue with this type of product because waking up in cold, wet sheets is very uncomfortable and also potentially dangerous (causing colds). Overall, this product does not seem to offer much in regards to waterproofing and if considering a product for camping in particularly wet areas, this tent may not be your best bet.


This product is a nice product. Coleman does seem to have created a product that first and foremost is nice. The colors are pretty basic, coming in two shades of tan/grey. It also has numerous windows in order to offer a better view as well as better ventilation. The front enclosure area is floorless, however, allows those in the tent to open the front door in order to enjoy the view as well as to get better ventilation. The inside of the tent, as well, offers numerous pockets in order to keep the tent organized and clear of clutter. Those who bought this product found that after setting this up on a campsite or during family gatherings, that others regularly complimented the aesthetic of this tent, asking consumers where they bought this tent which is great.


This was discussed earlier in the materials section, but this product seems to have some serious durability issues in that the materials used seem to be cheap and breakdown easily. Reviewers had issues with simply pulling the tent out of a box. They also noted that as they were setting up the tent the fly tore in half. They mentioned that the fly uses elastic shock cords which means that it should really have some elasticity. Others had issues with the quality of the steaks and the ability to steak this tent down. The tabs that are used to connect to the steaks which are tent hammered into the ground. One reviewer said that the tab "broke down like butter" which is a very concerning analogy. Overall, not a durable product at all and seems to be quite easy to rip even when simply pulling the product out of the box.


This product offers a fly tent cover which covers the top of the tent in order to protect the consumer from water and wind. The cover connects to the tent and the ground with steaks. The polyester also offers a 1000-denier polyethylene floor to protect the consumer as well as anything potentially breakable (like the materials of an air mattress) from sharp rocks and objects on the ground. The polyester also offers interworking features which are supposed to 'guarantee' to keep the camper dry and comfortable. Additionally, the website notes that this product offers a patented welded floors which are supposed to keep the element out as well. Sadly, as previously mentioned this doesn't seem to be very reliable in that it seems to leak and break quite easily. Outside of the physical protective features of this product, the website does note that this tent does offer a one-year warranty which offers a level of comfort to the buyer's purchase. At least if those who buy this product find that theirs leak as well then at least the product can easily be exchanged for a more reliable product.


This product offers snag-free continuous pole sleeves which are supposed to offer a tighter, easier to set up hold to the tent and increase the structural integrity of the tent. This also is supposed to help protect the camper from the wind. This was discussed a little earlier, that said, there were numerous reviewers that stated that this product did seem to protect from wind well enough. Although those who had issues with steaks, of course, had issues with the tent staying locked down to the ground. The inner layer of the cover does offer protective velcro that connects to the structure itself which means that even if the steaks do breakdown, there will still be a level of resistance to the wind without having to exit the tent and reconnect with a new steak.


When considering the number of people this tent holds, the price point of this product is reasonable. Sadly, because of all the issues reviewers had with this product , it is hard justifying the price. There seem to be several issues, all associated with the weather resistance and durability of this product.


-Two room tent that sleeps 6 people
-Additional front room offers full mesh screen for view and ventilation
-Proprietary taffeta fly for protection from wind, rain, and bugs
-WeatherTec System with interworking features to keep the camper dry
-68-denier polyester mesh inner lining for additional ventilation
-11-millimeter fiberglass poles for stabilizing
-1000-denier polyester floor lining for protection of the camper and valuables within the tent
-One-year limited manufacturers warranty for peace of mind


This product is a bit of a hard sell. It doesn't seem that anyone really has much positive to say about this product. The primary requirements of this product seem to fail which are weather and water resistance. Additionally, there seem to be major durability issues associated with the materials used for this product. The tent itself is attractive in design and does offer tons of room. Reviewers regularly praised how many people they could fit in this tent as well as how nice the tent looks. Those who liked this product really appreciated the front 'room' which is great for views of their surroundings, additional storage, as well as how well it helps ventilate the tent on hotter days. Overall, a nice tent but made of poor quality materials and very little water/weatherproofing. Ultimately, this product is great for those who live in dryer areas (or plan to camp in dryer areas) and for those who want to fit larger families within the tent for a decent price. Otherwise, alternative products may be better advised.