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An in depth review of the best tactical folding knives of 2018 Buying Guide
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Best Tactical Folding Knives Reviewed & Rated
These days, the word “tactical” is placed on pretty much everything. Tactical cups, tactical wallets, even tactical diaper bags. Make something black and put a carabiner on it. BOOM! It's tactical. For something to truly be tactical it has to offer something more. It must be an object that you can re...
best tactical knives for 2017 reviewed Buying Guide
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Best Tactical Knives Reviewed & Tested
  Can we be honest?  Sure we can. Don't we all dream of that moment when we get to (either in jest or not) look at our compatriots or competitors and say with our best down under accent: "that's not a knife.... this (brandish your blade), this is a knife." We can admit that was a factor f...
we rated the best foding knives ont he market Buying Guide
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Best Folding Knives Reviewed and Compared
We know how important it is to be prepared for every challenge that life throws at you, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. If you are someone who regularly enjoys spending time outdoors, then you know it’s impractical to bring you a lot of items with you. But there are some items that you ...
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