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An in-depth review of the best dash cams available in 2018. Buying Guide
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Best Dash Cams Reviewed & Rated for Quality
We have all seen the dashboard video cameras on Youtube, in police cruisers, and even in our friend's cars on occasion. They are said to protect a driver, and his passengers from many things, from insurance fraud to parking protection. Maybe having one mounted on your dashboard will help you in the l...
An in-depth review of the best Sony lenses available in 2018. Buying Guide
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Best Sony Lenses Reviewed & Rated for Quality
You might be wondering where Sony came from. Both the millennial generation, and all the branches of the family tree before them had a choice of many heavyweights, and that list never included the prolific Tokyo technology company. Until recently. You see, there used to be a world filled with amazing...
Best Hunting GPS Reviewed & Compared Buying Guide
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Best Hunting GPS Reviewed & Rated for Quality
A handheld hunting GPS device falls into the category of something you might not need, until you really, really need it. Or it could be one of those tools that you come to rely on as much as the GPS in your car. But ultimately a handheld GPS will be judged on its ability to add value to the hunting e...
An in-depth review of the Bellabeat Leaf.
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Bellabeat Leaf
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Sports fashion has become more and more popular throughout the years, allowing those who want to feel comfortable the opportunity to also do it fashionably. The Nike Air runner is a perfect example of fashion and sports colliding, becoming one of the most popular runners on the market that became a f...
An in-depth review of the
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Lowrance Elite 7 TI
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Fishing can be done at a leisure or competitive level. Competitive fishing was thought up when a fisherman was at a basketball game and wondered why fishing wasn't done at a competitive level, the way basketball is. It is actually the 4th most popular sport in the United States. An estimated 40 milli...
An in-depth review of the Garmin eTrex 30.
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Garmin eTrex 30
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In today's day and age, GPS technology is available in a lot of our devices from phones to tablets to now watches. This allows us to know where we are pretty much at all times including when we are lost. They are also handy when tracking younger children especially when they are traveling on their ow...
An in-depth review of the Garmin Forerunner 235.
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Garmin Forerunner 235
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Running is considered the most accessible sport due to the lack of equipment required to participate in the sport, as well as the ability to do it nearly anywhere. All that is required in order to run, jog or even walk is a decent set of running shoes. There are, however, more advanced equipment that...
An in-depth review of the Garmin Drive 50.
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Garmin Drive 50 LM
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Driving in new cities isn't always the most fun task. Often times we get a little overwhelmed with new signs and one-way streets. This can cause not only a bad mood while on vacation but can also cause some unnecessary fights with loved ones. One way help with this scenario is GPS systems. GPS system...
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