Garmin Foretrex 601

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Garmin Foretrex 601 appears to be designed for use in any remote outdoor location to ensure you accurately track your location.

This works for military use and challenging routes such as dog sledding, expeditions, and the more straightforward outdoor activities such as hiking and trail running. The hands-free design means you can focus on the terrain around you.

To avoid being dependent on only one satellite source for navigation, this model is GPS, GLONASS and Galileo supported, which means constant accurate functionality. You get 48 hours battery life in GPS mode, close to 5-7 days in UltraTrac mode, and around a month when kept in watch mode.

Also designed is a 2-inch 4-Color Gray screen; this supports smart notifications. All around, this model is a practical option for avid outdoor lovers



Editor's Pros & Cons

Compatible QuickFit strap

Several satellites

User-reader friendly display

Good battery life




Users would like waypoint averaging & track archiving added

Users would like more barometric functionality

Users would like larger internal memory

Key Features

Snap shot

Display: 2.0
Interface: ANT+ / Bluetooth LE & USB
Memory: 8,4 MB while 7,7 MB available for user data
Battery: 2 AAA batteries
Active track log:
- 100 saved tracks
- 20 routes
- 500 waypoints
Sensors: Garmin virb, temperature, bike cadence, bike speed, heart rate
Smartphone Compatibility: Live tracking. Smart notifications
Weight: 3.2 ounces

Good For

Running (trails)
Military Operations
Research in remote locations

Features and functions

The Foretrex 601 from Garmin is a GPS that sits on the wrist so that you are hands-free during outdoor activities. With a high sensitivity combination of barometric altimeter, electronic compass, and GPS receiver. These three key features are designed into a wearer-friendly light design.

A user-friendly system worn on the wrist with an easy-to-read screen is good for hikers, trail runners, skiers, long-distance dog sledding, expeditions, long-distance cycling, and military use.

Data sharing is easy; use a USB to connect to any computer or send data wirelessly to a receiving device. In smart mode, this device will receive alerts, texts, and emails.

The Foretrex will monitor your route and shows it as a dotted path. Hit the TracBack feature, and this will lead you back to your start point. The designed-in electronic compass and barometric altimeter will ensure you can track your altitude and bearing.

The memory WayPoints feature enables you to save locations so that you can easily locate them later. Its user friendly for storing routes and your favorite locations. A trip computer feature can provide hunting and fishing information with sunrise/sunset times.

The Foretrex will share routes, tracks, and WayPoints wirelessly with Foretrex, Colorado, Oregon devices.

Durability and Weatherproof

Durability is good; this is built to be a military standard product ( MIL-STD 810G ) and is compatible with night vision goggles. The durable casing can take knocks and bumps and will give good protection against wet weather.

Battery Life

In GPS navigation mode, you get around 48 hours of continuous use. When set for UltraTrac mode for up to one week and in watch mode around one month.


The Garmin Foretrex 601 is an update on the previous Garmin Foretrex 401, a basic wrist-mounted GPS.

Comparatively, the 401 model has a long history of use and is Weather-resistant in cold rainy conditions. Very light, weighing slightly more than a standard watch. Able to store 10 tracks and up to 500 Waypoints. You get the standard GPS access, but you do not get extra options for more satellite links.

This model offers;
Barometric altimeter
Electronic compass
Wireless sharing capability

You get around 12 hours using 2 AAA batteries, Very much a hands-free GPS for hikers and does not offer advanced on-screen navigation or preloaded maps. The screen has a black-white display and measures 1.6 inches.

The Garmin ForeTrex 701 takes features and performance up to an impressive level for those looking for more comparative features.

The 701 includes an Applied Ballistics Calculator; you get more memory than the 401 or the 601. This model includes muzzle velocity calibration, Ballistic Calibration, saved targets, gun profile managing, and sight scale Factoring for hunters.

The 701 is comparatively the same as the 601 but contains features specifically for use by hunters.

Still present is the GPS functionality, which includes access to three satellite options to ensure ongoing, consistent accuracy.


The 601 offers more than those who have used and appreciated the 401 standard GPS version for GPS accuracy and performance.

You get many updates, including access to more satellite options to ensure ongoing GPS reliability and accuracy.

The 601 offers more while staying within a price tag range, making it affordable and an excellent long-term investment.