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Garmin Striker 7SV Review Facts

Everyone cannot afford, nor wants or needs a professional-caliber fish finder. The fish-technology price has to be weighed against the features and capabilities of various units. Some expensive options may not fit in the budget. The desired features are among the most important considerations when shopping for a fish finder. Leading manufacturers offer similar capabilities at similar prices.

Scanning sonar capabilities and CHIRP technology are typically not found on low-price devices. A seven-inch screen is a rarity unless the fish finder is expensive. It takes several hundred dollars to have nearly all the features that can be reasonably expected in a consumer-level device.

By spending a bit more, side-scanning capabilities found in mainstream fish finders are available. A fish finder that is capable of side-scanning and down-imaging can collect data that would otherwise be missed.

The Garmin Striker 7SV is among the best. The unit is packed with features useful for helping anglers better understand the world below the surface that cannot be seen. Fish are found more quickly.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Crisp, easy-to-see display
  • Customizable GPS with user-defined waypoints
  • Easy to install on trolling motor or transom
  • Intuitive user interface is easy to use
  • Various underwater views possible with CHIRP and traditional sonar scanning capabilities
  • No chart plotting capabilities
  • Water resistant, not waterproof

Basic Features

The package includes the Striker 7SV, 4-pin sounder adapter cable, 12-pin transducer, documentation, GT52HW- TM transducer, power cable, protective cover, tilt mount, and trolling and transom motor mounts. A GPS module is included in most high-quality fish finders. The GPS is an incredibly useful feature. It allows the angler to locate and mark positions immediately.

The GPS permits tracking speed. In map mode, arrival at a particular destination can be determined. The geographic data provided make navigating more effective and locating previous hotspots visited easy. The fisherman does not have to look anywhere but the display.

Advanced Features

The most noteworthy features of the Garmin Striker 7SV are Built-in Flasher, CHIRP technology, and ClearVu and SideVu Technology. SideVu is a coveted feature. The 7SV is equipped with various cutting edge technologies.

Among the most valuable is the flasher function. Flashers are used for stationary fishing. In flasher mode, the fisherman can block out unnecessary screen data displays. The information needed while ice fishing or vertically jigged is favored.

The CHIRP transducer belongs in a class of its own. CHIRP technology works like a sonar transducer. It also images things in the water. An improvement over the traditional sonar units that rely on small numbers of frequencies, fish finders that are CHIRP-enabled emit sound waves over a wide span of frequencies.

The details provided exceed those of a traditional sonar unit. However, the signals do not travel as deep in the column of water. Even high-quality CHIRP images fail at times to provide the desired amount of details.

A fish scanner with scanning sonar capabilities enables the angler to see images of cover and structures in the water. More fish will be found and caught. The 7SV has ClearVu scanning sonar that collects image data described above.

Most lower-priced fish finders offer sonar scanning images directly beneath the boat. Garmin Striker 7SV includes SideVu which is sonar that does side-facing scanning. It allows items of interest to be seen on either side of a boat.

It is recommended to purchase the travel case for the Garmin Striker 7SV. The case is protective, and the fish finder is something the angler wants to protect. There is also a portable it, and a sharing cable that allows sharing data with another Garmin device.

One can be in the front of the boat and one by the steering wheel. Those suggested items are suggested on a flap of the fish finder box when it is opened. One reviewer found the advertisement for the protective cover as irritating. He felt it should have been included for the price.


There is a lot to learn about using the controls of the fish finder. The home screen has button icons for over ten functions. It has a return button that causes the device to return to the previous screen or the home screen if it is held down for a couple of seconds.

The arrow keys allow movement on the screen up, down, left, or right. A menu button opens or closes menus for individual pages. The check mark acknowledges messages and selected options. It could be referred to as the ‘ok’ button. A waypoint button saves the present location as a waypoint. If a site is favorable, mark it with the button. The plus and minus signs are the zoom buttons. Arrow keys allow adjustment of the zoom position.

The icon buttons can be moved around, and some can be deleted. Those that cannot be removed have a picture of a lock on the icon. A new layout, data graphs, flashers, and numbers can be added. Combinations can be created, some items can be deleted, and the icons can be rearranged with the ‘add’ feature. Prompts lead to configurations.

The GPS receiver marks hotspots so the angler can return to them quickly. If a fishing trip stumbles across a vast area of feeding or structure where plenty of fish are available, the waypoint function places an X on the hotspot.

When a spot is marked, the Striker 7SV draws a path that is displayed on the screen. It remembers the route taken to effectively save a route around obstacles such as docks and buoys. It goes down to 800 feet and 500 feet wide.


The Garmin Striker 7SV comes with a transducer mount and a rechargeable battery.

Power Source

Fish finders use sonar technology for locating fish and identifying their trajectory and size as well as mapping the topography of underwater. The Garmin Striker 7SV is ideal for any angler’s needs. Most fish finders send out one frequency. They are naturally less effective and provide a lower detail level. The SideVu and DownVu sonar scanning technologies are very impressively incorporated into one transducer. They permit seeing 750 feet below and beside the boat.


It is accurate enough to sow the lake bottom, target fish, and end of the line all at once.


It is well-packaged in a sturdy box which reflects the durability of the product inside. There are extra panels in the box that are highly protective. The screen has protective wrapping around it so that the screen doesn’t get scratched during shipping.

The majority of fish finders, at least to some degree, are waterproof. The Garmin Striker 7SV ranks among the best on the market. It not only withstands splashed and sprayed water but can be submerged for as long as 30 minutes in meter-deep water. The device is water resistant, not waterproof.

The device has a water resistance rating of IPX7. It is an excellent option for kayakers who live with the possibility of overturning the craft. Screws which are a positive feature surrounds the unit. It means the rubber gasket inside is clamped down tight and hopefully prevents water from seeping in. Quality gear is an integral part of a great catch to an avid fisherman. The plastic has a high-quality feel. It feels as good as expected for the price that is paid. The Garmin Striker 7SV delivers.

Ease of Use

Installation is relatively straightforward. The instructions and everything needed to attach the transducer is included. Along with the instructions are all the brackets and screws required for installation. Power wires and an adapter for the transducer mount are included. The screws have covers on them for aesthetic purposes.

All sonar frequencies are transmitted through a single transducer. The boat transom is not cluttered with various sensors. One does the trick. The Garmin Striker 7SV is both a fish finder and flasher. It eliminates a separate flasher unit need. The Striker serves as an ice flasher when using ice augers in the winter. The flasher function is useful for stationary fishing and crappie jigging.

The Garmin units come with a trolling motor mount adapter. No drilling on the transom to fit the transducer is necessary. It snaps into the mount for the trolling motor. Its portability is especially useful for kayak fishing. There is a portable conversion case allowing the Striker to be carried anywhere that is purchased separately. A compact Striker 7SV fishing kit can be used for canoe, kayak, or small boat fishing.


A fish finder is of no use if the information and the screen cannot be seen. Having to shift and squint when trying to see the fish hiding spot is inefficient. The Striker 7SV addresses the issue. The screen is easy-to-see under all weather conditions.

The tilt-and-swivel mount allows the fisherman to point the device in any direction. A lot of data is collected. It has the GPS, CHIRP, ClearVu, and SideVu. It amounts to more than the screen can present. Three split screens can be displayed on the seven-inch screen.

With a zoomable split-screen function, three types of data can be seen side-by-side. As an example, the angler can consult the CHIRP sonar and waypoint map to aid in finding and marking river channels or submerged points simultaneously.

The high-quality color screen of the Garmin Striker 7SV is bright enough to be clearly read. Fishers are amazed by the clear image the advanced technology provides. Unlike some fish finders, the images are crystal clear.

In saltwater, the maximum depth reading is 1100 feet. In fresh water, the maximum is 2300 feet. Those depths exceed many other products. The controls are located on the face of the device to the right of the screen. It shows water temperature which is essential information when fishing. The device also displays the coordinates of a location.


It is helpful to compare different models in the same price range when deciding on a fish finder. The Striker 7SV ranks at the top of the popular Garmin Striker series. When comparing Garmin products, the echoMAP CHIRP 72SV has all the primary functions and capabilities as the Striker 7SV.

It also has chart-plotting capabilities. That feature costs nearly $200 more. The difference in price makes them hard to compare. The Striker 7CV is slightly more affordable. It has the same capabilities as the 7SV except for being able to side scan.

There are some products from other manufacturers that have the same basic capabilities and features as the Garmin 7SV, including GPS functionality, side-imaging sonar, and CHIRP technology. The Garmin 7SV is at a price point that is a bit lower. One of them has a touch-screen interface that appeals to some fishermen. Garmin aimed to provide a powerhouse of features at an entry-level price.

When compared to fish finders that are much more expensive, the Garmin Striker 7SV is particularly affordable due to its capabilities. It is very user-friendly. The device has extremely useful features for a fish finder in the price range. Amazon sells the Garmin Striker 7SV for $499.

Key Features

* 3.6-inch X 6-inch display that has a 7-inch diagonal
* 500-watt RMS power
* 800 X 400 resolution
* Autogain technology that limits screen clutter
* Bottom lock feature that allows water column viewing from the bottom up
* Displays and records water temperature in the form of a graph
* Dual beam and dual frequency capable
* Fish Symbol ID quickly identifies targets
* Provides real-time as fish pass through sonar beam
* Reads accurately and effectively to 1100 feet in saltwater and 2300 feet in freshwater
* Water temperature sensor
* Weighs 24 ounces

Bottom Line

The Garmin Striker 7SV is likely more fish finder than some fishermen need. Serious anglers will probably find the device to be a fantastic option. It has features a user wants except the chart-plotting function. The SV stands for Side View. Side-imaging capabilities make finding fish more effectively. The majority of fishers find the intuitive user interface easy to use. The device has SideVu and DownVu sonar, CHIRP, GPS, and traditional sonar. It contains all that is needed for a boat. The screen packs a lot of data into a split screen option that is comfortable to view.