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Bellabeat Leaf Review Facts

Sports fashion has become more and more popular throughout the years, allowing those who want to feel comfortable the opportunity to also do it fashionably. The Nike Air runner is a perfect example of fashion and sports colliding, becoming one of the most popular runners on the market that became a fashion accessory icon. Now, popular brands like Adidas and Under Armor are jumping on board the fashionable clothing line wagons, offering all sorts of iconic fashionable accessories. Heart rate monitors are also getting on-board the fashionable tech accessory trend. The Bellabeat Leaf is an activity tracker whose claim to fame is its fashionable design. Mimicking a leaf- the Bellabeat Leaf can be worn around the wrist, around the neck and clipped onto a piece of clothing so that it can be worn around without the bulkiness or sportiness that is typically associated with activity trackers.

This article focuses on the Bellabeat Leaf. We put together a comprehensive single product review based on what consumers thought of this product. We looked at consumer reviews through various sites in order to get enough information to see what the general consensus is on this product. We also looked at how it was made and the materials used in order to determine it's durability, reliability and overall quality. This is our in-depth review of the Bellabeat Leaf activity tracker. We hope that this article serves you in your next activity tracker purchase!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The Bellabeat Leaf has a 6-month battery 
  • It is attractive in design 
  • It is more targeted to those looking for a more feminine look
  • It is relatively lightweight and can be shifted between body parts to suit a specific look
  • Some found the Bellabeat Leaf to be a little bulky
  • The leaf should be moved around the body throughout the day to get the most out of its tracking 


This product is meant to monitor daily activities including exercise and sleep. The target audience for this product is women, offering a more feminine alternative to sporty looking watches and handheld devices. It is different in that it doesn't have a screen but rather monitors and communicated with you via an app. This can also be used to track stress, meditation, and reproductive health as well.


This app, again, designed more for women, seems to kind of be an entirely new animal in regards to tracking. It offers activity monitoring, as well as sleep and reproductive health. The app itself is required in order to store the information because this does not feature a screen, which basic monitors do. If the individual doesn't have a smartphone (as unlikely as that is in this day and age) then this device won't work for them. It seems fairly unclear as to what exactly is monitoring activity but based on the fact that it does not offer a heart rate monitor it seems that it must be an accelerator which is a common device used in activity trackers. Though there were issues in earlier models of this product it seems that the steps counted are more accurate than before. It also offers an app that connects to the device via Bluetooth which is supposed to sync quite frequently. Unfortunately, the app seems to be a point of contention with most reviewers. There are sinking issues, several bugs including randomly logging users out of the app multiple times a day and the prediction (like when the wearers next period are) seems to be more focused on math than actual basil temperature and symptoms. It all seems very rudimentary.


The advanced features of this product are the breathing feature and the period tracker. The period tracker is mentioned above. The breathing features are interesting. Though initially, it seemed that this device would follow your breathing throughout the day when attached to your neck, it is actually a breathing feature that requires the wearer to take a timeout in order to practice mindfulness. One reviewer said that in order to do this the device needs to be clipped onto the inside belt of the wearer's pants and resting flat against their belly. This allows the tracker to rise and fall and monitor the wearer's breathing. Unfortunately, this all seems like a bit of a hassle for some people and they lose interest relatively quickly. Additionally, most found that they were constantly failing at breathing (which in itself seems a little concerning) only ever getting low ratings on their breathing technique. There doesn't seem, as well, to be any reason why they were failing as the app didn't tell the breather why they did poorly after the exercise.


Though connecting the app to the device isn't hard, syncing seems to be a bit of an issue for most reviewers. It seemed like those who would go into the app wouldn't see recent activity and would have to hit the sync app multiple times in order to access it. The app, as well, doesn't seem to keep up or stay accurate with daily activities which many found frustrating. Though it stays connected, it doesn't stay updated and this is definitely an issue for those looking for something a little more seamless.


The app itself as mentioned earlier is a little frustrating to deal with. Though the interface itself is quite attractive in design, there seems to be quite a few bugs with the app itself. This at least is something that can be fixed even after the device itself is bought but the frustration may be that it never actually gets fixed. Those using the app found that the app would randomly log out on them throughout the day causing them to login and re-login multiple times throughout the day. The app, as well, is pretty simple in that it doesn't seem to take many factors in when it comes to giving results or predicting things about the individual it's tracking (like period and ovulation cycles). The breathing app and activity seems to have a mind of its own without any real explanation about how it is getting its results. Again, one item that was updated over time and seems to actually work now is the steps counting feature, which again, in itself is fairly bare bones. Overall, this is a point of frustration with many reviewers which isn't positive.


This product is a little bulky which is kind of an issue considering its claim to fame is its fashionable and therefore unique nature. Though this is the case the item itself isn't that heavy. It is made of either wood and metal or stone and metal. It measures in at 1.8 inches by 1.1 inches by .43 inches (so it does stick out a little far). It weighs about 0.59 ounces and can either be worn on the neck, wrist or clipped on. Those who tried out this product found that wearing it on clothing was the most comfortable as well as the most effective when it came to recording accurate statistics. When wearing it on the wrist, those who tried out this product, did find that it was comfortable enough (this included the feel of the band around their wrist). Around their necks, some found, that the device was a little heavy (unless wearing heavier, chunkier necklaces regularly was something the wearer did). The device isn't as small, discrete and as petite as the ads represent, however, they aren't entirely off. Those who wore this didn't have many negative things to say in regards to the comfort of the device which is positive.


This product prides itself on its style. It is supposed to represent a more feminine and dainty piece of technology that monitors activities as opposed to more sporty alternatives. The device is smallish, shaped like a leaf (as the name states) and offers a metal clip that can be interchanged. The clip itself gives most of the details of the leaf with curved lines to make the device look a little cuter. It isn't an unattractive piece of technology but rather a little bulkier than the pictures make it look. It also comes in wood and stone alternatives. The bands are made of either metal or leather depending on preference and the bands can be alternated to suit different looks. One reviewer found that the wood and the leather absorb water which alters the aesthetic of the product. This should be noted when wearing this device as you are supposed to be able to shower with it on. It is water resistant but not waterproof and this should be noted before jumping in a pool with it. Overall, it's an attractive product but could use some small alterations in order to truly be what it is saying it is.


The durability of this product didn't really come up much in consumer reviews which are positive. This product seems to be fairly well built with quality materials and lasts those wearing it a long time which is positive.


There is no face to this product, it is completely faceless. It offers a wood or rock body with a metal clip cover. This is what makes it a little more unique to traditional trackers.


The band of this product is interchangeable in order to suit individual styles. There are metal and leather options. Initially, this product did not offer larger sizes for those with bigger wrists but this was fixed and they now offer larger sizes which are positive. The band itself is regularly reviewed as being quite attractive and comfortable in design which is positive. The alternative to the wristband is the neck piece which allows the wearer to wear this device around their neck, again, this is reported as being comfortable but less so if the wearer isn't used to wearing bulkier necklaces around their necks. Finally, this product can clip onto clothes with the metal clip it comes with. Those who wore it this way actually found it more accurate which is interesting. It is also the most comfortable way to wear this device. Overall, the bands are comfortable and secure which is positive.


The unit itself apparently needs to be moved around when in use in order to properly track what is happening depending on the activity which seems like it might be a little irksome. The breathing function requires the unit to clip to the inside of the pants to proper record breathing. Wearing it around the neck seems to be the best way to monitor some types of sports while wearing it around the wrist seemed to be the best means of recording steps (probably due to swinging arms). Wearing the device clipped to the shirt or on the bra seems to be the best way to monitor sleep as well. We definitely wouldn't say that this product is easy to use. It requires some getting used to for sure. The app, as well, seems to be fairly frustrating for some reviewers, however, based on reviews from those who bought this product early on, the app seems to be getting better every day which is positive.


The battery of this product seems to be the unintentional star of this product in that it lives for up to 6 months at a time which is huge. This product does not have a rechargeable battery which some may take issue with and do require the battery to be fully changed out after the 6-month mark. The batteries required are 4 small cell batteries that can be accessed through four small screws at the back of the device. Despite the inconvenience of having to replace the batteries, this tracker does last a very long time which was praised by most reviewers.


This device is definitely on the lower end in price in comparison to others on the market. Keeping in mind this device does not have a screen and does require the app in order to see statistics, this product is fairly reasonably priced considering. It also does not have a heart rate monitor but rather relies on the accelerator in order to do most of the tracking. The app itself is also fairly simple but, again, this is adapting and changing which is positive. The durability also seems to be there which is positive. Overall, this product is probably worth the price associated with it.


The items that are included with the package are the leaf itself, the infinity necklace, the battery replacement tool, a user manual and 4 extra screws just in case one is lost when replacing the battery every 6 months. So it does come with all three attachments in order to wear it however you want. On the website, as well, there are additional accessories including mala necklaces, leather straps, different styles of necklaces and additional clips. The battery replacement tool, as well, can be bought online. This does come with everything needed right off the bat which is positive.


The key features of the Bellabeat Leaf are:
6-month battery life
No screens or buttons
Designed specifically for women's health
Water resistant
Bracelet, necklace and clip included
Tracks all aspects of women's health
Made of wood, metal and stone material


The bottom line is that this product is great for someone who wants something that looks feminine and dresses up well with office attire. It is definitely more simple which means it is probably not ideal for athletes and is designed for someone that will take the time to really utilize its features without easily getting frustrated with less convenience. It is simply designed, the app is attractively laid out but there also seems to be tons of issues with the functionality of the app. This, again, can be updated and fixed and it does seem to be happening already which is positive. This product is also customization as well which is a nice feature in order to add some individual flair for those using it. It's not the greatest tracker on the market but it seems to be priced well which is positive. Overall, an okay product but probably not the best. It really does just depending on what the wearer is looking for in regards to tracking, accuracy, and design.