Garmin Forerunner 620

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Garmin Forerunner 620 Review Facts

If you are looking for a new ‘running partner’ you may have already looked into this one, but there is no harm in double and triple checking to assure that what you want is available in the watch you purchase. Our research and in-depth look at the products you are looking for are meant to help you make the best decision possible for you. This watch has several great features for the indoor and outdoor runner/walker who wants to know just how much they have put in for their day. It tracks both walking and running so it doesn’t matter if you get your best walking in on your own time or at work, you’ll know exactly what you’ve done for the day. Of course, we don’t want to just tell you about the fact it can keep up, we want to tell you all the details of each feature in an easy to read and understand manner, and in a way where the feature most important to you can be found and looked over without getting lost in the details. So, if the Garmin 620 is what you want to know about, look no further! Gearhunt has put this one together just for you!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Built-in accelerometer

  • Automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, live tracking and social media sharing

  • High-resolution color display

  • Touchscreen GPS

  • Compatible with free training plans from Garmin

  • Requires additional products for some features
  • Only charges via cradle
  • Connectivity to phone is not stable


This watch is built with the runner or walker in mind. If your favorite activity of choice for staying fit involves marathons or simply being on the go, then this watch can help you track your fitness level. It tracks your distance and helps you keep track of how much you are doing in a day. With its updates and ability to let you share your progress with friends and family, you’ll be able to get the support you need to stay on track. It even has free training plans and extra equipment that you can get with it as a bundled package to track your health and heart rate!

Basic Features

For starters, this is an amazing looking watch. While its other functions are what sets it apart, like all Garmin products, this one has a great appearance at its most simple function. In most cases, it comes in a bundle now with the chest strap heart monitor as well, but it can come separately. It has a smaller sized surface and a soft plastic style strap which allows for perfect fit sizing. With less bulk to the overall design, it also weighs less, giving it a more comfortable feel.

Advanced Features

Here is where we will put its biggest functions. This watch comes with a touchscreen which allows you to check distance and heart rate. In combination with the additional tools, it helps you keep track of your health based on both of these and connects you to your social media easily so you can get that extra support you need to keep on track. With the HRM monitor it can help you to take a better form when running by measuring your cadence, speed, and posture so that you aren’t just running far and long, but in a productive and healthy way for your body. With all that this can do, it shows great promise to the runner or walker looking to not just know how far they have gone, but how healthy they are, and how to better improve the outcome so they can go the distance without injuring any muscles.


This varies based on our research. With the other Garmin products, it works with, the connection is strong and steady. With other products such as phones, this connection is strong for some and wavering for others. The most possible issue is the IOS being used however as well as the compatibility between the devices. The other downside is that it’s WIFI capability is actually no longer supported by the company itself when it comes to certain things like the blue tooth scales and likely the phones as well. So, if it works, that’s awesome, but if it doesn’t, you may just want to move on to something that better suits your needs.


This device uses apps that were purposely designed for it alone. So, while it does have a few between the three connectable devices, it doesn’t have many outside that it really works well with. The company, when asked why it did not keep up with the other things, explained that this particular version of the watch was meant for the busy traveler, someone who wasn’t likely to want to cart around several larger objects with them on their trips in order to check their health status. Instead, this was meant to make those trips healthier by promoting proper posture when walking as well as to help build up the muscle to walk further. This is extremely well designed for such a traveler, but if you don’t need to travel light, and you want a more in-depth look on your weight and strength along with what the watch does give you, then you may want to check out some of Garmin's other products in the line.


This watch has the benefit of being both lighter and thinner thanks to reducing the need for a larger antenna for WIFI abilities. Since most everything it can connect to is going to be fairly close in proximity, the technology needed for it to connect is much smaller. The plastic band is also one which can be sized to practically any wearer on purchase without having to measure your wrist first. So, a comfortable fit is almost guaranteed.


The Forerunner 620 only has two color variations, but both are well chosen to be able to be won with practically anything. Its less bulky size also makes it easier to wear without looking like you're leaping back in time for the benefits it gives you. No matter how interested in health someone is, it is likely they don’t want to feel like they bought their watch from a 1980’s old movie convention to get it. The sheik black and blue is our favorite, but the other colors it comes in is a nice white and orange for those who prefer to wear brighter colors.


The watch itself is extremely durable, able to handle the most avid traveler and carry on its duties. With a good charge, it can run like a watch for nearly three weeks, while if constantly running its workout mode it will still give you a great 10 hours. One of the best features for durability that most don’t have is that the 620 is fully waterproofed. The largest issue people have run into, however, is with its charging station. Unfortunately, while the watch itself seems to last, the charging station can have issues. Some people claim it is too difficult to keep the watch in the station properly for long enough to fully charge, while others say the station itself seems to die if you have to use it fairly often (daily). Not everyone had these issues, but it is something to make note of. The company may still be willing to help with this one, but since it is further back in the line, you may want to contact them first to see if they do help with replacement parts - just in case.


If you normally have a hard time reading your watch or some of the other workout models, you probably won’t have as much difficulty with this one. It has a rather decently large face to low easier readability. The menus and the ability to scroll with ease due to the size is also a great bonus for this particular model. If you are looking for easy to read and simple appearance, this is perfect. If you’re a background junkie though, this may be a reason to walk away. Unfortunately, it only seems to have one look - which adds to the battery longevity that the more ’fancy’ looking watches with backgrounds do not offer.


Again, this was not built to be a flashy type of watch. Its band is perfect if you have a problem getting proper sizing and want it to last. The material is a soft plastic rubber, which means it will last longer and can handle both wet and dry weather. There doesn’t appear to be other choices in material, but if what you want is function over look, this is not a drawback. It will work for years and requires next to no maintenance to clean and take care of. You can also wear it in the shower and neither the band nor the watch itself will be any worse for wear.

Ease of Use

This is one of the simplest watches of its type to use when it comes to its programs. With so few to work with that give you all the needed information to be able to focus on, you don’t have to try and decipher which tells you what. With only a couple devices it connects to, you don’t have to worry about a lot of other equipment either. None of what works with this little beauty takes much effort to learn, just wear it as it was intended, connect the WIFI between them and get walking - or running! Whichever it is you enjoy, this watch can help you keep things balanced in every way. From building up your distance to checking your cadence and balance, you will find that this is perfectly suited to make the most of your marathons or traveling. No scrolling through endless apps to pick just the right one to do what you need, it’s already programmed to download and keep all of the Garmin maps and tracking options for you.


The battery life as a watch is actually pretty amazing. Most exercise watches need a charge every few days no matter how it is used, but this one lasts up to three weeks if it is only being used for timekeeping, and up to ten hours if used strictly for exercising. That means the heavier drain is only when you decide to use the apps constantly, so if you bounce between the two and don’t constantly keep everything running on app mode the entire time it can likely last you several days. The only unfortunate area here is that the only way to recharge is through its charging station. If you read the section on durability, you probably already know what we will say here. You may want to check with Garmin ahead of time to see what parts can be replaced if they don’t work properly or stop working after only a few times. The reason for this is due to the fact the charging stations seem to be the watches only glaring weak point. Not everyone has this issue, but, those who did, needed to have the station replaced.


The price on this one is rather steep, so you may have to save up. It ranges in the triple digits everywhere we have looked, which considering how long it has been out, and the fact that Garmin has since added to their line, it seems pretty steep. For its functionality and durability as well as its ease of use, though, it is still a fair price. In our opinion, it may be worth every penny for the on the go, light packing types.


The two main accessories this one can be bundled with are a heart monitor and a cadence reader, however, it has a bicycle variation of the cadence reader, and a bicycle speed reader as well. You can purchase them separately, but many times you will find it bundled with at least the heart monitor to help keep you on track so you build up strength by not overworking yourself. This is a great idea for other health reasons as well and may be a way to monitor those who need to watch how their heart is working due to other health conditions and not just for walking. For this reason alone, this is a great reason to praise this accessory and point it out!

Key Features

-Built-in updating for Garmin apps
-Great for tracking progress
-Fantastic battery life
-Backlit face
-Amazing accessories

Bottom Line

This may not be the best one on the market, but if you are looking for a product that puts its main functions first over being ‘pretty’, then this is worth every penny. For those who have health problems, this could also be a good way to help keep track of how their heart is doing and to help with walking properly. It will definitely aid in those aiming to build up endurance, and it doesn’t need a lot of extra baggage to do exactly as intended. Worth it if you want something simple that works. Not the best if you want to stand out in the crowd due to your watch though.